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You Think You Got the Best of Me

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Tonight was the night. This was the last show of the tour, and we needed to be ready. We needed to be tighter than we have ever been before, this was it. The vibe backstage was frantic, people rushing here and there, everyone's nerves were wrecked. I didn't know why the last shows were always like this, I was usually relaxed as hell. After tonight, I would be enjoying a much needed vacation. A vacation from the bus, from the shows, from the fans........from Shawn. He'd been the most annoying thing about the tour. Everyday he would push my buttons, sending me off the edge. I was so ready to get away from him for awhile, he was such an ass.
"Okay guys, you ready to fucking tear this place apart?!" Corey gathered us all up for the nightly pre-show ritual.
"This is the last show, the last chance to show 'em what we got. Are we ready??"
"Let's do this!"
"Break!" We got into our positions on the stage and waited for the opening beat to start. Then as they say, it was history. The set was amazing! The sound was on point, the crowd was giving off crazy energy. I'm afraid to admit it, but I think it was one of the best shows we have ever done. Well, aside from Shawn of course. During 'Disasterpieces' he wrangled me into a headlock and dragged me to the ground
"Dude, what the hell?!" His grip was getting tighter and soon I couldn't breath.
"Stop being a pussy Monkey-Boy!" And with that, he released me, but not before slapping me on the back of me head. That was it, I was done with his bull-shit! He was not going to push me around anymore. I ran up behind him and decked him hard enough to make him stumble.
"Fuuuuuuuck!" was the only thing he could manage to yell. He got up and shoved me to the ground. I knew this was going to be a huge fight so I readied myself for the array of punches coming my way.
"Guys, that's enough!", Chris bellowed from the side of the stage. Even the other members of the band were tired of our fights. Shawn glared at me one last time before going back to his instrument. This fight was definitely not over.
"You ass-hole! I'm fucking bleeding!" Shawn yelled as we filed into the greenroom.
"Don't blame that on me! You probably did it from headbanging too hard!" I fired back. He was not going to me tonight, I was going to fight back fiercely.
"Calm down you two! God, you guys always manage to get into a stupid fight argument every night, I'm sick of it!" Joey barked from behind his mask.
"Yeah, shut up." Mick added. I didn't care what they said though, this was between me and Shawn.
"You know what? You two do this almost every single day, but you never actually start fighting." Corey said.
"Yeah, so?" I questioned.
"Why don't you guys just settle this all ready?! Beat each other asses!"
"That sounds like a hell of an idea." Shawn agreed. I felt a twinge of fear ripple through my body. Corey was right, we never really fought physically, only with our words. I did not want to end the tour with a black eye and a couple of broken ribs. I had to defuse the situation.
"Tell ya what, we all will leave, and both of you can finally get it over with. Then we can all go home on a good note." Corey suggested. Oh god, was this really going to happen.
"Alright then, get out!!" Shawn demanded. The band followed his order and left us alone. The tension was thick. Sweat begin to bead along my hairline, my body felt paralyzed. Shawn walked up to me slowly, his eyes filled with an emotion hard to read. Run Sid run was all I could think of in my head. It was do or die, fight or flight. I decided it was time to fight.
"Well," my voiced cracked with anxiety, "Let's battle!" A low menacing laugh escaped his lips. He step closer to me. I backed away, afraid of what his next move was going to be.
"You are so naive dude, so fucking naive!" He laughed. This puzzled me, what the fuck was he talking about?
"Huh?" I asked. He stepped closer, I backed away.
"I have you all figured out, I know your secret." He stepped even closer, he had me cornered now. I was hopeless.
"What secret, what the fuck is wrong with you?"
He let out another harsh laugh, at this point I was near fainting.
"I see the way you look at me Sid."
"What the hell dude? What are you talking about?!" I asked, now regaining my composure.
"You have a crush on me." He answered confidently. I stood dumbfounded by those words. How did he know? Who told him about this? The only other person who know was Joey. Maybe he told, that sneaky fucker.
"That's-that's not true." I whispered, bowing my head.
"Stop lying to yourself, it's all out in the open now." He took one last step towards me, now we were almost touching. It was no use to lie about it anymore, he knew. A part of me felt relieved, a part of me felt scared shit-less. I looked up from the floor. His blue eyes staring at me intensely. My God they were so sexy.
"So, I guess you're going to beat my ass right?"
He smirked.
"No, that would be rude. Maybe I can indulge your fantasies a bit." He replied back, his eyes now showed a clear emotion: lust.
"Wh-what do you mean by that?"
"Maybe I'll let you get a little peek, a little grope.......maybe even a kiss." His eyes lit up at that last word. His body language was confusing the fuck out of me. Why was he saying this? Was he gay too? All of these questions ran through my mind at lighting speed.
"Sid, sid!" I snapped back to reality.
"Why do you like me so much?" he asked. I pondered this question for a moment, trying to find an answer that wouldn't have me flying across the room.
"I don't know, I guess......I just like you okay. Can I ask you a question?"
"What do you want to know?" he inquired, stepping back a few spaces.
"Umm...why are you so damn rude to me?" I finally spilled.
"Rude? Well, I figured, if I acted harshly towards you, you wouldn't like me anymore, did it work?" he chuckled.
"Hell yeah it did.......sorta." This was so embarrassing! I should have never told him how I felt. Now the whole band will know my secret, and everything will turn to shit.
"Hmmm." Hmmm? What the fuck is hmm?! He stepped closer yet again, this time our body barely grazed each other. He looked at me for a moment then lifted his hand. Dammit, now he's going to kill me! The raised hand touched my chin, I flinched.
"Relax Sid." he whispered. He tilted my chin up and placed his lips onto mine. He let his lips linger here, and then after what seemed like hours he released my chin and walked out of the room. I fell to the floor, a mix of fear and excitement enveloped me. The guys all rushed in and came to my resting spot.
"What happen dude? Are you hurt?"
"Did he kick your ass."
"Why are your cheeks so red?!" I could barely part my lips to answer the questions. I wanted the feeling to last forever.
"Did you get everything figured out now?" asked Jim.
"Yeah," I finally answered, "We did."
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