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He Had The World

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Orignally posted in the P!ATD section. i decided to combine the first four chapters and move it over here.

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I stared at him from across the room.
His hair.
His eyes.
His perfection.

I raised my hand to ask for a bathroom pass. The teacher called my name and he didn't even look over at me. I went up to the front of the room and got the pass. I turned to close the door behind me as I was leaving the room and I looked at him again, and he didn't see me.

back at home i locked myself in the bathroom and stared at the awful thing looking back at me.

to skinny.
my hair is horrible compared to him.
who could love me?
i am out of my mind.

i walked out of the bathroom and locked the door to my room, turned on my stereo on and laid down. he would never love me. he's to perfect and i'm just not. i would be willing to put my life's savings on that he doesn't know my name.

"GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP AND COOK MY DINNER!" my father yelled banging on the door of my room. i got up from my bed and opened the door to my druken father.

"are you going to cook my food or not you ungrateful son of a bitch?" he said putting his face close to mine.

"yes sir, i'll cook your dinner," i mumbled.

"damn well," he said stumbling away. "where the fuck is my drink at?!" he screamed.

i started to cook my father's dinner all the while thinking of brendon urie.


"brendon! brendon!" spencer screamed in my ear as i came out of my trance and looking at the tv we were playing xbox live on just in time to see us get blown to bits. "good job fucktard," spencer said throwing the controller down and getting up to get a soda from the mini fridge.

"sorry man, i-i-i" i stuttered.

"you-you-you were thinking about ryan again," he said throwing a soda at me.

"what?" i asked blushing. he was right. i had the most insane crush on ryan ross. the outcast kid that no one seemed to like. the extremely handsome guy... that known but me seemed to like.

"i don't know why you don't just ask him out," spence said sitting down next to me.

"because.... he doesn't like me," i said looking down.

"bull shit, you don't see the way he looks at you, you didn't see him today in class, before he left the room he kept looking back at you," spencer said.

"that doesn't mean anything." i love ryan ross, that will never change.

because when i look in his eyes i just see the sky...


Brendon's POV

"brendon wake up!!"

"huh... whhaa?"

"brendon wake the fuck up, we're late for school," spencer said pushing me off the couch.

"did you ever go home last night?" i asked.

"nope, i crashed on your floor, kay with you? hope it is cause the deed is done," he said going through my clothes looking for something to wear.

"yeah, i don't care. FUUUUUUUUUCCK!" i said bolting up.


"i've got a test first period," i said smelling my shirt to see if i could wear it again.

"pssh well you can forget that shit," he said grabbing his bag.

"ugghh, let's go..."

i walked into the school and spencer had left me for his class. i might as well walk slow, i've got nothing to look foward to. i looked down to unwind my headphones from around my ipod and next i know i end up on the floor looking into the gorgeous eyes of ryan ross.


Ryan's POV

my day goes from worse to worse.
one, i woke up late.
two, i got screamed at for waking up late.
three, i got rammed head on by someone in the hallway.

the silver lining? it was brendon urie.

"oh man i'm sorry," he said after staring at me. "here let me help you up," he said grabbing my hand. my hand...

"it's, it's, it's okay," i said queitly.

"no," he said shaking his head, "it's not, i'm sorry i ran into you." i looked in his eyes and they were amazing.

"yes, it is," i said. what else could i say?

"you wanna ditch school with me?" he asked


Brendon's POV

oh my god! where did that come from? did that come out of my mouth?? just i asked ryan to ditch with me..


Ryan's POV

he.. he.. he really asked me to do something with him.. well say something you idiot! you don't want to screw this up like everything else in your life!

"yes, i'd love to," i said. he raised an eyebrow questioningly, i searched my brain for what i had said wrong, love? fuck...

"you look.... confused," he said.

"oh, no."

"well then," he beamed, "let's go!"


Ryan's POV

dad's going to be so mad at me...
they're gonna call him and tell him i'm not in school.
i wonder if they're smart enough to figure out that i'm with brendon...

"hey ryan, what do you wanna do," brendon asked. i looked at him and i thought of plenty of things i'd love to do with him, but i don't think he would want to participate.

"uhhh... i didn't eat this morning, and i'm kinda hungry.. we could get something to eat.." i suggested.

"oh! perfect! my stomach's begining to eat itself, i'm in the mood for pancakes, that okay with you?" he asked. my answer was yes, like it always would be if i was with brendon. if he suggested it, then i'd go along with it.

"ryan, are you okay? you look distant," he said his eyes going from bright and cheery it kind of dark look. it scared me...

"yeah," i said. "just thinking."

"okay, as long as your sure your okay," he said smiling.

"yeah," i said returning the smile.

we walked downtown from the school, walking behind buildings trying to avoid cars that just might have your parents in it. it took longer to get there than walking the normal way but we had to be careful and besides, i didn't mind spending time just walking with brendon.

we walked through the front door of ihop and three waitresses turned to look towards us looking up and down, like we needed their approval.

"hello boys, may i help you?" asked the lady at the front desk.

"yes ma'am, table for two please," brendon said flashing his brilliant smile. the lady turned away to get out silver wear and menus when brendon and i looked over and one waitress was still staring at us like we were the most disgusting thing to ever walk into the restraunt, so brendon flipped her off. her eyes started to look like they were gonna come out of her head and she went blood red. i started laughing uncontrollably and brendon beamed at his accomplishment.

"right this way sirs," the lady said leading us back to the booth in the very back. "and becky here will be your waitress."

"hi boys, is there anything you want to drink?" asked a very peppy waitress, who obiviously had waaaay to much sugar that morning.

"coffee," me and brendon said at the same time. i smiled.

"yes sir... sirs," said becky walking away.

"let me guess, you take yours with three creams and four sugars," brendon said leaning back.

"yes! how did you know that?" i asked incredulous.

"because that's how i take mine," he said.

"ahhh that makes sense," i said.

"it does because you know, we have alot of things in common," he said. "oh, thank you," i he said turning to becky taking the coffee pot and setting it down on the table turning back and getting the cream and sugar.

"thank you," i said to brendon more than becky.

"are you guys ready to order?" she asked taking out her notepad.

"umm, i'll have a triple stack of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream please," brendon said smiling. god i loved his smile.

"oh, and i'll have the same thing except instead of strawberries make it chocolate sryup and chocolate chips," i said.

"okay, your pancakes will be here soon," she said finishing writing down the orders and walking away.

"so anyway, back to what i was saying, we have alot in common," brendon said taking a sip of his coffee.

"how do you figure that?" i asked stirring the sugar in.

"well for one, notice the shirt i'm wearing, and how it corresponds to yours," he said. i looked at his shirt and it said fall out boy on it, i looked down at mine and then realized for the first time that day, i was wearing one too.

"damn, i didn't notice that," i said then drinking my coffee. "ahhh!" i said almost spitting my coffee out.

"what? what's wrong?"

"the cwoffee's hawt!" i said poking my tongue. this time he laughed.

"so is your deduction that we have alot in common just based on our shirts or do you have other proof?" i asked.

"mmm i bet.. that if i went through your ipod, that's i'd find the same music that's on mine," he said.

"you know, i don't doubt it," i said smiling. this is the point where it got awkward, with nothing to talk about i was never so greatful to see stacks of pancakes walking our way.

"strawberry and chocolate triple stacks," becky said setting the food down.

"thanks," i said. brendon grabbed a fork and went straight for the strawberry. i watched the way he put it in his mouth and for that moment i have never wished so bad for anything else than to be that strawberry. he started to chew slower.

"umm everything okay?" he asked.

"yeah, why wouldn't it?"

"you were staring at me," he said wiping his mouth.

"oh sorry" i said looking down at my pancakes.

after we finished our pancakes we decided to walk through the park. we started to walk through the forest path and it instantly got darker. i moved closer to brendon just to feel his body heat so it was like i was so alone.

"ryan?" he said hesitantly, i tough he was going to ask me to move back a little bit. instead he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer and pressing his lips against mine. it took me by surprise at first then i started to press against him. the kiss got more heated. he licked my lips and i opened them and our tongues started exploring eachother mouth. the lack of air made me pull away from him. i looked at him.

"i-i-i'm sorry," he said turning away. "i shouldn't have done that."

i grabbed his arm and pulled him into another kiss. "yes, you should have, because i didn't have the guts to." we made out a couple more times before we realized what time it was. brendon walked me to the end of my street before turning to go to his house.

"ryan i had a great time," he said smiling. "do you think that maybe friday night you could catch a movie with me?" my heart fluttered.

"of course!" i said.

"great! see you tomorrow," he said.

"definately!" i watched him walk away and started to skip down the street, i had a right to, i was more happy than i have ever been.

i got to my house and stopped skipping, my stomach dropped. my dad's car was in the driveway. i slowly walked up to the front door. i stood there a minute before i opened it. i walked inside queitly as i could.

"ryan, i got a call from your school today saying you were absent."

there was my father standing in the living room doorway, drunk and belt in hand.....


Ryan's POV

i lay on the floor of my bathroom. holding my legs to my chest, almost like trying to hold myself together, my world together. i couldn't keep from crying. the pain all over my body was to much. that was the first time my father had ever hit me... he only ever screamed... his drinking's worse... i started to think of the day i had earlier, brendon.

i picked myself up off the floor and looked in the mirror. i had no shirt on and i could see all the lashes all over my arms and chest from my dad's belt. i touched one and flinched from the pain. then i heard a faint tap like sound on my window.

i walked out of my bathroom and over to my window, and outside of it stood brendon, and me with out my shirt on. he smiled and waved at me. i opened the window to let him in.

he barely had gotten through the window before he planted a kiss on my lips.

"what are you doing here?" i asked, not wanting his lips to leave mine.

"i missed you," he said simply. he pulled me into a hug and i tensed up.

"what's wrong?" he asked.

"nothing," i lied. he ran his hands up my arms and his eyes got wide when he felt the welts and lashes from my dad's beating earlier. he took me to the bathroom and stared in horror at the rest of my injuries on my chest.

"ry..." he whispered, "what happened?" i couldn't help it anymore, i couldn't keep it together in front of him no matter how hard i tried, i stood there and started to cry.

"baby, come here," he whispered and pulled me into a gentle hug careful not to hurt me. we sat down on the floor i put my head in to crook of his neck and shoulder and he kept his arms around me as if to protect me from the world.

"what happened?" he asked rocking me back in forth.

"my dad." he stopped rocking me and looked me in the eyes.

"he did this to you?" i put my head back in the crook of his neck and nodded my head.

"was it because you ditched today?" he asked. i nodded again.

"so it's my fault then,"

"no! no, it's not!" i said shaking my head.

"if i hadn't asked you to ditch with me then he wouldn't have done this to you!"

"if i hadn't of ditched with you no one would care," i said.

"ryan..." he whispered putting his forehead on mine so our noses touched. "tomorrow's friday, come spend the weekend at my house. we'll go to the movies and then you'll come back to my house and stay there, my mom will even take you to schook with me on monday, please."

"brendon, i want to."

"then why don't you?" i didn't say anything, i just thought of my father. then we both heard him in the room over getting up. brendon and i both held our breaths as my dad came to my door and started to bang on it. after a minute he left and went back to his room.

"that's it," brendon said lightly pulling me to my feet.

"what's it?" i asked watching grab my bag and start filling it with my clothes.

"you're coming back to my house with me right now," he said zipping my bag and putting it over his shoulder. "let's go."


"through the window," he said, "i'll help you through."

brendon went out first and stood outside and lifted me by my waist gently and slowly till i was outside with him.

he kissed my cheek, "let's go," he smiled.

i had to smile, i was leaving my father behind for the most gorgeous boy in the world.


we got to brendon's house and stood at the front door.

"we'd climb in through the window but i live on the second floor, so we've got to be quiet walking inside," he said. i nodded. "okay. ryan, i'm happy your here," he said kissing me. i smiled.

brendon took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door and we snuck up the stairs to his room. he opened his door and him and i walked in. he shut the door and kissed me again. i will never get tired of his lips on mine.

"you can sleep in my bed, i'll take the floor," he said.

"no. i- wwill..."

"what ry?" he asked wrapping his arms around me.

"will... you sleep with me?" i asked putting my head on his chest. i could feel him smile.

"yes," he said. we crawled into his bed, the sheets were cool and he pulled me close to his chest.

"goodnight ry."

"i love you brendon."

now... do i leave this here and mark it as a complete oneshot or do i add on to it?
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