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Always and Forever

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DieXShinya, KyoXKaoru ... And Toshiya i dno where he stands at the moment.

Category: Dir en grey - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor - Characters: Die, Kaoru, Kyo, Shinya, Toshiya - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-04-13 - Updated: 2006-04-14 - 958 words

Always and Forever

Chapter One

I sat there staring at you wishing that you knew how I felt,

you lay there smiling looking up into the night's sky enjoying

every moment of it, staring as if nothing could go wrong. Still

watching as you close your eyes and went into a deep soundless

sleep, as I whispered in your ear "I love you Shinya-kun"


"Die, Die wake up" Toshiya said shaking him "DIE"

"Hmmmm" Die moaned

" You have to get up"

"Mhmm" he moaned and rolled back over.

"That's it" Toshiya said walking away angry. Die laid there

stating up at the ceiling thinking about the dream he just had

and then all of a sudden 'SPALSH' Toshiya dumped a bucket of

water right on him.

"TOSHIYA! I'M ALREADY AWAKE!" Die yelled. Toshiya stood there

laughing until Die started to get up quickly.

"Shit" Toshiya said as he started running down the hall towards


"Who" Kaoru asked

"He is" Toshiya said pointing at a wet and irritated Die. Kaoru

stood there with his hands over his mouth trying not to laugh

but he couldn't hold it.

"Shut up" Die said glaring at him and started after Toshiya

again. They ran down the hallway. Toshiya turned the corner

just missing Shinya, and then Die came after, but instead of

missing Shinya he ran right into him.

"Are you okay?" Shinya asked Die

"Yeah, I'm fine" Die said blushing

"Why are you all wet?"

"Toshiya... He decided it was his turn to wake me up this


"Oh" Shinya said starting to laugh, Die got a warm fuzzy

feeling inside of him and then...

"Uhmm... I have to go ... ah this way" Die said holding his

crotch hoping it wouldn't get any bigger. Shinya walked away

still laughing.

"I'm going to KILL Toshiya" Die said and walked into the

bathroom. Die stood there looking at himself the mirror, he

took a towel and wiped his face dry. Die took off his wet

clothes and put a towel on, he walked over to his room and took

his blankets and sheets off of the bed so that his bed, he

flipped the mattress over and put new blankets on. Die walked

over to his closet and dropped his towel write when Shinya

walked in.

"Oh, Oh my god...I'm sorry" Shinya said looking away "I should

of knocked, I'm sorry"

"It's okay" Die said and picked up his towel.

"Okay, ah, I'm just going to get right to the point then, can I

come and stay in your room... Toshiya keeps having midnight

love sessions with his hands and some times he has a guy or two

in there, it's getting annoying" Shinya said as he turned


"Ah, Yeah, sure. You can stay with me" Die said scratching his


"Okay, well I'm going to get my stuff and you can finish what

you are doing here" Shinya said as he walked out the door. Die

looked around and then he spotted his drawings of Shinya all

over his nightstand along with, lotion, Kleenex, and a picture

of Shinya. He hurried and stuffed them under his mattress, and

got dressed.

Chapter Two

After Die got dressed he heard a knock at the door, it was

Shinya with all of his stuff. Die grabbed Shinya's mattress and

put it along the far wall of the room so that it was standing


"Ah Die can you grab those" Shinya said as his clothes fell to

the floor, Die picked them up and blushed to what he seen, it

was Shinya's underwear. Die put them beside the bed that was

standing up against the wall; he then helped Shinya with the

rest of his stuff.

"Uhmm where should I put my bed? " Shinya asked looking around

"Ah... You can put it beside my bed where the nightstand is"

Die said and then realized that he just asked Shinya if he

would like to sleep next to him, he quickly covered it up and

said "or you can put it over there by the window"

Shinya looked at the nightstand and then at the window " Can I

put my bed where the nightstand is and put the nightstand where

the window is, that way there will be more room" Shinya said

and started to walk toward the nightstand to move it.

"Wait. Uhmm can you go and get a cloth so I can wipe this down

it's all dusty" Die said fast so Shinya wouldn't see the

magazines on the bottom of his stand.

"Okay" Shinya said and went to go and get a cloth for Die. Die

moved his stand over to the window and started flipping through

his magazines " Hey I haven't seen this one in a long time" Die

thought as he put the magazine in his stand.

"Here" Shinya said holding out a damp cloth

"Oh" Die said as he took the cloth from Shinya and wiped down

the stand really quickly.

"Ah where can I put my clothes" Shinya asked

"Uhmm you can put them... There" Die said pointing at the empty


"Ah okay, is there any room in the closet?"

"Yeah" Die said opening up his closet 'SMASH' Die's stuff fell

right on top of him. Shinya ran over to Die.

"Are you okay" Shinya asked as he put Die's head on his lap.

"Yeah, excuse me. I have to go and take a shower I'll be right

back" He said and hurried to the bathroom. This time it was

bigger then ever, he ran a cold shower and got in. After the

first ten minutes his erection finally went down he decided to

turn the hot water on.
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