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Why I Write

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In creative writing class I had to answer why I want to write. My thoughts behind what writing really is... (more like an essay...but there is no section for that!)

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Writing Class

Question: Why do you want to write?
Hmm...I'm not entirely sure why I want to write. I guess it has to do with the fact that I want to get to know myself better and explore myself. Writing helps me get my ideas across at times when I can't express myself like when I can't talk.

I have to say when I write poems I take my inspiration from life and that leaves me feeling a little better.

Writing to me, is like confessing to the soul. Writing is good for the soul. This helps me keep on track in life. However, writing also helps me explore those dark ends in the forest and leaves me to explore what life, love, and nature truly is are. This helps me fore my quest in life. To understand what life is, to explore philosophical ideas and nurture my soul to become a better person and writer.

This is why I write and continue of my search for my soul. This would help me overcome the obstacles in life and help me finish the mazes that are found in life.
PS. Brackets are the grammatical correction, because in class I had to just write straight through and I didn't have time to "edit." In addition I wanted to add more however...I didn't have enough time.
Tell me what you think, and I hoped you enjoyed this very deep and poetic answer. Because that's the output from the teacher, when I didn't know what to write...
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