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I Wake Up This Is Not A Dream

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Mikeys in LOVE with The Used, They are comming to New Jersey the day after his birthday. Mikey, Frank and Gerard all go once the shows over Mikeys sitting outside where The Used walk out a door ...

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I Layed in Bed looking to the poster i cherish with all of my life.
With the four people on it that i would die and kill for.

The Used.
God!!! Bert McCracken is fucking gorgeous... I love him so much... I get to see him tomorrow night... Me!!!
I've waited all my life for this.

It didnt matter that my Brother and his Boyfriend had to come...
The only thing that truely mattered is me Mikey Way gets to see Bert in real life.. With my own....4? no 2 eyes.
God if i just go to sleep now then surely tomorrow will be here soon enough.

I slept with In Love And Death on repeat.
Every night was a different album from The Used.. I'd never get sick of them for as long as i live.

Words dont describe what i feel for that band.. nothing can... nothing ever will
All i know is i would do absolutely ANYTHING for those four.

The only posters to surround my room were The Used, Black Flag, The Misfits and Anthrax..
The Used had majority of my wall though.
I'd even printed out photos of them that i got off the inter-web.

Gerard told me i had some sick fetish and was far to obssed.
Its just cause he's never felt like this.

He says he loves Frank... Its not love. what i feel for The Used... Now thats love.

"Mikey go to sleep and stop thinking about tomorrow!" Gerard called from his room.
It had advantages of us being a wall apart.
And sometimes it didnt.

When i woke up scared at night i would tap on the wall to wake him up and we'd just sit there talking.
Other times when he and Frank we're getting their sex on was enough to drive me insane...

I made them move the bed away from the wall because it would smash against the wall. And the wall was very very thin.
One night it was so bad it felt like an earthquake.

Mom and Dad dont hear them so its not fair.

But that paticuliar night they were going so hard out my favorite framed picture of Bert fell off the wall and the glass shattered.
After me finding the courage to pick it up and put Bert in my bed and stopped crying over it i marched in there screaming my lungs out at them.
I was a train wreck.

I dont care what you think. Just cause you dont have a favorite framed picture of Bert McCracken.... I know your jelous. i would be

I took my Bert doll cuddling up to him and closing my eyes... Dreaming about tomorrow... How amazing its gonna be...
I cant wait... I'm going to see the band i've been longing to see since i was 10.

Yesterday was my 17th birthday and i got excatly what i wanted... To go see The Used.
i know its probably not normal to be in love with them so much but then again i am gay so... pretty self explanitory really.
Mom and Dad didnt freak out.. Gerard was gay so that was alot easier for me to tell them.


"Gerard... hurry up we're gonna be late!!!" i screamed through my wall.
It was 7pm and i'd been getting ready since i woke up at 6am... i want to look perfect. Bert might look at me in the croud.

"Mikey, Chill"
"Yes Mikey. i want you to chill" he said through the wall again.

"Do you not know what tonight means to me?!"
"Course i do, you've only been telling me about how grate tonights going to be since you we're like 11"
"..IT WAS 10!!!" i screamed... how could he miscalculate how long i've loved The Used.... That was like... setting fire to a Bible in a church...
You just dont do it!


I exhaled...and was grateful he'd agreed to take me.. I wasnt aloud to go with out him.
Stupid parents.

i took another look in the mirror to see if i looked how i was ment to look.
I did.

I did my make up like Berts... The red around the eyes look... I love how he dresses. How he talks. How he smiles. how he laughs. how he's single. how he's
gorgeous... i love every single little detail about the man.

My Used top was one of my favorites.. it was a picture with Bert on it.
And my official Used hooddie Gee and Frank got for my birthday.

I had my skinnys and my boots pulled over them. I made sure my eyes looked like Berts did and walked out the door.

"Mom, Gerards pissing around"
"Gerard! come on... your brothers been waiting all his life for tonight"
"Thank you Mom"

"Aww my baby boy gets to see the boy he's in love with"
"I'm sorry love, but its cute" she smiled kissing my head.
It was so not fair...

I blushed even more.. Why did Gerard have to tell them i think of Bert while im wanking? WHY??? they've never left me alone about him ever since.

"Ok, are you ready Mikey?" Gerard asked finaily emerging from his room.
"Gerard... i've been ready since i was 10. Now lets go!" i said pulling him from the kitchen.

"Bye Mikey.. i hope you have a.... good time" She said with a smile.
"Oh! i will"
"Bye Mommie" Gerard said as we walked out the door.

"Fucking Mammas boy" i smiled as i got in the back of his car.

i wasnt aloud to swear around Mom or Dad but as soon as it was just me Gee and Frankie all the rules changed.

My nerves were hitting the roof as i walked into Maxwells.
Me, Gee and Frankie had made an allocated meeting place if we got seperated and we did.
As soon as we got there i ran full speed to the mosh.

I pushed my way through every one.. no one here loves them as much as me so the way i see it they dont deserve to be at the front.
I do.. Its me.

I stood at the stage getting squashed against it.. it didnt bother me.. not in the slightest.. I was about to see the band that saved my life and gave me a
reason to live..

God! wouldnt they just hurry up all ready!

I saw him! oh my goddd
I screamed like there was no more The Used.
I screamed untill he took his place at the microphone.
I screamed untill he looked at me and smiled.
Thats when i stoped breathing.

"Kickin' it out

Your dream vacation, Smile hostage refuge
A work in progress you bleed just like you puke while running a mile
I beg to differ, make me an offer
Warm summer rain, you bleed just like you puke while running a mile

Hey are you okay?
You look pretty low
Very handsome awkward
Do you feel okay?
You look pretty low
Very handsome awkward

Your market value, your resurrection
Your shallow concept
Help yourself, I hope you choke and die
I know you meant it, nice fucking disguise so hollow
Embrace the burn, you bleed just like you puke while running a mile

Hey are you okay?
You look pretty low
Very handsome awkward
Do you feel okay?
You look pretty low
Very handsome awkward

You look pretty low
You look pretty low

Your dream vacation, Smile hostage refuge
A work in progress you bleed just like you puke while running a mile
I beg to differ, make me an offer
Warm summer rain, you bleed just like you puke while running a mile

Hey are you okay?
You look pretty low
Very handsome awkward
Do you feel okay?
You look pretty low
Very handsome awkward

Hey are you okay?
You look pretty low, pretty low
Pretty hansome awkward
Do you feel okay?
You look pretty low, pretty low
Pretty hansome awkward

Kickin' it out
Kickin' it out
Kickin' it out"

As Bert sung.. i sung..

That was one of my favorite songs.. who am i kidding? every one of their songs is my favorite songs.

"How you guys doing tonight?" his angel voice called as he looked into the croud.
Again i screamed like there was no more The Used.

"you guys look like your doing allright"
"You sound like your doing allright"
"But do you mosh like your doing allright?!"
"well now lets find out!"

He began singing My Pesticide...
i jumped and sang like it was the end of the world.

"ok now we're going to slow it down a bit... Pull out your lighters, your cell phones... those things that glow"

"now sway them.. This song is called Alone This Holiday... Its a secret song"

Not to me Mr McCracken.. I've got every song you've every recorded.

i took out my lighter... i dont smoke but i purchased it for this concert.

As Bert sung.. i sung once again...

He looked suprised to see i knew every word.....OH GOD HE WAS LOOKING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just breath Mikey, Breath.. Stay calm.. Stay cool.....OH NO!!! I CANT BREATHE!!!

The time flew by.

They played
Noise and Kisses
Find A Way (i came to the conclusion he was singing it to me)
I Caught Fire (Another song dedicated to me)
Im a Fake
Its Hard to Say
Wake the Dead
and The Bird and The Worm...

a smile streched across my face as i vacated to the place i was meeting Gerard and Frankie..
I mean, I had just seen the band i look up to more than anything.. I had seen them!

I sat ouside a door on a deserted road waiting for my brother and Frankie.

My nerves are just completely shot!
i need a smoke... i dont care that i dont smoke and nows not a time to start but its eather that or im gonna pass out..i know what i'd rather do.
I took one from Gerards pack...

(He left them with me so he wouldnt lose them... What a fool!)

Put it between my lips and lit it..
I'd seen Gerard do it a trillion times.. i knew it how it worked.

as i set the lighter onto the end and inhailed i began choking as the toxins ran down my throat.
I fell against the wall holding my neck gasping for air..
My eyes began to get water in them.

good god! how do people do this? like seriously?

once i was sure i had it mastered... The breathing part
i took another puff.

This time there was no dramatic Days of Our Lifes scene.... i only coughed a little.

hmmm not bad.

The third time i decided i was a pro... i could go to the olympics now thats how good i am.
Ahh Bert McCracken... i saw him.

Where the hell was my brother?
I bet they were just gonna leave me on the streets of New Jersey the mother fuckers!

I began to stand up and go look for them when i heard talking..
Finialy they we're comming to my rescue..

"I know right?"
"Yeah.. And that kid at the front was so into you Bert"
"You think so?"
"Ohh, I know so"

....wait WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? BERT!!!!...

i turned my head sharply to watch the door i was just leaning on open..


"oh.. My God!!!" i wispered.

"hey Bert look, thats him" The guitarist said pointing at me.

My eyes grew wide as Bert walked towards me.

"hi, i'm-"
"my fucking idol" i said with tears falling down my face.
"aw, your so cute"

i dropped my smoke on the ground and fell down with it.

"...Kid... Come on, Please wake up" i heard someone as they pushed my fringe from my face.

My eyes fluttered open as i saw him.. Bert McCracken.. leaning over me with his deadly smile streched across his face.
"You scared me 'ya know?"
"y-i-me- holy fuck!" i said with more tears falling down my face..
"please dont cry"

"i.i.-m. i'm s-s-so sorry... i... i've been d-dreaming of t-this moment since i w-was 10"
"how old are you now?" he asked helping me up

he put on his thinking face...

"if im correct that means you've like us since 2002?"

i nodded my head at him.

"wow. I've never met a fan to like us for so long"
"I dont like you guys.... I love you guys... more than anything.. You've saved my life so many times.. and i dont know how to repay you so i buy every thing
or your guys i possiably can"
"Thats very sweet thank you"
"... I think its you i need to thank"
"well please dont.. its people like you who got us were we are today...I'm sorry i didnt get your name"
"...Mikey... my names Mikey"
"Well its very nice to meet you Mikey"
"and its a dream come true to meet you"

he blushed a little...

"i..I uhh like your eye make up" he smiled at me.
"yeah, i learn from the best" i smiled and we both shared a laugh.

"Uh Hey Mikey?"
"Yes Bert?"
"would you like to acompany me to a bar and have a few drinks?"

i stoped breathing OH GOD!!!
"Seriously? you want to have a drink with me?"
"well its a small way i could say thank you for loving us"
"I would be honored to"

"Well shall we go?"
"I have to wait for my brother... he should be here soon"
"Ok then" he smiled pulling out a pack of smokes and offering me one...

"I noticed you kind of dropped yours" he said with another smile.

I looked at his smokes. Analizing what brand he smoked.
Malbrough...Well it looks like i'm buying some of them tomorrow.


"hey Mikey..Did you see him.. Are you glad you've finialy seen the man you love?" i heard Gee call down the street.
"Now you can go home and jack off about Bert McCrack- OH MY GOD!!!" Gerard screamed as he ran towards us with Franks hand in his.

I could do nothing but blush...why did he have to say that.

"G-G-Gerard.....Frankie... meet B-Bert" i said as i moved away from Bert so they could meet.
"Oh my god Bert.. you have no idea how much my brother loves you.. his room is full of pictures of you and your band... he had a mental at me for breaking a
framed piture of you" he said shaking his hand mentaly.

good one Bro, way to keep it cool.

"T-this is my boyfriend Frank"
"Well its very nice to met you both"

They both stood there smiling like fools.

"Mikey, we'll go wait in the car for you"
"No need big brother"
"Why not?"
"Me and Bert are gonna go to a bar"

Their smiles streched higher and i'm sure my brother had tears in his eyes.

"well dont let us stop you"
"Its been so grate to met you.. finialy"
"Finialy?" Bert asked Gerard

"well Mikey knows everything about you and hes always walking around the house blabbing everything about you.. One day he did nothing but quote you"
"Really? well thats very cute"

My insides heated as he said that.. i tried not to pass out again

"Well i'll see you later on Little brother... or maybe not" he smiled as he and Frank walked back down the road they came from.

"Well we're do you recommend Mikey?"
"Well, i've never really been to a bar before.. People there dont like me much"
"why not?"

well i couldnt really come right out and say 'you know, just cause i fancy you so much i get hard thinking about you and it happens it bars because when i'm
drunk i'm most vunerable. Just the usual' no, that might freak him out abit...or alot.

"I-im gay" i said quietly.
"so am i, whats the problem"
"Jerseys filled of phobes" i said looking at my feet.

It didnt take me by suprise when he said he was gay.. i knew it all.

"well how about we go back to my hotel room? the other boys wont be there and its not far to walk"
wait, wait, wait, wait right there...

Did he just invite me to his hotel room?!
oh god... i could cum all over the place right now.

'Mikey... keep calm.. play it cool'

"y-yeah i would love to" i smiled in his direction.

"ok well, lets go then" he said as we walked in the opposite way from where i had come.

"So tell me more about your self... your names Mikey, your gay and your 17. what else?"
"Your my god and my idol.. The Used is my favorite band in all of history, I play Bass and yeah... thats all thats interesting about me"
"Your god? Mikey you shouldnt look up to me"
"Of course i should!" i said defening not just my self but himself too.

"One day Mikey.. Your going to realize that we're not that grate and we're just another band trying to make it in the music busnisse"
"I know your in that band and all and you think its ok to bad mouth your self but at this second i'm treating you like someone whos not you that said that"

i took in a deep breath.

"Dont ever! talk about your self like that. Bert McCracken you've saved my life numerous of times and i'm never gonna stop loving you.. not even once i'm
"Thanks Mikey, that means alot to me"
"You mean alot to me"


"Yeah. All my life i've said 'if my house was burning down... i wouldnt attempt to leave cause i wouldnt let my Used stuff burn... I'd turn what ever c.d of
theirs was playing up as loud as it would go... Sit with my Posters. my dolls and my merch and screamed the words to the song playing as i went down with The

"wow... Mikey.. Please never do that.. You can get your stuff again.. But we'll never get a fan as dedicated as you"
"Nope thats true.. you never will. Im your biggest fan, i dont care how many people tell you that... None of them can mean it" i said as we walked into his
hotel room.

"What do you drink Mikey?"
"I drink Jagermister"
"Just like me" he said smiling.
"Thats why i drink it"

"Well i'll order it.. you make your self at home..."

i sat on a couch as i pair of Berts boxers caught my eyes.


Me and Gerard once had a fight over if Bert was a Boxers or a Breifs man.. Of course i said boxers... Gerard on the other hand.. he didnt.
now i'm right..

I could hear Bert talking so i picked up the boxers and inhailed deeply then put them back where they were...
I didnt wanna exhail and it didnt bother me where those boxers had been... now i could say i'd smelt Bert in places other people havnt...
Mikey Way-1 other stupid 'fans'-0.

"ok so i got some Jager, Vodka and some beer.. that should do us for the night"
"T-the night?"
"Well, i'm not letting you walk home off your trolley"
"and besides. It'll be good not sleeping alone"
"i-i'm s-sleeping with you?"
"Well... only if you want to" he said as he got up to answer the door.

FUCK YES I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and not just that kind of sleeping eather.

"Maybe you could ring Gerard and tell him so he's not worring that a rock stars kidnapped you" he called from the door
"ok then"

i made my way to the phone dialing the home number.

"Frank, is Gee there"
"Yeah hold on Mikes"

"Mikey hows it going?"
"I'm staying at his hotel tonight"
"Hes staying the night with him" Gerard called to who ever else was there.

"Mikey... Mikey Baby?"
"Do me a favor?"
"What would that be?"
"...Stay safe for Heavens sake"
"sorry Love, im reminding you, just incase"
"Ok Mom now i'm going good Bye"
"Stay safe-"

i exhailed and turned around to see Bert handing me a shot glass.

"sounded like a heated conversaion" he said pouring Jager in both glasses.
"my Moms just being.... a Mom"

He giggled my favorite giggle... i have it recorded on my phone and listen to it 24/7.

"Oh yeah.. Being a Mom how?" He asked as he drank his shot.
"she told me to 'Be safe'" i smiled thinking about me and Bert doing it.

this time it was my turn to drink the Jager...I didnt swallow it straight away.. i liked the taste of it just sitting in my mouth.
"Dont worry Mikey... i'll make sure to keep it safe" he said pulling a condom from his pocket. His smile streched across his face..

I spat my drink infront of me..

"Sorry Mikey.. i mean- Never mind... I just- sorry"
"You what?"
"I thought you wanted to.. your brother- and... fuck"
"wanted to what?"
"...Fuck me"

"Of course i do... i just didnt think you'd say that to me"
"Oh! well, Lets keep drinking and go with the flow"

About 7 shots down the line we were both pretty fucked.

"Oh god Mikey...i'm so drunk" he said looking at me with a lopsided smile.
"me too Bert me too"

He cracked open a beer for me then one for himself.
I gladly took it from him..

Our hands touched and he took my beer throughing it on the floor.
next thing i knew Bert McCracken was straddling my hips locking lips with me.
oh god it was just as magical as i'd imagened.

his beautiful hands cupped my face as my left hand slipped up his shirt.. the other one tangling in his hair... I knew just how much Bert loved his hair.
He loved his more than i loved mine.

Berts tounge slid along my bottom lip...
oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god!!!
Im about to get hard..
Hard for an actual Bert McCracken!

Not a poster! not a picture! not his voice! not his laugh! not an image or anything else... But Bert McCracken himself!!!
God right now im the luckiest person in the fucking world.

He rolled his hips against mine.
Pressing our erections together....

Before long last I had my hooddie and top off..
It was pretty cold but i knew it wouldnt be much longer.

As soon as my tops were off that boy had his lips back to mine..
moaning into my mouth.

i pulled his top over his head...
Once again as soon as it was taken from him he crashed his lips onto mine.
this time there was no messing around his tounge went in my mouth straight away.

Note to self: never eat, Drink, swallow, brush my teeth, or rinse my mouth out for as long as i live.

Bert had some trouble with my belt before pulling out of where it belonged.

"come on Babe.. We'll go to my bed" He said taking my hand and leading me to the room where numerous bags sat.
Numerous hair products, Numerous make up bottles, Brushes, containers.... i think you get the point.

Bert stood in his black boxers as he walked closer to me.

Oh god!!! i cant believe this.
I know i'm gonna wake up to Gerard shaking me senceless complaining im moaning to loud while i get myself off..
I wished this wasnt a dream.

My jeans were down around my ankles. I undid my boots and pushed them and my jeans onto the floor.
Bert pulled me to the bed where i layed down.

He once again straddled my hips as we shared another kiss.
This time alot slower.
Alot more romantic.

His hands were eather side of my head.. God this was so much better than anything i could ever ask for!
i've been waiting 10 long years for this moment and it's all been worth the wait.

Bert de-tached his mouth from mine and slowly kissed down my neck. Once he was at my collerbone he licked a line up my neck where he began sucking hungrily
at the flesh.

"ohh god Bert!"
"thats right Baby" He said sucking harder.

He rolled his hips into mine again.

"uhh im so hard Bert"
"I know Baby.. i know" He said crawling down me to my boxers.

He pulled them off me and put them on the ground.

Bert Mc fucking Cracken was about to suck me off... Incase you guys havnt noticed i love him more than a Cocaine addict loves Cocaine!!! if thats not making
a point i dont know what is.

He pushed my legs apart a little bit before enclosing my dick in his mouth.
As soon as his mouth came in contact with me i was ready to release.

He licked the rim of my head... Oh god!!!

"Uhhh Bert... Ohhh god!! s-so fucking good!" i moaned as he took more of me in his mouth.

His hands taking my base as he twisted in a sexy way..
Ohh i hope i remember this tomorrow..
Who am i kidding? its not everyday you get sucked off by the guy you love.

"Uhhh Bert..I-im s-so fucking close!"

His pace fastened as my mussles tightened..

"UHH!!" i squawked as i came.. Bert swallowing every drop..
I layed there taking in fresh air.
panting attempting to get my breathing right..

Bert crawled up next to me.

"How was that?"
"amazing Bert"
"Good.. now do you wanna help me?"

I crawled onto of him....
This was really the one i'd dreamed of...
Taking it up the ass by Bert.

I lowered my lips to meet his where he slowly began kissing me once more..
his tounge begging against my lips.. I opened my lips to accept his tounge.

He explored every inch of my mouth.. Every single part of me.
Running his warm sexy tounge along my teeth.
i pushed his tounge back with my own... Winning dominance.

I'll savour the taste of his mouth untill i'm dead and gone..
I'll cherish this kiss untill we meet again... When ever that might be.

Bert rolled us over so he was on top.. His hair falling down onto my face.
I immediatly wrapped my legs around his waist as our kissing continued....

"Baby.. are you ready?"

He licked his finger and shoved it in me..
next thing i knew i felt him scissor me and watched him spit on his palm to lube him up.

He carefully thrusted into me... The tip of his head at my entrance..
I felt it go in and shuddered with excitment.
He pulled his dick out again so he was just at his tip once more.
He pushed into me causing me to scream in happieness.

"uhnnn Bert...Oh...g-god!" i said quietly.
"W-whats my n-name Baby?"
"B-Bert" i wispered.
"Bert who?"
"B-Bert Mc fucking Cracken" i said quietly.

He pulled out a little bit more and thrusted hard into me.
I rose my hips to meet his thrusting.

"f-faster... Faster"
"F-faster? y-you want me to go faster?"
i nodded my head with my eyes shut.

Bert grabbed onto my hips.... My legs still wrapped around his waist.
He thrusted faster... Right into my prostate..

"Uhhnnnn!!! right there!"
"Right there?" He asked thrusting again..
"Yeah!!! Harder"

I didnt need to tell him twice..
He was pounding me straight into my prostate..

"Im gonna fucking cum!" i yelled looking into Berts eyes.
"Me too"

"Scream my name Babe" he purred in my ear.
"Louder" he said going even harder.
"louder!" he said as he pulled his dick out to the tip.

I took in a few deep breaths waiting for him to slam back into me.

and he did causing me to cum all over his beautiful stomach

"BERT!!!!" i screamed as loud as i could.. Just like in the mosh pit.
He spilled his sead all in me.

But yet he thrusted a few more times before pulling out and lying next to me.

We we're both scilent while getting our breathing back on track.

"mmm?" i said still to tired to get any words out
"I- i just want you to know.. I dont do that to any fans... ever.. Your the first i've been with for a long time.. Over 5 years"
"Really?" i asked stearing at the roof.
"Well thank you then"

"And Mikey?"
"Yeah Bert?"
"I-i dont want this to be just some one night stand"

I rolled over on my side to look at him.

"W-what do you mean?"
"I-I dont want this to be a one night stand"
"Mikey.. this is going to sound absurd.. but you love me so so so fucking much. One day i hope to return that love to you... i know with me on tour currently
this is all gonna be a bit hard... and a lot weird but Mikey will you be my boyfriend?"

I stoped breathing and i felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

"a-are.. you serious?"
"Y-yeah. I mean just now i've realized what i'm missing out on.. and i'm missing out on it with you.. Please"

I latched my mouth on to his.

"Baby, i know its going to be hard.. but i'll ring you everyday and we can talk on the inter-web and text and i dunno what else.. Write letters if we fucking
have to..."

I began kissing him messily as he cupped my face i pushed the back of his head to deepen the kiss

"I would love to be your Boyfriend"


"Are you sure your parents wont freak out Baby?"
"No, No not at all. They all ready know that your the guy that turned me gay" i smiled as we walked hand and hand down my street.
"Even more reason to hate me?"
"no.. i swear Honey, they wont hate you"
"okay then" He said squeezing my hand.

I pushed the door open.

"I'M HOME!" I yelled so who ever was home could hear me.

"So did you fuck him Mikes? I thought you- Oh my god!"
"Hi Gerard" Bert smiled at him.
"Y-your in my house... Holding my brothers hand!"
"Y-yeah... i guess i am" Bert smiled at Gerard.

"baby, BABY GET DOWN HERE!!!" Gerard screamed up the hallway.
Frankie came down instantly.

"Wha- What the fuck?" he said once he got to me and Bert.

"Mikey your ho- is that Bert McCracken?" My Mom asked as she dropped the shopping by the door.
"Yeah.. It is"
"As in Bert McCracken your in love with?"
"Yeah... this is him"
"Please tell me you were safe Mikey?!"

i released Berts hand and helped her pick up the grocerys.

"Mom, Gerard, Frank. This is my Boyfriend Bert" i smiled at those three taking his hand again.
"Your B-boyfriend?" Gerard struggled to say
"Yip. thats right"

"Y-you got Bert? YOU Mikey you got Bert McCracken?"

Frank stood there grinning at us both

"I'm so sorry Baby, but i have to go now"
"aw!.. well ok then"
"Dont worry, i'll be back sometime soon"
"Yeah.. Maybe i'll come back for Thanks giving"
"Thats not till November"
"I know Baby. I know" he said kissing my head.

"Well i guess if i hear from you every day its not gonna matter right?"
"Yeah, and i'll text you all the time. Except for when i'm on stage"
"Ok" i said walking him out to the bus out front.

"wanna meet the guys first?"
"I thought so" he smiled taking my hand and walking up the stairs of the bus.

"Hey Bert... Is he cute?"
"Guys this is my Boyfriend Mikey... Baby this is the guys" he said as he held my waist and pulled me close to him.

"Wow.. he is cute" Quinn said to us.
"He is and fuck off hes mine!"

i laughed at their immaturity.

"Well you guys had better get going"
"Yeah" he said to me...

I dreaded this part of our one night together... Leaving..
but it was comforting knowing he was still going to be mine on tour.

"Can you guys give us a second please?" Bert said to the boys who were looking at us smiling.

He walked me off the bus and stood so we were on the path leading to my house..

"I'm gonna miss you sooooooo much Baby" Bert said wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his forehead on mine.
"I'm gonna miss you too"

He put his lips on mine. Slowly working against my own.
i dragged my tounge along his bottom lips as he partly opened his lips letting me enter his mouth.
I was going to miss this massivly!.

I heard a round of wolf whistling going on..
I turned to see Frankie and Gee hanging out his bedroom window aswell as Berts bandmates, Tour manager and bus driver copying my brother and his boyfriend.

"Sorry to break this up but we have to move on" Brian called.... Brian i knew.. he was their manager... Hes like a big brother to Bert.
I learnt this from youtube but you know it never hurts to be clued up on these things.

"Brians right Honey, You should get going"
"How do you know him?"
"Baby..." i said taking his hands infront of my own.

"I'm The Used's biggest fan... i watched far to much youtube" i smiled.

he pulled me into his chest where i smiled against it.

"I wanna take a picture of us" he said kissing my cheek
and another one of us looking at the camera.

"Your welcome Baby"
"Tell me you love me"

i took in a deep breath.

"I fucking love you Bert"
he smiled kissing my head.

"I'll ring you once we're in New York"
"Ok Baby"

I watched him walk onto his bus smiling stupidly to myself.

The bus must have been nearly ready to go when i saw Bert open the window.

"baby?" i looked at him
"Baby, i love you too" he smiled as the bus pulled away.

My heart stopped beating as i fell to the floor.
I was awake but it was just the most magnificant thing to ever be told.
Dreams do come true... My biggest dream has just come true.
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