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The Girl Who Cries Herself to Sleep

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she used to cry herself to sleep...she used just be...i miss her tears. A suicide poem, don't take this lightly! Please r/r!

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Author Note: Never assume that this is the author here...this is just a story, a sad tale past down to just needed to be told.

The Girl Who Cries Herself to Sleep

There was a girl who was


oh so happy!

She never had a problem

or so her friends thought.

She would smile,

asmile not so wonderful,

A smile that hide the pain.

The fact that

She cries herself to sleep.

She used to wonder

why she cried?

maybe she was weak

or maybe it was natural thing to do.

But she never cried to her friends

The only friend

she ever had was a teddy bear,

She would cry to her teddy bear

and say...

"Oh teddy! What a day..."

It always begun

that way...

she would tell her problems

and never got a response back.

She wondered did anyone

truly love me?

Would anyone save my


from being washed away,

like the sand drifting away with water.

But no such respond happen.

she was sad,

her friends tried to talk

to her.

But she didn't listen.

Then one night

she told her teddy

her idea,

hanging herself.

It was the best idea

better to die

than to live,

because she was already dead.

If the teddy bear could protest

the teddy bear would have,

but no sound came

and she was happy

She finally wrote a letter

with silent tears coming down

She reflected,

while people decided to

cut their pain away

having blood washing away their sins.

She would have had tears.

She wrote a letter,

that suicides usually do...

Dear someone,

If anyone out there cares. I used to cry myself to

Sleep...but there was nothing to be done

I know someone was suppose to love


but that never came


Her parents found her dead

hanging from the bed

with her teddy bear by her side.

Some people say she had tears

while she died,

But others would say that

She never seemed to be like someone

to kill herself.

some speculate,

but I know,

I truly know,

that I would miss her,

her smile,

her laughter,

her tears.

Maybe if she didn't know

that someone

was out there,

I missed her,

I never got to

say goodbye,

or that I love her.

There's just an empty


burning for desire,

for her back,

for the girl who cries herself to sleep.
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