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The Top Bunk.

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'Mikey swears that motherfucker's cursed.' Rated R for guy/guy relations... Frerard, kinda. UPDATE; Green?!

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Like… rawrness, and stuff. I’ll be writing the next chapter for How To Kill Gerard Way soon, I’ve been meaning to for a while.As for Frerard… idk. The ideas for that are kinda phailing. Is anyone willing to give me some ideas for the next chapter of MWHITY? I’ll love you for eternity. And I’ll give you a cookie xD
This is sorta a Frerard… But not really. I tried to take a break with the Frerard stories… but, it just keeps SNAKIN’ it’s way in ;)
Yeah, and I’m not good at smut, or graphicness. So sorry about that.

This is my first ever story to go green. So, naturally, I spazzed when I saw. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH who rated and reviewed, you all don't know how happy you've made me. This is considered epic. I wouldn't even care if the world ended right now because my story went green. hmm... GAHHH YAYY! THANK YOU AGAIN! :DDDDDDDDD


“Mom, I can’t sleep on the couch again!” Gerard complained to his mother. “It’s like sleeping on pins, I swear to God.” Donna Way sighed. Gerard’s basement bedroom had been recently flooded when the neighbors pipes had burst. Therefore, no one could enter the basement until all the water was gone and all the mold was removed. Gerard had been sleeping on the living room couch for the past week, and he couldn’t take it anymore.
“You could always sleep with Mikey, in his room.” Donna suggested. “Use the top of his bunk bed.” Gerard shrugged. “NO!” Mikey yelled. “No one’s slept in that bunk in months, ever since Ray… had a… ‘sticky’ situation in it.” Donna laughed. “I’m sure it wasn’t the bed, Mikes.” She turned to her eldest son. “You can sleep there tonight, and see how you like it.” Gerard nodded, and Donna retreated to the kitchen where she began fixing dinner.

^_^_^_^_^_^_^ Later That Night ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Gerard spat into the sink and cleaned his toothbrush, placing it neatly by Mikey’s in the bathroom. He turned out the light and walked into Mikey’s bedroom, where he stripped out of his skinny’s and into his grey sweats. Mikey came in with pillows and a blanket and threw them onto the top bunk. Gerard had to ask.
“Hey, Mikes?”
“Have the sheets been…. Cleaned? Ya know, ever since… Ray was here….”
Mikey chuckled. “Yes, Gerard. That was months ago. You’re safe.” Gerard sighed in relief, climbing up and setting up his bed. Mikey looked at the clock and saw that it was 11. He flipped off the light and climbed into bed. “G’night, big bro.” he said, yawning. “Night, Mikes.” Gerard responded, submerging under the covers and falling asleep quickly.

“Gerard… Wake up.” Gerard heard a voice call out to him. His vision was blurry, but he recognized the voice. It was Frank’s. “Wakey, wakey, Gee…”
Gerard opened his eyes, and saw Frank staring down at him. Shirtless. And sweaty. Gerard could feel his heart race as Frank leaned down and kissed him. Soft at first, but then harder, until he straddled Gerard’s hips and tugged at his hair. Frank’s lips moved down to Gerar’s jawbone, his neck, his stomach. His hands wandered up Gerard’s shirt as he slickly ripped it off.
‘F-uh… Frank…” Gerard moaned as Frank planted butterfly kisses on his lower abdomen. As he got lower he ripped off Gerard’s grey sweats, exposing his pulsating manhood. “Frank… FUCK, FRANK!” Gerard screeched as Frank took him into his mouth…

Gerard’s eyes flew open at the sound of Mikey’s voice, calm but firm. The sunlight shone through the window.“Gerard, get up.” He said. “We’re gonna be late for school.”
Gerard steadied his breathing and felt a cold wetness by his legs. He looked under the covers and his mouth flew open. “Fuck.”
“Gerard…” Mikey pressed, taking the blanket into his hands, attempting to pull it off the bunk.
“No, Mikey! Stop!” Gerard fought, pulling the blanket towards him. Mikey chuckled, feeling around the blanket. “What’d you do, pee the bed or something?” Then he let go quickly and made a face. Gerard sighed. “You had a wet dream? Three feet above my head?”
“Mikey, I swear, if you tell anyone…”
“Who was It about?” Mikey asked, intrigued. “Your mom.”
“Really? ‘Cause, last time I checked, my mom was your mom. And her name was Donna… not Frank…” Gerard sat wide eyed as Mikey began imitating how he was in is sleep. “Frank…. F-Frank… uhn, uhn, UHN!
“Shut up!” Gerard hissed as Mikey rolled on the floor laughing. Frank Iero was Mikey’s friend from school. Gerard’s only talked with him a few times when he sat with Mikey and his friends Ray and Bob at lunch, but he’s been sure of his feelings for him for the past few months. Mikey and all of his friends knew he liked Frank, and he’s never let Gerard forget it. Not that he could.
Mikey regained his footing. “Well, come on.” He said getting serious again. “Now we’ll be late anyway, wet dream or no wet dream. Get up!” Mikey grabbed his backpack and went downstairs. Gerard sighed and fell back into the pillows for five more minutes, until Mikey threw his soccer ball at his head.

^_^_^_^_^_^_^ School; Lunch ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Gerard clutched his lunch tray and looked around for a spot to sit. He sighed and narrowed his options to one table; Mikey’s. The table where Frank was. Mikey would make this so awkward.
When he got to the table, Gerard saw Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob and two other girls, Janie and Calista, playing BS on the table. BS is a card game where you can lie about what you’re putting down. If another person thinks your lying, they say BS. If you are, you get all their cards, if you’re not, they get all their cards. If you never got caught, on another persons turn you shout ‘Peanut Butter’ to let everyone know they’re ultimately the most retarded people on the planet. The person with the least amount of cards wins.
“BS!” Frank yelled at Calista. She held up her card. “Ace of Spades, I didn’t lie.” She said, smirking. Frank sighed as he collected all the cards in the center pile.
Everyone looked up at Gerard. “Hey!” Ray said. “Wassup, man?”
“Hey, Gee.” Frank said, smiling. Gerard gulped as he waved quickly and sat down by his brother. Mikey smirked. Gerard feared for his life, he didn’t know what Mikey would do next. It always kept him on his toes for various reasons, but today… The reason was earth-shattering.
Would Mikey tell them all about his wet dream?
….Of course he would!
“You know, I was learning about something…. Very interesting in Health class today…” Mikey told the table.
“Oh, really?” Bob asked, genuinley intrigued. “What about?”
“Nocturnal emission…” Mikey responded.
“Mikey…” Gerard mumbled. “Otherwise known,” Mikey continued. “As the wet dream.” Ray went wide-eyed, and Bob furrowed his eyebrows. “What the hell are you telling us this for, Mikey?” Janie asked disgusted.
Completely ignoring her question, Mikey went on. “We’ve all had them. I’ve had them,” he admitted. “Even Principal Schechter’s had them…” The students looked at their Principal, Brian Schechter. Calista got up. “I can’t hear this…” she mumbled.
“No, stay!” Mikey urged. “Trust me, it’ll be worth it.”
She put her hands on her hips, but stayed put. “Even my older brother, Gerard…. Has had them.”
“Mikey, shut up…” Gerard mumbled, trying not to let any of them… especially Frank, hear him. The table stared at Gerard intently. “He had a rather… interesitng one last night. It was wild. I never knew Frank was so good in bed.”
Gerard buried his head in his hands as everyone began cracking up. “Ger- HAHAHA!” Janie cried, holding her stomach. Gerard looked up at Frank shamefully. Frank’s expression was that of a deer caught in headlights. Staring straight at him. Gerard could feel himself blushing and he walked away from the table, cursing under his breath.

^_^_^_^_^_^_^ The Following Friday Night ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Gerard put new sheets and a new blanket on the top bunk of Mikey’s bed, when Mikey came in.
“Sorry about yesterday, dude.” He said.
“Whatever.” Gerard said monotonusley. “Everyone does it, right?” he looked at his brother, who shrugged.
“You know… Frank’s talked about you a lot today… he wondered why you weren’t at school.”
“I’m going out tonight, with Bert, Jeph and Quinn.” Gerard said, disreguarding anything Mikey said about Frank. “I won’t be home ‘till tomorrow morning.”
Then, at that moment, the doorbell rang.
“That’s probably Bert,” Gerard said, grabbing his leather jacket and rushing down the stairs. He grabbed the handle and opened the front door. But it wasn’t Bert. Gerard stiffened as Frank stood in front of him, his hands in his pockets.
“Hey Gerard.” Frank said, shuffling his feet nervously.
“Uh… um…. Hi, hi Frank. What’s up?”
“Is Mikey here? We were supposed to watch Dracula tonight…”
Gerard studied Frank’s eyes. They were… hazel. Like chocolate. He smiled.
“Gerard?” Frank said, waving his hands in front of Gerard’s face.
“Huh? Oh, OH! Uhmm… yeah, he’s upstairs. Come…. Come in.” Gerard moved out of the way, and Frank walked in and sat down on the living room couch. Gerard sat on the lounge chair in front of him. Frank opened his mouth to speak, but Gerard spoke first. “Look, Frank… I’m sorry about yesterday. But... I think… I think I like you. A lot.”
“And, if you don’t like me, I’m fine with that. But I just want you to know that I am not ashamed of having a wet dream about you.” Gerard crossed his arms triumphantly, but he could feel the red flooding his face soon enough. He drooped his head, and Frank chuckled. “You’re pretty cool.” He told Gerard. “I wouldn’t have the balls to say what you did. Any of it.”
Gerard looked up, a smile creeping across his face. “Really?”
“Yeah.” Frank said, and the doorbell rang again. Gerard sighed. “That’s for me,” he told Frank. “I’ve gotta go.” He got up off the lounge chair and put on his leather jacket. He opened the door to find Bert at the door. “I’ll be out in a minute,” Gerard said. “Alright, hurry up though.” Bert said. “The movie’s gonna start soon.” Frank got up. “Gerard?”
“Yeah?” Gerard said, digging for his left converse. He found it and began lacing it up. “Are… are you still gonna eat lunch with us?”
Gerard looked at Frank and itched his chin. Frank looked at Gerard and played with his lip ring.
“Sure.” Gerard said, hesitantley. He smiled when he saw Frank’s face light up. “Bye, Frank.” With that, Gerard took his leave and closed the front door behind him. Mikey came down the stairs. He had heard everything.
“You like my brother, don’t you?”
Frank blushed. “NO! But, I mean… after yesterday… he’s pretty brave, or whatever.”
Mikey chuckled in a non-believing way. “Put the movie in, you dumb fucker.” Frank said sharply. Mikey shook his head and put the DVD into the TV in the living room.

^_^_^_^_^_^_^ Later That Night ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
Mikey popped out the DVD and put it back in the case. It was 2:30 a.m., and the two boys had watched a total of 4 movies nonstop for that past 5 hours.
“Well, I guess you’re sleeping over.” Mikey said matter-of-factly to Frank. Frank smiled cheekily and followed Mikey up to his bedroom. “Top bunk,” Mikey said, yawning. He stopped for a moment. “Wait….” Then he remembered that Gerard had changed the sheets and flipped over the mattress. “Okay, never mind. G’night.” Frank rolled his eyes and plopped down into the bed. It took him long to get to sleep. He smelled Gerard on the pillows. But the scent soon enough lulled him to sleep.

Frank touched Gerard. All over. Gerard stroked his cheek and kissed it lightly. They were sitting in an empty field in the tall grass, and the sun was setting just below the horizon.
“Gerard…” Frank moaned. “I love you.”
Frank felt Gerard’s hot breath on his chest. “I love you too, Frankie.” He huffed. Gerard kissed Frank passionately, rolling his toungue over his lips. He rubbed Frank’s inner thighs in little circular motions, his tongue fighting with Frank’s for dominance. Gerard pushed the smaller boy down on the grass. It felt so real. Gerard broke the long, hard kiss and stared down at Frank. The low sun made his face glow. Frank couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed Gerard by his shirt and jammed their faces together, but it wasn’t painful. Frank was an animal, and that turned Gerard on more. He removed Frank’s pants, as well as his own. Gerard turned Frank over in the grass slowly, and sat on top of him. He slowly leaned down. “This’ll only hurt for a minute, Baby…” He whispered. “Are you ready?”
“Fuck, Gerard!” Frank yelled impatiently. “Don’t make me wait any longer!” Gerard laughed. “Jeez, impatient much?” He said. Gerard softly rubbed Frank’s back as he lowered himself into him.
Frank cried out. “It’s okay, baby…” Gerard whispered softly. “Shhhhshhh, sugar.”

Frank woke up sweaty and breathy. He wiped his face with his hand as Mikey walked in, holding a box of Fruity Pebbles. “He’s alive!” Mikey cried out. “’S about time you got up, dude. It’s like, noon.”
Frank liked Gerard. He knew it. He needed to tell him. “Is Gerard home yet?”
“Yeah,” Mikey said. “He just got home like, an hour ago.” Frank’s face lit up again and he scrambled to get out of bed, falling off the bunk in the process. “I’m okay!” He yelped, regaining his balance and racing down the stairs.
Mikey furrowed his eyebrows and put the cereal box down, tidying his room up a bit. He grabbed the blankets from the bunks to wash them, when he noticed Frank’s was wet. And sticky. He threw it to the ground and ran to wash his hands.
“Again?!” He screamed. “Why does this always happen to me?!”

Haha, poor Mikey. He’s always grabbing blankets at the wrong times xD R&R-ness would be nice, yes it would.
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