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That First Night...

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Tomorrow would be hell. 9 fucking years ago tomorrow.

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Ember had another dream last night. Well, more like a memory. She would have them about every week, or when things get worse than usual with Dad. This one was the worst. It all went back to almost 9 fucking years ago.

Because her mom had started drinking a whole lot a few months ago, her dad had decided he should be allowed to, too. Ember had liked it at first when he did, because she had missed her mom being around. But, that didn’t last for long. He would always come home really late at night, only to have Ember wake up in her room to hear him yelling at her mom. Being only four, curiosity got the best of her. She had done it plenty of times without getting caught, but then one night she did.

Around 2:30 in the morning, Dad came home. Ember had been sound asleep, but once again woke up to hear him yelling. She got up, quietly went halfway down the stairs, and hid behind one of the banisters. “Why the fuck do you even care where I was?” he slurred.
“Please calm down, Tommy. Your daughter is sleeping upstairs,” her mom tried to reason. “Don’t tell me what to do!” he shouted back. Ember could tell her mom wasn’t happy about that.
She took a deep breath before she replied. “No one wants to see you like this. Let’s just go upstairs and forget about it. Please, I hate seeing you like this. If you stop I won’t drink anymore. But you scare me like this.”
Dad wasn’t happy she said that. He stepped closer to her. “What did you say?” Mom stepped back a little. “You heard me. You need to realize what this is doing to you.” He had heard enough at that. He slapped her. Hard. Right across the face. She stumbled backwards, causing Ember to gasp. Unfortunately, her father had heard it. That only pissed him off more. He pointed to Ember. “Get down here. NOW.”
She slowly walked down the steps, afraid of what was going to happen. Her mom was still sitting on the ground crying. As she reached her dad, he got down to her level. All Ember could think about was how bad his breath smelled. It made her stomach hurt. “Why the hell aren’t you in your bed?!” he screamed in her face. Ember stepped back. “I-I-I d-don’t know. I just heard you y-yelling at M-m-mommy.” She stuttered.
“So you think that gives you the right to come down here?” Ember just shrugged her shoulders and looked away, unsure of how to answer. He grabbed her shoulders. “LOOK AT ME!” he screamed in her face. That only caused her to have small little tears run down her cheeks. By this point, her mother had come over to yell at her husband. “Don’t you dare yell at her! She just wanted to know why daddy was being so mean to mommy.” All he did on reply was pushed her hand off his shoulder. He turned back to Ember. “You don’t ever come back down here this late ever again.”
“But you were hurting mommy.” Her father sighed. He was resisting the urge to hit his daughter just like he did to his wife. “But that’s not any of your business. That’s mine and mommy’s.” “But she is my mommy. I don’t like her hurt.”
“If you don’t go upstairs right now, Mommy won’t be the only one hurt.” Ember hadn’t known what he meant, but her mom had. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!” Tracy screamed. Tommy let go of his daughter, but only to turn and hit his wife once in the face again and to kick her, causing her to fall to the floor. “I suggest you say no more.” All she could do in reply was nod, and then she began to sob, causing her daughter to cry harder also. Tommy turned to his daughter, gave the meanest smile Ember had ever seen, and hit her small little face, causing her to taste blood in her mouth. Then he just walked upstairs leaving the two girls to sit. Ember was in too much shock to cry. The father who had given her everything she had ever wanted had hit her. Just if she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Ember hated waking up like that. Tears, sweating, and heart beating to fast for its own good. She looked over at her alarm clock, and noticed the date. Tomorrow would be hell. Nine fucking years ago tomorrow.

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