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A Play

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A teenager trying to find out who she is and who her mother is...written for my creative writing class! first play! please read and review!

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A Play

By lilyqueen777

Luella (Mom)

Aurora (Teenager)

A (Hit Man)

Act 1: The "Talk"

Scene: In a white room with a black coach and a glass table with one beautiful vase. Luella in her late 40's is dressed in black pants and a white shirt. Her brown hair is tied up in a bun and her blue eyes are looking up at the clock. Her daughter, Aurora, happens to be late again. Aurora comes into the room with her red miniskirt on and a black tank top with a green sweater on, and her red hair in a bun, and looks with her blue-green eyes at the clock and then sits on the coach. She starts the conversation.

Aurora: I don't like the rules! Everyone else don 't get to have a bedtime or can go out at anytime!

Luella: Well everyone isn't impotent to me, you are!

Aurora: Mom, I'm not five anymore! I am responsible and mature------

Luella: Oh really! So "forgetting" to throw out the garbage or washing the dishes makes you mature. No, young lady you can't go out! I forbid you to date or see anyone! You are falling in the wrong crowd again. Next thing I know you can be taking drugs and can die!

Aurora: Oh mom...I'm not taking drugs, it was just a party, a celebration for doing well on the final test for math. I happen to get the top score, a 100. I just lost track of time, it won't happen again...

Luella: Ok, sweetie, well just come home on time...
.:The room dims, both Luella and Aurora went to two separate sides into there bedroom:.
Scene 2: In The Bedroom of Luella's

Luella: She thinks that I do not understand her. But I do. Peer pressure causes everyone to do wrong things, meaning that she wants to date. But I don't see anyone good enough for her. I do not want her to end up like me. So maybe, I still think of her as five years old! I cannot let go; my little baby is growing up. In a blink of an eye she will be gone. And then, I will have nobody with me again...
.:lights dim:.
Scene 3: in the Bedroom of Aurora's

Aurora: I can see where my mom is so worried about me. However, she keeps suffocating me, not letting me breathe at all. Am I not allowed to explore who I am? According to psychologists there are different stages in life. I am at that stage where I don't know where I am anymore...but I think my mom does not know who she is. She does not understand, but she thinks she does. She does not understand, at parties, I get to be free, free of worries, free of work and pressure, I get to have quality time of getting to know myself. But, my mom thinks I hang out with the "bad crowd" or take drugs...but I cannot. I may not have the highest self-esteem, but I happen to know that drugs cannot help me at all...

Suddenly a paper fell from the window onto Aurora's bed, but Aurora happened to have fallen asleep...
Scene 4: At a regular party

A walks in. A happens to be a nameless person who happens to kill for a living...

A: I can help you end your worries.

Aurora: How?

A: Well there is a world where you can get your way; I can finish the job for you mother, as the note said.

Aurora: finish the job?

A: You did read the note?

Aurora: Barely.

A: I hear you're a bright kid, you know, kaput, gets the job done quicker.

Aurora: I might not love how my mom assumes things about me, however, I don't want her dead.

A: With her gone, you can control everything.

Aurora: I might be a teenager but I do not blindly follow what you want me to do. I won't let you kill her and I won't become a hit woman. I never did think that children grew up dreaming about becoming a hit man.

A: I ever did, but it sorta happen.

Aurora: How?

A: I am not talking about it. Do you want the job offer; I will increase the pay price to ten grand a month.

Aurora: hmm...I will have to kill, so no!

A: You will miss have everything in the world.

Aurora: I have everything...and that includes my mom!

A: -to shock to speak-

Aurora exits to the other side of the room to go back home.

Scene 4: Getting to Know You
Aurora: I wonder how that person knows what is going on in my life...maybe he is a stalker...

Oh, hello mom! Any messages for me?

Luella: Not particular why?

Aurora: Just wondering...I thought that Sam would have talked to me about the History project we have.

Luella: Well how was the library?

Aurora: All right.

Luella: Are you sure you are all right?

Aurora: Yes, I am fine; I am just tired right now!

Luella: Well I think you should lie down on the coach.

Aurora: Ok.

Luella goes back to the kitchen cooking dinner, while the telephone rings.

Aurora: I got it.

Luella: Ok, sweetie!

Aurora picks up the telephone. Luella goes back cutting the vegetables and starts cooking.

Aurora: Hello...

Aurora: Hello...Sam if this is you I want you to stop playing around. We need to seriously need to do the project. If you do not do any work I will make you suffer.

A: One hour

Aurora: One hour for what?

The phone goes dead.

Aurora: Hello, Sam, you there?

Aurora puts the phone back on the hook.

Aurora: Mom did you receive a strange call from someone? And why are you humming?

Luella: Because I am so happy!

Aurora: Why?

Luella: Is not a wonderful day, we get to eat together.

Aurora: Mom, I am being serious, is something wrong with you?

Luella: No, I am just happy. Can I be happy or is this a crime or something?

Aurora: Not that I know of, but it should be....

Luella: Well that's nice sweetie!

Aurora glances at the clock, and sees that the conversation was much longer than she thought it was. There was only a minute left, and then the doorbell rang.

Luella: I will see who that is.

Aurora: Mom, no!

Luella: And what is wrong?

Aurora: Ah, nothing, maybe it is Sam, maybe I should get the door.

Luella: are up to something aren't you?

A man is at the door with a gun, Luella opens the door. And then there's a pause. As if time stopped.

Luella: David!

A: Luella!

A and Luella embraced each other. After an awkward moment, Aurora demands to know the truth.

Aurora: What the Hell is going on here? How do you two know each other?

Luella: Well, let's say that this person is someone special...

Aurora: As in...

Luella: Well you never met your father...

A: Aurora, I am your father.

Aurora was shocked and stunned. The last thing she saw black and then she fell unconsciously to the floor.

A: I will call the ambulance.

Luella: And I should get my Medicare card, goodness knows that last time they would not let me in the hospital...

A and Luella leaves, while an EMR guy transfers Aurora from the floor to the ambulance. Sirens could be heard on such a cool night like this one...


(Or is it....)
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