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What Happens In Highschool, Stays in Highschool

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Ashley Wentz is the new girl. She meets a few new people. I'm rewriting this entire story :) And no, there isn't really any FOB in it xD

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Okay, I don't know if this looks familiar, but anyway. I wrote this a while back in 7th grade. I am now in 10th. I was rereading everything that I posted then, and it dawned on me that it all sucked. So I decided to rewrite everything that was worthwhile. This is the first one I'm redoing :) Hopefully it doesn't suck too bad.


Sitting all alone on the front steps of her new high school, Ashley Wentz sat silent and still. She'd been watching the group of teenagers across the area from her, remembering how good it felt to be surrounded by friends, the people she loved. Those friends were in Phoenix, Arizona. Now she was in Salem, Oregon, the gloomiest place ever. I say this because year-round the Oregon skies are filled with gray clouds, and you can just barely see the sun. Some would say it was the perfect place for a family of vampires to stay. But, sadly, vampires do not exist.

Some times I wish I could fly away, she thought. She really didn't mind being alone, per say. It was the thought of her long time best friend Alicia that got to her. I wonder what she'd doing right now. Probably flirting with Drew, she thought with a smile. Some one cleared their throat and she looked up to see a group of kids standing in front of her.

"Hello, anyone home?" asked a girl with long, raven black hair and pretty gray eyes.

"Oh, sorry. Were you talking to me?" The girl smiled.

"Yeah, I said hi. So uh, what's a pretty girl like you doing sitting all alone on steps like these?" Ashley, for a split second, didn't think anything of it. And then it hit her.

"Is this your spot? I'm sorry, I'll move," she said, standing up with her black messenger bag. The gray-eyed girl just giggled.

"Wow, she's pretty and has a sense of humor! What do you say guys," she said, turning to the group behind her. "Should we let her in?" The other kids nodded, and the next thing Ashley knew she had about seven other people talking to her.

"So what's your name?"
"Where ya from?"
"Why haven't we seen you before?"

"Hey, shush it guys!" the girl said, and Ashley felt relieved. She would have yelled herself, but she didn't want to risk pissing anyone off. "I'm sure she'll answer them all without you shouting them out at her." Ashley smiled nervously. She hated being in the spotlight.

"Well er, I'm Ashley..Wentz. I just moved here." A tall guy from the back came up and introduced himself.

"Hey, I'm Ray. This here is Crystal, our leader. Then there's the midget, known as Frank or Frankie, this tall geek here is Mikey, and that scary guy over there is Bob. Oh and this is Mikey's older brother, Gerard. We're all relatively around the same age. How old are you?" Ashley opened her mouth to answer but got interrupted by the geek. I mean, er, Mikey.

"Wait, did you say Ashley Wentz? As in Pete's sister?" he asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh just wondering. He never mentioned you before." If he was trying to hurt her feelings, it didn't work. Ashley never talked about her older, obsessed-with-the-spotlight brother. And he never mentioned her. It was one of those media things, you know, where the fans hear about a younger sister and then they get all up in her personal life? Kind of like the Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears drama.

"Do you know him, like, personally?" Ashley asked, frowning. Mikey nodded. She started to tell them her age, but was once again interrupted. By the bell.

"Well see ya!" Crystal called. "It was real nice meeting you." Everyone left Ashley standing there, alone once again. Well, she would have been if Mikey wasn't right there next to her.

"Where are you going next?"

"Uh, homeroom, I think." She shrugged.

"Lemme see your schedule." She pulled it out from from her back pocket and handed it to him. He did a quick once-over and handed it back.

"We've got homeroom together, and then you've got art with Frank, biology with Ray and Bob, English Literature with me and Frank, history with none of us, and P.E. with Crystal. I'm sorry to say, but you've got Creative Writing by yourself."

"Really? That's cool." She wasn't exactly excited about having to take p.e. again, since she took it last year, but at least she had it with someone she knew. As for the other classes, well.. she was perfectly fine with that. "Wanna walk with me?"

Mikey said, "Sure," and they walked off together. Just as they walked through the doorway, the sky rumbled outside and rain started pouring down on anyone caught in it. That's Oregon for ya.
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