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Baby Duty

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{One Shot?} What Happens When Lindsey Leaves Gerard and Bandit for a Day Alone? {Please Read, Rate, and Review! :D }

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"Okay... should i wear this? Or This tonight?", Lindsey asked Gerard holding up two different dresses,
but he didn't notice as he was making faces at the baby to make her laugh. Lindsey sighed mumbling something
about men having short attention spans and never listening. "Geeeerard, c'mon pay attention.", Lindsey pouted
at her husband and he looked up clueless about what's going on. "Er... what?", Gerard said.

"This is useless!", Lindsey groaned picking up one of the dresses and walking into the bathroom changing into
the shirt, leaving her husband to contemplate on what he did. She walked out the bathroom with her make up and
hair done. "How do I look?", She said standing at the door way. He looked at her up and down and chewed on his
lip, "I don't think you should go out y'know... it's late. You know.."

"Its Five o'clock"

"Thats late in my book."

"I've read your books, and thats not late." Lindsey said with a smile kissing Gerard's cheek leaving a red
lipstick mark on his cheek. "Eww...", He said laughing wiping his cheek. "Big baby..", Lindsey said picking up
Bandit, snuggling her. "You be good okay...", Lindsey said kissing her child's forehead. "She'll be fine...", Gerard
said standing up smoothing his hair back. "I was talking to you, not the baby.", she said with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh hardie har har, very fu--udging funny."Gerard said crossing his arms making a face."Well I try.", Lindsey said with
a laugh and placed Bandit in a little border of pillows so she won't roll off the bed.

The door bell rang and Gerard went to open the door, " Babe, it's Alicia and them, time for you to go!", Gerard yelled
from the door. "Do you have to be so loud?", Lindsey yelled back walking out from the hallway carrying a giggling Bandit.
"Why yes, yes I do.", Gerard replied grabbing Bandit from Lindsey giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll be back
before 11 okay?", Lindsey said walking out the door closing it behind her.

"So it's just the two of us now huh, B?", Gerard said walking over to the couch and sitting down placing Bandit in
to her rocker. That outa keep you distracted for a little bit, so Daddy can work a little bit.", Gerard said getting
up and walking in to his office grabbing his laptop and walking back out to the living room. He grabbed Bandits blanket
and put it over her so she can fall asleep.

After an hour Gerard was almost finished his work and Bandit was sound asleep until their dog, Susan Michelle, came in
whimpering, and yipping. "Shit... shh... shh.. calm down just don't b--", Gerard said walking to the backdoor to let the
dog out when Susan Michelle let out loud barks waking up the baby. "God dammit...", Gerard said opening the door rushing to his
daughter whisking her up in his arms, and rocking her so she can stop crying. "Shhh... Bandit... Shh.. you're okay. You're okay.", He
cooed, calming his baby for a couple minutes until she burst into tears again. "Oh no.. whats wrong, B? What's wrong?
You hungry, babe?", He said walking over to the kitchen grabbing a clean bottle and powdered milk.

He made her the bottle and went over and sat back on the couch feeding her, "You were hungry, huh? See I don't need Mommy to
figure this shi--stuff out."She finished her bottle and Gerard lent over to the coffee table to get the burp rag, just in case and
put it over his shoulder."C'mon dear, just burp this time, no puking on Daddy's new shirt please.". He told her rocking her back
and forth while tapping her back softly and she let out a semi-loud belch making Gerard laugh a little.

"You're so cute, B.", He said rocking her in his arms as she made a funny face and groaned. "Oh no..." He said as she threw up on the
front of his shirt and started crying again, louder then before. "Dang it. I thought she would make it this time." He said walking
to Bandit's room cleaning off his shirt. He laid her on to her changing table as he looked for Bandit's pajamas.

"Here. I know it's degrading but, your uncle Mikey bought it and it's the only thing I found.", Gerard said changing Bandit in
to Monkey P.J's that even come with a stuffed velcro banana. "This is a sad slash cute sight right here.", Gerard said taking
a picture of her on his phone and sending it to mikey, "You're uncle will appreciate it though." He walked back into the living
room sitting on the floor rocking Bandit in his arms, and gave her, her pacifier and started singing her to sleep.


Lindsey unlocked the door walking into the living room. "Gerard?", she said walking in through the door seeing him laying on the couch, asleep, with Bandit cooing in her sleep as she laid on her father's chest. " Ah... this is the life."
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