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Fantasy World

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Come in if you believe in magic and another world that exists on Earth. Wrote for a sixith grade project! enjoy!

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Fantasy World

Chapter 1- My Strangest Birthday

Have you ever met a good witch or a bad witch? To answer my question you have to meet me. I myself am a good witch. I was born to a regular family like any other kid. But one day, I don't remember when, I felt kind of funny. What I mean is suddenly what ever I wanted came true. For example: one day I wanted very much to eat ice cream, before I had a chance to ask my mother I had ice cream in my hand. Another time I had a test to study for and I wished I did not have to study. The next day the teacher called in sick and the test was canceled. During my childhood I did not have many friends. How many kids do you know that would like to be friends with witches? When I was in 6th grade my parents send me to MS 54 where half of the kids are witches. I met Ali was when every 6th grader was waiting outside and I said "Hi" to her, I had a strong feeling I met her before, but I never saw her in my life. She quickly became my friend. Alexandria whom I call Ali for short took me to Fantasy World. It is a special place where magic happens.

This story begins in a bright, and beautiful morning when the light crept to my room. I was the first one up in my house. My school starts at 7:50 AM. My alarm clock woke me up but.... " Shut up you stupid alarm clock!!!!!" said Daphne Blake. That is me. I know that a real alarm clock isn't alive but I was cranky and tired. I am always tired and cranky in the morning. I didn't realize that was my birthday and Mother's Day (May 14th is my birthday.) Last night I planned for three whole hours for Mother's Day. I made my mother toast and egg. After I put my mother's breakfast in her bed I went to take a shower. My house have three bedrooms. My sisters have their own bedroom, I have my own a bedroom, and my parents have their own bedroom.

My sisters and I are triplets. My other sisters name are Kelly and Karen. I will tell you a bit about Karen. Karen is the oldest of the triplets. Karen always tends to be the perfectionist. Karen goes to Horace Mann and wakes up at 6:00 AM. Karen has brown hair and blue eyes. Kelly on the other hand is very different from Karen, Kelly tries to work hard in school. She goes to Nightingale. Kelly has blonde hair and blue eyes. I am really close to Kelly. Kelly wakes up at 6:30 AM.

When I was taking a shower I was singing "Oops, I Did It Again" from the new song Brittany Spears sing on the radio. When I finished my shower I went to the Kitchen.

Karen rushed by me. I said "bye " to her but she never responded to me. I asked Kelly "Why did Karen not say Hello or Goodbye or Happy Birthday? '' Kelly just shrugged her shoulders at me. There was breakfast for me. I just nodded my head to Kelly to say thanks. Kelly in returned just laughed. Kelly went to brush her teeth and left saying " Goodbye Daphne." I waved my hand to her as she left. I brushed my teeth. I said goodbye to my house and my parents. I went to school and waited for Ali. She sneaked up right behind me.

When she tapped me she said "Boo!!!!" Ali had scared me. I just screamed at her and I chased her. I am a really fast runner so I caught Ali. She said in a frightful voice " I won't do that again!!!" I said " Okay." Then I went upstairs with Ali to the classroom. My Teacher Ms. Wolf was always complaining about my class being so loud but I didn't care about that.

My class comes in at 7:50 AM but school starts at 8:00 or 8:30 while the rest of the school starts at 7:50. Ms. Wolf was screaming at my class " Children please be quiet, please!!!!" She sound like she was begging. For 2 periods and a homeroom we just talked. My class just loves to chatter and bother Ms. Wolf. I copied my homework:

World History rd. p. 622-626 do Map study and questions 1,2,4, and 5.

Junior Scholastic rd. p.7-12 Do Word Match, Think About It, and Map Questions due tomorrow.

At table 5 ( the table I sit ) There are Carrie, Alexia, Ali, Lindsey, Cathie, Elisabeth, and Me. We all discussed how we should answer the questions. I said we should look for the answers and look at the map for the map questions, and we should work in groups. Everyone agreed. It was fun till we heard a weird noise. We looked up and we saw a black crow talking to us. He said " Come with me where the fantasy comes alive" and after that Table 5 was surrounded by a hole and then we came back.

Everything was frozen for a second and then came back to life. Ali told us to forget about it what just happened but yet more strange events happened.

During Art class everyone was pointing at the window. All of the sudden everything was dark Even Ms. Weatherbug was so bewildered by what was happening. " The weatherman never said anything about a Thunder storm." Said Ms. Weatherbug everyone laughed. Ms. Weatherbug asked " What did I say? Did I say something wrong?" Ali answered " No, it's not a Thunder storm Ms. Weatherbug, it is an eclipse " Then the bell rang to finish the last period for sixth graders. My class went upstairs to get our jackets.
Chapter 2- The Disappearance of Sara and Ms. Iggi

Carrie, Alexia, and Tara go to dance class from Monday - Friday. ( Tara is a girl in Ms. Wolf, class who I didn't introduce to you.) Elisabeth, Lindsey, and Cathie go to music class from Monday - Friday. Ali and I after school went with Ali's mom. " I hate Ms. Inky." Said Lindsey. Ms. Inky is our Math teacher who is very mean and give my class lots of homework everyday. " I like Ms. Evvil" Said Ali . All of us gasped. I was the only one who was brave enough to say that Ali was a teacher's pet. Then came Ali's mom and we all stopped talking about Ms. Inky and started doing our math homework.

Everyone did the math homework together in our notebook.
Math Homework # 5000

Assignment: do pages 432-433 questions do 1-10 in ratios, 11-16.

p. 432

1. 10


3. 17 out of 90

4. 100 out of 2001

5. 10 out of 121

6. 40 out of 81

7. 12 out of 13

8. 9 out of 12

9. 8 out of 12

10. 8

11. 7

12. 55 out of 12

13. 55

14. 5 out of 12



After we finished our math homework we did science Homework.

Science Homework # 20

Figure 19-10- Tars.

Once we were inside our class everyone was screaming. In a loud and booming voice I said " What just happened?" Tina was about to tell what was going on but she couldn't explained what happened. Evana was telling me what happen. It went like this:

" What happen first was Sara came and said she had to give and ask Ms. Iggi something. They both went to the bathroom. At first I heard nothing until I heard a cho-cho like a train. Then after the cho-cho for about 5 minutes came a scream from inside the wall and that is what just happened." Said Evana in one whole breath.

" Thanks Evana" I said to her politely. Then Ali said " Why don't we call our moms and dads and tell to pick us up?" Then out of nowhere Sara came back. " Sara what happened to you" asked Sina. Sara told her story, it was similar to the story Evana told. This is how it goes:

" I went to the bathroom to show Ms. Iggi something that is personal stuff and I didn't want any one listening. Then came a weird noise. After that I was incognitos and than I came back," Explained Sara. I looked at Ali. Ali had a question for Sara. " Sara" Ali began to ask Sara her question " What is that rock you have in your hand?" Sara just glared back and said " None of your business, Alexandria Green." Ali just rolled her eyes and everyone went to the office to call their parents. I was going to Ali's house.

While Ali and I were waiting for her mother I asked Ali " Why does Sara always say your full name?" Ali just shrugged her shoulder at me. When we got into the car Ali asked her mom " Mother, could you step on it my favorite TV show is coming on 15 minutes from know." Ali's mom's name is Linda-Maye. Her mom just asked me " How do you every stand Ali watching Sailor Moon and also Ali dragging you to the TV to watch the show with you?" I answered back politely, " I don't like watching Sailor Moon, but I sometimes like it when Ali drags me everywhere, it is really fun." I said. I could see Linda-Maye laughing at me and Ali talking like that. " Now both of you can watch some TV, Okay!", said Linda-Maye.
Chapter 3- The Nightmares

After being at Ali's house for at least 5 hours I went home. I asked my mom if I could go to sleep. Karen and Kelly were up doing homework. I got dressed and put on my pajamas. When I put my head down I was fully asleep. When I went to sleep I wanted to have my usual dream of winning a prize in school or becoming the most famous person in the world, but this dream was very different. My dream started this way :

I was walking down a street to go to school but the surrounding changed. A horrid looking man hunched back and green skin came chasing me. The old hag was following me, muttering at me. At first it sounded like oofrtgprhtorkuokyukyukylukty;luktyluku;/kikjhlghyiuhjyiuoyyiuot;iyu but then the old hag said " You are a witch and you can defeat Lord Asacole. Just take this bracelet and say these magical words: May the Lord be with you to hold the key of all civilizations and give me the strength to overpower the Evilness in the World." And the old hag disappeared but Lord What's his name again appeared and I had to fight him. I mumbled the words that the old hag said and the force field got rid of the evil person. When I woke up I found next to me the bracelet the old hag gave me in my dream. Tomorrow I would tell Ali about my dream and asked her if she had met the old hag. I went back to sleep. This time I had my original dream.

It was Wednesday morning when we have double periods with Ms. Inky. Today was different, there was another teacher with a smile. The smile to me looked crooked and the one front teeth was knocked out. The new teacher asked " How much did you go through the Math textbook?"

I replied back in a sweet voice " We already finished the whole Math textbook." The new teacher told us her name which was Ms. Beer. We all showed her what kind of class we are. All the boys played football in the classroom. George just sat ready to throw makers at the girls. George was the weirdest boy in school. All George did was throw rocks, paints, or markers at the girls. All I did was go to the teacher to get the homework sheet. Ali and Me did the homework and went up to the teacher to ask her something.

" I will start" Said Ali.

" Okay" I replied.

" Ms.Beer, I really have to go to the bathroom I have a direrera problem," Said Ali. I was about to laugh at this but I had to say something to Ms. Beer.

" Ms. Beer could I also go to the bathroom. I have this problem of going to the bathroom and I could get a coma from this disease." I said in a childish voice.

" Both of you can go to the bathroom but promise me not to say those remarks in front of me again." Ms. Beer said.

We both went to the bathroom.

Me and Ali went to the bathroom. We didn't really have to go, what we wanted to do was talk in private.

" I like Ms. Beer. Do you like Ms.Beer, Ali?" I asked

" I don't like Ms. Beer because she is actually Ms. Inky in descries, and I am sure of this," answered Ali.

" How do you know that is Ms. Inky ?" I asked curiously.

" The way she walks, talks, and looks", Said Ali.

" Okay, I get the point." I said

Out of the blue Ms. Beer came and said:

" Girls come on out of the bathroom and come to math class."

Ali and I couldn't get out of the bathroom. Then a voice came behind us and said:

" I came to get you and eat you up." The voice vanished since a blue magical force field made the person who I didn't know who the person was but the voice was familiar to me. Me and Ali got out of the bathroom.

" I had a very weird dream. This old hag came chasing me and gave me this bracelet. I fought this Lord What's his name again. I was wondering if you ever met the old hag I told you about?" I asked.

" I was the hag in your dream and it happened in real life." Said Ali.

" I always knew I was a witch by Kything to my friends and relatives." I said.

" All witches can Kyth, Daphne." Said Ali.

We both went back to class.
Chapter 6- The Encounter With Lord Asacole in School

After math we have science. I have to sit next to Tara. Tara usually teases me a little bit but today she went too far. We were all getting back our test when Tara asked me what I got

" What did you get Daphne on your Science test?" asked Tara rudely.

" I got a 102 on the test." I said

" Ha-Ha I got 104." Tara said. I looked back at the test. The bonus was 2 points.

" You can't get 104 you stupid head!!!" I said to Tara, but it was a little too much for Tara.

" You called me a stupid head, how dare you call Lord Asacole that. I am the greatest Wizard in the world," said Lord Asacole.

" You are not the greatest Wizard in the world. You are the worst Wizard in the world." Said Ali

" Oh, Ali Green is here to protect Daphne Blake is that so?" Said ugly face Lord Asacole

" I am not going to

Ali told me try to run as fast as I could to get Mr. Warts, he can help me. Go! Run!

I left Ali where she was but I knew she would be all right. I ran to where Mr. Warts was. I told Mr. Warts that Lord Asacole was here and hurting every one in my class. Mr. Warts told me to stay in his office. I went fast asleep and in my dream I was with Ali and Mr. Warts and helping them. When I woke up I was in the hospital.
Chapter 7- What Had Happened That Day

Ali had told me that I got hurt from Lord Asacole but I had destroyed him with my bracelet. I was happy I saved my class. I asked Ali " Where did Lord Asacole hurt me?"

" Not your heart, soul, or mind but your arm." Ali replied. It was a strange answer.

" Daphne we got a whole month off because of saving our classmates." Ali said to me. I smiled back at her. I told her I need a goodnight rest.

The next day everyone from my class came and Thanked me also George splashed water all over my face. I wanted to chase him but my doctor told me I couldn't be hyper ( which of coarse I miss being hyper so much.) I told George I can't be hyper and what he did to me was so mean and I would always get him back.
Chapter 8- Home Sweet Home

I got back home after a day or two. When I went to sleep since I was so tired the old hag told me:

" You Completed the work you had to do I would reward you to go with Ali to go to Fantasy Land tomorrow."

I said "Thank you and I know that you are Ali yourself."

The Old hag smiled at me and Disappeared.

Later that day I played with Kelly and Karen soccer. Kelly was on my team and we were winning to 7 to 6. We went upstairs at 5:00 and had an early dinner. I called Ali.

" Hello this is Ali speaking could I help you?" Ali said

" Yes you could help me this is Zoë." I said playfully

" Daphne cut that out and tell me are you very active?" Asked Ali

" Yes I am thank you." I answered back

" I have to go, Bye." Said Ali

" Ali, I like the name Zoë and Bye." I said. I heard Ali laughing when she hung up. It was good to be home. I went to my backpack to get my favorite book out called Witch Week. After I read 4 chapters I went to my sisters to play with them.

" Kelly do you to play spit ?" I asked

" Okay, How about you Karen?" Kelly asked

" Okay!" Said Karen

We played the three way spit with the Chinese way. I was wining while Kelly spoke up.

"Daphne you are cheating"

" I am not and where did you get the idea I am cheating? I asked

" You always get the 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5's." said Kelly

" I am tried of this game" said Karen

" I know a game we could play!" I said

" What" Said Kelly and Karen together.

"We could hid two pens of ours in different rooms and try to find the pens." I suggested

" But who is going to find which pen?" asked Karen

" I find Karen pens, Karen find Kelly pens, and Kelly find my pens." I said Everyone agreed and we started to find the pens.

One of Karen's pen was near the sink of my bathroom and the other pen near my bed.

One of Kelly's pen was near our parents bed and the other pen was in the Snack drawer.

" Yuck, Kelly why did you put the pen in the snack drawer?" asked Karen

I laughed. "It is not funny Daphne I am not going to eat the chips!!!" said Karen

"I had no other place to put the pen Karen" said Kelly

"Daphne could you give me a hint" asked Kelly

" Both pens are in the same room and they are not easy to find because you can't see both of them." I said

" Another hint please!!!" said Kelly

" The pens are in my room" I said

" Found them in your 2nd and 3rd drawers in your room" said Kelly

" You are correct." I said

" Thanks Daphne for the hints." Said Kelly

We then watch TV. Kelly and Karen were also doing homework.

I had the best time coming home. It was 10:00 when I went to sleep.
Chapter 9- Trip to Fantasy World

When I went to sleep the old hag said:

" Ready to go to Fantasy World?"

I answered back by saying " Yes I am Bye old Hag"

After that I rushed to through this tunnel. When the tunnel stop their was a Colorful ball saying:

" Welcome to Fantasy have a nice day!!!"

I waited for Ali when she came after me.

" Do you want to meet Rose, Cait, and Nina?" Ali asked

I Said " Okay, are they your witch friends?"

"Yes, Daphne." Answered Ali

Cait had beautiful Blonde hair and purple eyes which change to green to blue.

Rose had Brown hair and Green eyes.

" I dyed my hair from black hair to brown hair!" said Rose

What was also unique about Rose was that she had a crescent moon on her forehead.

Nina had brown hair and eyes. I told them that I envy their looks.

" You can't envy my brown hair and eyes" said Nina

" You have very light and beautiful eyes and hair." I replied

Nina just blushed and said " Thanks" Rose and Cait also said " Thanks"

" Let us all buy a sandwich and then read for twenty minutes and then swim." Suggested Ali

We all agreed. We ate and then read a book. " Which school do you go Rose, Cait, and Nina?" I asked

" We all go to Hogwarts where the Famous Harry Potter goes" answered Rose

I went back to reading until Ali's watch beep for twenty minutes is over.

We all swam. I was the fastest in swimming. We all went to the hotel for a massage. Then we all went to take a nap. I felt very good after the nap. Me and Ali played chess but I was really bad at playing chess. We both met Rose, Cait, and Nina. We all decided to go to the bridge and talk about our life and what is going on. Rose went first:

" My life is okay except when I am around with Amy."

I asked " Who is Amy?"

"Amy is a spirit who help raise me. Every rich family has a Spirit." Answered Rose. Ali told me we had to go. I said bye to them. Me and Ali went back to the tunnel. I got back home and fell asleep.
Chapter 10- Was It A Dream Or Not?

I woke up fully from my alarm clock. " you stupid Alarm clock I wish you would never ring that stupid bell of yours." I said

" Daphne are you all right" asked Karen

" Yes" I answered back

I looked at my watch May 14th. Today is my birthday. I took a bath and got dress.

" Goodbye Karen" I said

" Bye Daphne and Kelly" said Karen

Kelly couldn't say goodbye because her mouth was full.

She then brushed her teeth and said bye to me.

" Bye Kelly" I said.

I called Ali.

" Hello Daphne" said Ali

" Hello Ali. I have a question to ask you" I said

" Spit the question out." Replied Ali

" Was it true what happened with me that I am a witch and how I became a witch?" I asked

" Yes, but I put the time different so no one remembers accept you and me." Said Ali

" Thanks Ali!" I said

" Your welcome" said Ali

" Ali promise me you'll never tell anyone that I am witch , okay" I said

" Of Coarse" said Ali

" Bye" I said

" Bye" Ali said

I was glad that Ali was my Best friend now. I put the phone back and
went to school.


Author Note: I kinda had a sequel in mind but i never wrote it. Story was written in sixith grade! tell me what you think! based on my desires and fantasy for anything with witchcraft and magic!


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