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It was now a Saturday, which meant it had been two days since what was said in Gerard's classroom with my parents. I hadn't spoken to either of my parents since then, though it wasn't by choice; they had both gone back to normal, acting as if I didn't exist and gone back to staying at work. I had noticed, though, they were very tense when they saw me doing some Art homework and I knew it had something to do with Gerard, I just had to find out what that was.

When I knew my parents had gone to work this morning, I thought about ringing someone who I hadn't spoken to in a while, someone who I thought might be able to help me, not only with the situation with my parents, but also what I should do about a 'student' who seems to have a problem with me.

Sighing, I went to the kitchen and grabbed the house phone of the counter and dialed the number. I waited as it continuously rang. The tone was starting to annoy me after the seventh time it rang, and I realized that nobody was home. Harry wasn't home. I hadn't talked to him since the last time he was here at the end of November. There was so much I wanted to tell him, and he wasn't home. He was probably seeing his girlfriend who I was supposed to meet the day I met Frank, but never did because he didn't show up.

Never mind. I would try calling him again later. Though I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my day. I had completed any homework I had gotten, Suzanne and Tom went away for the weekend with their mom, and Delilah had other plans. I was on my own. Again.

Although the house appeared to be extremely tidy, I had to do something to take up some time. It was a cold day, and I didn't want to go anywhere on my own, but I had to do something.

Just as I was about to tidy and already tidy living room, I heard three knocks at the front door. Hopefully it was someone who would keep me company for a while. Please don't be a salesperson!

I opened the door and smiled when I saw it was Mikey and Alicia. They both smiled back and they stepped aside to let them inside the house, "Hey it's great to see you guys. How've you been?"

They both sat on the couch and smiled again, but I couldn't help but notice that Mikey's smile seemed forced. I decided to ignore it, though.

"I've been okay, but Mikey has been so stressed because of his brother." Alicia began and rolled her eyes, probably thinking about what ever Gerard had done now.

I was curious, so I asked, "Why, what happened?"

Mikey just shook his head, "Oh, he hasn't done anything wrong. It's just that it's getting closer to Christmas and at this time of year... well it gets really hard for Gerard. It's been like this every Christmas since our parents died."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you lose them around Christmas?" I sat down in the chair opposite them. Whatever I thought of Gerard as a person, I did feel very sorry for him when something involves his parents. I didn't know what it was like, and I can't even imagine what it must have been like to lose both parents in one night.

Mikey shook his head again, "No, they died at the end of Spring. I was only twelve and Gerard was fifteen. Christmas that year was so hard for both of us. But I've said before that Gerard has taken this harder than I have, but I don't know why. I don't think I ever will... Anyway, that's not what we're hear to talk about. Frank went to pick up Gerard from school, 'cause his cars getting fixed, and he saw two people walking out behind him and they shook his hand. When he got in the car he mumbled something about you and your parents. He refused to say anymore, so we thought we'd come and ask you."

I raised my eyebrows, "So the only reason you're here to ask what happened? You're not actually here to just talk?" When they didn't answer, I rolled my eyes and sighed, "Fine, whatever. Gerard thought I was late to class, but I wasn't, and he sent me out and phoned my parents. They came in, they talked, I yelled, I left. That's all there is to it really."

"Oh. That's it? We thought something else had happened. What I want is for your fighting to stop. It's so silly, and childish on his part. I can try talking to him if you want me to, but I doubt he'll listen. I've never seen him like this, he is normally so happy when Frank and I are around. Something has happened, and I want to know what it is. He's my brother and I hate seeing him like this."

I nodded, understanding what he was talking about. If I had a brother, or a sister, I would want to know what was wrong and make it right.

After Alicia had calmed down Mikey a bit, they decided to leave, as they were meant to be somewhere else anyway. I walked them to the door and watched as they left. And then a thought from yesterday came to my mind that I knew I had to ask Mikey about.

"Mikey!" I called out. He and Alicia stopped and turned around, "I was just wondering... Do you or Gerard know my parents personally? Or did your parents know them?"

I watched as Mikey hesitated for a second, "Uh, no, I don't know them. But whether my parents did, I don't know. Sorry, Sam."

I knew he was lying to me, and for that I hated him for a second. For what reason would he need to lie to me? It was a simple question. I was certain he knew more about why Gerard was the way he was than what he was letting on.

I just forced a smile, "Okay then, don't worry about it. Bye." And I closed the door.
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