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Never Look Back At The Life You Used To Know.

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Annabel Moved From Her Hometown Of Forks Washington With Her Mother In New York After Her Father Died When She Was 7. Every Night, She Began Having Nightmares Filled With Vampires And Werewolves. A...

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I never wanted this life. My mother never wanted this life for me. Watching my father get riped appart by some animal while I was 7. But I never relized the lies put in my head about that day... My name is Annabel Marie Snow. I used to live in Forks Washington with my mother and father. But when my father died, my mother and I moved to New York for 8 years. I couldn't handel the nightmares anymore...

"Annabel..." The wind called. I stood in the middle of the woods in my pajamas. Then the bushes began rustling and a dark skined man steped out. "Annabel, dear. Come with me. Be like me." The mans voice calm and musical. My legs forced me to walk to the man. My cheeks pink. I gave him my hand and he grabed it. He lifted it to his face and licked my wrist. Then almost bit when I heard another voice. "Anna! Stop!" This voice was soft and grew loud as I looked in the direction of the voice. Then the growling started. A big brown wolf jumped out of the bushes. I pulled my hand away from the first man and ran. He tackled me to the ground. The wolf jumped at him and he fell off me. The wolf ripped him appart then rushed away behind a tree. Then a tan skined boy walked out from where the wolf was."Anna...I miss you." He smiled and rushed over t hug me.
I woke up in a cold sweat. "That Damn Dream Again." I murmered and looked at the clock. 4:30. I got up and grabbed paper and a pen then began witing.
I Love You, But Im Leaving. I Cant Stay Here With These Dreams. Even You Said The Dreams Wont Stop Unless I Did Somthing To Stop Them. Ive Delt With Them For 8 Years. Im Going Back To Forks. I Know Its Far, And I Have The Time And Money To Do This. Ill Call You When I Get There. Sorry Im Leaving. I Love You.

I rushed out the door and got into my car and drove. I drove to the nearest airport and got a ticket back to Washington. I was still in my pajamas. People where stairing but I didnt care. I had to stop these dreams. I had to...

"ANNABEL" A voice screamed. I was laying on the ground in a warm liquid. I sat up and looked around. Everything seemed hazey. Then I saw the tan skinned boy. He looked sad. I tryed to speak, but an unfamiler voice was talking over mine. Saying what I was saying. Was this my voice? "Im so sorry Anna..." The boy said as he turned into a wolf and ran over to me and pinned me to the ground and bit me. I screamed
"Hey!" A man said standing over me. I looked at him, an attendet from the plane. "You okay?" he asked still looking at me. Everyone on the plane was looking at me.
"Yeah..Im uh, fine." I said "Why?" I asked looking around.
"You Where screaming like somone was attacking you...people where complaining."
"Oh..sorrry. When do we land?" I asked sinking in my seat.
"About 5 mins. Think you can handel that?" he answeared beging to walk away.
"I hope.." He was gone now. I scooted closer to the window and looked out at the daylight. I sighed.
I was the first person off the plain. I caught a cab to Forks. I walked around with my bag untill I reached LaPush, which wasnt every far from where the cab droped me off. A car drove past me then stoped and backed up and looked at me. I couldn't belive it. The boy from my dreams.
"Hey..Do I know you?" He asked stairing at me. The voice was even the same as from my dream. I stayed quiet and staired at him.
"Wait..Anna?" He asked getting out of his car.
"Yes...Jacob?" How could I not remember him? The dreams where a sign. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.
"Anna, I missed you." He was so warm. "How'd you get here? Wheres your mom?" He asked. Letting me go.
"I..left. Its gonna sound stupid but..after my dad.."I stoped then kept going "after my dad died. I had nightmares..I figured that if I came back here they would..stop." I looked away from him. He grabed my face and he looked me in the eyes.
"Need a place to stay? And call your mom?" He asked walking me to the passenger side of his car.
"Yeah..Thank you, So much." I opened the door and got it. He sighed
"Same old Anna." He walked around to the driver side and got in the car. He turned the key and the car was filled with life. He drove past the beach and back by the woods. "So..Anna." I looked at him. "What where your dreams about?" He asked.
"Just...This guy. He looked, strange. His He wanted me to be like him..he tryed to bite me. Then a wolf came out of the woods and attacked him...killed him. Then you showed up.." I laughed "You where the wolf." His eyes layed on me. I looked out the windsheld. "JAKE!" I yelled as we swerved out of the way of a tree. He suddney stoped. My heart pounded, my eyes clamped shut, and I began shakeing.
"Anna. Im so..." He looked at me and i guess he saw me shaking. I opend my eyes as he stoped talking. "Let me get you to my place" He started the car up again and payed full attention to the road. We pulled up to his house. I remember the cute small house we used to play at.
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