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The Fallen Angels indulge in vice while abusing their new powers and slaves, but how will the remaining demons in the area respond?

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Ace let out a sigh as he sat reclined in his seat, his head lolled back and eyes closed. One of his female slaves rubbed his bare shoulders while another had her head between his legs. Ace popped his neck side to side and opened his eyes to look up at the black sky overhead. He wondered how much time had passed since they had left Jeffery’s domain, and how much longer they had before the little brat came to pick a fight with them.

Ace smirked at the thought of the spoiled weakling challenging him and his angels. Ace looked forward to seeing the look on Jeffery’s face when he realized how outmatched he was. The memory of how Jeffery had looked down at Ace as though he were less than dirt made his blood boil. He’d make him pay. Ace gritted his teeth and groaned as his body rewarded his slave’s attentions. He let out a breath and reached down with one hand, grabbing the girl’s hair and lifting her head to look up at him. Her face was blank as a dolls, no expressions, no soul. She looked at Ace like a robot awaiting her next command as white liquid slowly slid down her chin. “Thanks,” Ace said, and then he put a gun in her mouth and blew the back of her head off.

The girl’s lifeless body dropped to the side. None of the other slaves responded in any way as she bled on the ground. Ace got up, reforming his leather jeans with a thought, and walked to the edge of his tower. He looked down on his new city. The Fallen Angels were the only real inhabitants. They had divided it up into their own sections, with Ace at the center. Each of his soldiers controlled their own little areas, enjoying their own vices. Ace’s thoughts returned again to Jeffery and the inevitable confrontation. If the Fallen Angels actually lost the fight, all of this would come to an end. “On the other hand,” Ace said to himself as he waved a hand a the dead girl, bringing her back to life before he jumped off of the roof, “If we win, this will last forever. Time to get serious.”

Ace hit the ground far below. The impact formed cracks in the stone street, but Ace might as well have stepped off of a porch as much as it affected him. He walked down the street towards Feral’s little house of horrors. All anyone had to do to find it was follow the screaming. Ace was beginning to grow tired of her increasingly sadistic habits. He had tolerated it because he had been distracted with his own fun, but now things had to change. He approached the small, black building. Black vines covered in thorns strangled the outer walls. A four-foot doorway that was little more than a crawlspace was the only means of entry. The majority of the interior was underground, and it reminded Ace of an animal’s den.

Ace descended into the dreary hole that Feral had made for herself. Bodies hung from the walls on hooks, ropes, and chains. Men and women alike, and all looking utterly miserable. The low ceiling and narrow tunnels were catered more to Feral’s small form than Ace’s body. It eventually opened up into a dark little circular den lit by candles along the wall. I loud cracking sound drew Ace’s attention to his right where Feral stood with her back to him. She was wearing black leather from head to toe, viciously whipping a naked man held in a harness in front of her. She screamed in anger and rage as she whipped the man again and again. Blood glistened on the man’s back as he tried to scream through the gag in his mouth. It wasn’t long before strips of meat began to fall off of him, exposing the white bone underneath.

“Is this what you’ve been doing with your time?” Ace asked.

Feral swung around, startled by his presence. Her hand held the whip at the ready. Her eyes had dark circles around them, and her body seemed oddly lean. She glared at him before saying, “What do you want?” and ace noticed that her pupils were feline slits.

Ace narrowed his own eyes at her. He did not like the tone she was taking with him at all. He took one, threatening step forward and said, “I want your skinny little ass to crawl out of this pit and meet me and the guys outside in twenty minutes.”

Ace turned to leave, but stopped when Feral said, “No.”

Ace slowly turned around and said, “No?” making it a question. Feral raised her chin defiantly at him, and Ace had had enough. Faster than Feral could react, Ace closed the distance between them. He grabbed her by the neck with his right hand, lifted her off the ground, and pinned her against a wall. “No?” Ace said again, outraged. Feral clenched her eyes shut and turned her head away, waiting to be struck. Her fickle confidence abandoned. “Never forget who you’re talking to,” Ace said, his words slow, deliberate, and threatening. He released his grip, and Feral dropped to the floor. She curled into a fetal position, hiding her head from him and cowering. Ace looked down at her with cold, pitiless eyes before turning around and walking away. Before leaving the room, he turned to say, “Pick yourself up and be outside in ten minutes.” As Ace ascended from Feral’s cave, he hoped that the others would not be such a pain to deal with. If they were, he would have to instill some more discipline.

Ace decided to make Rooster his next stop mostly because if Ace was going to vent his spoiled mood on anyone, it might as well be him. Ace walked across the empty streets to Rooster’s little bunker. It looked like a large machine gun nest with an excessive number of guns, cannons, and things that Ace couldn’t even identify pointing out in all directions. Ace shook his head with bemusement as he walked past the barrels and entered the little fort without so much as a fire cracker going off. All for show, Ace thought to himself as he descended the concrete steps.

Like Feral, Rooster’s home was mostly underground, though Ace suspected it was for a different reason. The cement walls were covered in graffiti. The rooms Ace passed were filled with beautiful women in various states of nudity. Everywhere Ace turned there was sex. The sounds of feminine moaning echoed off the walls until Ace couldn’t hear himself think. Finally, Ace had had enough. He closed his eyes and, with a great deal of difficulty due to the distraction, willed into existence a sub machinegun. Ace then set about indiscriminately killing every one of Rooster’s slaves as he went about the business of locating Rooster himself. The women screamed in terror and pain as bullets tore their naked bodies to bloody shreds. It wasn’t long before the corridors had a fresh new coat of paint.

“What the fuck!” Rooster said as he came running into view, his pants still halfway off. It was obvious that he had been enjoying some of the slaves himself before Ace’s interruption. His shirt was off, fresh claw marks were visible on his arms and chest, and he was drenched in sweat.

“Get yourself dressed and meet me and the others topside in ten minutes,” Ace said, diverting his eyes from Rooster’s near-naked form. He turned to walk away, pausing a moment for Rooster’s refusal. Rooster’s only reply was complaining about Ace killing his sex-toys. “You can fix them later,” Ace said as he left, killing more of Rooster’s slaves as he went.

Ruckus’ domicile was far more accommodating to Ace’s own tastes. Sex was fun, but he found Rooster’s level of perversion disgusting. Compared to the others, Ruckus’ place was almost barren. With, flat concrete walls and no paint or decorations, no slaves to rape or murder, and no furnishings to speak of, it was clear that Ruckus had little in the way of imagination. The only things Ace could see lying around were weights and training equipment. Ace didn‘t have to go far to find Ruckus, mostly because the building wasn‘t very large. Ace followed the grunting noises while passing through doors that were little more than holes in the walls, until he found his large friend beating his fists against a steel plate.

Ace watched quietly as Ruckus dented the metal plate with every hit. Ace noted the difference in his people’s appearances. Rooster didn’t look much different, but Feral looked almost as bad as Jeffery’s demons. Ruckus, however, was looking more and more like a body builder. His muscles bulged, veins swelled on his arms and neck. He even seemed taller.

“If we stay in this place much longer, you won’t fit through the door,” Ace said. Ruckus turned, sweat dripping down his face and smiled. He turned back and threw one more punch which sent the metal plate flying through the concrete wall.

“I make my own doors.” He said. Ruckus created a towel in his hand to wipe his face as he walked over to Ace. “I haven’t seen you in a couple of days. What’s changed?”

“I’m bored,” Ace said. “and I’m worried the others are getting lazy. I’m calling a meeting up top. I expect you to be there.”

Ruckus casually shrugged and said, “Sure. You been to see Pyro yet?”

Ace turned to leave but stopped at the door. “No. I was saving him for last.”

Of all of the Fallen Angels, Pyro had always been the least stable. Now in this world where he could do whatever he wanted, he truly immersed himself in his madness. Pyro didn’t live in a home, but rather a volcano that seemed to be in a perpetual state of eruption. Ace had been forced to take steps to prevent the entire town from being destroyed. Now the volcano had a large mote around it to pool the molten rock. The problem that faced Ace now was how to get inside to talk with Pyro without burning to death.

Before a solution came to him, a loud roar carried through the air so deep that it shook the ground. Even the fires died down on Pyro’s lair as it seemed the bellow had gotten his attention. Ace looked to where the sound had come from just in time to see the city’s outer wall explode. A massive behemoth stepped through the opening and issued another roar from a mouth lined with jagged, crooked teeth. Its grey a blotchy skin looked like an elephant’s hid, and it had no eyes that ace could see. It waas taller than a house, but stood on two legs which allowed countless smaller creatures to scurry forth from under him. The demons swarmed through the streets, attacking Ace’s new minions and tearing apart the buildings as they went.

Ace was more annoyed than worried. He put two fingers in his mouth and gave a whistle. His motorcycle came roaring up like an obedient dog for him to mount. Ace’s first target was the giant beast that had breached the wall and was now lumbering down the street towards the nearest building. Ace’s bike sped down the road past the smaller pests that clawed at him as he went by. His own peons could handle them. Ace wanted to take down the leader. He knew that his machine guns wouldn’t get the job done against something so massive, but that was easy for him to fix. Ace squinted in concentration, and his Uzi molded itself into a rocket launcher.

Ace fired the weapon in the creature’s direction without bothering to aim. He knew that all he had to do was will the projectile to its target. The rocket struck the beast in its left shoulder just as it raised its arms to batter down a building. The resulting explosion tore a crater into the demon’s flesh. It let out a scream of anger and pain as chunks of black gore rained down to the street in front of Ace who had to swerve to avoid the sudden obstacles. The beast made a swipe of its wounded arm at Ace and caught him off guard, sending Ace and his motorcycle flying through a nearby wall.

Ace emerged from the rubble holding a chunk of concrete over his head. The demon was heading towards him, so Ace threw the debris at the beast, striking it in the face. As the beast wailed in pain with blood dripping from its large mouth. Ace watched as the pieces of flesh on the ground began to move. Long spidery legs grew out of the meaty chunks, lifting them off the ground. The front ends of the new creatures split open, forming vertical mouths with pointy teeth. They had no eyes, but they all turned towards Ace and snarled before the they began to scurry towards him.

“Awe shit,” Ace said as he formed two new Uzis in his hands and opened fire on the dog-sized insects. His gunfire tore the beasts apart, but those parts only grew into new, smaller monsters which continued to advance on him relentlessly. They swarmed over him, biting and tearing at his clothes and flesh as Ace struggled to get them off, and all the while the massive demon from which they had been born came closer with each passing moment. “Get the fuck off me!” Ace screamed, and a surge of energy released itself from Ace’s body in the form of a shockwave which sent the beasts flying away in all directions. Free of the creatures, Ace looked up in time to see the massive demon’s fist coming down to crush him, but not in time do avoid it.

The beast’s blow drove Ace into the ground. When it lifted its hand, Ace was nowhere to be seen. The beast bent down, sniffing the rock-filled crater with the two slits it used for a nose. Ace erupted from underneath the debris on his bike, twirling a spiked chain over his head. The demon tried to pull away, but it was too late. Ace threw his chain, and it wrapped around the demon’s right wrist. Ace drove circles around the monster, wrapping it in the seemingly endless chain as he did so. The demon tried to grab him with its free hand, but Ace whipped the chain around its outstretched arm, and soon the beast was completely ensnared. Ace rode to a safe distance, still holding the chain. He snapped his fingers and every link of the chain produced razor sharp blades. The demon wailed in pain and panic before Ace gave a hard pull on the chain, and it began to reel itself in, slicing the demon to ribbons as it did so.

The demon’s body came apart and collapsed to the ground as a mountain of gore. Ace smirked and was about to ride off to find a new playmate when the bloody chunks sprouted limbs and turned into more demons. The larger bits took on more humanoid forms rather than the smaller spider monsters, but they all charged at Ace mindlessly. He manifested his machine guns again and opened up on them, tearing them to bits which only formed into smaller monsters. A sense of dejavu washed over him as he tried to think of a new tactic to deal with the pests. Before he could think of anything, a tornado of fire descended from the sky, landing on the demons position and reduced them to ashes. Ace looked around and spotted Pyro within the flaming vortex.

“It’s about time you guys joined the party,” Ace yelled. He could now hear gunfire and explosions echoing off the nearby buildings which meant the others were also fighting. Pyro stretched out his arms in a pose which reminded ace of the crucafiction, and several more fire tornados descended to reduce the demons to ashes. Ace drove up the side of his tower to get a better view of the battle and saw that Ruckus was bowling through hordes of demons on his bike like a sledgehammer on wheels. It punched holes the the massive war beats while crushing the smaller creatures under its wheels. Rooster was shooting like a maniac from his little bunker hitting allies as well as enemies. He laughed like an idiot as he flung bullets around wildly. Feral was the only one using her minions. She sent them forth to fight for her while she stayed behind them, striking out at anything that came to close with her whip. With the others fighting , it didn’t take long to wipe out the attacking demon horde. Once the battle was over, Ace met with his crew. They were all feeling cocky, but Ace wasn’t happy.

“What are you all cheering about?” Ace snapped, “We got caught with out pants down. This is exactly the kind of crap I wanted to talk with you all about. We’re getting soft in this damn place. That little punk said he’s coming for us in a couple of months, and we need to be ready.”

“Dude, what are you so pissed about,” Rooster asked. “We kicked their butts.”

“You idiot!” Ace yelled. He struck Rooster across the face to further make his point. “We killed a bunch of mindless monsters, and even they managed to get into our city and make a mess of the place. What happens when that punk shows up here with a whole army, not to mention those bitches of his? I like this place, and I aint getting evicted, so I’m gonna make sure that we’re all ready to kick that bastard’s ass when he shows up so we can run this whole damn place ourselves.”

“What did you have in mind?” Ruckus asked.

Ace thought for a moment. “we‘ve learned all we can by just fuckin’ around. We’re all going to split up into our own little corners of this place, and every fucking day we are gonna rumble with each other. We are going to fight with each other to learn all the tricks we can, so when that punk shows up here, we can slaughter his ass!”

The others looked at each other with snickers and sneers before Feral said, “Sounds like fun.

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