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Bed and Breakfast Bella Muerte

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Cassidy lives and works in a posh Bed and Breakfast.She hates it,until the awesomest rockstar couple ever come to stay...

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OK! So i'm starting a new story as you can see :D
I'm still writing teachers pet so i'll upload a chapter of that in a couple of days.

But for now I wanna write something different. :)
This will be in third person but I might forget and write as Cassidy...So bear with

It was another rainy day in Ireland.Summer,as it seems didn't apply to this country.Not that it would matter for Cassidy.She would spend her days cleaning tables that guest's children spilt milk on or bringing then coffee that they asked for but didn't want whether in was sunny or raining ir snowing.

She was used to it but still hated it.True,if she didn't have to work she wouldn't exactly have that many friends to go shopping with or a boyfriend to see but still she absolutely hated it.

"Cassie!"her mother called to her from the kitchen."Mrs.Costello told me you didn't make her bed well enough.She insists you do it again."

Cassie saw her mother grinning and rolled her eyes.Her mother hated most of the posh old women that stayed in their B'n'B too.She and her mother got on great.(Does anyone say that?)Most people that saw Cassie immediately thought she was one of those "I hate my parents they don't get me" kinda people.

With her long,light brown wavy hair,black clothes and heave eye-lined eyes,it was easy to think that.

Most of the old women thet stayed in their B'n'B thought that.

That was why they always hated her,even before she opened her mouth to welcome them.
Her parents never let her forget about the time she fought Mrs.Merriweather.But in her defence EVERYONE wanted to fight Mrs.Merriweather.

As Cassie was making Mrs.Costello's bed for the fourth time,she heard a thumping coming from the stairs signalling Mrs.Costello's "grand" entrance.

She saw that the old woman had her bags packed and let herself feel the slightest bit of hope.

She tried not to laugh as Mrs.Costellos's three chins jiggled as she spoke.
"Leave it child you'd never be able to make it properly"

With that she left without a goodbye or a thankyou.

Cassie didn't care though,Mrs.Costello was their only guest at that time.She was free.

She was free until she heard the doorbell ring

A/N let me know what you think!
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