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It Started Out With A Kiss How Did It End Up Like This?

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Mychem play a show. After the show they hit a Jersey bar. Frank and Gerard get wasted head back to Gerards...

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"That was an amazing show guys" Ray praticly shouted at us
Yea i know we kick ass man, Gerard just smiled and nodded
i was sitting next to Gerard and Mikey was sitting next to me
"Hey lets all go get drunk"
Yea ok Bob., You wana Gee?
"yea man im in"
Sweet as then
Me,Gerard,Ray,Mikey and Bob all walked out the corradoor to our van which was out the back.
I couldnt help but stear at My main man Gerards Ass. he turned around
"Hey Frankie what were you gawking at?"
Uhhh Ummm nothing Gee, He laughed like a sexy mother fucker
Gahh i thought to myself... Thats so beautiful
I only wanted to see him drunk... I love Drunk Gerard... I fucking love it,
In the van no one talked much but it was good because i was leaning on Gee and then Ray was lying on me
We got to the bar and Mikey raced out of the van, Bob was not far behind him then Gerard helped me out of the van
It didn't help that it was raining and i was covered in sweat covered skinny jeans. They felt painted on
Gerard was wearing his leather jacket and his black hair had rain drops dripping from the very ends. His fringe
draped accross his face and his eyeliner had run abit but he was still so sexy.
When we were out of the van he took my hand and lead me towards the bar where every one eles was. They didnt think
anything of us holding hands because Its just normal for us.
"Frank you feel cold'
Yea i am just a little bit
"Do you want my jacket then?"
But then you'll be cold
"No i'll be fine im accualy really hot"
yea i know that i thought to my self
Nah Gee You keep it
"Ok but if you want it then just say"
Ok i will i promise
"Ah yea can i please have two beers"
"yea sure"
"Here Frank get this down you"
Thanks Gee, i said.. I couldnt wait to get him home
Gee do you wanna crash at mine tonight?
"Yea sure why not" he answered..
"Frank you really dont look well. Are you alright?"
Yea i just feel a little bit sick no major thing dont worry
"Are you sure? We can go home if you want"
Nah im really fine just have a headache and sore stomach thats all Gerard
"Ok ok so were using full names now are we?"
Yea we are
"Ok then Frank" he said so stearnly that it made me laugh
your cute gerard way
"I know i am Frank"
By this stage we were onto our 5th or 6th beer and Gerard was just starting to get a bit tipsy..
Do you wana head home gee? i asked him
"Uhh yea i wana get into your bed" he said which made me smile
mikey came over and told us that we were going and Brian could drop us off because he hadnt been drinking
We all got back into our little white van and began driving.
Someone started shaking me "Frank.... Frank wake up" i knew the voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Gerards face
"come on sleppy head were at your house.. Wake up"
I sat up and rubed my eyes and jumped out of the van. Night guys i said
"Night" a heap of voices answered me.
We staggered up the path way and got to the porch. "Frank open the door im cold"
Ok i'm getting my keys keep your pants on gee.
"Can i just sleep in my boxers frank?"
yea you can sleep in whatever. at this stage i was in bed with just the lamp on and gerard took his jeans off and
damn his legs are white. He climbed into my bed and put his arm around my waist
"Night Frank" and he kissed me on the cheek.
Night Gee i answered him. He left his arm around me. And then he was asleep so i turned the lamp off and cuddled up
to him, He was really warm Next thing i knew i woke up, It was morning and gerards arm was around me
The sun was trying to sneak threw my curtains, Good thing they're black. Gerards arm was still around me i
didnt wana move because i liked it when he held me.
Me and Gerard didnt do anything. I wished we did.. We've had sex alot but were not serious and i love Gerard Way
More then any thing.
I rolled over and was now facing Gerard. I put my arm around him. And i kissed him ever so softly on the lips.
When he kissed me back i knew he was awake
"Morning Beautiful" He said in his 'Ive just woken up voice'
Morning sexy, i answered him
He ran his hand up my back and smiled at me "Did you have a good sleep"
Yea i did because you were here all night
He smiled and rolled over to get a smoke. When he rolled back over he had a smoke in his mouth that wasnt going and
one in his hand that he put in my mouth then he lit them.
I inhaled my first puff 'Thank you kind sir'
"thats ok beautiful"
I put my smoke in my hand and lyed above Gerard 'Ya know'
"yea" he said smiling
'you'v got something in your eye" i said
then i kissed him and he kissed me back then all of a sudden he rolled me over and he was above me
kissing me but then he stoped. "I've gota have a shower"
'ok then i'll be right here when you get out' he kissed me one more time
"you'd better be, Because i havnt had anyting from you in a while" He said with the biggest grin on his face
i heard the shower go on and then i could hear Gee singing and i started laughing to my self. I started to get
really horny and thought maybe i could suprise him. So i got up and headed to the shower. I opened the door and a
tsumnami of steam rushed out the door and smacked me in the face.
"Frank is that you?"
'Yea gee its just me'
i walked around to the shower door and he opened it and smiled.
"I knew you wouldnt be able to wait"
i just smiled at him and then he put his wet hands around my waist and pulled me into the shower i was still wearing
all my clothes. But i knew i wouldnt be for very much longer
He kissed my neck and then he kissed my lips he put his tounge in my mouth and then he took my top off followed by
my pants. He was in the corner of the shower and i slowly went down on my knees and put his dick in my mouth.
and started sucking it. i could hear him moaning "Frank Oh my god frank"
I stoped and he helped me up
"Thank you sexy thats just what i needed"
'Your more then welcome' i told him with a kiss
"we should probly get out of your shower before we use all the hot water"
'ok' i opened the door and was holding his hand and helped him out of the shower
I saw Gerard grab a huge towel "Come here you" he said to me
i walked towards him and he wraped this huge towel around himself then around me to and he wiped my fringe out of
my face
"Damn your gorgeous' he told me
'Not as much as you are' he kissed me really lightly on my noes
He Dried me then himself and we went back into my room
"you wana listen to the misfits frank?"
I started making my bed when i got tackled by Gee
"I wanna be with you Frank Iero"
'I want to be with you too Gerard Way'
"well thats good"
I kissed gerard again
"ohhh my phones vibrating"
'Who is it?'
"Mikey, He wants me to go home"
"yea sorry but i think its urgent"
'Its ok'
"How about i come back later?"
'ok' and he kissed me one last time
"I love you Frank"
'I love you too Gerard'
I saw him walk out the door and already i missed him like there was no tomorrow
Then my phone started going off it was Gerard he text me already it said ' I miss you already sexy. I love you and
i'll be back soon love Gee xoxo'
That made me smile
i went downstairs and made a sandwhich had a red bull and a somke. I did the dishes sweeped the floor then
played guitar for abit when Gerard was all of a sudden was behind me
'Keep going dont stop'
No your back now, What was so urgent with Mikey?
Gerard Sat on my knees "nothing he just wanted me to get him some pain killers" and he unziped my jacket and took it
off then he kissed me "But now we can go back to what we were doing before" I pulled his top over his head Ok i said
and he stood up and took his pants off. and just stood there in his cute Batman boxers. I smiled at him
"I knew you'd like them" he said and i stood up to take my pants off too, I steped out of them and went to my bed,
Gerard took my waist and pulled me down on him I held myself up with my arms just above his face. I kissed him and
he ran his hands down my back all the way to my ass and spanked me.. Really hard
Ow!! i complained, Because it really did hurt
"Oh come on i know it turns you on"
Well then you know me to well Gerard. I said
He pulled me by my hips closer to his face and kissed me. "Im gonna fuck you so hard" Gerard said and he rolled me
over "Get on your stomach and stay still" Gerard demanded so i did and then i felt him take hold of my hips. I started
breathing heavily because i was waiting for Gerards dick to go in my ass. But he caught me off gard. As soon as it was
in he began to thrust his body really sowly, Ohhhh Gerard "uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh"
Now the thrusting was faster Ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah Ohhhhh God Gerard
"Frrrank Ohhh myyy godd" And he came and it was the best feeling in the world
He pulled out, He layed down and pulled me so i was lying on his arm, I rolled on to my side and and put my left leg
over his and my arm around his waist, I Looked into his eyes and his warm smile made me go all warm and tingly on the
inside, "I love you frank"
I love you too Gerard. He kissed my forehead
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