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Demolition Lovers

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Mikey and Ray are going out. Mikey starts having a fling with Bob. Frank finds out, Trys to stop them but Gerard jumps to the conclusion its Frank and Bob. He has NO idea

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"OHHH Gerard, uhhhhh"
"Harder, Harder, Frank Harder Ohhh goddd ohhhhhh uh,uh,uh,uh"
I came "OHHHHH YEEAHH FRRANK". I pulled out,Gerard sat up. "That was the best fuck i've had in a long time"
"me too Gee me too." I said tring to get my breath back again. He rolled over so he was lying down. He took myhands and pulled me on top of him.

"do you think anyone heard us?"
"nah i dont think so, We wernt that loud"
"Ok then thats good" I smiled
He lit his smoke took a puff and kissed leaving me to blow out the smoke.
"Hows Ray?"
"Uh yea good i talked to him not long ago"
Well then thats good
"Wanna watch willow?"

Gerard got out of bed walked to the t.v opened a case put it in the d.v.d player then got the remote and came
back to bed.
i put his arm under my neck and put my head down. I cuddled up to gerard because i love him, And he was warm.

Then Gerard put his right arm around me.
I was nearly asleep when gerard moved his arm so i
rolled over on my side because i thought he was being a snob. he pulled me close to him and he put his
arm back over my waist so i took his hand in mine and then my eyes slowly started shutting and then i was uncontious

I rolled over and opened my eyes to find that Gerard wasnt there.
I sat up and lit a smoke knowing that he wouldnt be to far away. i layed back down and i recognized the foot
steps comming up the Hallway. i saw his face appear from the open door.

"Oh shit you werent ment to be awake"
Sorry. Gerard put a tray down with toast, and coffee on it.
Thank you gorgeous,
"Your Welcome but you were ment to still be asleep"
come on its ok i dont mind, he sat on his bed next to where he put the tray.

I picked up a piece of toast breaking it in half then half again.
I put a piece in Gerards mouth and pushed it close.he began chewing and licked his lips then kissed me

"so how far did we get into Willow last night?"
uhh well i dont know about you but as soon as you moved i fell asleep
"Yea i went to sleep as soon as you held my hand"
so pretty much when i did?
"Yeah Probably"
Well then thats how far into willow we got

Gerard laughed and handed me my coffee
"Its cold out so you might not wanna get cold"
And how come?
"because then we'll be having sex all day. I mean thats good and all but i wouldnt wanna brake you"
Ok then i'll Drink this and stay warm, i said rolling my eyes
"Good little boy then"

i picked up a piece of toast and put it in my mouth and chewed then i had a sip of coffee and was wide awake
Gerard got my jacket black flag top skinny jeans and put them on his bed,

"These will keep you warm"
Ok i said and i picked them up nearly about to get dressed.
"no! eat your breakfast first"
ok, ok i finished eating the rest of my breakfast
"Ok now you can get dressed" Gerard said
Ok thank you for telling me that my love
i began to get undressed so i was standing there in just my boxers and nothing eles.

"Let me help you" Gerard said as he put my top on and after he pulled it over my head he kissed me so fucking quickly
I had my hands around his waist and pulled him into me and i was so close to fucking him. But
he pulled away
"get Dressed you'll get a cold"
Fine, I pulled on my jeans then put my belt on, Then i was finialy dressed Gerard kissed me,took my hand and we
walked down past mikeys room

"Hes got my top and i want it back" Gerard said turning around to go to Mikeys room
Just leave him he might be 'busy'
"Oh well i dont care i just want my top back"
He knocked really lightly on the door then went in. I saw someone sucking Mikey off but i didnt know who

"Ray" Mikey quickly squeeled,
what the fuck was he doing fucking my Ray!!!
"Gerard" Ray said
"Mikey" Gerard said sounding confused it was then i realized no one had said my name
FRANK i said sorta sounding like M.r Bean
"What the fuck was that?" Ray asked
Well you know i felt left out, No body said my name. Every one was laughing except me, I didnt think my voice broke
that bad but apparently it did.

"How long has this been going on?"
"Well about a half hour before you interupted"
Ok sorry Mikey its alright we dont mind, But well be going now.
"Cool like everyone i know is gay its fucking awsome, Well see you guys later, go back to doing whatever it is you
were doing"

I never would have thought them two
"Nah Neather"
Meh! if there happy then we should be too, Because we both know what its like comming out of the closet right?
"yeah your right"
So how does that make you feel? Ray and Mikey? huh thats pretty random
"Its unusual, But thats probably what people thought about us, Right?"
Thats when i heard Mikeys door squeek open. Mikey and Ray emerged from the darkness. Gerard had his hand on my thigh
Mikey and Ray sat down at the table with us

"Were sorry for not telling you guys before, I mean like you two are possiably the only two who would understand where
we're comming from" Mikey said looking down
"Yeah, so we hope you guys dont mind we went behind your back" Ray said
Dude, Its ok we dont mind. Do you know how long me and Gerard were together before we told anyone?
"How Long?"
"4 months" Gerard answered his little brother
"Woah really?"
yea and we really dont care what you guys are, Because you guys are our bestest friends
"so are you two a coupple?"
"yeah but we dont really want to tell anyone" Mikey said still looking down
Mikey brokedown and started crying, Ray took his hand and both me and Gee got up and walked over by him

"Because Mom Will hate me. Gerard" he said looking up to his brother then Gerard got down on his knees.
"Mikey! no, no she wont, Mikey mom was so fucking accepting of me and Frank"
"Thats because your the oldest, Im her baby. The one thats ment to carry on the name"
Mikey, I said as i rubbed his back. Your Mom is one of the coolest people i've EVER met dude. Shes not gonna care.
The only thing she matters about guys is that her sons are healthy and happy. thats all
"Really?" Mikey asked me
yeah dude, If you want me and Gerard can help tell her if you want?
"You guys would do that for us?"
"yeah Mikey nothings more importaint to me and Frank then our friends" Gerard said rubbing Mikeys leg
At this stage he was about to stop crying
"ok thank you" Mikey said, And Ray wiped away his tears with the sleve of his top.I looked at Gerard and Gerard looked
at me Awwww i mouthed at him and he just smiled
"How will we tell them though?" Ray asked
uhmm Over dinner maybe?
"yea, Yea thats good, We could cook for them and then tell them" Gerard suggested
Thats a grate idea honey, i said to Gerard and then he kissed me.
"Im glad you think so"
So do you two think it'll work?
"Yeah" they both answered
"Cool. Well i have to talk to Frank about something so we'll be back soon"

Gerard took my hand and lead me to his room, as soon as we were in there he latched his mouth onto mine and roughly
pushed my ass onto his desk. He unziped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles then put my dick in his mouth and
arched my back and fell backwards on his desk, Lucky nothing was in my way. OH,OH,OH,UH,AHH,UHHHH, GERARD
and i came in his mouth.
"Ohh Frankie baby thats what i needed"
My turn tonight?
"ok then" Gerard said. I hopped off the desk and pulled my pants up. Gerard Kissed me, then he took my hand and we
went downstairs.
"Hello Boys"
Oh Hi Mrs Way
"Hi Mom"
"So I hear you boys are cooking Dinner?"
yea we are.
"How about we go and get something"
"Ok then" Gerard answered
"how about you and Ray go Gee, Because i need to talk to Frank about that Thing"
"Oh yeah right. Ok you wanna come Ray?"
"Yeah Man"
"ok then boys lets go"
Gerard kissed me "I Love you Beautiful"
I love you too Gee, I looked at Mikey and he looked sorta jelous

Dont worry Mikey not too long untill you and Ray can do that infront of your Mom
"Yeah i know and i cant wait"
So what do you wanna talk to me about?
"I didnt really wanna talk to you about anything inpiticular, I just wanted to hang out"
oh ok then, You can do that anytime you want. Im just across the hall from you
"yeah i know but you and Gerard are always busy"
Oh so you wanna do stuff with us?
"Well yea pretty much, Because me and Ray cant do stuff out in public"
Oh yea true
I walked over to the fridge and got out two red bulls, Here Mikey i called out

Well your Moms gonna know after tonight anyway so you and Ray can be happy.
"Yeah thats true"
So do you and Ray want to tell her, Or do you want me and Gerard too. But personly i think it would be better from you
"Ok then me and Ray will, could you guys just help us do dinner and say something like Mikey and Ray have something to
Yeah Dude fully, But what if Gerard Says it
"ok but how do i tell her?"

Just say. Mom me and Ray are together and we're happy together.
"oh is that all, so nothing complex"
Nope thats all, Or just something along thoes lines.
"ok thanks Frank you've helped out alot"
no worrys were praticly family. Mikey got up and hugged me so i hugged him back
"Frank when did you realise that you love gerard"

Well Mikey we first met at Maxwells in Hoboken at a gig one night and i fell over in the mosh Gerard helped me up and
attened to my bleeding knee and about a week later thats when i realized.
"becasue i think i love Ray but i'm not sure. ya know what im saying?"
I smiled because i thought it was cute

yeah i do just talk to him one night man and just tell him. Trust me it'll work.
"Frank, just out of curiosity whos the dominante one you or Gerard"
That made me laugh so much.
That would have to be Gerard there. He wins
Mikey lauged too.

"Its so cool just talking to you because you and Gee dont judge people its so grate"
Nope. Me and Gerard being together has just made us non judge mental
"Thats really cool"

"what were you guys talking about?" Gerard asked as he walked in the door with a shopping bag
Alot my love a fuck of a lot.
Ray followed him in.
Did you have fun Ray?

"yeah i did, Me and Gerard had trolley races around the store"
Oh cool then, so what are we cooking tonight?
"Pasta, Vegetables, Potatoes, Steak"
Bags not doing the steak.
"No i didnt think you would but thats ok. and salad
Ok then sounds fun

"well we'll be in my room, can you come get us when its time to do dinner"
Yeah sure thing Mikey. Gerard wraped his arms around my waist and kissed my head.
"i wonder what their doing?"
Being Happy, Mikey thinks he loves Ray.
"aww really? Thats so cute"
I know.
"come on we're gonna watch some t.v in the room"
and we walked hand in hand to our room and we sat on his bed Gerard put his arms back around me and i sat on him

yea honey?
"I love you so much"
I love you too
"Good" He kissed me on the cheek "How do you think Moms gonna take the news?"
I think shes not gonna care that much really.
I Just hope shes as accepting towards them as she was to us.
"Yea i think she will be, How long do you think untill they'll be engaged?"
With in 4 months i reckon
"yeah, i was talking to Ray when Mom wasnt around and He loves Mikey"
And Mikey loves ray and neather of them will know it yet.
"Aww yea, Its so cute that Mikeys found someone"
i know im so happy for them.

Gerard undid his hands from around my waist and put them on my legs then slowly started
moving them towards my crotch
Honey no. Its my turn tonight remember?
"Yea but i want some now" I turned around to kiss him.

Lye down! i demanded. and he did as i said. I kissed his soft delicate lips
I slid his top up and started kissing his stomach. i got to his belt and pants,and pulled them off as well as his boxes

He took my hand and i could hear his breathing get heavier and heavier the closer to his dick i got.
When i was right by it i felt him arch his back and instead of sucking his dick straight away i stated to play with
his balls.
"Frankie what are you doing?"
Never you mind gerard,
i put my hand on Gerards stomach. We were still holding hands. i put his dick
in my mouth and slowly started sucking it.
"oh, Frank, Ohhh"

Then i went a bit faster and as i went faster Gerard Moaned faster
"Uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh" We were still holding hands and then Gerard came in my mouth
"Ohhh" and then i unwraped my mouth from his dick and swallowed. I have no idea why i did that though but
who cares. I got up and layed on his stomach and he put his arm around my back and his hand on my ass

"I Love you frank"
I love you too Gerard,

Good thing we had the blankets over us because Mikey barged on in
"were ready to do dinner"
"Ok Mikey we'll be right down" he left and shut the door
"Come on" Gerard said spanking me so i moved off him and he pulled his pants up and grabbed my hand. We walked out the
door and down to the kitchen. Where Ray and Mikey were cooking steak

So what do you want us to do?
"The Potatoes"
Ok then, Come on honey. Gerard got out a few big Potatoes and passed them to me, I peeled them and then Gerard would
wash and Cut them.Then the phone rung
I'll get it i said

Mom hello, How are you?
"Good Frank, Im good. And you and Gerard?"
Yea were good were actualy in the middle of doing potatoes for dinner
"ok good boys then, How would you and the Ways like to come out to dinner tomorow night?"
Uhhh i'll find out and get back to you.
"ok then love i'll let you get back to Gerard now. I love you Frank"
I love you too mom
See ya, I hung up and went back over to the bench

"Hows your Mom?" Gerard asked me
Good She wants us to go out for dinner tomorrow night
"oh ok that'll be good"
Not just me and you my love i said picking up another potatoe, All of us
"oh" he said sounding disappointed
Come on it'll be good, But if your parents dont want to go honey then it can be us
"Well we can ask them later on?"
Mikey will you come to some flash ass resturant for dinner tomorrow night?
"fuck yes"
And you too Ray?
"Yeah Frank fully"
Cool then.

Gerard filled the pot with water and put it on the stove, he put the potatoes in there with some salt.
I put another pot of water on and put the pasta into the pot, Thats when Gerard put his hands around me and i nearly
shat my pants.
"mmm that smells nice"
Mmm you smell nice
"Your adoriable Frankie"
I know and i love you, I turned around to kiss Gerard
"i love you too, But honey i think your waters on fire"
i quickly turned around,

Its not on fire its just boiling
"oh ok"
can you grate some cheese please. i laughed that rymed
"I sure can" and he grated so much cheese
Put it in this here pot and he did after i drained the water. Me and Gerard did our share so we went and sat on the
Couch. Gerard took my hand and put it on his thigh.
"mmm That smells nice boys"
"It'll taste even better" Mikey answered his mom.
"Are you staying again Ray?"
"Ahh yeah i think so"
"Cool then"

"Mom, Mrs Iero has asked us to dinner tomorrow night"
Its allright if you dont come though she wont mind, I quickly put in after Gerards statement
"I'll get back to you soon frank, We havnt seen your mom in a while so it would be good"
I just smiled at her.

Yea Gerard?
"How about tomorrow we go play some miniture golf?"
Yea sweet as
"Mikey and Ray too?"
Yea of corse
"I'll ask them a but later on"
Ok then i said kissing him
"I Love you frank"
I love you too Gerard.

I looked into the kitchen to see Mikey looking at us again so i gave him a smile just like i did earlier
he went back to doing there slaughtered Cow

"Gee, Can you come set the table please"
"Yip,Come on sexy" he said picking up my hand and taking me to the kitchen
I'll do the salad. and i got the chopping board and some things to go in the salad when i could just slightly hear
Mikey and Ray wispering, Its ok guys it'll be fine i assured them
"Yeah we hope so" Ray answered
Me and Gerard are going to play some minuture golf tomorrow, Do you wanna come?
They looked at each other "Yea" Mikey answered
"Yea Frank im in"
cool i answered

"Im done setting the table" Gerard said as he took a piece of carrot and put it in his mouth
Honey can you get me the salad dressing please?
Gerard turned to the pantry to get the dressing, and he passed it to me.
Thank you,
"Your Welcome"

Gerard drained the Vegetables and potatoes
"Mikey you can put dinner out"
I'll help you dont worry Mikey
"Thanks Frank"
Mikey went around putting steak on the plates, Except mine and i put Potatoes, Vegetables, Pasta and Salad on them.
"Gee, you forgot the Knives and Forks" Mikey Complained
"Its ok Mikey dont worry its the end of the world"

Honey give him a brake hes freaking out! i warned Gee
"Sorry Mikey"
"Its Allright Gee"
"Mikey tell your Mom and Dad that dinners ready" Ray said nervously, Mikey disappeared up the hallway.
Ready Ray?
"Ahh yea i think so'

Ray sat down accross from us and me and Gerard sat where we would normaly sit. Mikey came down and Mr and Mrs Way
Wernt to far behind him
"Ohh This looks and smells lovely" Mrs Way commented
"Thank you Mom" Mikey said
Mr and Mrs Way sat down at the table
"what braught this on Boys?" Mr way asked
"Nothing" Gerard quickly answered
"Oh well i could get use to this"

"Mom have you talked about tomorrow night?" Gerard asked
Honey, Were eating dinner just wait I told him
"Ok" he said to me and he put a piece of salad in his mouth. I poked at the pasta and put it in my mouth to find out
it was really good so i ate it.

"We have thought about it, and we would love to go out to dinner"
you really dont have to if you dont want to. I assured Mrs Way
"No, We would love to Frank"
Ok im sure My Moms gonna love it then
She gave me a smile. Every body had stoped eating except for Mr Way he just had one piece of Steak left and it was in
his mouth right now.

"Mom, Dad. Me and Ray have something to say"
Gerard took my hand and gave me a worried look.
"Go On son what is it" mrs way said so politly

"Well me and Ray are together and were happy and we just want you two to know that"
I quickly looked at Mr and Mrs Way
"well thats Grate love, Me and your Dad are both happy for you"
"Thank you" Ray and Mikey said
"Gerard arnt you happy for your brother?"
"yeah but we all ready knew, Thats why we made dinner tonight"
"oh well thats good boys, Ray your Welcome here any time"
"thank you Mrs Way"
Me and Gerard got up to clear the plates, I filled the sink with hot water and soap. Ray and Mikey came over to help

"Thank you guys" Mikey said
See i told you that she wont mind, Ray grabbed a tea towel
No Ray you and Mikey go away your not doing these dishes
"Ok then, Thank you guys so much"
Its ok Ray.
Me and Gerard did the dishers, I washed he dried and put away.
"Finialy were done" Gerard said
"Were going to bed night"
"night boys"
Night mrs way,

Me and Gerard went straight to the bathroom to brush our teeth, Then we went back into our Room
Gerard went over to the t.v and put 300 on then climbed into bed. I cuddled up to him
"you never rang your Mom back"
yea i know i'll do it in the morning
"ok honey, I give it about 20 minutes before your asleep"
I give it 10 for you.
"ok then"
We watched about 5 minutes of 300
"I Love you Frank"
I looked up at him and he was smiling at me so i kissed him, Gerard kissed me back it was wonderful
I Love you too Gerard and i shut my eyes and i felt Gerard squeeze me then i fell asleep

'COME ON GET UP" i could just hear Mikey screaming and he yanked the curtains open
"Mikey, Fuck off were tired"
"I dont care Gerard get up"
I felt Gerard move. Uggg i groaned
"come on baby" i still had my eyes shut but i was awake, Gerard sat on the bed and kissed my cheek
"if you get up i'll fuck you later on" he wispered i sat up so quickly
"I knew that would work" He took my hand and took me to the kitchen went to the fridge and got 2 red bulls
"This will wake you up" Some One was knocking at the door.
Gee some ones at the door. I put my head on the table because i was so tired.
"honey its your Mom" Gerard called back
gahh i groaned again, some how i think todays gonna be awful
Mom hi I said very un enthusiasticly.
"good morning, You look tired"
I am.
She laughed,
"Come in" Gerard said and i just gave him an evil look thats when Mikey came bouncing down the stairs
"Bobs comming to play golf"
Bob woah i havnt seen him in forever
"So how many are comming for dinner Frank?"
"7?" Gerard asked
yeah. You, Me, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Your Mom and dad
"Is Bob comming"
Yeah because i said so.
"well thats fine boys, I'll have some one pick you up at say 6?"
Uhh ok then Mom
"well i had better be going now"
Ok bye we'll see you tonight
"Bye Mrs Iero"
"bye Gerard"
Me and Gerard sat back down at the table
"C'mon gorgeous we'll get dressed then go"
we walked up the hall Gerard bashed on Mikeys door "get ready"
Then we walked into our room. I got my red t-shirt that i made my self and put it on over my black one. I put my
skinnys on and my hoddie. Gerard stoped me "Honey you dont look so good"
im fine just a bit tired, I'll drink coffee all day i'll be fine
"we dont have to go out"
No we promised Mikey and Ray now get dressed
He put his arms around me "Ok but take it easy today, Ok?"
I promise
Gerard put his Black flag top on with his jacket, jeans and boots. i found my Black chucks and put them on.
I walked up to Gerard and Hugged him. I put my head in his chest and he put his head on mine. then he kissed my head
"I love you Frankie"
i love you too Gee
"Are you two ready to go?"
"yip" gerard called back to Mikey
Gerard took my hand "We'll Walk"
Ok i said, "Smile honey"
So i did not because i had to but because i wanted to.
We walked out the hall to find Bob there.
hey dude
"Frankie looking good" he said giving me a hug.
"Gerard". "Bob" they said hugging each other
"Ready to go?" Gerard asked him
So Bob your comming to dinner tonight, Because i said so.
"Oh Ok dude thats fine with me"
"O.k ready" Ray said as him and Mikey walked out of the hall way, and out the door onto the porch
I take it were going now?
Gerard took my hand and i put our smokes and lighter in my pocket.
we walked down the steps of the porch and i felt really light headed and nearly fell, Thats when Gerard grabbed me.
"Honey i think we should stay here"
No we promised to go and were going
"ok then" We walked down the street, Gerard holding me very tightly. We walked about 4 blocks untill we were there
so it wasnt far at all.
"Sit here for a minute"
Honey, Im not a retard. Im fine
I looked at Mikey to see him stearing at Bob it made me confused
"Whats wrong?" Gerard asked
honey look where Mikeys stearing at
"oh god, Mikey no" Gerard said to me
Maybe hes just daydreaming, I said trying to sound positive
"About fucking Bob"
Baby we dont know that, Lets just watch them today o.k? For Ray
He stood up and took my hand, "lets go golfing" he said sounding like a fool
We walked towards Mikey, Ray and Bob, where they gave me and Gee our Clubs. We played the hole and sat down for a
"I'm going to get a drink does any one eles want one?"
"Bob can you get Frankie a red bull please"
Honey i'm fine please listen
"I'll come Bob" Mikey said
Me and Gerard looked at each other, They walked away and they were getting pretty close
So Ray, How is it knowing that you dont have to go behind Mr an Mrs Way's Backs?
"It feels so good, Thank you guys again so much for your help"
"Its ok Ray"
Yeah i agreed with Gerard
Ray, If you ever wanna talk to me or Gerard were just straight accross the hall from you
"Yeah Thanks frank, I might just take you two on that offer one day"
"well we would be more than happy"
"Here Frank" Mikey said as he handed me a red bull
Thanks Mikey
"you know, Nobodys really having fun here and my Franks sick, So we should go do something eles"
No i'm not i'm fine i really am
"Yeah i agree lets do something eles" Mikey said looking to Bob. I feel really sorry for Ray
"but theres nothing eles to do here" Ray said towards us.
How about we go home and watch some movies? I looked to gerard and he nodded at me
"Oh uh yea sure i'm in dudes"
"Yea what?"
"Movies were gonna watch some back at home"
"yea i dont care"
So we left and i took Gerards hand and put it in my pocket. I was fucking cold and Ray was trying to walk with Bob and

Baby, your brother is being so fucking horriable to Ray. I wispered in Gerards Ear
"Ray, come walk with us dude" Gerard said and he turned around to us and waited untill we caught up to him
"what... What did i do?" Ray asked
"nothing hes just being an idiot, Dont worry about him"
"im sorry for ruining your day out"
its ok Ray we still have dinner to get through, You can sit with me and Gee, Im sure no ones gonna mind
"ok i'd like that alot"

we walked down our street Me Ray and Gee all together then just above us was Bob and Mikey. We got to the front door
We went in and then Mikey turned to Ray and put his arm around his waist,
"so lets go watch some movies" Mikey said to us
I looked at Gerard and Smiled
"yeah we'll watch them in our room, Me and Frank will just go and get everything Ready, You guys do popcorn"
"ok" Bob answered.
So me and Gerard went to our room. he must have been talking to Bob about Ray
"yeah, Well now i'm happy about that and i bet Ray is too"
Yip so what movie should we watch?
ok then lets get it ready. I made the bed and Gerard just had to turn on the t.v and d.v.d player because we watched
it last night, Mikey, Ray and Bob barged in
"So what are we watching?" Mikey asked
We're watching 300
"ohh Cool" Ray said sounding pleased
me and Gerard sat on our bed with our backs against the wall. I put my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around Me.
Ray, Mikey and Bob all sat on the floor we were 7 or 8 scenes in when Mikey ruined the scilence
"hey Bob i need to talk to you about that thing"
"Oh yea right, ok then we'll go talk about it now?"
"yea, Excuse us for just a few minutes"
"Oh ok then" Ray said Mikey turned around and kissed him, Aww i thought to my self. I felt Gerard squeeze me so i knew
that he saw it
"i'll be back in a minute"
"Ohh, ok Mikey"
as soon as Mikey left Ray looked at me and Gerard and we were both smiling at him
"How does that feel Ray?" Gerard asked
"It feels grate"
Come sit up here with us rather then sitting down there alone.
"Ok" Ray said and he came and sat up by us
My head was still on Gerards shoulder. He started playing with my hair. Half and hour went by, Mikey and Bob still
wernt back.
I'm gonna go see what Bob and Mikey are up to
"Ok then"
"do you want me to come?" Ray asked
nah i'll be right back, Besides if you came whos gonna look after my Gee?
"Oh right i will"
i got up and walked out the door. I walked out to the kitchen to see if they were there. No they wernt. They had to be
In mikeys room, So i knocked on the door, But there was no answer so i just went in. And i saw Mikey on his knees. And
Bob on his bed with his legs wide apart, Like he's about to give birth, Thats when i realized what They were up to. I
quickly shut the door with my eyes nearly falling out of my head. Mikey came out of his room
"Frank, wait" he said as he grabbed my arm.
Gerard came out of his room, "is everything allright?"
Yea baby I'll be back in a second
"ok then" and he went back in his room.

I took Mikeys arm and dragged him into his room
Mikey what the fuck do you think your doing?!, Yesterday you were telling me that you Love Ray, and today your fucking
Bob, Man Ray fucking loves you and this is how you treat him, Your lucky its me that found you and not Ray.
"Frank, Please dont say anything"
Why shouldnt i, Ray is my best friend, and i thought he was yours too.
"he is"
Oh so this is how you treat your best friend. And Bob dude Ray has feelings you know and they are gonna shatter when
he finds out.
"Please Frank thats why you cant tell him, Please im, were begging you. Please frank"
If it EVER and i mean EVER happens again, Im gonna tell Gerard and he can deal with it
"Thank you Frank" Bob said
"Yeah" Mikey agreed,

Now you two get back in there and watch what evers left of the Movie and you dont leave Ray!
And they walked back into the room, and Sat back on the floor, Ray went and sat next to Mikey and i saw Mikey put his
hand on Rays thigh. I went and sat back on the bed with Gerard and he put his arm around me
"baby you feel tense whats wrong" Mikey turned around to look at me
Nothing i just had a weird thought its nothing
"ok then" Thats when the credits came on, Is it finished all ready?
"Yeah" gerard answered me
Oh ok then. Gerard looked at the clock,
"shit honey we had better get ready"
Why whats the time?
Fuck todays gone fast but ok then
"you three go and get ready were going in 45 minutes"
They got up and left
"Now baby tell me really whats wrong because im no idiot i could fell the tention between you three when you came back
No honey its really nothing, Like i said i just thought about something
"Ok then i believe you"
Good, I took his hand to help him up and i went to the draws and got out Gerards Jacket. Put this on you'll get cold
And he did, I went and turned on the Hair straightner and while i waited for it to heat up i found Gerards Black eye
liner, and started putting it on. i saw steam comming off the straightner so i picked it up and started doing the
front of my hair.
"I'll do the back baby" and Gerard took it off me and started doing the back. Because my Red and Black hair is pretty
short It wasnt that long straightened anyways
"Baby somethings wrong, you havnt said nothing since you came back. whats wrong?"

I wanted to tell Gerard i really did but then i would have lied to Mikey and Bob i'll tell him later,
He didnt answer my nothing he just continued doing my hair. Then he put it down and wraped his arms around my hips and
Kissed my neck,
"i love you Frank"
I love you too Gee. I turned around and kissed him and he smiled at me.
I picked up the hair straightner and started doing Gerards hair.
"im glad i married you"
Im glad you did too.
When i had finished doing Gerards hair i went and got My hat and put it on side ways.

Ray knocked on the door and came in
"Uhh hey guys theres a black limo here"
what!! i said nearly yelling, What the fuck is she playing at
"Honey, Come on its your Mom shes just proving that she has a lot of money"
Your right. I took Gerards Hand well lets go then, Mikey stoped us in the hall way
"Mom and Dad cant come"
"Why the fuck not" Gerard said
"They were both working late"
Its ok honey we can manage without them.
"well were going now" Gerard said to Mikey
"c'mon Bob" Mikey called out into his room
Gerard got in first then i got in behind him. the limo was all blacked out and there was a Black flag c.d playing
I dont even know where were going for dinner. I said to Gerard
"Well then i guess its gonna be a suprise"

Yip it is, Gerard put his arm around my waist so i put my feet up on the seat and layed on him. The car started moving
and it felt like we were about to head of to the other side of America or some shit.
"fuck this is taking forever"
I know baby shes probably taking us to fucking Texas or some shit.
"I hope not, They have guns there" Ray said
Me and Gerard lauged so much thats when the car finialy stoped and the driver opened the door to let Bob out.

i saw a red carpet by the car door.
Where the fuck are we? I said to Gee
"I have no idea but it looks flash"
That it does my love, Oh god i just wanna go back home.
Gerard laughed "We didnt drive accross the country just to go straight back home"
Well they had better have the best fucking Salad i've ever eaten in my life here

"Frankie, Oh you look wonderful"
Hi Mom I was holding Gerards hand so fucking tightly i was so sure it was cutting off his circulation.
Mr and Mrs Way couldnt make it tonight
"Yes i know they rang me" She said sounding like a stuck up bitch.
"Oh hello again Gerard" she said giving him a hug.
Once she finialy hugged every one we walked in side.Gee felt really standy off, Like he didnt wanna go inside.
Baby whats the matter?
"Nothing" he said as he took my waist.
"Lets go inside" I looked out behind us and thats when i realized were we where
Oh god baby im sorry
"no its ok c'mon it dosnt matter"
it does matter Gerard she should have Realized
"No baby i really dont mind, Lets just have a nice dinner then get the fuck out of here so i can get you back in bed"
sounds like a plan i said as we finialy walked back inside

We were at the New York Hilton which was just right By where the Twin Towers stood. 8 Years ago. When Gerard was a
Comic book artist,
We sat at a table which was facing Ground Zero, i felt really sorry for Gerard never being here again untill now. it
must be playing threw his mind, Seeing the People falling and the screeching voices screaming for help. Thats when Mom
inturupted my train of thought.
"So Frankie, What would you like to drink?"
Redbull i said as i put my hand on Gerards thigh and thats when he stoped looking out the window and turned and gave
me his sexy smile.
And Gerard wants one too.
"Ray, How have you been, I havnt seen you in the longest of times"
"Yea im really good, Me and Mikey are together now"
"Oh Really, Ray thats grate congradulations"
"Thank you Mrs Iero"
Speeking of Mikey, Where is he?
"He went to the Bathroom" Gerard answered me
Ok i'll be back in a second. and i got up and stormed off. I pushed the bathroom door open to only find one cubicle
Locked, I sat on the bench and thats when i could hear someone breathing heavily.
MIKEY WAY GET THE FUCK OUT HERE NOW!!! I yelled. i heard movement in the Cubicle and then it unlocked and Mikey and
Bob came out.
What happened to "it wont happen agian"
"I-" I cut Mikey off
Ray is out there bragging about how fucking grate you are to my Mom and this is what you two are doing AGAIN.
"Fr-" and i cut Bob off this time.
I dont even want to hear it, We come all this way to New York, Mikey your Brother could have an anxiety attack any
minute, Rays out there saying how grate you are. and Im sitting out there hoping and praying that you two arnt hurting
his fucking feelings. Now im not gonna tell any one this time because i just want this to hurry up and get over with
so Gerard can get out of New York and thats not gonna happen when you two are in here sucking each other off for fuck
sakes! now get out there Mikey sit with Ray, Bob keep your dick in your pants and have a nice dinner. GO! and they
wallked out.
I was still standing there and i wet my face with the water and just stood there looking in the mirror.
I heard the door open so i quickly dried it. But i was happy when Gerards face came around the corner.

"baby i got you a vegeterian lasanga"
Ok thank you, Im comming out now. He took my hand
"you dont look so good"
I just want this to end so we can leave. Gerard kissed me.
"it'll be ok" we walked back out to the table and nearly every one stoped and started stearing at us.
I was wearing my homophobia is gay t-shirt and me and Gee couldnt care less about what people thought about us.
I sat down and got my knife and fork and started cutting my lasanga. There was no convosation i looked up to see Mikey
looking at Bob and Bob looking at Mikey.

I kicked Mikey from under the table.
Sorry Mikey i said making it sound like an acident.
Gerard was happily eating a chicken salad. he looked at me and winked. I smiled at him.
"So Mikey, How long have you and Ray been together?"
"Uhh a month, But we only told Mom and Dad last night over dinner"
"Oh and how did they take the news?"
"They thought it was grate, They didnt really mind"
"thats good"
"And it was all thanks to Frank and Gerard, they helped us with dinner last night and assured us that they wouldnt
Mind" Ray added.
"Oh well thats good" Mom said
We all had finished our food

"desert?" My Mom asked
N- and then Gerard cut me off
"We would love to"
Its almost as if he knew i wanted to get him out of there. The waitor bought over some Ice Cream and Fruit over and
i just ate plain ice cream and Peaches.
"excuse me i just have to use the ladys room" My Mom said

I picked up a peach with my fork and put it in Gerards mouth, when he swallowed it i kissed him and he kissed me back
when i stoped kissing him i licked my lips
Mmm peaches i said and he laughed i looked around us to see people stearing with there eyes as big as there plates so
i kissed him agian except for much longer.
Ray looked around then looked at us and gave us a smile.
"baby" Gerard said
I was just smiling,

Well if they dont like it they shouldnt be so fucking nosy and stear at us in the first place
i took hold of Gerards Belt buckle.
God, your so lucky that were out in public i said to Gerard
"and whys that?"
Because other wise i'd jump you, I said putting a peach in my mouth, Thats when my Mom came back
"im so sorry boys but i have to go"
Thats Fine Mom, were all pretty tired any way.
we stood up and she walked us back to the limo. I gave her a hug.
"I'll see you next time Frankie" i kissed her cheek
Yes you will.
"Come here Gerard" she said and She hugged him.
We got back in the car and i take it she hugged every one eles. I looked at the time and it was 9

I lied on Gerard and he put his hands on my hips, It was fearly and awkward trip home on Me, Bob and Mikeys behalf.
"that was nice" Ray said
yeah i supose it was.
We watched willow on the way home and we were about a quarter into it when we got home. as soon as I walked in the
door i went straight into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
I walked into Our room took off my hat, my top, my jeans and shoes and was just in my boxers and socks. I got into
bed when Gerard walked in the door.
"Bobs staying the night"
Wheres he sleeping i quickly said
"On the couch, Why?"
Im just wondering come to bed.
he took off his top and i realized that i hadnt fucked him today. He got in bed and i ran my hand up the side of his
face, i kissed his lips and he pulled me on top of him. and put his hands around my waist. i started sucking his neck
and then i realized that i was giving him love bites. I kissed his stomach
"roll over"
"just do it"
Ok then, So i did
"I told you this morning if you get up i'd fuck you later and i stand by my word"
A smile spread accros my face, He put his dick up my ass.
Ohhh Gerard. oh,oh,oh,oh
"Frank, Oh my god" He thrusted harder and harder, and i had to stop my self from screaming because Ray, Mikey and Bob
were still awake
Ah,ah,ah,ah, Oh god i love you gerard
"ohh I love you too frank. Ohhhh"
Gerard was getting short on breath "Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh Frank"
uhhhh, ahhh, ohhh fuuuckk. Then he came and i was so relieved because we were having some fucking intense sex right
then and it was amazing.
He layed down next to me and he was just as sweaty as i was. I got a smoke and lit it for him. Here you go Baby
"thanks" he said still trying to get his breath back.
I put my head on his chest. and he played with my hair.
"please Honey tell me whats wrong"
baby there is nothing wrong i swear.
"Ok then I'll Believe you"
I shut my eyes but i could still feel Gerards icy cold hands on my stomach
"go to sleep my baby, your so tired"
I kissed Gerard. I love you
"I love you too, Goodnight"
I closed my Eyes

I Woke up and looked at the clock and it was 4 in the morning so i got up just to make sure Bob was still on the couch
and i could softly hear someone moaning but i thought it was Mr Way so i didnt think much of it
"Ohhh bob" i could hear in a wisper.
Mikey you little fuck i though to myself
I flicked on the Lounge light and i saw Mikey pull the blankets up.

Dont even bother. Mikey if you dont like Ray or
Love him like you told me you did you go dump him right now, Or you go get back into your bed.

he walked back to His room. I stood in the hall way and Gerard came out from behind me.
"What are you doing Frank?"
Talking to bob and about to get a glass of water. I possiably didnt look good me in just my boxers and Bob all swetty
I went and got the water and then went back into our room. Gerard wasnt far behind me. I knew he would say something
so i turned on the lamp and got back into Bed.
Just go back to sleep Gerard.
"no i want an explination"
Please Gerard you just have to trust me on this, Just go back to sleep.
"Frank what the fuck your standing out there in praticly nothing and Bob is as sweaty as a pedophile in a pre school.
Isnt that a good enough reason to get and expliantion"
Yes it is. I said turning over to face him and he looked really angry. I sat up and touched his hand
Please just let it go, I promise nothing happened.
Gerard turned the lamp off.
I love you Gerard. I said hopeing he wasnt angry at me
"I love you too Frank" He said and he kissed my shoulder. It was then i realized he wasnt Fucked off at me
I layed there thinking about what would happen if he found out that i knew and hadnt told him
Then i dozed off.

I woke up again at 9 to find Gerard still sound asleep. I sat up and got a smoke. Gerard put his
hand on my leg
"Im sorry for last night Gorgeous"
Its ok i dont blame you, I'd probably freak out too if it was the other way around.
he smiled at me, "mmm woffles" he said and he quickly got up and helped me up too.
I put on his shirt and we walked down the hall. I sat at the table to find Bob and Mikey cooking Woffles and Ray doing
the coffee. Gerard poured me a cup of coffee and sat it infront of me.
"You guys sounded like you were arguing last night" Mikey said
"no we were just talking, Isnt that right honey?"
yip, it is i said smiling.

"Thoes woffles smell fucking amazing" Gerard said
"thank you" Bob answered.
"So how long untill i can taste one?"
"right now" Bob put some woffles on a plate.
Gerard sat on my knee and put maple syrip on one cut it then put it in my mouth
That is absolutly Grate. He kissed the maple syrip off my lips and i put my tounge in his mouth.
"ok Were trying to eat, If your gonna have sex can you do it some where eles" Mikey said
Gerard gave him the fingers and went back to kissing me. Then tradgicly he stoped

"I love you frank"
I love you Too Gee
"Im gonna have a shower"
ok Baby
"Gerard before you have a shower can i quickly talk to you?"
"yeah Ray of course" and they walked off i looked behind me.

Right listen and listen carefully, This stops and it stops right now ok, Me and Gerard had an argument about this
because he thinks that i'm fucking Bob so stop it right now, This thing you two have i dont want to know about it any
more ok?
"yeah ok sorry Frank"
"Yeah Sorry" They both said and then Ray walked out
Mikey smiled at him
"is every thing ok?"
"Yip its fine"
Well Bob your a fine cook, Hit us up with more of them woffles i said trying to forget about the things that had
"Alright then" he said putting some on my plate.
"Later on Mikey, Im gonna go home and check my mail"
"Ok then Ray, but not Right now?"
"Ok thats Good"
"Yeah and i'd better get going soon" Bob said
"Oh" Mikeys voice droped.

Im just going to get dressed. I said
i walked up to the room and i sat on Gerards bed. when Ray walked in
"Hey Dude"
Hey Ray
"Dude are you fucking Bob?"
WHAT!! no, No way man im married to Gerard and i fucking love him dude i could never cheat on him i wouldnt be able to
live with my self, Ray how could you even think that?
"Im sorry man, Its just that Gee said he found you out in the lounge early this morning"
Well no way would i ever ever do that to Gerard. I Love him, I fucking Love him.
"ok Thats cool as dude, Well i'm gonna go, But i'll be back later"
Ok dude i'll see you soon, I said as i gave him a hug.
"Are you hugging me?"
Yea i am
"Oh ok then"
I just laughed
"I think Bobs going too"
Really well then i'll come out and say bye
we walked out to the kitchen
Are you going home Bryar? i asked
"Yea i am"
Oh ok then i'll see you another time i said hugging him as well

They both walked out the door and i went back into our room. Mikey followed me
"Thank you so much for not saying a thing, Me and Bob have called it off"
Well you shouldnt have started anything in the first place Mikey.
"yeah i know that now, I'm sorry for even involving you in it"
Well im glad you did other wise you might not have stoped.
"True well im going to clean my room so i'll talk to you a bit later"
Yeah ok see ya, Gerard came in just as Mikey was leaving. Gerard just had a towel around his hips
"you dont mind me getting dressed here do you?" Gerard asked
No honey not at all i said as i feel back wards on to the pillows
"baby i know theres something up and i want to know what it is"
Its nothing please Gerard just drop it
"No frank i wont drop it"
I promised i wouldnt say any thing and im not going to.
"Oh so when we said our vowes and you promised to not keep secrets or are you gonna let that one go this time?"

Gerard ive never keept a thing from you just PLEASE let this one go
"your Fucking him arnt you?"
I sat up being really hurt from Gerards acusations
Gerard do you honestly not trust me that much. HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DO I TELL YOU I FUCKING LOVE YOU BUT JUST TRUST
"Really or are you just saying it, Because frank ALL THOSE TIMES I THOUGHT THAT IT WAS MIKEY BUT NOW I REALIZE IT WAS
I got up and walked out to the kitchen because i was about to cry and i saw Mikey there.
How much have you heard? i asked Mikey
"From when the yelling started"
So from the start.
Grate, Now he thinks ive been fucking Bob
"Yeah i heard"
Gerard came out and he was fully clothed. I hoped he wouldnt yell any more because i didnt know if my little ears
could take it any more. Or my eyes really, Because me and Gerard had never argued.. Ever
"Mikey go to your room" Gerard said standing by the bench looking at him.
"No, Ger-"
"Mikey. now"
"but Gerard"
"MIKEY FUCK OFF" I think he started scareing Mikey because Gerards never in his life been like this.
He threw a glass on the floor and thats when tears fell down my cheeks, I wanted to pick up that piece of glass and
slit my wrist or better of my throat.
"Gerard, please"
RIGHT NOW I DONT EVEN KNOW IF I FUCKING LOVE YOU OR HATE YOU" As soon as he said that i turned to go to the door.
Mikey came out
"Gerard stop yelling your scareing me. and Frank"

i opened the door
By this stage i had enough i walked back threw the door.

MAYBE I'LL DO RAY, OR BETTER YET MY OWN BROTHER IN LAW i slamed the door shut and walked down the road holding back
tears because people were looking at me funny.
I walked all the way to West Hudson park and sat on the ledge thinking
about the first time i ever came here with Gerard. And i started crying even more. I saw the grassy bank where we
kissed for the first time and i went and sat there. I put my head on my knees and put my arms around my legs and
just cried i was there for about 40 minutes. Thats when someone sat next to me and put there arm around me

Gerard? i said as i looked up
"No the other one" Mikey said
I looked back down and he pulled me into his shoulder so i put my head on it almost as if it were Gerard and he put
His head on mine.
"im really sorry Frank"
Its ok im just sorry you had to see it.
"no its all my fault. Im sorry we didnt stop the first time. Frank im sorry he went off like that its not like him"
Its scared the shit out of me and i know it did you too
"well yeah because i never knew he was like that"
Neather did i.
"Do you wanna stay with Ray or Bob tonight because you can if you want"
No i think i'll stay with my mom tonight and hopefully Gerard dosnt hate me tomorrow and we can sort it out.
"Dude he dosnt hate you, He was just angry because of what he thought you were doing"
I hope he dosnt because then i'd have no reason to live.
"well i told him it was me and he started crying"
"Yeah because he went physco at you for no reason and he made you cry"
It was when he said he didnt know if he hated me or loved me is what hurt me and that he dosnt trust or believe me
"yeah i really thought he would believe you man Im still really sorry"
Its ok Mikey and then Mikey Kissed me
"Oh god im so-" I cut him off and kissed him again, Mikey kissed me back but thats when i stoped
No thats not right
"Its ok Frank your upset, How about i take you to your Moms?"
Yes please, Mikey pulled out a smoke
"You left these and i just figured you could use one right now"
Yea thanks Mikey, I put it in my mouth and lit it.

Me and Mikey got up and walked down the road to where my Mom lives
"When i left, He seemed Fine not at all angry"
Oh well, who knows maybe soon we might only be friends and not Brother in laws
"i hope not because that would fucking suck"
It would it would very so very much.
We got to my Moms house and then i knocked on the door and she answered.
"oh Frankie, Whats the matter"
Mom me and Gerard had a huge fight i said crying my eyes out
"it was pretty horriable Mrs Iero" Mikey told her
"Oh well then you two had better come in"
We went inside and sat by the fire and my Mom bought us out a red bull each.
"So honey what was this all over?"
Gerard thinks that im Fucking Bob.
"And are you?"
No, Mom no way i fucking love Gerard more then anything and i wouldnt wanna hurt him in any way
"Well thats good, Thats how we braught you up"
And thats how i want it to stay but he said some thing before i left and it was i dont know if i love you or hate you.
and i started crying again because thats all i could think about. Mikey put his hand on my back
"Its allright dude, If you brake up. Which you wont then hes a compleat fuck-O"
Thanks Mikey
"your welcome"
Mom can i stay the night here if i want to?
"Absolutly, Your rooms still the same from when you left it"
Me and mikey walked into my old room.
"Wow its amazing, Your have your own Phone"
I have every thing except a happy family unlike you and Gerard.
"Oh sorry"
Its ok
"Well i might go home and let Gerard know where you are"
Ok then i got up and hugged Mikey
Thank you so much Mikey
"Your thanking me, Frank you should be hating me"
No way man no way. well you better go before it gets dark
I'll walk you to the door.
We walked down the marble stairs to the door.
Well i'll see you some time i'll be here
"Ok Frank. you know our number if you want anything"
Yea thanks Mikey And i hugged him again
he left and i went back to my room.

I sat the dark and listened to thank you for the Venom looking at pictures of me
and Gee and started crying. I had the song on repeat and it had been on like 10 times and i was still looking at
our photos, and there was a knock at the door. It would only be mom so i didnt answer or put away my photos and then
I heard him
"baby im so, so, so fucking sorry, words cant even explain it"
He sat on my bed and put his arms around me. "I'm sorry Frank, I dont even know what to say"
Just dont leave, dont leave me
"i wont Frank, I promise. Im so sorry for the things i said i didnt mean any of it Frank i love you i do more then any
Gerard i love you , I kissed him and there was just something there that i had never felt before.

"I know i scared you today, Mikey too and im sorry i dont know what came over me. Mikey explained everything"
I just wished you would have trusted me baby, I promised Mikey i wouldnt talk and i didnt"
he kissed me again
"Please just come home Frank"
ok baby i will.
"why are you listening to this song, What were you thinking about doing?"
Nothing baby i was thinking about you and looking at our pictures hopeing you didnt mean that stuff you said
"I ment none of it"
Ok honey i believe you i said wiping away my tears He took the sleve of his top and wiped the other side of my face
I took gerards hand turned off the stereo and walk out to find my Mom.
Mom im going back to Gerards.
"Are you sure?"
Yea its ok we sorted things out
"ok then" She said hugging me
Me and Gerard walked out the door. He lit me a smoke.
"here Baby" he said and he handed me a smoke
Thanks. It was really cold. and dark
"Mom and Dad are away for the week"
Oh ok so its just us and Mikey,
"And Ray"
Oh ok then, thats cool.
We got back home and Gerard opened the door
"Ohh You came back, Thats so good" Mikey said
Yea, Me and Gerard talked about everything
"Good, Good"
"Mikey can we please come inside the door?"
"Oh right sorry" He steped back from the door.
"We'll be in our room. Get something for Frank to eat"
Mikey rushed off to the Kitchen and Gee led me to his room. we walked in and it was very clean
"Yeah i cleaned it"
I can see that baby. He pulled me close and Kissed me. I locked my Hands in his hair. And he put his hands up my back
under my Jacket that when Mikey walked in
Here, Oh shit sorry"
its ok Thank you Mikey
"Your welcome" he put the plate on Gees desk.
"i'll go now"
OK then we'll be here.
Gerard pushed the door shut and went back to kissing me, He took off my jacket and my shirt i undid his bat belt
and took it off. I unziped his pants and he took them off. and i took off my pants too.
Gerard took his own top off and took my hand and took me to his bed where he layed me down, He kissed me and i kissed
him back. He kissed my stomach, then he got to my boxers he pulled them down and he put my dick in his mouth
Ohhhh Gerard, Ohhh, ahhh,ahhh,ohhhhhhhh,oh,oh,ah,ah,uh,oh,uh,uh,uh,uh
Every time he would suck he put some tounge in there like he was making out with my little turtle
Ohhhhh Gerard....Ohhhh goddddd Gerard... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh ,uhh,uhhh,uhhhh,uhhh
I came in his mouth and he stoped.
ohhh I breathed out really loudly
"how was that?"
That was amazing that you Baby
"Well that was my apoligie for today"
Baby you allready apoligised
"Yeah i know"
Ok Gerard your Forgiven
He came up put his arm around my waist and kissed me i kissed him back, It was just like old times
I love you Gerard
"I love you took Frank" He said as he kissed me
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