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A first date can be awkward or it could be the start of something amazing. Patrick Stump one-shot for xPrettyInPunkx AKA Lindsey :-)

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The most awkward time in a relationship is probably the first date. The first time you officially go out as a couple. The time that you can actually stop pinching yourself because her reply was indeed “I’d love to” that Monday lunch time in the busy cafeteria. Even though her quiet voice was hard to hear over the shenanigans of their friend group, “I’d love to” can defiantly be defined as a yes. This was something that Patrick had told himself several times since that Monday.

She blushed too, was another thing he reminded himself. The fact that he probably looked like a tomato when he stuttered every syllable out of those fated words haunts him, the blush that crept up her cheeks stopped him from feeling like a total loser. His tummy flipped every time he thought back to Lindsey’s reaction; the hurried, yet quiet “I’d love to”, the rosy pink on her cheeks, the beautiful smile on her face as she ducked her head to continue the drawing he had interrupted her from.

They had both shared the same desire for a year now, though neither of them could tell the other.
It had taken him two weeks to finally build up some courage to ask her out, two weeks of repeating his lines in his head; “Would you like to watch the Friday night eight o’clock movie with me?” The two weeks were also filled with pieces of advice from Andy, Joe and Pete. Joe and Andy’s advice was usually “Do the opposite of Pete”. Patrick took this advice in, as Pete’s advice wasn’t going to guarantee a second date, that’s for sure.

“Patrick, if you don’t stop pacing I’m going to kill you and it won’t be painless…that’s for sure” Joe snapped.
“Sorry” Patrick said quietly. He sat down beside Joe.
Pete ran into the room. “Aren’t you going to be late?” He asked.
“Not that we don’t like your company” Andy added.
Patrick fiddled with the zipper of his hoody.
“I can’t do it. I mean, it’ll be a disaster” He muttered.
Pete jumped up from the couch. “Patrick, are you kidding me? It’s a Friday night and you’re the only one who has a date. You’re taking this girl out.” He said firmly.

“I’ll make a fool of my self.” Said Patrick, he was clutching at straws. He knew very well that they wouldn’t let this slide.
“Get out of my Goddamn house Patrick” Said Andy, he didn’t even look up from his comic. Pete and Joe got up and pulled Patrick to his feet.
“Everything is going to be fine” Joe reassured.
“She’s hot” Pete added. They were half dragging him to the front door.
“Guys!” Patrick protested. Pete put him in a head lock.
“Don’t use any cheesy chat up lines” Said Joe.
“And don’t complement her boobs, ass…you get the picture. Girls don’t like that kinda thing on the first date, I learned that one the hard way” Pete continued. Patrick, Joe and Andy rolled their eyes in unison.
“Oh, don’t forget your car keys” Said Andy, he tucked the car keys into Patrick’s front pocket.
“Thanks” Patrick choked out.
“Dude, you’re killing him” Joe said to Pete.
“Oh right, sorry man” Said Pete sheepishly. He released a red in the face Patrick.
Patrick straightened his hat and stood there awkwardly.
“Go on” Said Andy, he pushed Patrick through the door.
“I feel like a proud parent” Joe sniffed. Andy patted him on the back.
“Yeah, our boy’s growing up” He agreed. Patrick shook his head at them and walked down the path to his car.
“But remember son, you never get laid on the first date” Pete called, grinning.
“Dumb ass” Patrick muttered as he got into his car, he was smiling all the same.
Joe let out a loud fake sob and they all cracked up into laughter. Patrick got the car started and pulled out away from Andy’s house. He gave them a short wave as he drove away. They were jumping up and down waving and shouting. Andy’s grumpy neighbour came out to shout at them but Patrick didn’t get to see what happened next as he turned the corner.

The drive was torture; every red light seemed to last years, Patrick was nervous and excited all in one. All this was fuelling his impatience to reach his destination. When he did get there it took him five minutes of internal encouragement to get himself out of the car. He walked up to the front door slowly, fussing with his creased shirt as he went. He gave himself a mental kick for not bothering to iron it.
Finally, he reached the door and shakily rang the doorbell. Light foot steps could be heard.
“Stop shaking” He scolded himself.
The light from the open door momentarily blinded him. He blinked back into focus and there she was, all 5’3 of her. Long dark hair swept to the side, her brown eyes shone in the light of the hall. She was wearing a red dress top; it went just past her thighs and complemented her slim figure. Black skinny jeans could be seen underneath, red ballet flats where on here feet. There was a silence in which they took each other in.
“Y-you look great Lindsey” Patrick stuttered out. His eyes were wide, showing his eager adoration and a smile was stretched across his face, that same smile that made Lindsey feel like she was floating away.
“Thanks” Lindsey replied. Blush slowly crept up her cheeks.
“So do you” She added, flashing that pretty smile that was like a drug to Patrick. Every time he saw that smile his mood lifted in an instant.
“Well we had better get going” Patrick broke the nearly but not quite awkward silence. He led the way to his car, shooting quick glances that said so much, back at Lindsey and she returned each glance every time.

“Shoot” Patrick muttered, his nerves made his hands shaky and he fumbled with the key and opened the door for Lindsey.
Lindsey settled into the car and took in the scents of old cigarette smoke (courtesy of Joe) and the spicy after-shave aroma that fitted around Patrick like a glove. Lindsey tried to pull the seat belt out but it wouldn’t budge.
“It needs a good yank, can I?” He bit his lip as he said the words, and cursed the seat belt that had gotten him into embarrassing situations before. Lindsey nodded.
Patrick pulled hard at the seat belt and it stretched. He pulled the seat belt over her and caught the scent of her strawberry body wash. Both of their hearts thumped loudly and each was so sure that the other could hear theirs. He accidentally brushed her thigh as he clipped the belt in and an electric shock ran through him. Lindsey looked up into his eyes; sure she wasn’t the only one that felt it. They held the gaze; it could’ve been for seconds or hours. A car screeching past brought them both back into reality. Patrick settled into his seat and pulled his own seat belt in place.

The drive to the cinema was silent. Both were caught up in their own thoughts about that extraordinary jolt that had passed through them.
Patrick got out and opened Lindsey’s door, she smiled in thanks and lead the way into the cinema.
“New Moon or Where the Wild things are?” Patrick asked.
“Not New moon!” Lindsey blurted. They both started laughing.
“I thought all girls are into the whole “Twilight saga” thing” Patrick chuckled.
“Not me” Lindsey replied, crossing her legs. The sudden outburst settled back into quiet. They walked up to the counter and Lindsey began to rummage through her hand bag.
“It’s on me” Said Patrick.
“It’s okay, I can pay for myself” Lindsey said quietly. They both blushed again.
“Let me be the perfect gentlemen, please?” He asked with a smile that made Lindsey weak at the knees. Usually stubborn, she backed down.
“Okay” She replied some what reluctantly, but all the same, her eyes shone with happiness at the gesture.

During that little disagreement a queue had built up behind them of excited girls in Twilight gear. The bored looking, bubble gum blowing cashiers eyes widened at the queue behind Patrick and Lindsey. She quickly took the money and gave them their tickets and they moved on to the refreshment counter where they bought two drinks and one bucket of pop corn to share. (Lindsey bought her own drink; she refused to back down on that one) They finally settled down into seats that were near the screen. The movie was sweet and although they got a few strange looks because every teen was expected to be going to see New Moon, they enjoyed the movie. Patrick even worked up the confidence to do that old school pretending to stretch move and sighed in relief when Lindsey cuddled into him, the shock running through them once again.

Patrick led the way back to his car, courteous as always he opened Lindsey’s door. Lindsey relaxed against the seat and began to warm up after being in the cold night air. There were no seat belt problems, much to both of their disappointments.
“So, what did you think of tonight?” Patrick asked. Starting the car and pulling away from the cinema.
“Tonight was nice” Lindsey replied quietly. She had been smiling ever since she had felt his arm go around her in that dark cinema.
“You would do it again some time?” He asked his face was hopeful and his voice was shaky with nerves.
“Defiantly” Lindsey told him. That silence fell on them once again but it was in no way awkward. The drive back to Lindsey’s house was quick, though they would’ve liked for it to last longer. Patrick cut the engine but neither of them moved out of the car.

Rain began to fall; it thudded softly on the roof of the car. Lindsey’s eyes followed the rain drops as they streamed down the windows.
“I love rain, it’s so pretty” She said softly. Lindsey sank down into the seat and shut her eyes, listening to the patter of the rain. Patrick turned towards her and touched her hand. Lindsey opened her eyes and turned her face towards his.
“It is pretty, but you’re beautiful” He almost whispered.
They both leaned forward together and their lips met. Though the gear stick was already sticking into him, he moved closer, trying to close the space between them, his hat falling off in the process. Lindsey breathed in his spicy smell and her fingers threaded through his hair. So many things were going through her mind; she could hardly believe this was happening to her. The kiss was sweet but passionate, not to mention perfect and every single cliché you could think of; fireworks went off in their heads and their tummies filled with butterflies. For the third time they felt that jolt but this time it tingled all over them speaking all the words they could not speak.

[*Authors note: Too much of a cliché? It's not that great but I hope you liked it. :-)
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