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So Much For My Happy Ending

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Mikey dosnt like the fact that his big brothers Gay. He leaves Mychem then tries his best to break them up. When he breaks them up in results in Gerard killing himself. Frank finds him at ...

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We just finished our show in New Orleans. I was laxing out in my bunk on the bus. I Heard the door open and could hear
Mikey and Ray talking. I poped my head out from behind the curtain.

"Hey Guys."
"Hi Frank" Ray said not really caring that much. Mikey didnt say anything

So i just closed the curtain again on my Bunk. I rolled over to look at the photos on my wall of when My Chemical
Romance first ever started, And i thought about how lucky we are. And about how much Mikey dosnt like me any more.
Someone pulled back my curtain.

"here Frank its a veggie burger"
"Thanks" i said. I took the burger sat up and began eating it. Mikey and Ray were still talking
"Were leaving soon"

I heard Mikey say, I really miss the old days where it was just us and our little white Van. We were a happy family.
Then every thing changed, We became famous. You cant go anywhere without people screaming your names. Its good and
all, But I just want us to Be My Chemical Romance, Nobody knew of us. Not famous. it was good.

Gerard came and sat in my bunk with me,
"were off to see the kids of florida" He said
"dont worry Frank, Mikeys gonna stop being a bitch about it soon, Dont worry"
"Dont worry? Dont worry, Gee he WAS my best friend and now he fucking hates me. I play with him onstage where were just
"I know, I know" He pulled down the t.v and put on 300, I shut my eyes and went to sleep. When i woke up i looked out
the window and we must have been at the arena because no one but Bob was on the bus.

"Were here dude" Bob said.
"Yea, its not very big i thought it would be bigger but who cares"
"Yea and we only have 3 more shows to go as well"
"Ohh i cant wait to get back to Jersey."

Me and Bob got off the bus and went inside to find the other boys just laxing
out. And people setting up for the show.
"Good afternoon Frank" Gerard said
"Hey dude" i got out my smokes and lighter,

Gerard looked around him suspiciously then took my arm and dragged me into
the bathroom when we were there he shut the door and locked it.
"tonight, lots of frerard moments, Now Frerard action" he said. He kissed me i took off Gerards jacket and top.
he unziped my pants and pushed them down.
"Are you sure Gee?"

He pushed me so my ass was on the freezing cold what ever you call it. And i held the edges of it.
I felt his wet mouth go over my hard dick.
"Ohhh gee, OOHHHHHHHH, OHHH,UHHHH" i let out a few more soft moans
I came in his mouth. He took his mouth off my dick and layed on the ground.
"Frank its better and better every time"
I smiled and gave him my hand to help him up.
He took me by the shoulders and turned me around so he was behind me

"Bend over please" He said politly. No one can resist him Especialy not when he says please.
i put my hands where they were before but held on like i was about to embark on a grate Journey.
"ohhh frank. oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh"
"ohhhh Frank.Ohhhh Godddd"
Fuck i love this just me and Gerard getting down and Dirty.
"Uh,ah,ah,ah,ah,oh,oh,oh,oh. Frank"
He came in my ass
Ohhh Gerard i was left standing there Head over heals i was sweatting and went to turn the tap on.

I felt really light headed and sick.
Gerard. I- I think im gonna be. and i ran to the Toilet and threw up.
"Oh fuck Frankie, Are you ok?" I felt him put his hand on my shoulder.
"its ok Frank"
I stopped hugging the toilet and went over to the sink. Turned the tap on and washed my face with the icy cold water.
Gerard ran out and braught me back a red bull.
When i stoped washing my face he put it next to me.
"here dude"
Thanks i said as i opened it and took a huge mouth full.

I took my smoke put it in my mouth and lit it.
We walked back out to where every one was playing Kickball.
"Wow, Jeez you dont look good frank" Bob said
"Nah he just puked EVERYWHERE"
"Are you gonna be good for tonight?"
Yeah dude. My names IERO hear me roar.
Bob gawked at me. "well?"
well what?
"I wanna hear you roar"
oh right. I took in a deep breath MEOW!!!!!! i quickly shot at him.
Bob laughed so much."That'll do frankie, You might sprain something"
I smiled and gave him a nudge.

"Iero,Were sound checking" i heared Ray say
i jumped up on the stage and grabbed Pansys neck and put her strap over me.

"Uhh Lets go, Im not ok" Gerard said and then Toro came in. At the same time so did me, Mikey and Bob.
"Well if you wanted Honesty thats all you had to say. I never want to let you down-"
"im good" Ray said
"Same here"
"Yea My drums are fine"
"so is my Bass"
Im ready to rock and roll as well i threw in there. Gerard gave me a smile.

they all took off. i went and put Pansy back on the stand and got a beer out of the chiller.
"Come join us Frank" Gerard called
nah man im fine watching i said from the side lines.

I started to think about how people would feel about me leaving My Chem,
Because Mikey and Ray both hate me. and Possiably Gerard as well.
I looked at my watch for a while then realized i wasnt wearing one.

I went back to the bus to get ready.
It was so hot out side. i finialy got to the bus and walked to my bunk. and got my make up bag,
I went by the mirror and turned on the hair straightner.
while i waited for it to heat up i got my red eyeliner and red eyeshadow and put them on.

It took me about half an hour.
I saw steam comming off the straightner so i knew it was ready.
I took a piece of my hair and ran the straightner over it.

I finialy had all my hair done.
Then the boys came in.

"Why do you get dressed up Iero, You look like a fucking Faggot!" i didnt know where to look
"Mikey dont fucing talk to Frank like that"
"Or what Gee. You'll fuck me up the ass just like you do to Him"
"Mikey Chill out" Bob said sturnly.

I got up and walked to my bunk and got in it and looked at our pictures when EVERYONE was happy with My Chemical Romance.
Thats when Gerard poked his head around the curtain.
"Dont worry Frank, Its gonna be ok Who cares about mikey right now"
"Ok then but when we go off tour Gee I-I dont wanna come back on one for a while".
"oh.. uhhhh ok then. If thats what you want"
"Yip it is". I could hear the dissapointment in his voice.
"ok then frank, Thats ok with me"
He turned and walked away as if he was about to cry or something.
I was really fucked off about what i had just said
so i sat in my bunk looking at our Photos from the old days.
"Frank, Were ready when you are" Brian called out
i got off my bed and took one last look in the mirror.
Lets do this Iero, Give these kids what they paid for I found myself thinking.

I walked off the bus and Gee greeted me.
"Lets do it"
"So are we still doing thank you for the venom last?"
"You Bet we are frankie"

We walked back stage and i picked Pansy up and put her strap over my shoulder.
"Ready girl? this could be the last time we rock out for a while."
I wispered to my Guitar and gave her a little pat.
Mikey saw me and shook his head. I went up on the ramp and the stage lights went out. Brian patted my back
"Have a good show guys"
I walked out before anyone eles in the band and stood on my Cross where the curtain was down. Every body eles went to there places

Ray started to play teenagers and i heard a bunch of screaming people. I joined in when it was time to go in We played the whole verse behind the curtain
then when the chorus came in the curtain dropped to the floor. When i had the chance to look out the place was full of people singing every single word
back at us
"Maybe they'll leave you alone but not me. We are MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" Gerard screamed
They show went by really fast and before i knew it we were at our last song. Thank You For The Venom.

I strummed pansy like crazy and finialy the chrous was about to come in so i went over by Gerard and was playing right right next to him.
"Give me a reason to believe..."

I pushed My cold rock hard lips onto Gerards Soft warm and delicate lips.
He put his hand in my hair and wraped his fingers in my hair. I felt Gerards Warm and smooth tounge enter my mouth
so i did the same to him because i knew its what he wanted.
When i forgot about gerard for two seconds i Heard
our Fans screaming and screaming like a horror movie.

When i took my Mouth of Gerards i saw Mikey stop playing and walk off stage. Ray being not far behind
Bob was still drumming but not as normal and we just exchanged glances.
Gee went on singing and as soon as he finished we bolted of the stage.
I gave Pansy to Brian.
Gerard grabbed my hand and there was most deffiantly a conection there it made me tingle on the inside.
"Mikey, Ray please just stop"
"NO!!! FUCK OFF" mikey screamed and it nearly made me cry

Ray turned around and gave me a shrug of the shoulders. I could just faintly hear Mikey rustling about in the bus.
"I'll go see what hes on about" Gee said as he let go of my hand.
I just stood by the bus with Ray felling like a complete and utter idiot
"MIKEY, STOP BEING A FUCKING CUNT" i could hear Gerard scream at his baby brother

Mikey walked off our bus with his bag in his hands and began to walk off.

"Mike, Where are you going?" Ray asked him
"Away Ray. Im going away"
"Mikey please where are you going. you cant go anywhere."
"you know what frank, FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FAG. I HATE YOU" I felt tears roll down my face and found my self hypervenolating
Then the tears where just constaint. I couldnt stop them and believe me i was trying.

I turned to the bus and ran onto it. I got to my bunk and buried my face into my pillows crying and sobbing away.
It was all my fault. I had RUIENED and KILLED My Chemical Romance.
The thing that Gerard held onto when i wasnt there with him.

I heard someone open the bus door.
I shot up wiped my eyes and sat with my head on my knees and my arms wraped around my legs as if they were Gerard
Someone pulled the curtain back

"Ohh Frankie"
"Im s-s-ssorryyy Geee" i finialy got out.
"No. What for, Honey dont be sorry, Its ok"

He moved his body so i could lean up against him. I placed my head on his shoulder. He had his arm around my
waist and his other one on the other side of my head patting down my hair

But Gee its my fault Mikey left and My fault our band broke up. I said again starting to cry again
"Frank!" gee said as he took my face in both his hands.
"No, No way" i gazzed into his green eyes. I could feel his thumb tracing my cheek bone From just by my noes all the way to the bottom of my eye
His red hot lips conected with mine again when i kissed him back he slid his tounge into my mouth so i did the same
to him. Massaging my tounge with his.

Gerard began to lean forwards so i put my arms around his hips.
He was directly above me right now and he just keept kissing me
Gee pushed my top up so my stomach was showing. I took his hand and locked our fingers together.
Gee kissed my stomach.

"Gee stop, This isnt right"
"What, you love my blow jobs though"
"I know Gee, I love you as well and i dont want Mikey hating you so please we just cant do it."

Gerard let go of my hand and was cuddling up next to me. He put his arm over my waist and looked into my eyes.

"Frankie" he said as he moved my fringe out of my face
"If Mikey cant accept the fact that im in love with this sexy little boy infront of me then i dont want him around us. Because hes stopping us Honey.
Not you, Its not your fault"
I beamed at him. "You really mean it?"

I went in and pecked Gerards lips but it wasnt enough. He forced my jaw open with his lips and put his tounge in my mouth.
Gerard had me pulled on top of him
my fringe was on his face but he had his hands tightened around the back of my head so i wasnt going any where.

"uhh guys?" I recognised the voice, It was Ray
"Yea Ray?" I stoped kissing Gerard and reasted my head on his chest

"Mikeys gone home, Back to Jersey"
"WHAT!!!!" Gerard screamed so loud i physicly jumped
"Sorry baby" he wispered in my ear i just kissed his cheek

"Brian took him just before, He said bye to us so i dont know what were ment to do tour wise"
"Were gonna have to call it off" i wimpered

"No.. We-we-we cant"
"I know it sucks Gee, But its all we possiably can do im really sorry guys"
I looked down to Gerard because i was still lying on him and a tear trickled down my cheek and before it fell off my cheek Gerard wiped it away
I Burried my head in between his neck and his shoulders,
I felt Gerards hand quickly ZOOM up to the back of my head as if i were a little baby and he didnt want to drop me.

"Its Ok Frankie, Please dont cry"

Dam he was good, How did he know?

"But Honey, Every thing we've ever worked for"
"But look what we got out of it"
"The fans? Our ARMY Gerard how do you think they're gonna feel? Hurt, Pain and Maybe even death Gee i couldnt handle that" before long last i was in tears

"Ohh Frankie honey your so cute,
We havnt broken up were just on a brake right now.
Our Army Frank will March on and the fans will too because thats just the way it has to be"

"Ok honey. Im so sorry about the stuff i've caused you and Mikey. If i had of knowen thats how it would turn out then i would never have started-"
"Frankie, Dont say stuff like that. I Love you!" He said grabbing hold of my face
"I Love you too my Gee."
"Good" He placed another kiss upon my Lips but nothing as passionate as what it was before.

"So when are we going home Gee?"
"Maybe tonight, Maybe Tomorrow Night"
"and your going home to Mikey?"
"Yea we might sort things out"
"Are you sure? because i mean you can come home with me for a while if you want.
Its just gonna be me and my guitars at home and we would love your company"
"I'll think about it"
"Ok Hon." He pecked my lips just one last time and i layed there in his pure porcelain white arms thinking about what would have happened if i never joined
Ohh its Gee, 'Heya Gee. I've missed you' i shouted as i approached him
He just gave me a very disturbed look.
'Baby come here'
"uhhh Can i help you there sir"
i lauged 'Yeah good one sexy' i said when i went onto hug him
'What are you-' I got slammed onto the ground by 2 huge ass security dudes.
"Stop moving or we will use Pepper spray"
'What are you on about' I saw Bob walk off the bus
'Bob, Hey Bob help me out here'
"Fucking physco, I dont know you. Get lossed"
Why were they acting like they didnt know me? and pretending to hate me? i have not even the slightest idea on whats going on
"Hey Gee" well Bob seemed to Know Gerard and i didnt see him get slammed to the ground
Gerard smiled and walked towards him
'GERARD COME BACK PLEASE I LOVE YOU' He looked at me as if i was the color black in a rainbow and he was a tree loving hippie
Gerard wrapped his arms around Bob and kissed him 'WHAT THE FUCK' right then it felt like getting bitten by a Rattle snake and Turantula at the same time and
dying a slow painfulled death

They both looked at me like they didnt even know of my excistance. Then they hurried off into the bus
"Honey, shhh, its ok. Its ok shhhhh" he said as he dragged his lips over my skin
"Yea Frankie baby its ok im here dont worry"
Gerard put his right arm over my waist, and his head so it was on my neck and resting on my shoulder at the same time.

"Go back to sleep my Frankie"
"No Gee i wanna stay with you"
"Honey, Im not leaving your side i promise"
"You mean it?"
"more than anything"
"ok then but if your not here when i wake up Gee god help me i dont know what i would do."
"Frankie i promise you my life i will ALWAYS and i mean always be right by your side"
"Ok baby i believe you"
"good, Now go to sleep"
"You heard me didnt you?"
"I was sleep talking?"
"yeah Honey you were-"
"What did i say?" It was starting to scare me because i cant control it

"You just screamed my name a few times and told me not to leave and that you love me"
I turned around because i was embarrased.
"Well i ment it, I do love you i NEVER want you to leave me Gee Ever even when im a dead vampire i wanna be with you"

"And i wanna be with you too"
My insides began heating up
"I love you Fankie"
"I love you too Gee" i said breifly smiling because im half asleep,
Gee kissed my lips and i tiredly but luckily had enough energy to kiss his lips back
I rolled back over and Gee went back into the excat position to what he was before i rolled over.

"Yes baby?"
"Sing to me?"

"I Dont wanna lot for Christmas
There is just one thing i need
I dont care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
I Just want you for my own
More then you could ever know
Make my wish come true,
Frankie... All i want for christmas is youuuuuuuu"

"You can have me i promise" I said in a wisper

I could hear him laugh possiably because he was attached to me and i loved it

'"i just want you for my own
more then you could ever know
make my wish come true baby all i want for christmas is you'" Me and Gerard both sang to each other

"I Dont want alot for Christmas
This is all im asking for
I Just wanna see my Gerard standing right out side my door" i choked out tiredly

"I love you Gee"
"I Love you too my Frankie" He had said so hottly
I leaned in and gave him the tiniest kiss on the lips

"Good night gorgeous" i wispered in my return to sleep land
"night my Baby"

I felt Gerards head go back on my neck and i slowly started drifting to sleep

I could hear a rustling and it reminded me of Mikey packing his bag to leave.
"Gee a-are you still here?"
"Yeah Hun im here"

The rustling stoped and Gee put his arm on my hip but his hand in between my legs.
I Pushed my back up against his stomach. Gee removed his hand from where it was and moved my hair away from my neck.
He kissed my neck all the way untill he got to my mouth.
I knew even if i fought with all my will and power Gerard would still manage to get his tounge in my mouth.
Gee rubbed his Package up my leg as he came closer and closer to my face With a huge smile on his

"look up"
I had no idea what he was on but i looked up. Again he dragged his stone cold lips across my face and down my neck it made me shiver with excitement.
He was at my Neck when he moved my black hair from my neck and just held it there. And with Gees other hand he took hold of the other side of my neck
Just next to my Scorpio Gerard started sucking on my flesh like a hungry Vampire

I brung my hand up so it was over the back of his head so he didnt go any where.
He sucked and He sucked almost as if it were my cock.

"And how do you feel now?"
"I feel like you sucked the fuck out of my neck"
Gee giggled and by god did it turn me on
"Babe, Just for the heads up maybe you should wear a scarf"
"No i wanna show it off, Let the whole world know im gay"

Gerard looked deep into my eyes, Like he was searching for my soul.
I could see my reflection in his eyes. I ran my fingers threw Gees fringe
i noticed Gees eyes getting closer and closer to mine and i thought i was on drugs but then he locked his lips in with mine
His legs straddled my waist and his cold hands on eather side of my face.

Gerards tounge ran accros my bottom lip before he pushed it a little further into my mouth and as he did that i put my tounge straight over his
and into his mouth.
I pulled Gee into a giant beer hug and wraped my little bony arms around Gerards waist.
I have wanted to be with Gerard Way for the last 10 years and i've never wanted to part from him.
But we both know it cant happen

When Gee took his mouth away from mine (i know very sad) He kissed me right by my ear
"Frankie, What are we?"
"Im un sure baby"
"I want to be with you My Frankie. To hold you on cold winter nights, To cook for you when your sick, To sing to you when your scared"
"I wanna be with you too Gee"
"Whats stopping us then honey?" Gee said as he traced the out line of my ribs on my chest

"Everything Gee, The fans, Your Family, My family"
"Honey like i say Mikey is not controling our lifes and i wanna be with you and if people dont like it My Frankie then... Well fuck them"

I sat up and smiled at him.
"Are you sure Gee? because, i dont want this ruining our friendship"
"Babe, we both knew this is what it would lead upto"

He gave me that Sexy smile that showed all his perfect teeth and gave me a little peck on the lips

Gerard went to the bottom of the bed and ran his cold hands up the inner of my legs untill he got to my thighs. He kissed them.
I must admit i found that compleatly weird but oh well.
His hands grassped the elastic of my boxers and pulled them down.

I arched my back just a little bit and put my hands on locked together at the back of his head.
His perfect mouth fitted just over my dick and Gee began to suck in it.
I let out a moan while still holding onto Gerards head
I could feel my self tensing up
Ohh Gee.

Gerards tounge moved around my dick but at the same time he was still blowing me off
I was finialy stiff and i came in Gees mouth. I heard him swollow and he unwrapped his lips from my dick and i unwrapped my hands from his head
His Head was planted on my thigh and he ran his hand over my beginning to sweat stomach. I pushed down the blankets so Gee could have fresh air

"And How was that Frankie?"
"it was absolutly fucking amazing, Thank you sexy"
"your welcome baby"
I smiled at him and pulled him up by me.

"Yea baby?"
"Will you be with me?.... Like be my Boyfriend?"
We were still lying in the bunk and i rolled over so viciously im amazed i didnt smack Gee in the face
"Are you serious?!"
"i wouldnt ask you if i wasnt Frankie"
"Fuck yes i will Gerard"
I cut him off with my lips, Gerards lips moved in time with mine

I stoped kissing him
"'Ya know Gee? ive been waiting 10 years for you to ask me that"
"Well i wish i knew that 10 years ago, Because ive been in love with you for 10 years"
"I know you have Gee and so have I, But you might not have started My Chem if we were together'

He gave me a sudden look of happyness
"C'mon lets go find out where were going and have brakefast"

Gee moved out of my bed and i pulled up my boxers and stood up Bob was sitting in the kitchen and i hoped like fuck he didnt hear us
"Were going back to Jersey today"
"how did you find out?"
"Brian told me"
"Ok then." i said...

I sat next to Bob and Gee went into the kitchen

"Do you wanna coffee Honey?"
"Yes please gorgeous"

I saw bob give me a tiny look from out the corner of my eyes. Then he went back to watching the tv
Then Gee made his way back to the Table
He sat down next to me and put my coffee in arms rech
I Turned to him

he pushed his lips onto mine and made his tounge feel comfortable in my mouth
"What the fuck, Were not on stage" Bob said sounding shocked
"nah Bob but were together"
I turned around to see him in shock
"well uhhh, Well done. i'm-im happy for you"
He said it but he didnt sound 100% sure about it

"Thanks Bob but can you not tell Mikey, I wanna tell him"
"Yea dude asbolutly"

Bob got up and walked to the bunk area and jumped into his bed
I put my hand on Gees thigh and he put his hand ontop of my hand, But put his fingers threw mine
I looked up at him and smiled

"Your Eye liners rubbed all around your eyes"
I giggled
"no, No im serious" he said smiling
"You look like Patient"
"God i must be fucking Beautiful then"
"oh Fuck yeah you are"
"And so are you my love."

"Bob wheres Toro?"
"UHH HE FLEW BACK HOME LAST NIGHT" Bob was yelling down the hall
"OH OK THEN" Gerard yelled back
Bobs head poped around the corner and he was laughing

Jerry was all of a sudden behind us
"were an hour away from Jersey"
"oh, Ok then Jer"
i smiled at him and went back to my Bunk to get my stuff ready

"uhh where are you going?"
"Just to my bed."
"not without me you dont"

Gee did a little ballarina hop skip and jump to where i was
"Very Sexy honey"
"Thanks. I've been praticing" He said with a smile
i gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

Im just gonna take all the stuff down off my wall
"ok honey"

Gerard turned and walked away. I looked at my wall in amazment Because those were just things i got on this tour and my Picture of Us back at the Start
that was the thing i took every where with me. and i mean EVERYWHERE

I had everything packed into my bag. and my bag was on my bed with my pillow, Devil and Skeleton next to them
Which Gerard had gotten me for my Birthday last year.

I took my make up bag and went to the bathroom to find Gee there
"Sorry i'll come back"
"its ok Hon, Im just doing my make up"

I walked back into the bathroom and put my bag on the counter.
Gee kissed my cheek.

"We look cute together"
"No honey we look perfect together"
"We are Perfect together"
"Yea" I had to agree with him because thats all there was to do

Gerard kissed my hair
I Washed my face then dried it Took out my Eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Gee Had the hair straightner on allready so i didnt have to worry about that

"are you sure about me comming back to yours Baby?"
"Fuck yea."
"Unless you dont want to or something?"
"No,No i do, i really do"

I turned to him and took him by his waist
"Good because i mean its not like were rushing into things right Babe"

He pulled me into a hug.
"Yea honey, this is all i've ever wanted and all i've ever dreamed about and that is being with you frankie"
I smiled up at him.
"I know excatly how you feel Gee."
His lips colided with mine once again. and theres no grater feeling then making out with MY man Gerard Way

"Guys We've just arrived in Jersey"
"Right thanks Bob"
"Im gonna really miss hanging out with you guys i mean after spending a whole year together its just not gonna be the same"
"aww Bob are you going soft on us?"
He laughed
"No dude no Way"

Gee laughed
"Anyway Bob you can come visiting with a red cape on and a basket of Muffins and stuff, Cause im gonna be at Frankies for a while"
"I might just do that minus the Cape and Baking"
"Good Bob because im gonna miss you."
"ohh Frankie im gonna miss your Vegetarian-isim if thats a word"

I giggled so much and went to give Bob a hug and hes really not a hug guy
"And Gee im gonna miss you comming to talk to me about Frankie, Telling me how much you want him"
I turned around to see Gerard blushing
"Baby you said that."

He smiled going Reder and Reder
I walked over to him and took his Red hot face in my hands and kissed his lips
I felt his arms wrap around my waist Gee stopped kissing me

"i told you Frankie, I fucking love you"
"Awww baby.." I said as i pecked his lips
"i fucking Love you too Gee"

"Guys were at the depot"
"ok Jer well be out in a few minutes"

I Picked up my Make up bag and turned off the straightner and walked back out to my bunk.
Gee wasnt far behind me except he went to his bunk. (Which is opposite mine)

"c'mon Babe lets go home"
it sounded funny Gee saying Home
"Yip lets do it"

We got driven Home and the driver dude took all our stuff inside my home.
I heard his engine roar to life and him drive out the drive way. As soon as i was positive he had left i grabbed Gees hand
"Frankie, Where are we going?"
i shot a smile at him and praticly ran down the hall way
"Oh. I- I see"

Next thing i knew i was being pushed down The hall way. I opened my door.
Gee ramed me threw and shoved me down on the bed.
once i was lying on the bed Gee walked around the side slowly unzipping his jacket. He took it off and dropped it on the floor and then climbed into my

Gerard was ontop of me. Kissing me
"Mmmm Lets go make a smoothy."
Gee giggled.
"Honey are you serious?"
"What yea"
"im tyring to fuck you and in your hot little head your thinking about smoothys?"
"Well yea apparently"
"ok then honey lets go make a smoothy"

Gee got off me and helped me off my bed which was severly weird to lie on compaired to the bunks
He walked infront of me and i put my hands up the back of his top

"Jesus Christ honey even with your gloves on your hands are freezing"
"Oh well then maybe your hot body could warm them up"
"I was about to but you started thinking about food"

I giggled

"Im sorry honey"
Gee walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist

"its ok Frankie" he said giving me a little kiss on the lips
"we still have forever to do it"
"Well when we've made these we can get physical"

Gee giggled.
"your Cute my Frankie"
"And your beautiful MY Gee."

We had put everything in the blender and had it up as high as it would go.
I went and turned on the heater because it was so fucking cold.
i could feel the outline of Gerards hands in my back pockets. He pulled me backwards into him.

"Come here"

His head went down the left side of mine and i could feel him smelling my hair then i felt the tip of his noes run down the side of my neck
It gave me goosebumps but worst of all it turned me on.
when his noes got to my shoulder he ran it back up my neck untill he got just under my ear he kissed my neck so softly.
If his hands wernt around my waist holding me still i would have fucked him.

The blender was starting to go a bit out of control but it really didnt bother me
"honey the blender"
"I dont mind my food purade. Do you?"
"No but i wana make them so i can fuck you"
"Well then lets go"

I tipped the mixed fruit into 2 glasses and put bright pink straws in both of them
"thank you good sir"
"Your more than welcome"

We sat there drinking in silence.
I looked to Gees glass to see he had only drunk half and i couldnt take the waiting anymore
i stood up took Gees wrist and dragged him to my bedroom
I Turned around and pushed him against the wall and put my icy lips onto his burning hot ones.
Gees tounge entered my mouth and i felt like i was somewhere not on this earth

Gerards hands were locked on my waist and i was fidling with his belt trying to undo it
I finialy felt the bat on his buckle come off and his belt went with it.
I went down on my knees and pulled Gees pants down with me
I took hold of Gees Batman boxers and pulled them down so they were just over his jeans

i put my index finger over my lips
he gave me a smile then i went back to focusing on what i was about to do

I ran my hands over the top of his thigh untill i got to his hips.
My hands took grip of Gerards hips and my mouth took grip of Gees dick

I felt like i was bobbing for apples.
I felt Gees head get throwen backwards and i could slightly hear him let out a few moans and groans
My jaw was starting to get saw then Gerard came in my mouth

"oh god" Gee said sounding tired.
I looked up at him and smiled, Gerards hand came down to meet me so i took it
I turned around to walk out when gerards arms wraped around my waist, picked me up and kissed my cheek

"God fuck it i love you Frankie"
"I love you too Gee"

He put me down. I turned around to face him Gerards hands meet behind my back and i locked my fingers in together behind his neck
Me and Gee were lost in each others eyes.
He gave me the tiniest kiss on the lips

I knew it was serious because he use my whole name
"Yea Babe?"
"im gonna stay with you forever, I promise"
Those words sunk into my head because it ment more then anything to have him promise that to me
"i promise Frank, Even though we cant get married because of Obama i still swear to spend the rest of my life alive and dead with you, if you'll let me that
"Fuck yes Gerard, I couldnt wish to have it anyother way"

he giggled i didnt get it
"You couldnt have it any other WAY"
I laughed to.. "Ohh i get it. I wouldnt want Mikey"

"Good cause your not getting him"
"Why would i want him i have the other Way" I said with a smirk on my face
"Yip and you will always have this Way"

Gerards lips collided with mine again and the feeling gets better and better every time
I had to physicly pull my lips from Gerards

"where are you going Hun?"
"To get ready for bed, Is ok i'll be back"

Gerard smiled then collapsed onto my bed
"I miss you already"
"I miss you already too"

I Took my tooth brush and tooth paste, Put a little bit of paste on my brush and started to Brush my teeth
I just couldnt get the perfection of Gerard out of my head, I mean hes drop dead gorgeous in every single way possiable
No words can or could ever describe my love for him or even begin to state how i feel about him. I would gladly take a bullet to any part of me to even
keep Gee from getting hurt

Thats when his beautiful face appeared next to me with his tooth brush in his hands.
He was wearing his bat pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt his hair sat just on his shoulders and was black and red
I looked him up and down then at his ass

"mmm i do like what im seeing"
"oh is that so?"
"Yip it is, God damit you look fucking sexy"
"thank you"
"Your welcome". i said as i kissed him on his cheek.
Yeah i did have to go on my tippy toes its not my damn fault im a shorty

I walked back to my room and got into bed where i layed on my side stearing at the door waiting for Gee to walk threw the doors
My eyes began to slowly shut

"i hope your not going to sleep with out me"
"Im not, I was just waiting for you"
"well wait no longer, Im here"
"Good i need your arms to sleep in"
"Aww ok then Baby"

Gerard got into bed and shuffled as close to me as he could.
I Put my head on his Chest like it were a pillow and my arm around him
Gees arms held me very tightly just to make sure i wasnt going anywhere

"I love you Babe"
"i Love you too my Frankie, Go to sleep we've had a long year of none"
"Ok Gee Night i love you"
"I love you too"

i felt Gees lips kiss my head and i wasnt satisfied so i lifted my head and found his lips in the dark.
I planted mine on his.
Then put my head back onto his chest. I think it was the sound of his heart beat that put me to sleep.

"Gerard, Please what did i do. Please come back"
"No Frank. Once i leave im never comming back ever"
"Please Gerard i cant make it on my own. Your more then a want to me. Gerard i NEED YOU to survive. Please, with out you im nothing"
"Maybe you shouldnt survive, Maybe you shouldnt walk this earth anymore"
My emotions got the best of me becasue the tears where flooding out of my eyes
"Go ahead cry whats it gonna do?"
"Please gee please"

Gerards clenched fists connected with my jaw and my noes one after the other.
He had me dropped on the ground kicking me in every place he possiably could, I curled up into a ball trying to protect my self

"Please Gee, Please stop, PLEASE YOUR HURTING ME" i was screaming as loud as i could. I knew he couldnt hear me over his yelling
Bob? oh please dear god no
Gerard had stoped kicking me and turned to leave.
I quickly rolled over on my stomach to get myself up when i felt him kick me in the stomach. It was so hard i went flying.
blood was running out my mouth noes and head

"Look at you, your discusting"

"Honey, Honey, Shhhh im here"
i could hear Gerards sweet voice but i found my self crying and shaking
"Honey its ok dont cry i've got you" He was brushing my hair out of my face
"Yeah Honey i'm here"
i put my hand on top of his to make sure he was there
"C'mon Frankie honey, Dont cry im here im not leaving you"

My tears must have been staining Gerards top.
I didnt want to even think about that nightmare i just had
Gerards thumb ran under my eye to wipe away the tears.

"I-I-I was sleep talking again, Wasnt I?"
"Honey try sleep screaming, You scared the fuck out of me"
"Im so sorry Gee, I really am"
"Its ok sexy, But i didnt realize 27 year olds still had nightmares"
"Well i do and i didnt mean to worry you"
"Frankie its ok, Wanna talk to me about it?"

I sat up so my back was against the head board Gee did the same but he flicked the switch on for the lamp and took my hands

"talk to me"
"Well I-I had a dream that you left me for Bob and no matter what i would do you wouldnt listen to me.
Then you started beating me and i was bleeding and screaming for you"
"And thats when i woke you up because it was getting to intense"
"Im sorry Gee"
"its ok babe, But that wasnt the first time was it?"
"No there was one other."
"Tell me"
"Well i came to see you before a show and you didnt know who i was and i went to hug you then you called security on me.
Bob walked off the bus and completely made out with you and it broke my heart baby"

Gerard kissed my forehead

"honey thats never gonna happen, Ever im gonna spend my forever with you and only you, Untill we have our own little family"
"Yip You, Me and our kids. isnt that what you want?"
"That is excatly what i want."
"Good" He kissed my lips
"Now how about we go back to sleep and it'll all be ok"
"Ok Babe."

He flicked the light back off and went back to lying down. I put my head back onto his chest and kissed it.
Gerard took my hand in his
I couldnt get the thought of having a family with Gerard out of my head. It sounded like the most perfect thing to ever happen.

I woke up to the sweet smell of Gerards smokes

"Mmmm can i have one?"
"Oh Honey are you awake?"
"Yip i am and im all rested up"
"Thats good"

Gee passed me his smoke, He must have only lit it because he hadnt smoked any of it yet

"yea i'll get another one"
"All right sweetie"
"I was thinking today maybe we could rent some movies watch them lax out in bed all day me you junk food, How does it sound?"
"It sounds absolutly fantastic"
"Good well our days planed out then"

I kissed Gerards lips.
He slipped his tounge into my mouth. I returned the Favour and the next thing i knew Gerard had me pulled on top of him
I was gazzing into his eyes as i normaly do when ever i get into this situation.

"mmmmm I love you alot"
"I love you alot too"

I kissed Gees lips again

"You want some Coffee?"
"Yes please Sexy"
"All righty then i'll go do that now."

I Kissed Gees neck before i moved
He gave my ass a little smack.

"Hmm do i want coco pops and coffee or-

I ran to the counter and jumped on it
"BABY!!!!! BABY!!!!!"

Gee came out super fast
"What, What is it"
"ok baby i'll get rid of it"
"No dont kill him, Just put him outside"
He laughed
"ok then"

I watched him super closly to make sure he put it out side

"there 'ya go honey, All gone"
"Thank you baby."
"Its fine"
"What would i do with out you?"
"well right now you'd be stuck on that counter freaking out because your phones in the room"
"That is true, Id probably be crying"
"I couldnt have that now could i"
"Nope, Well i'm having Coco Pops, you want some?"

Gee got out the bowls,cereal,spoons and milk

"Ok then looks like im doing coffee"

Gee Giggled


I Didnt even ask what was funny. Gee sat our Cereal down accross from each other and i was just putting the milk in our drinks.
once i put away the milk i took both the cups and placed one infornt of Gerard

"thanks Babe"
"Your welcome"

I Picked up the spoon with coco pops on it and put it in my mouth when i felt Gerards foot go up the inner side of my leg and when i looked at him he gave
me a smile. Then he rested his leg on mine

"God dam your beautiful"
"So are you my love"
"how did it end up like this?"
"It started out with a kiss"
"yes, Yes it did"

"well im gonna go have a shower if thats ok?"
"Yip it certianly is."

Gee got up and walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips
I watched his sexy little ass as he walked down the hall and i heard the shower get turned on
i rinsed the dishes and put them in the dish washer.
I went to get my phone. 5 new messages all from Bob
i just deleted all of them because i wasnt letting anyone ruin today.
Just me and my Gee

While i was in my room i found myself cleaning it then the water got turned off in the bathroom
I Had the bed made when Gerard walked in. I could smell the strawberry shampoo in his hair
When i turned around just a black towel hung from his hips. His hair had water drops dripping from the ends

"you smell good."
"I feel good too, Although i did expect your company in the shower"
"Oh well then im sorry i dont have a mind reading device stored in my head"

Gerard giggled like a girl,Fuck how that turned me on

"Well when im dressed im gonna go get some d.v.ds"
"Ok then"
"any reccommendations?"
"Uhh, Trainspotting"
"Lord Of The Rings?"
"all right then, I'll go get them now"

We got up. I walked Gee to the door

"Dont forget popcorn.
"I wont"

Gerards lips connected with mine once more, My hands took a hold of Gerards black hair, His hands took hold of my waist and pulled me right into his chest

"tell me again why is that your not comming?"
"Because honey, whos gonna get the house ready for when you get back"
"Oh well then thats ok as long as i have some where to fuck you when i'm ready"
"Haha ok then i will have that done i promise"

He gave me another kiss

"I'll never leave you i promise"
"Thats good, You keep that promise"
"I will, I love you"
"I love you too"

I watched him as he walked down to his silver subaru and i heard him turn the key and it roared to life
I got a red bull out of the fridge and went down to my darkened room.
I Plugged in my D.V.D player and put the remote on my draws next to my bed
My phone began to vibrate. Its gotta be Gee.
I picked up my phone nope its bob

`Wanna hang out today?

`Sorry Bryar me and Gee have plans today, maybe another time yeah?`

`oh yeah thats cool as then well i'll leave you to it

`Ok see ya later`

With my phone in my hand i went into the bathroom and turned on the shower nozzle.
I went back into my bed room and got my Green skinny jeans bright pink socks my Misfits hoodie and Gees Black Flag top, I knew he wouldnt mind me using it
I mean we share every thing

I got into the steaming shower and started singing Thank You For The Venom
I Could hear my phone vibrating on the counter
Shit, shit, shit, shit i jumped out and quickly dried my hands and ear

"Yeah, Hey They dont have trainspotting"
Oh um-
"What eles do you want?"
Anything Hon i'm not fussed. Just as long as you come back
"Kay then Babe"
And dont forget-
"The popcorn yeah Baby i know"
Alright then, I said with a smile

"i'll see you soon"
Ok i'll be missing you
"I love you"
I love you too

Gee hung up and i got back in the shower to wash the shampoo out
I was out of the shower with a towel around my waist and my hair dripping wet
The hair dryer made a wizzing sound as it turned on i waved it around my hair to dry it. My hair flew every where. It looked really random

I wonder what Gees doing, Probably driving home. Maybe hes thinking about me
His laugh keept playing over and over in my head. it gave me butterflies just thinking about him and his perfection
I continued to get dressed, My belt was on my jeans.

I picked up my eyeliner

"Im in the bathroom"

Gees face appeared from around the door.
He was suddenly behind me with his arms over my shoulders so his hands were on my chest

"i got the movies" He said in a wisper

His hands progressed down my sides untill he got to my belt. He began to un do it

"No what" he said in my ear
"No were not gonna have sex, Were gonna go do couple stuff"
"So Sexual relations arnt couple stuff?"
"Not excatly baby" i said quietly
"We both know they are. your just trying to stop your self from fucking me"
Gee said as he put his hands on my ass

"Yeah i am because honey thats all we've done the past year and i mean i love it but i just want to lax out with you"
"All right Babe, Thats cool with me"
"So did you get the popcorn?"
"It was the first thing i got"
"Cool, Well lets go to bed"

I took the bag of movies into my room.
Gee must have been doing the popcorn
ooooooo 300!!!!!!!

"Hey baby, can we watch 300 first?"
"Yea Frankie"
"Cool thank you"

I put it in the D.V.D player and i heard the popping sensation of popcorn
I jumped into bed to wait for Gee.
He walked in with a enormous bowl of popcorn and took a seat on my bed
I took a hand ful of popcorn

"Open wide"
"you sure?"

Gees mouth went go-go-gadget and opened
i threw pieces of popcorn at his mouth, None of which went in his mouth

"ok now push play"
"Alright then"

Gerard put his arm around me. I pulled the blankets over us and put my head on his shoulder
I felt Gees lips touch my head.

"I love you Honey"
"I love you too Gee"

His arm moved from around me and moved down to my leg where he began to grop me

"Honey no c'mon your doing so well"
"but, I need you, Now"
"how about later on?"
"Well.... Fine then"
"Thank you baby"
His lips touched my burning hot cheek
i put my head back on his shoulder and then his hand found mine

"stupid fucking phone"
"what?" i asked nervously
"Im being texted"
"Oh, Well its not me if thats any help"
"yeah it is"

I turned back to the movie which was nearly over

"Uhh Honey i have to go Mikey needs me"
Oh i was so dissapointed i mean today was just ment to be us but Mikey needed him so it was ok

We both got up and i walked Gerard to the Door. He stopped me in the door way.
"im gonna miss you baby"
"im gonna miss you too"

he smiled at me and every time i nearly think im gonna fall over

"I love you."
"I love you too Frank, Forever and i'm never gonna leave you"
"I know baby, I know"

Our Lips met again. His hands had grips on my hair.
His soft tounge pushed past our lips and went in my mouth and it was just simply the best feeling ever. Even better than his blow jobs

"i wont be long"
"ok hon" I was standing against a pole because i was still struck by his kisses
"Your so cute"
"I know, Go see Mikey"
"ok Mom, bye baby"
"I'll see you soon Hon"

I went back into my room and found the maids outfit i was gonna put on after the movie and fuck him. But oh well his brother needs him and i respect that.
The popcorn was still sitting on my bed so i moved it.
When it was on the bench i put on a pot of coffee.

My phone was vibraiting
Yay its gotta be Gee.
Huh its Mikey

`Hey Frank, really sorry but Bob and Gee are together i mean together together alone at my house im sorry.if you dont believe me go see for your self"

My phone fell to the floor and i went down not far behind it.
Tears fell constaintly from my eyes and i couldnt see out of them anymore. I had to be sure of it my self. I just had to

I took my car keys and house keys, Got my Misfits jacket and my phone.
I walked out to the car and my knees wouldnt stop wobbling and my eyes just couldnt stop leaking
When i was in my car i put on Gees song and looked at the picture of us on the dash board.

He wouldnt, He loves me and i love him. He wouldnt do this to me
I drove around a while with the tears still falling
I was on main street and i just had two more roads to go before i got to Mikeys a few people in cars looked at me funny, Possiably because i was

My phone got a message but i was too scared to check it

`New Message, Gee`
i quickly pushed the read button hoping it was him asking me where i was

`This is not what i intended
I always swore to you id never fall apart
you always thought that i was stronger
I may have failed but i HAVE LOVED YOU FROM THE START

I love you Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jnr Forever and im sorry
love G xoxo`

What, What could he possiably mean, I love him too

`Gee, Please dont do what ever your about to,
We can talk please Gee i love you`

He never text back but i was finialy at Mikeys so it didnt matter
I got our of my car and ran into the house, I could faintly hear music but i couldnt be sure on what it was
I looked in the lounge and kitchen for my Gerard but he wasnt there, I walked past the table and something caught my eye
Something in Gerards Hand writting i went closer and picked it up

Mikey told me you hated me and never wanted to see me. Im respecting your choice but its not right Baby. I cant go on with out you in my life,
You are my soul and what i thought was the rest of my life. You still are my whole world Frankie.
I love you Frank for all of my life even when im gone. You are my EVERYTHING.
Mom,Dad and Mikey Im sorry but Frank is my only reason for life. I love him too much.

You'll have my love forever
Im going to see my Grandma, Please Look after my Frank
I love you Frank Baby and im so sorry

Lots Of Love G xoxo`

My heart could not believe the words it had just read. My Gerard thought i didnt love him, Well hes wrong
I ran up the stairs into every room i could to see if Gerard was there.
My heart finialy droped when i heard the song he was playing

I ran for the bathroom and the first thing i saw broke my heart.
In Gerards blood he had drawn a heart with the initals

Then my attention was focused on Gerards body lying in a pool of his own blood


His lips were a purple blue color and his skin was whiter then normal i hoped like fuck i wasnt to late

"PLEASE GEE STAY WITH ME" i screamed at him

I kneeled down next to him and took him in my arms
"Please Gee, please please wake up. It'll all be ok i promise"

My eyes started leaking again this time harder then they had before
"Please please please honey get up" i said as i kissed his precious cheek

He was nearly gone i knew that i just had to accept it. But i couldnt no way
I was screaming my lungs out

"i-i-i love you too Frank" His sexy voice said to me but i could bearly hear him
"dont leave me Gerard, please dont" i was crying and cradiling him in my arms
"Frank, its my g-grandma, grandma i wish you could see how beautiful Frankie is,
Frankie baby i have to go"


The blood comming from his wrist was ridicilous. I love u frank. thats what his wrist said and it was horriable
i put as much pressure on his wrist as i possiable could, I Wasnt letting my world get taken from me right before my eyes. Not today anyway

He looked up at me "Dont Cry baby"
then he began to sing

"Give me a reason to believe
So give me all your poison and give me all your pills
and give me all your hopless hearts that made me ill
your running after something that you'll never kill
If this is what you want then fire at will
Frank Kiss me"

I was crying so much holding him but i did what he wanted because i knew this could be the last time i ever kiss him

"Frank its time to go"
"No Gerard please no stay with me"

i could only get out in a wisper
He kissed me one last time and i knew i had to try make that last as long as i possiably could

"We'll meet again when both our cars colide, Frank i love you and im so sorry"
"Please Gerard please you cant leave me" i cried over him

I looked into Gerards lifeless eyes and i realized my life long partner wasnt going to be with me anymore
His porcoline skin went cold and his black beautiful hair was drapped over my arm and his delicate face

"Please gerard please" i was crying with his blood all over my hands
"Gerard please you cant leave me" i wispered into his ear with tears rolling down my cheeks and onto his face

I put him on the ground and layed in his arms.
I took the knife from his hand. It still had my boyfriends blood on it
I gave his lips one last kiss

I love you Gerard Arthur Way your not leaving this world without me

I pushed the knife straight into my heart
God the agony it was unbearable but i knew it wouldnt be to long untill it was over, over for good then i'd be seeing Gerards Beautiful face again
I Began to shiver then memories of Gerard flashed threw my face
I thought about the first time our lips colided and how it made me fly.....
That was the night Gerard Arthur Way and Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jnr died in each others arms
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