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Boys Dont Kiss And Tell

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Linda and Donna meet through a cake decorating class. Its taken a long time for Gerard, Mikey and Frank to meet. When they do Frank and Gerard start dating

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I sat on the counter drinking a coffee my Mommie had made me.
she gave me her killer grin
Oh God! whats she about to say.

"You know love, I think its about time you found someone" She said looking to me blushing
"Mom! i'll find someone when i'm ready"
"You know Donnas oldest son is gay" she said walking to the fridge

I put my cup down and rushed up to my room.

"And I Think I'm ready now!!!" I screamed looking in my mirror in attempt to find the perfect thing to wear
"Frank, what are you doing?" My Mom asked standing at my door. I hopelessly held different shades of eyeliner against my skin

I took my eyes off myself and threw the phone at Mom.

"Im getting ready, Your ringing Donna to bring her son over" I said pulling on my black skinnys.
"Thats my boy" She smiled walking out to the hall

Gees. P.O.V

"Mom, havnt you tried to set me up enough?"
"You'll like this boy Gerard.. you really will"
"thats what you said about Bert" I said with tears comming to my eyes as I thought of him.. His smile, His laugh, His beautiful eyes.
Why didnt he like me?

"And I was right. Look GeeBear, I know things didnt work out the way you wanted with Bert but I promise you, your really going to like Frank" Mom said
Pulling me out the door.
"What makes you so sure?"
"Because Im your Mother and I think he's a little cutie"

God this poor kid!
I wonder if his Moms trynna push me onto him too.

"And even if you dont like him.. Like that, Im sure you could both be friends"

I've met Linda numerous times and she is a lovely woman. And an amazing friend to my Mom they've been best friends for so long but me and this Frank boy
havnt met yet. I've been told alot about him as he has me but... It was only untill about half an hour ago I was told he was gay.

Linda and my Mom met at their cake decorating class.. how weird right?..

"Ok GeeBear, We're here, Please be nice.. Linda is my girlfriend and-"
"Girlfriend?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.
"You know a good friend.. I'm not gay son, Im married"
"Oh Yeah!" I shared a laugh with my Mom.

We're both very very very close.

I stood on the porch as Mom rang the bell.

"Hey DeeDee"
"Hi Linds"

Not gay? they so are, They've got pet names for each other all ready.

"Hi Gerard"
"Hi Mrs Iero"

"Frankie, Baby... Donna and Gerard are here" she called up the stairs.

Oh god. That poor kid.. at least we have something in common at the moment... Our Moms are mental fruit jobs.

Franks P.O.V

Oh god hes here.. hes so not gonna be into me.. Oh well here goes nothing.

I did a once over in the mirror..
My fringe flattened and pushed to the side of my face.
Red eyeliner, Skinnys, Black Flag top, Converse, lip and nose ring in place well I guess Im ready to see this kid.

I opened my door taking in a rather large breath...

"Frankie! I thought you would never come down!" Mom cried as I walked out to meet her gaze.
"Well here I am" I said with a giggle.
"Gerard this is my son Frank"
"Frank this is Gerard" my Mom said introducing us.

I looked up from my feet to see.... God! standing before my eyes.
My mouth fell open as I looked into his green eyes. His pink thin lips, His black hair.
my heart skipped a few beats.

"Hi" He smiled

I felt my knees go weak and give way

Gees P.O.V

"Oh My Stars!!!" I heard Linda shriek as she made her way over to an uncontious Frank on the floor.
I couldnt help but smile.

He passed out when he saw me... Isnt it adoriable.
he is pretty adoriable himself actually.

His straightened black Fringe. beautiful chocolate eyes. lip and nose ring. Olive skin... why come to think about it he was fucking gorgeous really!

"Gerard, Go help him up" My Mom wispered.

I kneeled next to this boy who if Mom and Mrs Iero wernt here I would have jumped this very second.
I watched his eyes flutter open

"Oh my gosh Frankie, please dont do that to me again!" Linda called wrapping Frank in a hug
"Sorry Mom, I didnt mean to" He said after being released.

he looked back to me before standing up.

"Hi, Im Frank" He smiled putting a hand out to shake mine.
"Gerard" I smiled back shaking his hand.
"Its nice to meet you"
"As it is you" I smiled releasing his hand.

"Frankie-kins, why dont you show Gerard your comic collection" His Mom said with a grin.

"You have a comic collection!" I asked as I choked on dry air.
"Well I wouldnt call it a collection but I have some.. If you'd like to see them?"
"Yeah.. If its cool with you"
"Absolutely" he said as we walked back up the hall.

I turned back to see both our Mothers giving me a thumbs up...


"Well this is my room.." He said as we walked in.
"Its beautiful!" I stuttered as I looked around

As you walked in straight ahead was a mirror, hair and make-up accessories.
To the left of that was a wooden book shelf stacked with comics.
Infront of that was a queen bed.

His walls plastered with posters and Photos. I shut the door behind me.
The poster on the back of his door was Watchmen.... Im pretty sure I just came in my pants.

"Are you ok Gerard?"
"Yeah I like it alot"
"it-its my favorite comic!!!" I said turning around to face him...

"Nicccce, Im much more a Batman fanatic"
"Oh! I love Batman too!"

God could he possiably be anymore perfect!!!

"I have a few Watchmen comics but I bet you've allready got them"
"Well gizz a look Frankie" I smiled as he picked up a stack of comics.

I sat on his bed analizing more of his room....
A white Guitar leaned against his drawers with 'Pansy' Written across it.

"you play?" I asked and then infact realizing it was possiably the stupidist question I could possiably ask..
His guitars sitting there and I ask him if he plays?!?!? what a tard!

"Yeah, since I was a kid.. My Dad brought her for me"
'oh.. yeah" I smiled at him

Franks P.O.V

Good god.. I like him.. I like him a ton.

"where is your Dad? if you dont mind me asking"
"No, its fine" I didnt have a problem with Mom and Him splitting..of course it ruined me but I realized that its what they wanted and them staying together
for me was making it worse.

"He lives in Napa, California"
"Thats far away"
"Yeah.. He and my Mom divorced about 10 years ago and he left, over there.. I always go over on holidays and what not. He comes over for my birthday... I
get to have two Christmas' one here and one with Dad and Rose"
"is that his new wife?"

"So it wasnt cause of your sexuality?"
"not at all, He was happy about it.. it was actually Mom who I had a harder time with" I said looking down.

"How long?" he asked as I looked back to him.
"How long what?" I asked with a laugh.
"have you been out of the closet?"
"uhh since I was 13"
"so thats like... What?"

"5 years"
"your the same age as me"
"If your 17 then I guess so" I smiled at him...
"That I am"

"Boys" my Mom knocked on the door.
"Come in Mom"

"What do you two want for dinner?"
"Gerard and Donna are staying for dinner, You two get to chose what it is we consume"

I looked at Gerard.

"You eat Cheese Pizza?" I asked
"Like theres no tomorrow"

I directed my attention back to my mother.

"We have come to a decision that we would like Cheese Pizza" I smiled as Mom smiled at me and Gerard.
"Ok Boys, i'll leave you to it again"

"Mothers these days" I muttered more to myself
"I couldnt agree more"

"Hey Gerard?"
"Yeah Frankie?"
"since our Moms are gonna be in their stupid cake decorating class, And we have alot in common maybe you could spend the night and we could watch movies and
just eat junk? I mean if you say no or it would be weir-"
"Frank, I would love to"

Wow! did he really just say that?

"yeah, I mean like I think we're gonna be good friends... I've never met someone so much like me before... its cool"
"Cool.. well I highly doubt our Moms having a problem with it" I said with a smile.

We shared a laugh before my Mom called us into the kitchen


"Well, we really should get going now Gee"
"Already? well ok then" Gerard said standing up. Me and Mom following lead.

"Oh! Mom, I almost forgot.. you know how you and Mrs Way have your fancy decor-whats it tomorrow night?"
"would it be ok if Gerard came over and we hung out?"

I watched as Mom and Mrs Way's smiles skyrocketed...
I felt myself blush and was pretty sure Gerard was blushing too.

"Mom! am I not aloud to have a friend over or something?"
"Of course love... of course"
"Well Im glad thats sorted" I said as Donna opened the front door.

"Well, thanks for having us Linds"
"Anytime DeeDee"
"Uhh I'll see you tomorrow Gerard"
"As I will you" he smiled and leaned towards me.


His thin lips pushed agianst my cheek... I blushed uncontolably

"well, I'll see you later Frankie" he said... I felt like I was floating..

Mom pushed the door shut and I slid down agianst it holding my cheek where his lips had just been.
"Told you you'd like him"

Gees P.O.V

We sat in the car and I couldnt stop thinking about him..
I watched my Mom drive us down the road.

"Gee honey, are you gonna say something?"

Yeah... I'll say something... I'll deffiantly say something

"WHY DIDNT YOU MAKE ME GO THERE WHEN YOU FIRST MET LINDA!!!" I screamed waving my hands around.
"oh love, Im sorry... I just didnt think it was approiate, You we're getting over Bert remember?"
"I could have forgotten alot faster if you hadnt of been selfish and had taken me there!" I salked folding my arms over my chest
"I'm sorry Gerard... Better late then never right?"

I mumbled a sure as I stomped down to my room.

Why was it this long of a wait untill I met that mother fucker? by god he was fucking incrediable!!!...

I stomped up the stairs deciding to give my Mom the scilent treatment... it seems like the job of a two year old... I know but I just met with my own two
eyes Frank fucking Iero!!!

I brushed my teeth as my brother rounded the corner and started brushing his teeth next to me...

"I hear your having guy problems" He said spitting out the paste
"Something like that" I said copying him.
"wanna talk about it?"
"Met me in my room in 5?"
"I'll see you there" He smiled rinsing his toothbrush and leaving...

We allways have secret little C.I.A meetings like that.

I resumed my seat on my bed while I waited the arrival of my brother.. Mikey, He's such an amazing kid.. I love him so much.
he's still 14 but that dont mean nothing... so what? he's my best friend and I dont care what you have to say about that!

"Hey Gee"
"Hey Mikes" I smiled sitting up
"where 'ya been" I said noticing the smile drapped across his face.
"I'll tell 'ya later, Lets hear about this guy your in love with"
"I'm not in love with him Mikey"

"whats his name?"
"Frank... Frank Iero"
"L-Lindas son?"
"Yeah.. why?"
"No reason.... I expected him to be some freak of nature... We've never met him"
"Well I have... let me tell you little brother he is fucking sex material"
"Sex material eh? so can I... can I met him?"
"NO! hes mine!" I said shoving my brother abit

"Ok, good God! I was just asking"
"And now you know"
"Yeah.. thank Heaven for that"

"He's so beautful Mikes.. His smile his ey- HE COLLAPSED WHEN HE SAW ME!!!" I screamed causing my brother to squeal and go flying backwards off my bed.

He lyed on his back looking at my roof.

"Yeah.. uhh I was ment to do that Gee"

I pulled myself to the edge of my bed near pissing myself.

"...MIKEY!!! you should have seen your face!!! your lips went in opposite directions and your eyebrows damn near zoomed off your head!!!" I screamed
trying to explain with out laughing.

"Here.. Let me show ya" I said trying to immatate him...
I flew my eye brows up and then decided it was best I ran to the bathroom before I wet my bed and pants.

"GERARD!!! whats with the noise!!!"
"I cant stop Mom! ima piss myself" I laughed running to the bathroom.

once I was sure I had no more piss left inside me I washed my hands and returned to see my Mom helping a stranded Mikey off the floor.

"Oh! Im so sorry Mikes but it truley was fucking hilarious"
"yeah.. I thought about you doing the same and decided it was pretty funny"
"Good! well im glad we've sorted that" I smiled looking down at my brother....

I thought about his face again and that caused me to drop to the floor.

"If you wernt screaming to me about Frank, This wouldnt have happened Gerard!" I heard Mikey call as I tried to steady my laughing attack...
fuck it who am I kidding? my brothers eyebrows nearly FLEW!!! Of his fucking face!!! and his lips!!! they looked like some Elvis act!!!

"Mikey... Mikey Im sorry, I cant help it" I said wiping off my tears that had fallen out of my eyes.
"I think I'll leave you boys to it" My Mom said as I heard her walk out my room.

"Gerard! sit up before I go kiss Frank"

I shot up like a rocket

"You will do no such thing!"
"I just wanted you to get up"
"Well... Put Frank infront of me and Im sure I'll have no problem doing that"

Mikey looked to the sky as he figured it out

"You set your self up for it little brother"
"Uggg!!! eeeewwwwwiiieee Gerard! just NO!"
"I'm spending tomorrow night with him Mikes" I smiled sitting back on my bed sure I wont have another laughing fit!
"So hes that gorgeous?"

"Hes like an orgasim on legs... Sex on legs... Hes.. Yes!! hes THAT gorgeous"
"Well then I think I might come meet him tomorrow"
"what? no! you cant Mikey!"

"I'll just meet him, Then I'll leave"
"Cross my heart hope to die"
"Good" I said putting my head on my pillows....

"I'm gonna go to bed Gee, I'll see you in the morning"
"Night little brother"
"Night Gee" He said wrapping his arms around me and putting his head in my neck...

Hes so fucking cute! I know hes my brother but I dont care

I wrapped my arms around his back.

"I love you Gee"
"I love you too Mikes" I smiled as he walked out of my room.

Franks P.O.V

I sat up looking at my phone... its only 10! I wonder when Gees comming?
I took my body from my bed walking to the bathroom in only my boxers.

"Frank! i do wish you would put some clothes on before parading around here!"
"Mom there is no difference to you walking around in spanky pants and a feeling frisky wonder bra!" I argued in my defence.
"Frank, there is nothing wrong with Wonder bras!" I heard Mrs Way call up the stairs.

I heard two more voices giggling.

"Donna, everythings wrong with it when your Moms walking around with her tits praticly on display!" I smiled knowing I was right.
There was a whole bunch of giggling

"Anywho Mom, Im having a shower..Tell me when pretty boys here"
"ok Love" I heard Mom giggling


I step out of the shower shaking my hair off..
I wrapped a towel around my hair
dryed my body before wrapping a towel around my hips and proceding to walk into my room.

I pushed my door open to see Gerard and some other kid sitting on my bed.

"Fuck. sorry we'll come back in- when your dressed" Gerard said covering the other boys eyes.
the other boys mouth just hung open...

Gerard tried to push it shut but he didnt do a very good job.. It fell open again.

"uhh yeah, I'll tell you when its safe" I smiled. And there it was, There he was. Gerard!
"ok" Gerard said dragging the kid with him.

Oh god what if it was his boyfriend?

I hair dried my hair straightening it applying my eyeliner, boxers, Misfits top, Red skinnys and a Misfits belt.
Misfits all the way!

I pulled some ankle socks over my tiny little feet did a once over in the mirror and was ready to go

"uhh Im clothed" I called out my door.

Gerard and that other kid come in praticly straight away.

"Hi, Im sorry about before, I really am. Gerard said you were gorgeous and I just didnt think he would be right!" The kid said sucking in air at the end
of his statement.

Wait... did he say Gerard said I was gorgeous.

"Mikey! shut up" Gerard said pushing the Mikey kid.

They were both blushing uncontrolably.
I was guessing I was too.. but hey what can you do?

"uh Frank, this is my little Brother Mikey.. Mikey, Frank" He said smiling at me.

"So hes NOT your boyfriend?!"
"WHAT?!?! FRANK THATS EWW!!!" Gerard said still managing to smile considering I had just insulted him.

Mikey must have just clicked to what I said...

"Ok i know we've just met..but honestly i would fuck you anyday over my brother!"
"Uhh Thanks I guess... I guess i'll take that as a compliment" I smiled blushing even reder at the Mikey kid.

"no Frank, I dont have a boyfriend" Gerard smiled before taking a seat on my bed..
"ohh I know-I-"
"Well not yet he dosnt" Mikey said looking at his brother.

"Oh? theres someone your chasing" I said getting a bit upset..
I knew it. He was to good to be true.

"Yeah.. Gerards told me all about him... Hes pretty hott if I dont say so my-"
"Mikey!!! fuck up" Gerard said throwing a pillow at Mikey.

"no-no its ok... I dont mind at all" I said not wanting to ruin the friendship me and Gerard could have... I mean hes to fucking gorgeous for his own good

Gees P.O.V

I cant believe Mikey! God he mars well just be like 'And by the way my big brother wants to fuck you' like hes such a goober!

"Is there someone you like Frank?" Mikey asked.

God this kid sure had trouble understanding fuck up

"Yeah there is... hes not interested though" Frank said looking down at the ground.

Aww that poor hott motherfucker.. He could have any guy he fucking wanted.. you know what? Im gonna go pay this other guy a visit... Tell him what I think
of him for hurting Frank.

"Who is he? does he live here in Belleview? does he go to our school? is he hott? do we know him?" Mikey said once again gasping for air
"Uhh hes drop dead stunning and thats all I have to say" Frank said looking up then down.

"Well thats not much information, Gee might wanna go pay him a visit"

I threw another pillow at Mikey.

"Mikey, fuck up or fuck off!!!"
"Ok ok ok good god! keep your dick in place!" Mikey said walking out the door.

"Im really sorry about him, hes a dick sometimes" I said to Frank who looked hurt
"Frank... Hello? anyone home... Hey!"

"Oh! sorry" He said looking at me.. His eyes looked like they were watering
"What? what is it Frankie?"
"Its just- Its-"

"Boys! were going now"
"Bye Mommie!!!" Frank called towards the door.

"Bye Gee"
"Bye Mom" I smiled in her direction.

Once our Mothers had left Frankie leaned his back against the head board.

"Frank, What is it... Im no mind reader" I said softly looking up at him as I moved my head to see him.

he looked beautiful even from lying down.

"..Never mind.. you wanna coke?"
"Sure.. I dont see why not"

What was with him? I didnt want nobody to hurt him. I wanted to know who he liked...

Frank could have any fucking guy he wanted... he was just actually drop dead fucking gorgeous.
Hes got nothing on Bert... Nothing on anyone...

"Here Gerard" Frank smiled handing me a coke and pulling me from my thoughts....

"So I think we should get to know each other abit more better" I said sipping on my coke.
"You go first" he said still looking bumbed out..

"ok, Frank.... Whats wrong.. Please tell me. Im a big boy and Im sure I can handle it"
"You really wanna know?"
"Yes Frank.. I really want to know"

"The thing is.. I-I This is gonna sound stupid so nev-"
"Tell me Iero"
"Gerard... I like you, and I know you like someone else and thats fine"

wow!!! he could have ANYONE in the fucking world and he wanted me... ME!!!! Gerard fucking Way

my mind went completely blank.... I didnt know what to say... I mean of course I know I like him but he dosnt know that..

"sorry Gerard I should ne-"
"Frank, I like you too" I said in what I thought was only a wisper.. apparently not.

"you-you do?"
"Oh" he said looking back down to the rim of his cup...

"Well what are we gonna do about this?" I asked at a scared looking Frank.
"Uh...well Im not to sure... What do you think we should do?"

"well Frank. You like me, I like you?"
"Yeah" He mumbled abit louder
"well maybe we could.... Try? being together.... If-if you want to"
"your asking me out?" he smiled looking at the blankets on his bed
"I-I guess I am" I beamed...

I just asked Frank Iero out... The guy I fell in love with yesterday...

"Well.... yeah.. of course I will Gerard" he smiled lifting his head..
Our eyes met..

My boyfriend was looking me smack in the eyes.... MY BOYFRIEND!!!

I rested my hand behind his back using it for support.. so i didnt crush his tiny little body.

He ran a finger down the side of my face and stoped at my lips.
Franks eyes darted from my eyes to my mouth again and again..

I looked to his chocolate beautiful eyes one last time before closing my own.
Shutting the gap between our lips.

Franks P.O.V

Gerard layed with his arm behind my neck so his hand rested on my back.
I had my head laying on his chest with my arm draped over his hips.
We layed with the covers over us completely watching Hangover....
it was one of my favorite movies.... apparently one of Gerards too.

"How do you think our Moms are gonna react?" Gerard wispered against my hair.
"They'll probably shit themselvs"

I heard that sexy motherfucker giggle...

"Is that your Mom home now?" Gee asked as I heard a car door slam.
"Whats the time?" I looked at my phone.


"Yip thats her home" I sighed... I didnt want her to be home yet... I was having such a good time just me and Gee... we might just have been watching movies
but I dont give a fuck!

"Frankie are you awake?" Mom called softly from outside my door.
"Yeah, come in" I said sitting up from Gerard.

When the door opened light invaded my room... I wasnt a huge fan on light but I guess I'd be fucked without it.

"oh! Gerard, your still here"
"Hes staying... member Mom?"
"Oh yeah I just- I forgot... sorry, I'll leave you alone"
"No you've gotta tell us all about Cake whats it"

I looked to Gerard who had a grin streched across is face.

"Well.." Mom started as she prosseded over to sit at the end of my bed.

"Me and Donna made a chocoate orange cake and we were having a race with the men who sit next to us-"
"Oh the men? maybe I should come down there and tell them where to-"
"Frank! I wasnt finsished my story!" Mom said narrowing her eyes at me causing both me and Gee to laugh.
"As I was saying before I got rudely intrupted, Jarron and Caleb challanged us to a race so Me and Deed's set their timer on the oven foward 20 minutes
then when their bell went off they rubed it in our faces that they won... however when me and Deed's cake was done we compaired the two.
The boys wondered why their cake looked sunken in the middle... When Jerry went to taste them he spat theirs in the sink causing us to win" Mom said clapping
her hands together.

I was in misbelief..

"MOM! you cheated!"
"Its not cheating Honey, Its winning with a little white lie"
'Easily.. anywho the story gets better"
"Oh God. Kill me now" I said falling backwards on the pillows causing Gerard to laugh even more.

"As we were walking to the car Jarron asked me on a date"

I choked on dry air.

"He did what!?" I called through gritted teeth.
"Frank, Calm down. Its a good thing, Your Mom will be busy with some guy and we can h-"
"And Jarron asked DeeDee out"
"He did what?!" Gerard copied my words about his own Mother.

"Gee calm down its a good thing your Mom will be busy with some guy" I smiled telling Gerard what he told me.
"You be quiet Frankie" He smiled back.

"And then!!!" Mom cried waving her hands around like a loon.

"Ok Mom, we get it... Now if you dont mind I think I would like to sleep"
"Ok ok gosh" She muttered walking to the door.

"Night Boys"
"Night Mom"
"Night Linda"

"I was wondering if that fucking story had a point of not" I sighed laying back down on Gerard.
"Those two are like little kids" Gerard said kissing my head.
"I reckon, they shouldnt be worring about us it should be the other way around"

He gave out his giggle once more...

"I think the movies over" He said once the credits rolled up the screen.
"I think so too" I smiled getting out of bed to turn the t.v off...

It was complete darkness.

"Night Frankie"
"Night Gee" I said as he kissed my cheek.

Gees P.O.V

"Thanks for putting up with Gerard Linds"
"didnt even know he was here"
"Its true she didnt... Then she keept blabbing about two hobos from your Cake whats it" Frankie called from the kitchen.

Hes so fucking gorgeous... I mean like.... I AM THE LUCKIEST GUY EVER!!!!!!!!

"Yeah, Franks telling the truth" I smiled at him as he walked back into the lounge handing me a can of Red Bull.
"So what did you boys get up to last night?"
"You know. The usual... We talked... watched movies, had sex, ate popcorn, had a popcorn fight... stuff normal people would do" I said looking at Frank who
was trying to keep a straight face without laughing.

"You did what?" Mom asked
"Had sex.. Im guessing thats the one you mean even though it wasnt the last thing I said"
"You.. you two h-had-"
"No we didnt Mom. I just wanted to see how you reacted"
"OH... I was going to say well done but never mind"

"Being on the subject of dating" I bellowed
"we wernt on that subject"
"No, but now we are"

everyone laughed.... it was pretty good if I dont say so myself

"Me and Frankie are going out... I thought you should know"
"You are?!?!" Mom and Linda screamed in sync.

"Yeah" Frankie looked at his Mom to my Mom then to me with his adoriable smile across his face
"Boys thats...."
"Wonderful!" Linda finished the line for my Mom.

"We had a feeling you'd say that" Frank smiled once again

"Wh-when did this all happen?" Linda said to us smiling
"Well last night before you got home"
"I knew I was inturupting. Frankie why didnt you tell me?"
"Cause you were to wrapped up in Caleb world to notice anything me or Gee had to say" Frankie said sucking in air at the end of his sentance



"well anyway yes me and Frankie are together and I really wanna go to town. Frank, comming?"
"I should hope so" My Mom said with her filthy smile on her face.

"MOM!!! Comming... not Cumming"
"Gee.. you have one SICK mind"
"Mikeys gotta learn from me yet Mom"
"No. he will not"
"Anyway. Gee you were saying were going to town"
"Yip.. lets go" I smiled grabbing his hand and walking to the front door.
"That went well"

"Yeah Frankie?"
"I Really like you, I mean like I should. Im the luckiest guy in the all of the world'
"Nah, I'd say more me" I smiled at him.

"Hey Gee?"
"Frankie?" I answered as he stopped on the side walk.

"Gee.. I- I love you"
"What?" I managed to get out in a wisper
"I love you Gerard... it dosnt matter to me that we just met its just that Im not sure I just love you Gee"
"I know i should have waited abit longer"
"But i just cant help it. I cant stop what I feel"
"Yeah Gee?"

"I love you too"
"see I knew you'd say that but I know- wait what?"
"I love you too Frankie"
"Y-you do?"
"Yes Frankie i fucking do"

I watched his eyes narrow in on me... his head getting closer and closer to mine.
as my eyes shut my mouth opened just a tiny bit and I felt a pair of familiar lips on mine.. the lips I've fallen for.. The lips of Frank Iero.
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