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True Colors

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"Show your true colors," someone once said, and here are the colors about my life... [please r/r]

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True Colors

"Show your true colors,"

said someone out loud.

So you want to listen,

for your true colors,

tell a tale about you.

My colors are red, and blue,

Red for love, the undying love I

pine for you.

Blue for the peaceful Sky,

that goes on forever for you.

But my true colors,

tell a tale of a horrible story,

of myself.

Red for blood,

that is found on the knife I hurt,

myself with.

Blue for the Sadness,

for the thoughts about myself.

One Side of me

wishes this nightmare was over.

The side of me,

wishes this dream to go on.

But these are my true colors,

my story of my confusing life.

Author Note: found this in one of my old english notes....

...anyway leave me a review of what you think! :)
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