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Reflecting over my childhood, and how Easter changed its meanings a lot in my life. Please r/r! Happy beLated Easter!

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I live in a mostly Christian country, which isn't bad; however, it is weird for a Jewish person to remember Easter. I used to celebrate when I was younger Easter. However, Easter wasn't Easter that I know today. Easter was filled with consumerism as well as hunts. The hunts I used to go were hunts for eggs, (plastic eggs) and then if you find the matching colors you would get chocolate. I used to play with al kids, and yet not realizing what Easter was, I just used to think it had something to do with the Easter bunny and chocolate. As I reflect back on my childhood days, I think I would love to do that hunt again, especially with my children.

Happy Easter! (Or should I say late?)

So what do you think?
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