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My brain seems to have misplaced my ideas for my stories. Again... There's too much crap going on in my life right now. I need to get A's in German and Geometry, or my mother will kill me, I have to make freakin' poodle skirts for the Drama Club, I got into the Governer's School of the Arts (Which means meeting galore, but I get to miss classes), and I have personal issues (Too many to talk about, but if your my friend, you know what I'm talking about. Cough cough CJ and Christie (I dunno if I told Christie about those problems, but whatever.) Oh, I forgot about the tech acadamy at Grassfield Highschool. (Note to self-Write essay and make up portfolio BEFORE Christmas.) Also, my parents want me to look at colleges..I'M IN THE EIGHTH FUCKIN' GRADE PEOPLE! When I'm a Senior or Junior, I'll worry about that. Whoo. I think this classifies as a rant. :P

From Frankie with love
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