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If You Marry Me, Would You Bury Me?

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Mikey had bought the ring for one person and one person only. The love of his life. His inspiration for songs. The reason he was still alive. Alicia Simmons. Her brown hair was gorgeous, her brown eyes sparkled. Her smile lightened any room. He bit his bottom lip, wondering if tonight was the right night. This question had come up frequently during the day, and he always assured that tonight was the night. A full moon at the park, next to their favorite tree. Their apple tree. The tree where they met at and it had always been very special. Mikey was currently talking to his friend, Frank Iero.

"Frank, what if things don't go as planned?" Mikey asked him. Frank sighed. He had asked him this many times.

"Mikes, we already talked about this. She loves you more than anything else in this world, of course she's gonna say yes. Stop worrying about it. You'll just make yourself more nervous than you already are." Frank stated, noticing his friends' constant tapping of his fingers. Mikey smiled sheepishly, getting caught.

"I guess I am a little nervous..." he admitted, avoiding his friends' gaze. Frank snorted.

"A little? You're so nervous you're practically sweating!" Mikey looked at Frank, biting his lip. He got even more nervous, making his stomach churn. His older brother and band mate stepped in.

"Frank, you're not helping." Ray sighed, giving Frank the evil-eye. Frank smiled a little.

"Only trying to help..." he retorted. Ray rolled his eyes.

"Just go before you make him piss his pants." that got Frank roaring with laughter and he stumbled out the door, his face red. "Mikey, it's gonna be fine. Don't listen to Frank. His proposal didn't go well." Ray shook his head, remembering the memory. Gerard sat next to his younger brother and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Mikey looked up into his older brothers eyes, still biting his lip. Gerard smiled.

"I wish Gramma was here to see this... I know she'd be encouraging me to get my ass out there and propose." Mikey sighed, a tear leaving his eye. Gerard sighed also, his heart tightening.

"Mikey, she's up there, encouraging you. She loves you. Now take a deep breath, and breathe." Mikey followed his brother's instructions and instantly felt a little calmer. Gerard hugged his brother and Ray nodded.

"You can do this, Mikey. I know you can." Ray smiled, and Mikey returned it.

"Well, I'm off to ask Alicia to marry me." Mikey declared, getting up off the bed. He grabbed his car keys and walked out the door, the ring in his back pocket.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He smiled, Alicia standing before him. He felt the engagement ring box in his back pocket. He knew that tonight was the night.

"Mikey, where are we going?" she asked, curiousity creeping in her voice. Mikey smiled. It was the perfect place.

"You'll see, sweetie." he simply said, his smile never leaving his face. He wasn't at all nervous anymore. "Where do you think we're going?" he asked, looking into her eyes. She blushed, looking down. Mikey smiled, he loved it when she blushed.

"I don't know... Somewhere nice, I guess." she looked up with a childish smile on her face. Mikey smiled again.

"You're just like a little 5 year old Alicia. An adorable 5 year old." he kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand, continuing their walk. She wasn't a one for walks, but as long as Mikey was there she would do anything. As they got closer he tried to keep a straight face. He wouldn't give it away. Just a little farther and they would be at the tree. He looked around, hoping that nobody was there. He nodded to himself when he saw that nobody was there, and glanced at Alicia.

She looked back at him, a smile on her lips. He kissed her lightly on the lips and brushed a strand of hair away from her face. He stopped at the park, they stood by a tree. It was an apple tree, and it was Mikey's favorite tree. He kissed her, their fingers entertwining. He pulled away a little, their lips barely touching. He looked out of the corner of his eye for something to pass the time. He smiled against Alicia's lips when he saw an ice-cream place.

"What?" Alicia smiled too. Her eyes tried to look where her boyfriend was looking but she couldn't tear her eyes away from his god-like features. He looked at her with his hazel eyes, and she wondered how she got so lucky to have such a man. He was so perfect in every way, while she was just some lucky girl in comparison. At least, that's what she thought. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, despite the many fans that were crazy about him. His eyes stared into hers, his lips begging to be kissed again. He looked away, towards the ice-cream place.

"Do you want ice-cream?" he asked her, smiling a little. Alicia nodded enthuisastically. They walked to the ice-cream shop, getting their ice-cream.

"Yummm... I love chocolate ice-cream." Alicia smiled, licking at her ice-cream. Mikey already finished his.

"I know... You're gonna get brain freeze. Slow down." he laughed, sitting on the bench. She looked at him, her eyes holding a secret. They met, and her lips curved upward, forming a smile.

"Guess what." she smiled, and he smiled back a little.

"What Alicia?" he kept his tone light, his eyes wonderous.

"I can never get brain freeze." she declared, her eyes no longer holding the secret. Mikey laughed a little.

"What do you mean, you can't get brain freeze?" he asked, still wondering.

"I just can't. Ever since I was little I couldn't get brain freeze. It was weird. I tried, but it never worked." she explained to him, licking the ice-cream again. "Awwh... It's all gone..." she muttered, looking down at her empty ice-cream cone. She threw away the cone, she never liked it anyways. Mikey decided that now was the time. He got up from the bench, grabbing her hand and facing her. Underneath the apple tree, he got down on one knee and slowly opened up the engagement box. His golden eyes stared up into hers as he asked her the question he'd been longing to ask.

"Alicia Simmons, will you marry me?" the words left his lips and Alicia covered her mouth, overwhelmed with happiness. Tears prickled in her eyes, and she stared at the ring, then at the man she loved with all her heart. He looked up, waiting for her answer. His heart was pounding rapidly in his chest, and he kept himself from biting his lip. Alicia was crying, happiness taking over.

"Yes! I will! Oh Mikey!" Alicia cried, and Mikey picked her up, hugging her tightly. He kissed her lips and let her go, dropping down to his knee again. She held out her left hand, and he slid the ring on her finger. Alicia examined the ring on her finger, smiling. "It's so beautiful..." she whispered, her tears gone. Alicia smiled and pulled her close to him, not caring that fans might be staring.

"Not as beautiful as you, hun." he replied, his voice silky. Alicia smiled and they walked off, hand-in-hand to his house.
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