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Part Six

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Things seem to go back to normal...or do they?

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Or it's more like, I like bob 'cause he's a coolcat and i'd like him to be in my fanfic :P

oh yes, and sorry about this chapter and the previous one...i feel like they've both been pretty lame :D

anyway, on to the story.

A couple of hours later, Kaye found herself walking to Frank's house, where the band usually held their practising.

It turned out there had actually not been much swelling and unless you really looked for it, you wouldn't have been able to tell that Kaye had been hit in the face at all. She felt incredibly relieved; she didn't really feel like explaining what happened. She also hoped Frank wouldn't bring it up.

She reached Frank's house and rang the doorbell. After a moment the door swung open, revealing Ray.

“Hey!” Ray said, standing aside to let her in.

“Hi, Ray,” she replied, smiling. “Is everyone here?”

“Uh, yeah, except Frank. He said he had something to deal with and left half an hour ago. He didn't really say what he was doing either...”

Kaye tried not to look too interested in this piece of information, but a part of her felt insanely curious about where he was. She stamped down on that part of her mercilessly.

They made their way down to the basement where everyone was. Mikey sat on an old couch, bass in his lap, Gerard setting up his mic and Bob sitting behind his drums.

“Hey, everyone,” Kaye greeted, heading over to sit next to Mikey. Ray picked up his guitar, beginning to tune it.

They all greeted her back.

“Ooh, yes! It's good that you're here! We've got some new material that we'd like to throw at you, see what you think,” Gerard said rather enthusiastically.

“Mmk,” Kaye said, laughing at his excitement.

“Brilliant,” Gerard grinned. “Now if Frank would just get his ass back here. The silly goose.”

A moment after Gerard said that, Frank bounded down the steps. “I'm back!” he exclaimed.

“Finally,” Gerard said. “What the hell were you doing, anyway?”

“It was just this thing I had to deal with,” Frank said briefly, picking up his guitar from another beaten up couch.

“Never heard it referred to like that before,” Bob teased.

Frank gave him a look. “I wasn't with Gwen.”

“I thought you were going out with a Caitlin or something?” Kaye spoke up before she thought it through. Everyone in the room looked at her funny, except Frank, who kept his eyes on his guitar, tuning it. He suddenly looked uncomfortable though.

“I was going out with Caitlin. That didn't really work out though...”

“I knew her name was Caitlin!” Gerard exclaimed triumphantly. Then he said, “Frank, can't you keep to one girl at a time? It gets so confusing, keeping track of them all.”

“I” Frank rubbed the back of his neck.

For now, you mean.” Mikey smirked. “Until you get bored.”

“I thought this was meant to be band practise? Not question the fuck out of Frank time,” Frank muttered.

“Okay, okay,” Gerard said. “What shall we perform for little miss Kaye this afternoon?”

“Early Sunsets?” Ray suggested.

They all agreed and launched into the song. Kaye was usually able to control her feelings but she always found that the rawness in the way the guys performed, the way Gerard sang, always caught her off guard. This was even more so during this song. She found herself almost wanting to cry for the second time that day, which was incredibly odd for her.

They continued to practise until Bob had to go. One by one they all left after that until it was just Kaye, Frank and Ray left. Kaye decided it was her cue to leave as well.

She went over and hugged Ray. “You got that essay done?”

“I got a bit done...I'll try get the rest of it done by tonight,” he said. “Hopefully that'll work out...”

“Hehe, well, good luck with that.” She said goodbye to him and wondered whether she should say bye to Frank as well. He had his back turned to her, guitar still in his lap, a notebook open in front of him. He looked busy, so she decided not to, feeling relieved.

She headed up the stairs and out of the house, making her way back to her own home. The sky was getting dark quick, night descending swiftly. She welcomed the cool air on her skin.


A week passed in which nothing much happened. Kaye went back to ignoring Frank, just because it was easier that way. Life went about as usual, except now she found herself thinking about Frank a lot more than she ever would've in the past. She found her mind always drifting, always settling finally on Frank. She didn't know how she felt about it. Except possibly embarrassed. And confused, of course. They didn't speak, the last time they did being the day he had helped her and walked her home, but sometimes she felt his eyes on her. She always put this down to her imagination though.

Life settled back into a kind of normalcy.


It was a Friday night, and Kaye was lying in bed, reading a book, when she heard a noise at her window. She looked over to it, startled. She wasn't exactly sure what she would do if it was someone trying to break in to her room. She silently hoped it was just the wind, causing the tree outside her window to creak and groan, and that the scratching noise was simply...what? Her ears picking up on a nearby dog?

Her heart skipped a beat as a shadow appeared at the window.

“Shit,” she muttered. She felt it was important that she prepare to leap out of the bed and either run or grab something to knock the person out with. Her mind jumped to her old baseball bat which she'd thrown out. At the time she had thought “when am I ever going to need this?”

Obviously a rather bad error in judgement on her part.

The shape at her window looked like it was trying to pry her locked window open. It then gave up and started tapping at the glass.

A familiar voice whispered her name.

She felt goosebumps rise on her skin but even so, she tried to place the voice.

It came again, whispering more urgently this time.

She hadn't realised she'd been slowly edging towards the window, trying to see the person's face. The person turned their head to the side a little and closer, trying to see inside. She glimpsed the familiar dark hair, his lip ring catching a moonbeam.

She gasped, realising who it was. She closed the distance between her and the window, flipping the latch and wrenching open the old window.

And there was Frank, balancing precariously on her window ledge.
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