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i never thought to tell this tale...but in the end i am stronger. Rated R for dark material for a teacher raping a student, and for mature people only! please r/r!

Category: Poetry - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama - Warnings: [R] - Published: 2006-04-13 - Updated: 2006-04-13 - 186 words - Complete

who would have ever thought...

that day,

the cost was so high,

Something wasn't right.

Oh NO!

Not there!

Never there,

the innocence lost,

the night was so young.

and all i can ever wish for...

was another chance.

the next day,

you act the same,

continue to go on teaching students what you know the best.


i should seek out,

to destroy you

and never let you

touch anyone again.

they say that your weak

when someone over power you

but somehow,

i am stronger.

i go now to demonstrate that i am

you lay there rotting in jail,

Whilei go on teaching students what i know best,

to go out there and teach students,

that your not weak after being violated,

even though the innocence is lost...

there's a thing called fighting back.

if i had to go back to that very night...

i would have to say that

i am not weak

But strong.
Author note: Just got this idea in class about someone who got raped by teacher and in the end learned that person was strong...
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