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No Recolletion Nor The Smell Of Your Perfume

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Christmas is around the corner and Frank and Gerard get matching tattoos. Gerard goes out to leave Frank home. Franks watching t.v when Bert comes in and tells him to come upstairs. Two police...

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I Am just like any other 27 year old Boy.
I Have a job
A partner
Grate Friends and Family
And a place to live

Yea so Im in a band
I Am gay and in love with my Boyfriend Gerard
I bearly ever see my Family
and me and Gerard live in his Mom and dads basement

It was Thursday night me and Gee didnt have anything planed for tomorrow so we could just hang out

"What do you wanna do tonight?"
'Anything Gee i dont care'
"pizza, Movies, me and you"
'It sounds grate honey'
Me and Gee called out to each other from the top of the stairs into his bedroom.

I was sitting on our bed stearing at my Guitars
lost in my own daydreams

"Frank, hellllllloooooo. Earth to Frankie"
'Oh yeah huh?'
"I asked you something"
'Sorry Babe i was daydreaming'
"i could tell" He said with a laugh
'What is it you were trying to ask me baby' I said as i put my head on his lap
"What do you want to for Christmas?"

'Its still ages away Gee and i dont care i'll be happy with what ever it is you get me promise'
"ok then but its not gonna be my fault when i give you a fucking paper pack"
I couldnt help but laugh

'Oh honey i love you'
"i love you too"

I leaned in towards him. I felt his hands cradle my face
Our lips meet.
Gees lips forced mine open.
Gerard put his hand on my cheek
And my hands went around his waist
His tounge pushed past our linking lips
He moved my fringe out of my face which would be pretty hard considering it was a kinda off side fringe
I felt his tounge go out of my mouth.
I wanted more. He just wouldnt deliever

"im gonna make Mikey go get the pizza, Im too cold and i wanna stay here with you"
'You think he'll go?' i asked curioulsly
"If i tell him he can have some then yea"
'He can come watch movies with us if he wants i dont mind'
"you might not, but i do"
"Cause Frankie its ment to be just me and you"
'Ok then baby fair enough'
"i'll be back soon"
'Ok Hun'

Gerards lips touched my forehead

'I love you'
"love you too"

I listened as he walked up every step and walked out the door.
I flopped down on the bed and turned on the stereo which was playing The Ramones.
Grate band they are The Ramones.

I Heard the door open back up
"Hon, Im going with Mikey. Vegeterian right?"
'Thank you Baby'
"I love you"
'I love you too'

The door shut and i heard Gees car drive down the road
Jeez my mouth is really dry.
I should go get some water
and i'll text Gee to bring home some Coke or Redbull
I scrolled down my contact list untill i got to Sexy
-Send Message-

`Babe can you please get some drink able liquids Thanks i love you`

I put my phone down and went over to the mirror. Yeah i do check my self out.


Got dam stupid phone ruining my mirror time

`Ok Babe anything for you xo`

The Date was the 22nd of November and Christmas was approaching fast.
I knew i'd spend it the same as i do every year. With the Ways. (Gees Family)
I didnt know what i was gonna get Gerard this year.
Normaly i would have had it by now but for some reason i just hadnt got around to getting it.
I looked at my arms and then i realized what i was gonna get Gerard.
Even thought hes shit scared of needles were gonna get a tattoo together

I made mine and Gees bed then put our washing in the mashine

"Hello Frank"
'Hey Mrs Way'
"Hows it going?"
'Good, Uh Mom for Christmas would it be ok if me and Gerard got tattoos together?'
"Yeah Frank, Im not stopping you that sounds like a grate present"
'I dont know how i'll get him near the needles thought'
"im not sure but he'll love it"

I heard the boys come back home so i went back into the basement sat on the bed and put The Misfits on
the smell of pizza came flying down the hall way and into our room
I heard the door open

"Were home"
'i know i can smell the god dam pizza'

Gee and Mikey put down the 3 boxes of pizza.

"Well i'll see you guys later"
'No Mikey sit down and eat'
"Are you sure?"
'Yes, Sit, Eat'

Mikey made our triangle compleat

'Good Boy'
Mikey and Gee laughed.
"You got the cups ae Gee?"
"Yip you got the drink ae Mikes"
"Well we're even then"

Gee layed out the cups and Mikey filled them with Diet Coke
Gee put one infront of me and then leaned intowards me for a kiss
His Lips found mine

"ok ok i am trying to eat and i would like to do it with out you guys having Sex in front of me"
"get out then, We might just do it right here, Right now"
'We wont Mikey, We'll just eat'
"Thank you Frank"
"yeah thank you Frank"
'Gee Honey your a sook'
"can i have some tonight?"
'yeah Sure babe'

Mikey gave us both a discusted look
"Just eat your pizza Mikey"

Me and Mikey were always closer, We went to school together and are a year apart.
But one day i came over for Mikeys 16th and met Gerard, We got drunk came back down here and have been together ever since
On and off that is but now were just together.
Mars well be married we have been officioly together scince i was 16 so 11 years and were doing just fine
only 4 years between me and Gee but that dosnt bother us at all

We finished all 3 pizzas i stuck with the Vegeterian but the boys had some of all of them.

"Were pratcing on Saturday right Mikes?"
"Yip we are. At uhh Toros i think"
'Cool its been a while'
"that it has my love that it has"
"thank you guys for that but im gonna head up stairs"

i giggled

"whats so funny?"
'You said head Mikey'

I felt Gees hand go in my lap.
"your so immuture Baby"
'i know and you love it'
"Yes, Yes i do"
'Bye Mikey'
"Laters Frank"

Gee smiled at his Baby brother
and Mikey returned the smile and left our dunngen.

Gee got up and walked over to our bed and layed down on his back
I followed him but when i layed down i put my head on his chest and my arm around him
I felt his left arm go around me and i could faintly hear the sound of his beating heart
It could have been enough to put me to sleep.

"what movie do you wanna watch first honey?"
'Uhhh Pineapple express?'
"all right then you put it on, Your closer" Gee said with a smirk

I kissed his lips before i even thought about moving

'Fine, But only because i love you'

I felt his hand tap my ass.

'Yea Baby'
"when are you gonna fuck me?"
'Well not right now because were gonna watch movies but when your ready then thats when'
"What if im ready now?"
'I just told you babe, Were watching movies then we'll see what happens'

Gee sounded like a moody teenage girl whos on her period
When i lay in his arms he didnt put his arms on my waist or anything he just lied there.
I kissed his chest. Then looked into his eyes

'Babe, Are you fucked off at me?'

He let out a sigh
His hands traveled up my back and i knew i was in for a lecture

"No Baby, I just miss being with you ya know?, Cause we couldnt do fuck all on tour because we wernt down for that.
And we've been busy since we've got home"
'I know Hon I just love spending time with you. Just hanging out but i do love our other time together'
"Maybe tonight?"

I kissed his lips and i felt a smile spread across his face.
He knew what i ment

"Ok then baby" he said against my lips

While i was still kissing him his hands found the bottom of my shirt and pulled my top off over my head
He rolled me over so he was ontop.
My hands were just above his dick. I undid his belt and Jeans
Gerard was furiously sucking my neck, I was about to get hard and i could tell he was too.
With one push i had his jeans around his ankles

The tables had turned, Now i was above Gee.
His hand took mine and i slowly started kissing his stomach all the way down to his dick.
Once i was there i took him in my mouth

He let out a few moans and groans along the way.
He let out one last moan before i went and joined him at the top of the bed

"Much, Thank you babe"
'Its ok. Anything for you'

His hot little lips touched my forehead

'I Love you Gee'
"I Love you too Hun"

I smiled but i knew he wouldnt of been able to see me.

'Baby you'd love anything i got you for Christmas right?'
"Yea honey"
'You absolutly sure about that?'
"yeah Promise"
'Ok then your gonna get your present next week'
"ok then baby, But you still havnt told me what you want for Christmas"

I looked into my gerards eyes

'Just give me you'
"you'll have me i swear"

Gerards lips smacked mine and his tounge went threw my lips and in my mouth
I put my head back down on Gerards chest and kissed it once more
He ran his fingers threw my hair

"Night Frankie"
'Night My baby'

Gee pulled the blankets over us and flicked the lamp off. Just the flickers of Pineapple express were on
I closed my eyes to think about my love for Gerard Way when i fell asleep

I woke up to find Gerard playing with my hair

'Morning Beautiful'
"Hey Sexy, I didnt know you were awake"
'Just woke up thats why'
"oh right, So what do you have planned for today?"
'Uhh Just gotta go to town sometime then thats it'
"What for?"
'Never you mind'
"All Right then"


Gees white hand held out a smoke to me and a lighter in the other hand

"Your welcome"

I drew back the sweet toxins of my smoke as i placed my hand on Gerards chest
His arm went around the back of me and our hands meet.
His fingers locked in with mine

"I love you Honey"
'I love you too Gee'
"I know you do, What time are you going to town?"

I paused to think about it and i wasnt really sure

'I dont know Baby just when ever maybe later, maybe soon'
"Oh ok then, Am I aloud to come or-"
'No' I quickly shot at him
"Oh, Um ok then i'll stay here with Mikey"

I heard the disappointment in his voice but i knew he couldnt come.

'sorry Babe, but it would ruin the suprise'
"ooooo Suprise?"
'Yea, Excatly'

"Well i might go have a shower" He said as Gee took his hand off mine
'Well then i might go do what i have to do'
"ok then honey"

Gees fingers ran threw my rather long fringe as he pulled it backwards
I rolled over just to see his beautiful face before he left

"God dam your pretty when you first wake up"
'And im not during the rest of the day?'
"Of course you are"

He paused while he thought of an explination

"I just havnt seen your fucking sexy face in a few hours thats all"

I couldnt help but laugh because he took so long to answer

'Yeah im sure thats it, Well go have your shower or what ever'
"oh Oh ok then" He said waving his arms around like a spastic nearly knocking my head of my shoulders
"now your trying to get rid of me?"
'Yes i am, Go have your fucking shower sexy'

He let out one giant sigh.

"Fine, But if i get burnt it should be on your consience"
'If you get burnt my love i'll rub you down with oil'

I saw that smile spread across his face, All his perfect beautiful teeth were on display
Gerards lips meet mine.

"Go have fun"
'I will, I love you'
"I love you too" Gee called out as he walked up the stairs

I got out of the bed that smelt just like Gerard. I dont know how normal it is to smell a bed but... Ya know
I was just infront of the mirror when i fell over Gerards misfits top.
God im glad no one saw it. I just stood up and brushed myself of like it never happened
I looked in the mirror to make sure my beauty was ok.

'FUCK YOU!!!!!' i screamed at Gees top.
'Wow first of all i smell my bed, Then i scream at a life less t-shirt and now im talking to my self. How did my Gee end up with a nut bar'
and then i found my self laughing at.. Nothing suprise suprise

I picked up the top that cause me problems and pulled it straight over my half naked body
i took my new tight jeans and boots and put them on before i grabbed Gerards car keys.

God fuck its cold out here.
I ran to the car to turn the heater on and drove down the road.
I knew where i was going so i didnt have to focus on anything

I was finialy at the tattoo parlour

"frankie, Hey your back for more?" Nick called as he greeted me.
'Yea dude im back'
"What can i do you for this time?"
'For christmas i want to get matching tats for me and my Man'
"Right oh what is it you want?"

I went up to the counter took a pen and paper and started doodiling.
When i had finished it was a black rose that were gonna have our names in the middle but they were gonna be dripping blood.
Ya know i was gonna have Gees name and He would have mine the classic couple tattoo.

"You sure about that?"
"isnt Gerard affraid of Needles?"
'Yeah he is so i hope he dosnt freak when we get them'
"nah he shouldnt do"

'How much is it gonna cost?'
'For both?'
"Yeah, Were ya want 'em?"
'Lower fore arm'
"Both in the same place?"

"When will you be in to get them?"
'the 14th'
"Ok then dude we'll see you at say lunch?"
'Yes you will see ya then'

I got back in Gees car hoping he likes his present

Those 3 weeks went by super fast.
We did normal things. We decorated the house went and chose a christmas tree and decorated that as well
Me and Gee hung out alone and did things that you could only think of.
Gee likes to call it 'Christmas Sex'
apparently it gets him in the christmas spirit and i believe him too.

Me and Gee went shopping for presents for EVERYONE we know and i mean everyone except my family because they dis owned me and Gee when we came out of the
The day was here when i had to break the news to Gerard about having 20 needles going in him at once

'Baby c'mon were going out now' i yelled down the stairs
"What where?"
'Im giving you your present today now quick we'll be late'

He hurried up the stairs and out the bedroom door to the car where we were both standing

"What is it?"
'You'll see soon Baby'
"Well can i have a clue on what it is?"
'Just remember you said youd be happy what ever it was so you cant back down'
"ok now im worried"
'It'll be fine Baby i promise'
"ok then"

We got in the car and i drove with Gees hand in my lap when ever i could i'd put my hand on his but it was hard between changing gears all the time
As we got closer to the tattoo place i think he figured it out

"oh Baby please tell me were not going there"
'Ok were not going there, Hon you said anything and this is excatly what i want. Im getting one too'
"but baby... Needles!"
'I promise it will be fine'

His hand went off my leg and he sat with his arms folded

'C'mon Honey i'll fuck you if you be a good boy'
"Will i get a lollipop?"
'Sure i'll give you my lollipop'

I saw him smile but i could tell he was freaking out
I Locked the car and took his hand in mine as we walked towards the door.

"hey Frank, Hey Gerard" I heard nick call from behind the counter
"So whos going first?"
"He is" Gerard quickly answered him pushing me closer to him

I turned around to give him a smile and let him know it would be fine

'Sure? If you get it done its gonna be over and done with'

His hand began to shake in mine.
I let his hand go and ran my hands from his shoulders to his elbows and kissed his lips

'baby your gonna be fine, Ive got heaps of tats and im fine' I said with an assuring smile
'So you wanna go first?'
"if- If you hold my hand the whole time"
'I promise'

His lips touched mine and i knew he would be just fine with me there

"All right Gerard, Take a seat over here and i take it Franks comming in with you"
"you bet he is"

Gee sat in the chair and Nick started getting the gun ready
He did it in pen first

"So Baby, What is it im actualy getting?"
'You'll See'

Nick came over on his chair with the gun in his hands and i could sence Gerard freaking out.
I kissed his lips and slid my tounge into his mouth

'Its gonna be over before you realize, Promise'
"No but just go"

'Look at me the whole time Babe'
"some times i hate you"
'No you dont, you fucking love me'
"yeah i do"

The Gun peirced his skin and i felt like my hand was about to come off Gerard was squeezing it that hard

"holy Fuck" Gerard got out and his eyes filled up with water
'Your gonna be fine Baby'
"How can you do this Frankie it fucking hurts"
'I know but its gonna symbolize our love'
"Well then i'll stop being a little girl about it"
"Your doing good Gerard, Nearly finished just got a few more lines to go"

'Not thoses kind of lines Hon'

He sounded disappointed once again

Nick rubbed the stuff over it then put a bandage over it.
"All done, Im sure Frank will show you how to look after it"
'I will'

I helped Gerard out of the seat and sat him where i was sitting

"Your turn now Frank"
'Yip it is'

I rolled my sleeve up and he did the outline.

'Was it that bad Baby?'
"no i supose not"
'Im so proud of you gorgeous, You really proved that you'd do anything for me'
"You all ready knew i would Babe"
'Yea i know'

He leaned in towards me and took my face in his hands.
His precious lips touched mine.
I found my hands wondering up the back of Gerards neck untill i got to his hair my fingers locked in it

"Uhmm you ready Frank?" Nick asked unsurely
to be compleatly honest i had forgotten all about him and thought i was at home with Gerard
I pulled my tounge out of Gerards mouth

'Uh Yeah fuck sorry i forgot i was here, Yip im ready'

I looked up to Gerard to see him smirking at me.
I could tell i was gonna get laied when i got home.
Gerards hand found mine i looked away for a second and he had his lips upto my hand
The gun turned on but not the pain, Nor the sound could make me take my eyes off Gerard

'I love you' I mouthed to him
"I love you too" I watched his lips mime back

Before i knew it the sound of the gun went off and thats when i broke the stearing competition and looked at nick

"There you go Frank all done"
'Really, Holy fuck that wasnt long at all"

I sat up and Gerard wrapped his arm around my waist.

"you know what to do right Frank, After care wise?"
'Yeah Nick i do thanks'
"Right then i suppose i'll see you two next time"
"Theres gonna be no next time" Gee added in there

Nick gave us a smile and led us to the door.

"Thanks guys"
'Laters Nick'

Me and Gerard walked hand in hand to his car.
I drove because i didnt know if Gee knew the way back home or not
There never has been or never will be the words to use to describe my love for Gerard.
There is NO BODY i love more then Gerard Way and i wish Barark Obama wasnt president so I could take Gerards last name.
Maybe we'll go to Vegas and do it Hmm makes me think.

"Baby, Baby"
'Huh, Yeah what?'
"were you day dreaming again?"
'I uhhh i think so'
"ok just stay aware of whats going on"
'Im aware, Im really aware. No im lying im not'

Gees hand found my leg again

"Babe its Christmas in 11 days, What do you want?"
'You just gave me what i want Hun, You just had 20 needles in you at once. Thats more then i could ask of you'
"I dont care Baby im still getting you something"
'And im gonna love it'

We pulled into the drive way.
I pulled the key out of the ignition and passed it to Gerard.
His hand breifly touched mine and i felt the connection that was there.
I couldnt help but smile in his direction

"I love you Sexy"
'I love you too' I dont know how many times we say that to each other but i know i mean it every time

Once me and Gee were in our room Mikey came running down

"What, You knew?" Gee asked sounding angry

I put my hands in his back pockets of his jeans and pulled him on my knees
When he was on my knees i folded my arms around his chest so he couldnt move.

'Sorry Hun' I wispered in his ear.
It even gave me the goose bumps

"Whats to be sorry about?" He asked as he put his hands in mine
'For not telling you'
"Babe its ok im just joaking around"
"Yeah yeah yeah thats grate and all but guys i would like to see theses tattoos"

I rubbed Gerards back hinting for him to get off me.
Once he stood up i got up not far behind him

"Did it hurt Gee?"
"Yes it did a fucking lot.. But i did it for my Baby" He said with a smile
'And im so proud of you' i gave in response

Gerard pulled the sleeve of his top up Revealing his new and only Tattoo.
Gee still hadnt seen it so he was as eager as his Baby brother.

'Here babe i'll take it off'

Mikey was praticly pushing me over to have a look at Gerards arm.

"Woah thats red"
"Is it ment to be that red baby?"
'Yeah, You just got it done, Its fine'
"FUCK THATS COOL" Mikey screamed so loud i jumped
"sorry Frank"
'All good'

"is yours the same Frank?"
'Yeah except mine says Gerard'
"can i have a look?"

I took Gerards Ramones jersey off and pulled the sleeve of my shirt up

"Ohhh Dude thats A-FUCKING-AMAZING"
'I know right'

Gerards smile took hold of my eyes.
Then our eyes meet.
Gee may be 4 years older than me but it dosnt seem like that Not in any way

Gerard sat down on the bed and this time it was my turn to sit on him

"What are you doing today Mikey?"
"Uhh Im gonna go to Berts for dinner, Havnt seen him in a while"
'Tell him i say hi'
"I will do my little Bro"
"Why dont ya just bring him around?"
'Yeah, Should do that Mikes'
"Nah, I think we need to be alone"
'Oh yeah, Alone. We know what that means'

I saw the smile spread over Mikeys perfect face.
The next 6 days went by super fast.
Everyone had done there Christmas shopping but i knew Gee just had one more thing to get and that was for Mikey and Bert
With christmas being just 5 days away and Berts band going on tour in 6 it was gonna take a toll on us all.
Mikey would be depressed missing his Man.
Gee would be hurt seeing Mikey depressed and so that would hurt me knowing theyr both un happy.

"Honey im just going to town to get that thing"
'All right' I got up to go find him.

He was standing in the dark smiling his pearly white teeth at me
I jumped into his arms.
He held me like a little baby. His lips managed to find me in the dark
He put me down and had his arms around my waist
Our lips mooshed together and our tounges meet about half way.
then all of a sudden he took it away.

"No" He mumbled against my lips, Just enough to tease me
'Please Hun'
"When i get home, Promise"
'Please dont be long cause i mean im wearing skinnys and it really hurts when ya know?'

I saw that smart smile
"Yeah i know Babe"
'Good so beat the rush and dont go'
"Have to"
'Well go now damit so you'll be home quicker'
"Fine but as soon as i get home i'll fuck you promise"
'Im gonna keep you to that promise Gerard Arthur Way'
"Think about what you want for Christmas"
'I wont'
He giggled

"I love you"
'I love you too'

His lips touched my Mouth before he headed for the stairs
I did a little fairy dance to our bed where it smelt of Gees body spray
I heared his car zoom out the drive way and down the street
I was still thinking about his lussious lips.
God he knew how to sweet talk me, I was about to get hard and that would just be to painful
So i got up and grabbed a pair of Gees P.J pants
I watched T.V for about 2 and a half hours and fell asleep during the process

I opened my eyes to look at the clock and it was 7 Gerard left at 12
Thats when a car came in the drive way, But it didnt sound like My babys car.
and there were 2 doors that got slammed.
That deffiantly wasnt My Baby home.

I sat back up with a smoke in my hand and started watching T.V again, This time being awake and alert
An ad for Manson came on and i quickly flicked the channel and started abusing my T.V
A Knock at the door stop my abuse, It obviously wasnt My Baby because this is his room.

'C' min'

Bert appered at the top of my stairs with a plate and a roll on it i think

'Hey man Whats up'
"uhh eat this then get dressed" I could hear the serious tone in his voice

I took a bite then got dressed because Bert is never serious so i knew something was up.

"all right c mon"
'Where are we going?'
"You'll see"

I walked out to see Mikey bawling his eyes out
and two police officers standing in the kitchen trying to hold My best friend up
It was at that excat moment i realized everything going on
It was too much for me to take.
My legs gave way and i fell.

Bert grabbed me from under my arms as i fell.
But i went right down to the floor.

'Ohhh My god My Baby boy' Is all i could say
Bert came down and helped me sit up I leaned in against his chest sobbing and crying for my baby but it didnt bring him home
I could tell Berts eyes were flooded with tears as well

I looked to the Pigs as they gave me a sympathetic look

'What happened to my Baby?' i asked

The biggest built one spoke with a very very deep voice.
His mostache wiggled as he spoke

"Well sir, It seems Your Uhh.... Friend-"
'Partner actualy' I corrected him
"yeah, Was in a hit and run accident. The car hit him side on at 130 mph so Gerard is in a coma right now. They arnt sure when he'll wake"
'I Wanna see him'
"Are you-"
'TAKE ME TO SEE MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND' i demanded at the police
"ok no need to raise your voice, Just come this way"

'Are you comming Mikes?'
"you go"
'Please i dont wanna go alone, Please come' I said towards Mikey and Bert.
It looked like Bert was Mikeys holder upper person because Mikey looked really shocked

"C'mon Babe" I heard Bert wisper to Mikey
They staggered out together to the police car. Mikey sat in the middle with his head on Berts shoulder.
I cried the whole way there. Not knowing what to expect. One thing was for sure i was not leaving his side untill He woke up
I could faintly hear Bert wisper to My babys brother

"Honey, Gerards gonna be fine, Hes a fighter not a giver inner"
I knew he wouldnt give in. Thats not Gerard that is not how he works
I Must have cried my self to sleep because i woke up to mikey shaking me.

"Where here Frank c'mon dude" i could hear his tears in the back of his throat
I hoped that when i woke up this would all be a dream
It wasnt we wallked down the White hall way. I had my aviators on so no one could tell i'd been crying

The police talked to a nurse.
"Uh hes aloud two people in his room at a time" The quieter littler Pig said

"you go Frank" Mikey said
'Sure you dont wanna go?'
"Not just yet no"
'Ok then'

I got wallked threw some double doors and i saw His beautiful body just laying on this hospital bed.
I ran to his side to see my beautiful Baby with a tube comming out his mouth and random needles all over his body.
He had no shirt on and just a blanket pulled up to his chest.

My hand rested on his.
And my other one moved his hair away from his beautiful face that looked life less.
It was as white as a sheet and he had cuts all down the side of his face

'How could someone do this to MY Baby boy' I said as a few of my tears fell onto his bare chest
'c'mon Babe wake up now, Im here to hold you and im not leaving you untill you do'

The police man moved a seat next to him for me.
"Would you like anything, Coffee, Some food?"
'Uhh-c-ca-ca-can i have a coffee please?'

I said in shock still not being able to believe that was my precious Baby boy right infront of me
He left and it was just Me and My Gerard.
i put my head next to his and kissed his cheek.

'Please Wake up now Babe'
"Its good for you to talk to him, He can hear you"
"Yip really, You must be Frank"
'How did you know?'
"The Tattoo on the arm, i saw you walk in upset and just figured"
'Yeah, We got them together'
"You got one too?"
'Yip Mine says Gerard though'
"Well im Olivia, Gerards Nurse"
'Im Frank, Gerards Boyfriend'

I didnt even take my hand away from Gerards to shake her hand

'Whens my Baby gonna wake up?'
"Well Frank thats what were not sure on"
'My beautiful Boy shouldnt even be here' I said with more Tears falling from my eyes

I looked at his arm

'He hates needles, But yet hes got a trillion rammed into his fucking arm
This isnt My precious Baby'
"I know its hard, But these are just things that happen in life. and all you can do for him is be here"
'And im gonna be here dont you Worry'
"Here Frank, Its that Coffee your after"
'thank you'

'Can i lay with him, Please?'
"If your careful"
'The last thing i ever want to do is to hurt My Baby'

She smiled at me
"go a head"

I put my coffee on the Bench and climbed into my babys arms.
I took off my hoodie and drapped it over his bare chest so he didnt get a cold then got under his blankets and put my head by his neck and gave it a kiss

'I love you my Baby and if you can hear me please please please wake up'
I closed my eyes and got as close to him as i could

I woke up as someone lifted Gerards hand up.

"sorry just checking him"
"No Not right now sorry"
'He will soon, I know it'

I gave his forehead a kiss
'Isnt that right my Honey'

I took a glass of water and sipped on it when mikeys handwritting caught my eye

-Frank me and Bert came in but you were crashed with Gee, Will be back tomorrow and we'll bring you Both some clothes
He will make it threw

Love Mikey and Bert xo-

That made me happy

'Baby if your listening i know what i want for christmas.

I Began to sing

I dont want alot for christmas,
There is just one thing i need
I dont care about the presents underneath the christmas tree,
I just want you for my own
More then you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Gerard, all i want for christmas is you'

Tears fell down my cheek as i attempeted to finish that verse
I knew even if i tried i wouldnt be able to finish that song.

'Just please babe, thats what i want for christmas. You Gerard. Just you please, Please Honey, Im begging you'

no movement still 4 more days untill christmas.
Olivia walked in the door

"frank were just gonna take Him for a x-ray to make sure his bones are fine"
'Ok then'
"Are you comming?"
'No i'll go have a smoke'
"Ok then it should be about half an hour"

I took the smokes and wallked of hospital grounds
I sat on the grassy bank and prayed that god would get my baby threw this
The toxins of My smoke and coffee had a strong effect on me

My smoke burnt down to the very butt so i tossed it then walked back up to the stinking place
where my beautiful Boy layed

The 3 days pasted with out him awaking. It was christmas eve and every day i sang
All I Want For Christmas Is You to him. I thought it would wake him. It haddnt yet

The time was 11 45 christmas was in 15 more minutes and i wasnt gonna celebrate it with my Baby
so i sat with him and had a cry. Mikey and Bert where with me but now i was at the stage where ive hit rock bottom
I need my Honey to get me threw, To look after me. To slap my hand when i need it.
But i was getting a gut feeling i wasnt gonna have this Christmas.

I sang to him one more time
Bert and Mikey sung with me.

I sat on his bed pushing his hair out of his face singing every meaningfull word to my precious Baby.

'Please wake up Gee, Please' I said as i kissed his forehead

I sat in the hall way while Mikey had a talk to him alone when i saw nurses and doctors running into his room
Mikey got shoved out and he was clingging onto me. I had no idea what was going on

"wheres Frank, Hes here i know he is"
'Gee, Gee oh god Gerard'
"WHERES MY BABY" I could hear him and tears fell from my eyes
"Please M.R WAY just lay still and Frank can come in soon"
"No im fine wheres my Baby"

I couldnt take being kept out side any longer.
I got out of Mikeys grip and ran to Gees bed

'Baby, Im here'
"Frank" He got out of his bed and i jumped into his arms. The force knocked him onto his bed.

Our lips franticly met and it was the feeling i had missed the most

The doctors ripped me from his arms and he was holding me away from Gerard while the others tried to get Gerard back into his bed


I finialy got loose of the doctors grip and ran to Gerard again.
The doctors came after me

"Just leave him" i heard Bert say to them and they did leave me

My focus went back to My baby who was lying under me

i was crying trying to get my words out to him.

'I-i- i never left your side, I Stayed with you Babe'
"i know, I know i could hear you the whole time, I tried to answer i really did"

I kissed his lips again and again and agian to make sure i wasnt dreaming. This was real I HAD HIM BACK.
Tears over whelmed me

'Get back into bed i dont want you collapsing on me'
i got in with him, His arms where securly around me.
The doctors started to leave

"Gerard, Thank god, We were all so worried"
Even mikey and berts eyes were all clouded.

"None of yous cry im ok now"

I turned to his doctor
'What time did he wake up?'
"12:01 am"
'Merry Christmas My baby'
"Merry Christmas Frankie"

Mikey randomly pulled out a mistletoe and held it above me and Gerard
We kissed just like life was back to normal.

"You never told me what you wanted for Christmas"
'Yea i did, I sung it to you every single day and you gave it to me'
"You wanted me for Christmas?"
'You bet i did Hon you bet i did and i got you'

Mikey and Bert pulled party poppers then kissed in the moon light.

"Yes my baby?"
'Thank you'
"What for Hun?"
'For Waking up'
"You think im gonna sleep threw all thoses times you sung to me in that angel voice, Of course i was gonna wake up"
"I could feel you here with me Hun"
'I know, You made my wishes come true my Baby thank you' I said as i kissed his lips.

"Even thought we possiably cant, Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Junior please Marry me"

My hands took Gerards shoulders and i looked at Mikey and Bert they were both grinning.

Gees mouth attacked mine.
"You've made my dreams come true"

I kissed him once more
"Merry Christmas My baby i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you"

I was still over whelemed that we were engaged.
I kissed him again and again and again.
This is the BEST christmas i have ever ever had

'I love you Gee'
"I love you too My Baby"
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