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My First Time, That I Caught Fire.

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This is kinda a Bert/Gerard thing...because I thim nk they were real cute, and Im not gonna make Bert a bad guy like most people do....Bert(POV)

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You know when you find someone that makes you completely and utterly happy and things are just at the peak and love is no longer a lie. Thats how I feel right about now... With my tiny cute boyfriend Gerard laying in my lap while we watch old horror movies.
"I love you" He says and snuggles into me more. If he got any closer I might get real turned on, because in case you dont already know, Im lucky to have caught someone so perfect,
I mean, Look at me, I dont understand why anyone would even think of me as even remotely attractive. Im far from the sexy Gee just ozzes with one of his sexy glares.
"I love you too, baby" He is like my little baby, so young and perfect..It almost makes me feel bad for touching someone with this babyface and his age...his age hurts the most...being only 17 compared to my 23...its practically illegal, heck it is fucking illegal.
"You make me very happy" He said, and sat up to look at me better. His eyes just twinkling with happiness. I placed my hand on his inner thigh, and he just giggled, looking down, and pushing my hand away from sensitive areas.
We havent made love yet, because I really dont want to hurt him, or see him in pain. He seems very nervous when we talk about it, because he told me he's a virgin, and he seems so scared.
And if you could see his cute little babyface pout, you would melt and just drift away, when he looks at me that way, it hurts, because I know Im doing something wrong, that he is hurting and doesnt want to fully show it because he doesnt want me to feel bad.
"You make me very very happy" I said with a smile, his eyes widen, and I realize my hand had resumed its postion in Gee's lap. He moves my hand and sighs, then he hugs me.
"You know I would do anythingfor you Im just soo...unsure, I want you so badly, it hurts, but Im...Im---"
I cut him off.
"I understand, baby, I love you I respect you, you are important to me, I can wait"
"No, No, because Ive seen the way you get sometimes, when you really really want to, and I dont want to see you hurt, or have to go to someone els--"
I cut him off again.
"I would never go to anyone else. You are my one and only, Gee" I stare into his perfect hazel eyes, he looks like he's about to cry, I hug him tight. "I love you, I dont need sexual attention to make this relationship a good one, you should know that"
He noded. "Okay" He pauses, "I want to make you feel good, Ill do anything as longer as its not all the way"
"You dont have to offer my blowjobs, or handjobs to make me stay, If you want to then I have no problem, but I will never make you do anything that you could ever possibly be uncomfotable with"
And thats when life just got a little harder
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