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Without You I Cant Breath

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Frerard oneshot

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Franks P.O.V

It was a cold winters day here in Jersey, I had all my heaters going and i was wraped snuggly in my blankets
but that just wasnt doing it. I decided to drape my robe on and wonder down stairs to fix my self some soup.
I Had two decisions to choose from Pumpkin soup or just plain vegetables, I could never think when it was this
cold so i lit a cigarette,cracked open a Red Bull,sat on the sofa and started flicking through the t.v channels
Once again sweet fuck nothing is on. So i picked up my camera and started looking at the pictures from mine and
Gerards night before.... Nothing happened except for we went to a local Jersey pub and got drunk.. As i looked
through the pictures of Gerard i realised how much of a need he is to me!
I began to get horny over this sweaty sexy face on my camera screen right now. I wanted him here now.. Or did i
need him here right now.. I dont really know but this feeling is excrushinating. I need to fuck Gerard Way right
I Pick up the phone and start dialing this so fimiliar number.. Half way through the first ring that sexy mother
fucking voice answered.. "Hello my sexy boy" with that cute tone that i loved
Why hello gorgeous i replied Im horny and i want you now i shot at him quickly
"I Know you are frank" with a sedusive sound to his voice almost as if he was gagging for it
"Im leaving home now so you had better get your sexy white ass ready for me boy" He said so quickly but lightly
I hung up the phone with pure excitement knowing i was going to get that long a waited for fuck i'd dremt about
the night before
Gerards P.O.V

I Rolled out of bed lit my cigarette and enhaled then got up in my boxers turned the tap on for my shower
and got in the steamy hot shower thinking about how grate it was to see Frank again the previous night i washed
all the importaint parts of me.... My hair My face My torso My legs and lets not forget the most importaint part
of all my dick. I got out Wraped a towel around my hips blow dryed my hair, Straightend it put on my eyeliner
and walked towards my closet for a change of clothes
I put my black flag top on with my leather jacket over top followed by my skinnys
and then i found one of Frankies T-shirts i smelt it just to be sure... Yip thats my Franks It smells just like him
Thats When it hit me... Thats when i knew i needed to see him but i have no idea what he has planed for today
He might be with M.R and Mrs Iero so i better not just turn up
As i had my second Smoke for the day the phone started ringing
FRANK i squeeled... Lucky no one was home to hear that one
Hello my sexy Boy i quickly said when i picked up
"Why Hello Gorgeous" He replied
"Im Horny and i want you" He said quickly he nearly sounded like a car auctioneer
I Know you are Frank i said pretty sexily
Im leaving home now so you had better get your sexy white ass ready for me boy i said really lightly
He hung up the phone but i knew he had the biggest grin on his face like when you give a 2 year old candy

I went upstairs to get dressed into my top i knew he loved
And into some easy access pants
I Made my bed and put away my picture of Ray
I thought to set the mood even more i'd light some candles, as i went to light the thrird one someone ran their
hands up the back of my top... Shit Gee i said rather loudly
I turned around to see him smileing
"I've Missed you he wispered to me"
I've missed you too i said and i got the excat reaction i wanted from him that sexy way smile
He grabbed my belt buckle and pulled me closer to him
I could hear his breathing get louder
i can feel your heart beat i said
"I can feel your boner" He Replied with a suducive smile
He kissed all the way up the side of my neck untill he found my lips and with no tounge he kissed me just like
i'd dreamed about i could tell he was going to suprise me with his tounge a little later on

I Got in my car and drove as fast as i possiably could to reach Franks house
I got slowed down by a couple of red lights i drove like a maniac when i got to franks street i pulled up outside
his house took my leather jacket off and threw it in the back of my car locked it then quietly creeped in his
house i knew excatly where he would be. As soon as i got in his passage way i recognised his sweet smelling
colonge and tip-toed to his room to find him lighting candles
i creeped up behind him and ran my cold hands up the back of his top to feel his swealtering skin
"Shit gee" he said
he turned around and i could see his beautiful face
i've missed you i said to him
"I've missed you too" he said
i smiled like a little boy
i grabbed his belt buckle and pulled his body towards mine
i could stay like this forever looking into his eyes
"I can feel your heart beat" he said
I can feel your boner i replied
I kissed him just the way he liked it.. All up his neck untill i got to his lips and then i started kissing them
i knew he would be wating for my tounge

He undid my belt and unziped my pants
i pulled of his top and threw it over my tv
I steped out of my pants
and walked towards my bed my plan worked he followed me I laid down and he started licking my chest untill
He got to my hard cock
He wraped his hand around it and slowly started pulling it
i arched my back My breathing got heavier and heavier
next thing i knew he had his mouth wraped around my cock he had one hand right next to it and one on my stomach
I started moaning and next thing i knew i came that diddnt stop gerard he went harder and harder
i stoped him knowing i was having all the fun
I rolled him over and then went down on him i could see that smile just as i put my mouth over his cock
I Started sucking it and then i rolled my tounge around it just a little bit.. I was being careful not to bite
"Fr.... Frank FRANK" He started screaming this made me happy because he was my only lover He came And screamed
my name once again but even louder "FRANK"
i stopped and started kissing up his stomach then his torso when i got to his face i steared into his eyes then
started kissing him. He was all sweaty and so was i Just to be smart he put his tounge in my mouth
Next thing i knew he was behind me and he pushed my head down into the blankets He had his hands on my hips
I Just realised what he was doing and i started smiling
Just as i started remembering the last time we did this i felt his hard cock go in my ass
He began to go faster and faster this feeling was making me hornier then ever
I started moaning his name Gee ohhh Gerard ohh at that time i realised he was saying my name to
i could just hear his sexy voice "Frank Ohhh Frank"
at the same time we both Came GERARD "FRANK" We both screamed at the same time
He pulled out and we both layed there he was holding me looking into my eyes

I Undid Frankies belt then unziped his pants
He pulled my top over my head and threw it over his t.v
He stepped out of his pants and walked towards his bed i knew this was my signal to follow him, He Laid down and i
started licking his chest untill i got to his hardend cock
I Wraped my Hand around it and begain Moving my hand up and down
He arched his back just like i knew he would i could hear his breathing getting deeper and deeper
I wraped my lips around this sexy boys hard dick and begain sucking he started moaning "Gerard Ohh Gerard"
He came in my mouth that didnt stop me though i kept going Then frankie stoped me, He rolled me over then he went
down on me. I Smiled as he put my cock in his mouth
He started sucking it. He even threw a bit of tounge in there for me
I started moaning Fr..... Frank FRANK i was finially screaming i could feel him smile then thats when i came
He stoped and started kissing my stomach and then my torso when he got to my face he just started stearing into my
eyes then he started kissing me. I was all sweaty and so was frank. as he was kissing me i put my tounge in his
mouth and he did the same to me.
Just to suprise him i jumped behind him and pushed his head into the blankets i had my hands on his hips.
i took a few deep breaths and put my cock inside him.
I begain to go faster and faster
He started moaning my name "Gee Ohhh Gerard" I think it was at that time he realized i was saying his name too
Frank Ohh Frank
At the same time we both came "GERARD" FRANK we both screamed at the same time I pulled out and we both layed there
i was holding Frank looking into his eyes

That was the best fuck i said to him
He kissed me one more time "Im Only a phone call away you silly boy"
It was then i realized this was going to have to be more then a one off thing i am hooked to you Gerard way
i said this to him and he told me "I'll Be Ready when ever you want"
This made me happy because i did want to have him when ever i wanted.
He Rolled onto his side knowing i was still very cold and he tucked the blankets in under me
"That should do the trick" he said
he then put his hand over my waist and moved closer to me.
i smiled because i loved him and just having him here with me was just what i needed
I Fell asleep in his warm arms looking at him
i could just hear him singing to me.. Well atleast i hope it was to me
He was singing "Vampires Will Never Hurt you" But in a really quiet voice allmost as if it where a lullaby
I woke up to him kissing me on the cheek softly
"Sorry Frank i didnt mean to wake you" he his said
Its ok i dont mind
He still had his arm around me almost as if he didnt want to let go
How long have i been sleeping? I asked him
"About 15 minutes go back to sleep" he said
No i want to stay with you
"Well im going now anyways"
No you cant i said and sat up and wraped my arms around him
He smiled "Ok Beautiful" he said
I Smiled back at him, we lied back down and he put his arms back around me
He Kissed me very passoinatly on the lips then wispered into my ear "I love you frank"
That made me grin
I love you too Gerard
Gerards P.O.V

"That was the best fuck" He said to me
i kissed him agian im only a phone call away you silly boy
"this was going to have to be more then a one off thing i am hooked to you Gerard way"
I'll be ready when ever you want
I could see that Frank was cold so i rolled onto my side, Tucked the blankets under him
"That should do the trick" I said
then i put my hand around his waist and moved closer to him
He fell asleep in my arms i was so tempeted to jump him But instead i started singing
I Kissed him on the cheek
He Woke up
Sorry Frank i didnt mean to wake you I said
"Its ok i dont mind"
My arm was sill tightly around him
"How long have i been sleeping?"
About 15 Minutes go back to sleep
"No i want to stay with you"
Well im going now anyways
"No you Cant" he wraped his arms around me like a todler when their Moms trying to leave them
I smiled Ok Beautiful I said
He smiled back at me, We lied back down and i put my arms back around him
I kissed him on the lips once more then wispered into his ear I Love You Frank
That made him Grin
"I Love you too Gerard"
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