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Lord of the Bed

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A poem told by Kaoru Hatachiin's POV about the relationship between him, his twin Hikaru, and his bed. It's based on the episode when they're at the house on vacation the day after Hikaru and Haruh...

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Warnings: Slight yaoish with some cussing, but nothing bad.


Lord of the Bed

Here I lay

On this cold hard floor

And the only thing I could hear

Was my precious twin snore.

A sudden kick from him

I found myself down

My face hurts so much

Hell, I can hardly frown

Forget the Lord of the Host Club

I fear he never has to dread

The cold hard floor

In case Haruhi kicks him off his bed

Hunny and Kyouya

Hell, sleeping for them is a sin

Because once you walk to wake them up

The room goes to hell and all who's in

Yes, my brother is older

And the rest left unsaid

I sleep close to him

Ah, that lord of the bed.

But as much as I love him

As much as I have to dread

There's one thing I wonder

Why can't I be lord of our bed?

There's no fluffy couch

That can soothe this pain in my side

Just wait until morning

And I have to stuff in my pride

Alas, I've become a commoner

Bowed down here on this floor

Hikaru is Lord of the Bed

Only this and nothing more

Yet how I wish just once

I could let him see how it felt

To wake up on wooden planks

And feel the painful welt

However, I must sleep now

As a new day is ahead

While Hikaru snores away

The Lord of the Bed
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