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I continued to follow him down the hall, but couldn't quite catch up with him, as my injured knee was slowing me down. He made no attempt to slow down for me at all, but then it was silly of to actually think he would.

We went down the stairs I had come up, and went passed the nurse's office, which was now empty. I sighed, just wanting to know where the hell I was supposed to go for detention. I just wanted it go as quickly as possible, so I could get home and rest properly for my knee. But I knew this would drag on, and on, as if it would never end.

Mr Way and I were now on the ground floor of the main school building. I still didn't know my way round it, but then again, it was only my second day. It will take a while before I would no longer require my map.

Suddenly, Mr Way stopped talking and spun round to face me. If I had zoned out more than I already had, I would have walked straight into him, but luckily, I stopped within a few inches. Mr Way stared down at me, and I didn't like it. His stare towards me was always so cold and cruel. It seemed harsher than when he looked at anyone else. I must have done something pretty bad to piss this guy off, yet I couldn't think of anything.

Finally a few minutes of awkward silence, he opened his mouth to speak, "I wish you would walk a little bit faster. I don't normally walk at the speed I was, but had to in case you got lost. I couldn't care less if your knee hurts, just pick up the pace." He then turned back, but not before rolling his eyes at me.

To be honest, I really felt like crying at this point. All I had done is get to his class late a couple of times, which in no way was my fault. There was only so much I can take. But, I didn't say anything. I fear I would regret it later if I did anyway.

I stepped forward again to follow, this time, trying to speed up, but only a little. My knee hurt too much. He's the one that did it, so the least he can do is wait patiently for me, like any other normal person would do.

Eventually, Mr Way came to a stop outside the library. I wondered why we were here of all the places in the school, but this was obviously the place where I would be doing my detention. I searched my brain, but I couldn't think of anything bad he could make me do in the library. I was safe this time.

Mr Way held the door open for him to get through, and of course shut it on me. I almost got my foot stuck, but held the door for myself before it could. I walked through, again, trying to keep up with the forever pissed off man in front. Before I could, he stopped again, grabbing my arm, pulling me alone. He must have got bored with waiting for me.

I saw the librarians and teachers look up at the sound of out footsteps, and when realising who it was, they all stopped what they were doing, and left the library. Even some students studying or doing homework left us alone. What was with these people? I asked myself. Yet I knew I wasn't going to get an answer.

He pulled me alone some more and turned a corner, heading towards an empty table. When I looked round the large library, I noticed that one student stayed behind, and saw that it was the girl from earlier, Suzanne. In just a few seconds, she looked up, and her eyes widened. She quickly packed her things and ran passed us, whispering to me "Good luck new girl." It may seem weird, but it felt nice having some sort of support from a girl who didn't know me, and vise versa.

We arrived at the table Mr Way obviously wanted to be at, and I placed my bag down on top. I didn't bother sitting down, because I knew he would only tell me to stand back up. Instead, I waited for him to give me his instructions.

I didn't have to wait long, "Okay...I want you to put every single book in alphabetical order by book title, going by which genre they belong in."

I stared at him like he had lost his mind. Rearrange the entire library? Did he not know how long that would take me? Not just because of my knee but...the library was so huge. It's size was half the school, it was too huge. It would take me hours! I probably won't be home until well passed midnight. But even with all these things, it isn't half as bad as what I was expecting.

"The whole library?" He nodded once, "Every single book?" He nodded once more, "The whole library?" I asked again.

Mr Way sighed, "Yes, the whole library, do you have problem with your hearing or eyesight? Actually, do you have a problem with your hands? No, then get moving."

I blinked a few times before speaking again, "You're kidding right?"

His expression didn't change as he leaned in closer to me, "Does it look like I'm kidding?" No he didn't, "Start over there," He pointed to the 'Fantasy' section, "I don't wanna see your face for an hour."

He moved away from me, and sat down at the table, putting on top a laptop I didn't even realize he was carrying. He didn't look back at me, so I left him to arrange the fucking library.

The library was set out...well like a library. I had very tall shelves that almost touched the ceiling, but short enough for me to...almost reach the top. I could easily hide between these different shelves. I stepped between two, the Fantasy part where Harry Potter was sat, and any other magical story that existed.

The first thing I noticed, was that every book was messed up, and no particular order at all. I knew this alone would take me a while. I decided to listen to my iPod in one ear to pass some time. I always hid my iPod in my shoes, in case I couldn't have my bag with me. I pulled it out and set one headphone in my ear, switching it to the last song I listened to, which was Issues by Mindless Self Indulgence.

I began my work by pulling out every book, and throwing to the floor. It would be easier for me to do it like that.

As I looked through the many books, I found one that I had been meaning to read for a while, but never got round to it. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I had seen the film once, and loved it, so I wanted to read the book too. And seeing as no one could see me, I started reading it where I was, with the voice of Jimmy Urine singing in one of my ears.

I was on page six when it got to my favorite part of the song. I don't why I liked it, it just seemed odd to say such things in a song.

Excuse do you want to screw?
Excuse do you want to screw?
'Cause I'm so amazing in the sack,
'Cause I'm so amazing in the sack.
I'd rather fuck you than kiss you...

"Interesting choice of words." A male voice said next to me, making me jump, and clamping the book to my mouth to muffle a scream. I looked next to me and saw Mr Way staring at me closely with my headphone next to his ear. How hadn't I noticed that?

I stuttered a few words, but never actually able to form a sentence together. It made my cheeks burn, it was so embarrassing. Mr Way didn't pay any attention, and took the headphone from my ear, and taking the iPod from my hands, putting it in his pocket, "You can have this back at the end of the week. And stop reading." He took the book from me and threw it to the floor.

The next thing that happened, happened quickly, and passed in a blur. Mr Way turned and walked away from me, turning his head right. Something must have caught his attention. I didn't know, I wasn't actually paying attention.

Then suddenly, Mr Way turned back and grabbed me by the waist pulling me from the small aisle. I held on to his arm as I swung round and fell to the floor. I looked up just in time to see all the shelves fall forward into one another, like domino's falling.

I felt Mr Way pull me back up, holding onto my waist again, making sure I didn't fall again, I think. I didn't really notice, I just saw all the shelves fallen, and every book on the floor. All this mess I would have to clean up in a minute.

My mind came back to reality when I heard Mr Way yelling at someone. It couldn't have been me because he wasn't looking at me. I turned my head slowly, and saw three boys standing, jaws dropped, at the end of the library.

Mr Way pulled me along until he stopped in front of the boys. I didn't know who they were, but I was saw one of them was in my Math class. Mr Way started yelling again, "What the fuck are you playing at!? This isn't a fucking playground! You have crushed her!" I knew the 'her' he was talking about was me. My cheeks burned again. I didn't want to be involved in this.

"Whoa, we're real sorry sir -" The blonde, older one said, but was cut off.

"It's not me who you should be apologizing to." Mr Way's words seemed like a surprise to the three boys. As if they didn't think Mr Way would say anything like that, standing up for someone else.

The blonde one turned his gaze to me. His eyes were a shocking sky blue, and they were really...nice, "Are you the new girl?" He asked. I nodded. He smirked slightly and quickly embraced me in a hug, Mr Way never letting go of me. The guy whispered, "I am so sorry." And I knew he wasn't talking about the books, but who I was with.

The guy let go of me, and without another word from anyone, the three guys left the library, leaving me with Mr Way again, "You better start cleaning this up Samantha." His voice sounded different this time. It didn't sound as harsh, but it didn't sound friendly, or rather nicer. Just different.

I nodded once and walked away from him, finally letting his grip on me go. I bent down next to once shelf and pulled it up, it wasn't too heavy. I did the same with all of the before starting back in the fantasy section, and by now Mr Way was back at his laptop as if nothing had happened.

This time, I did try to put some books back, but Twilight pulled me back to it, back to page six. I sat down where I was, and continued to read, although it didn't last long, as I felt my eyes begin to shut...

I felt some one's hands crawl underneath me, and lifting me up. I didn't open my eyes, but snuggled into the person's warm chest, moaning a little. They must have thought I was waking up and said, "Shut up and go back to sleep." Which is what I did.

The next time I woke up, it was dark, except from a few streetlights. I didn't remember ever leaving school, and I didn't remember ever getting into a car like I was now. I would have been freezing if it wasn't for the purr of the engine letting the heaters warm me up.

I let myself wake up a little more before glancing round the car, looking for the person who brought be back home. The car was near my house. I was surprised when my eyes landed on my Art teacher.

I felt so sad when I looked at him. Suddenly it didn't seem to bother me that he could have kidnapped me. All I felt was sadness.

He didn't look at me. Instead, he kept his stare ahead, as if watching the road. His hands were gripping the wheel hard. He didn't look like his normal self. He looked like he was being tortured in his mind.

I didn't want to bring anything up, so I just asked an innocent question, "I'm sorry, how long have I been out?"

Mr Way took a few deep breaths before answering me, "Couple of hours. I've just been waiting for you to wake up." His voice sounded dead. No harshness or coldness. His tone had no emotion to it at all, and I wondered what was wrong with him, but I kept my mouth closed for that topic.

"I guess I should go in then. My mom will freak." I laughed nervously as I collected my stuff together that was by my feet. I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the door, climbing out carefully. Before I closed the door, I looked back in, "Thanks for the ride." I said softly.

He slowly turned his head to face me, and I was shocked to see that he eyes were more emotionless and dead than his voice, although they were slowly filling up with tears, "You're welcome." He choked. Two words I didn't expect to hear from him, again I was shocked.

I smiled weakly at him and closed the door just in time for him to speed off down the road.

I sighed, suddenly worried for his safety. I shook my head before heading inside, now wondering if my mom cared I was home late.
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