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Abu-Sharrah's bad feeling

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Abu-Sharrah felt an abrupt and inexplicable chill, grabbing his attention like a cold, clammy hand on his shoulder.

His eyes snapped open as he sat cross-legged on the deck of the Reflection. They then worked their way up the beach to the entrance to the estate, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Yet something had interrupted his meditation, and the only thing he was certain of was that it had something to do with those bad vibes he was getting when he first disembarked with the others.

A sense of foreboding.

Then he saw Bandit pacing back and forth across the dock, where he had previously been nap-ping on the deck. Back-and-forth, occasionally throwing a nervous glance at the estate. Watched the panther bound across the dock and charge for the shore, only to falter near the end of the dock and retreat back to the ship.

And then start pacing all over again.

Something was wrong with this picture, that much the old man could tell. He knew this Max— who was still somehow vaguely familiar to him— and his companions were young and inexperienced, and he already suspected they had a bit of a reckless streak, but he had hoped they were experienced enough by now to pay more heed to their cat’s instincts. To not go charging in, apparently blind to whatever danger Max’s feline friend seemed to sense.

The Ocean was full of haunted places, and he just hoped his young friends hadn’t stirred up anything truly dangerous. In the meantime, he had promised them a ride to the next viable destination, so he continued to wait.
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