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Gerard never came back to class. The rest of it, we just spent quietly talking to one another, some were trying to clean up some of the paint, but failing. Delilah had come to the back of the classroom to sit with me, and she hadn't stopped talking about how unfair it was that he picked on me when I wasn't even involved.

"It's just so typical of him to be mean to the new kid. It's just so unfair! You should tell him you had nothing to do with the paint fight. If he doesn't believe you, I'll make sure everyone in this room tells him it's true." I didn't say anything, but I wasn't ignoring her. I was just trying to work out why it was me again. There had to be another reason other than the paint fight. There had to be.

Delilah was still complaining, though she was repeating things that she had already said, not that it really bothered me. It wasn't going to change anything. I can't tell him I had nothing to do with it, because he would only find a reason for it to be my fault. Whoever did start it wasn't going to own up to anytime soon, I was sure.

Finally after a horrible twenty-five minutes after Gerard left, the ringing of the school bell greeted our ears. Students in the class picked up their bags and scurried out of the classroom quickly, just in case Gerard returned to punish the whole class. I longed to go with them, but he would only find me. He always finds me.

I watched as Delilah picked up her bag. She turned to me and gave me a sympathetic smile, "I really wish I could help. I'm sorry, good luck. Tell me about it tomorrow." With one last smile, she left the classroom. The only people left were me and a jock named Brian Pallett.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him walk over towards me and sat in the same chair that Delilah had just left. I didn't look at him, but he spoke to me, "Hey Sam, it's really unfair that Mr Way did that to you." Oh great. Another complainer, "I'm gonna stay here until he gets back and tell him it was me who started it... Because it was."

This time, I did look at him, "Brian, you don't have to do that, it's okay. There's obviously another reason why he picked on me. Don't worry about it."

Brian shook his head, "No, there isn't. Mr Way doesn't care who starts what, he just needs to blame someone. If it was someone else in the class, then I wouldn't have bothered, but because you didn't have anything to do with it, I'm gonna tell him." I reluctantly thanked him, and he did was smile. Now all we had to do was wait.

I didn't know whether it was a good thing, but we didn't have to wait long. We knew Gerard was here when the door banged against the wall as it opened. He stared at both me and Brian for a moment before he opened his mouth, "Goodbye Brian."

We both stood up, one, for Brian to leave, and two, I didn't really feel safe sitting down with him in here. I followed Brian as he stood next to Gerard's desk, "Mr Way, don't blame Sam for this. I was the one who started it -"

Gerard stared hard at him, "Well then you have detention with me tomorrow, now, goodbye Brian," he repeated, but Brian wasn't having any of it.

"Sir, what about Sam? It's not her fault -" He was cut off again.

Gerard rested his hand on Brian's back, pushing him out of the door, "Goodbye Brian." He said once more before slamming the door in his face. I wasn't completely sure, but I think Gerard locked the door.

My heart began to race as he turned back to face me. I hated being scared of this man, but it was hard not to be. Everything about him made me want to run away and hide. He stepped closer to him, and what Delilah was telling me earlier didn't really sound like a bad idea, "I had nothing to do with the paint fight. I just sat out of the way -"

He cut me off with a snap, "I don't care about the fucking paint fight! What the fuck have you said to Mikey!?" His voice started to become louder, and who knows what he would do if he became too angry.

I shook my head, not understanding what it was he was asking. I hadn't said anything to Mikey, "What?" Was all I could say, though it came out shaky.

"Mikey, my brother! He is refusing to talk to me! Frank won't talk to me! Even Alicia and Jamia won't talk to me! What the fuck have you said!?" He yelled grabbing my arms tightly with his hands.

My eyes widened with fear and my mouth opened, allowing a short scream to come out. Gerard immediately took his hands away and stared at me with shock. Tears began to fall down my face, "Please don't hurt me again, please." I begged.

The tears didn't stop as I sank to the floor and buried my head in my knees. I was so scared, I just wanted him to go away, I didn't want to be hurt any more.

I heard footsteps move closer to me, meaning that Gerard wasn't quite done with me yet. I tensed when I felt him put his hands back on my arms, but this time gently, "Stand up." He whispered, and I did as he said, though I still cried.

I didn't stop him when he pulled down the zipper on my jacket, though I did watch with curiosity. He pushed the jacket off my shoulders and down my arms until he could see the light marks that were still there.

I watched as he lightly ran over the marks with his fingers. Sometimes it hurt when he did it, but sometimes it felt really nice. I didn't know why he was doing it though. Maybe he was feeling guilty?

Though I was still crying, I spoke, "I didn't say anything to Mikey, or anyone... I promise." Gerard looked into my eyes, but this time, I couldn't read the emotion there.

He pulled my jacket back up and also did the zipper before looking back up at me again, "It's okay... I guess I deserve it anyway, it was my fault."

I didn't know what he was trying to say, or what he meant by that, so I decided to ask him, "Is that an apology?"

He was silent for a while, clearly deciding whether it was or not, and then he spoke, "Goodbye Samantha."

I wiped my tears and nodded, knowing that that was all he was going to say. I held my bag properly as I left his room, wondering what was going to happen now.
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