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The day I met Hey Monday

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Best night of my life.. so far. :)

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I might forget bits out and mess bits up but I'll try my best, (:

I got up for school an hour early to bath before I got ready. Then I went to school as normal. I went on and on all day about how I was gonna go see Hey Monday that night, and my "friend" Conner kept telling me to shut up but I carried on. I got home and got out the check list I had made a while before, 'cause I'm sad like that. I got changed into my old black skinnies, scruffy converse, My Chemical Romance baggy tee, Fall out Boy broken heart hoody and Criminal Damage belt, then packed my pockets.
I know this part of the story is boring, but bare with me! xD
I wanna remember EVERY detail! ^_^
I packed my back pockets with, the note I was gonna throw onstage for them to tell them to come out after the show, one poster from Kerrang! of all of them and the page from Kerrang! with Cassadee, it's white and easier to be signed. I also packed my two pieces of fan art. I got my chewing gums and Sharpies and packed them into my front pockets, along with my camera and phone.
Now would be a bad time to fall in a pool and get drenched. ^_^
I re-straighten my hair and apply more eyeliner.
Then I go downstairs and sit.
I'm ready to go but my dad isn't home yet to drive me.
My sister bothers me and asks me stupid questions, but I'm so happy and just reply and make jokes. I text Danni lots.
I probably paniced right then. The pre-concert worries set in, but so does the hyperfullness.
Dad gets home and wants something to eat. I hassle him until he gives in and we get into the car. Post code of the venue on my hand we head on our way. It's about 6:30pm already, concert opens at about 7:30. We listen to the radio and make short conversation on the way.
He lets me blast some Fall out Boy and Eminem and I yell loudly for no reason.
Takes us 45 minutes to get there and we wait in the car for Danni, who had to travel for longer than us, about two hours. I get out of my car and run over to her and hug her. I hardly see her, so this is something I was looking forwards too.
We go in and Stereo Skyline is already playing, and we're both dieing for the toilet, so we head there first. In the toilet I sing along to the song playing outside loudly and badly. Making up the words I don't know. Basically, killing the song.
Danni finds it funny and we both dance while we wash our hands, then some random girl walks in and gives us a weird look but we just smile and go into the room where the concert is. The rooms tiny but we're quite far back, and both short. But then the lead singer says Jersey's on stage. I jump up and down like mad trying to see, getting odd looks from people standing right at the back. I get a few glimpse's of him, and one crappy photo. Then me and Danni head around the side of the crowd, to the side where the bands enter and exit, the view is so much better.
In between the other bands, Every Avenue and Out Of Sight they play random songs loudly while we wait. They play a Fall out Boy song, 7 Minutes in Heaven and a few other girls, not just me, scream and then I sing along and make Danni laugh.
Every Avenue and Out Of Sight are amazing too, and me and Danni get some looks while we jump up and down and laugh to ourselves.
Before Hey Monday, everyone is so hyper. And this one guy steals water from the stage and has some, then offers it to me. I have some then offer it to others but they just look at me like I'm stupid so I drop it to the floor. Using my Sharpie we all write stuff on this balloon that's going around, and then someone blows up a condom and knocks it around and I pop it by accident and me and Danni found it really funny.
I see a guy from a small band, that's now broke up, Winch House, and I use the flash on my camera to get his attention. He waves and smiles, as does his girlfriend, but in the picture he looks scared of me. Don't blame him, he's been at a few concerts I've been at.
They play "Don't Trust Me" by 3Oh!3 and we all literally YELL the vegetarian bit, which is funny. I write "JERSEY" in big lettering down my arm and "Hey Monday!" on both fore arms.
Hey Monday come on stage and the screams are deafening. I scream too and me and Danni grin and dive about for the sake of it.
I yell all the words and scream "I LOVE YOU!" When I get the chance.
A girl infront of my turns around, probably to tell me to shut up, but turns out I know her from msn, she's my friends cousin, and we have a picture together, me looking pretty sweaty. I didn't know who she was until AFTER the picture, which was pretty funny.
After the show me and Danni, sweat drenched, me more than her, wait in the room. We go stand where the barrier would of been if there was one in this tiny venue. I find an Out Of Sight guitar pic on the floor, then this random crew member gives me a Hey Monday guitar pic, then I get Danni the set list off stage. Elliott is hanging around so we go over and he signs the poster of all of Hey, then we get kicked out, 'cause they're closing up.
Outside it's cold and me and Danni go look for her dad while we wait for Hey to come outside.
When we get back from both our fathers there's a big crowd/line type thing for Cassadee, she's the only one out so far. I go and talk to the guy from Winch House while I wait, then I see a girl I met at a Winch House concert in the line and I tell her the singer's here so she wonders off to see him. I talk to a few randommers in the line, just to be friendly and pass boredom. Danni thinks it's funny. XP
I am almost at the front and I lean against a wall, then the bus door opens and Jersey comes over and stands RIGHT BESIDE ME. So I pretty much squealed and went "Jerseey!" and he smiled, I turned to face him and Danni came over first. A few others noticed him and stood around waiting too. I'm first and that made me grin so much.
"Hey Jersey!" I smile.
"Hey!" He said back, I got out my fan art first.
"I HAVE YOUR NAME ON MY ARM!" I outburst and show him and he laughs,
"Awesome!" He smiles, probably freaked out, but he hides it well.
"This is for all of you, really, but you can have it." I say and he takes it off me,
"OH MY GOD! WOAH! THIS IS AWESOME!" He says in his perfect little voice. I blush and then he hugs me. "Can I fold this?" He asks me.
"Huh?" I ask, not getting what he meant.
"Can I fold this, to put it in my pocket?" He asks again and me and Danni laugh and I nod. She doesn't really know Hey Monday all too well so she doesn't talk much.
"Oh, yeah, go ahead." I smile, I get a picture with him, as does Danni, then I get him to sign the Cassadee poster. He signs her hand, and I giggle at it. I get another hug. Then someone tries getting past me, I move out of the way, "Sorry!" I say,
"It's okay," the guy smiles and walks on.
"That's what I love about the UK kids!" Jersey smiles, some random dude takes a picture of Jersey right about now.. [I might not get this word for word, but you'll get the idea. :D] "In both USA and here you're all really really friendly to me, but when I'm over here, you all stand up for eachother. I love how friendly you are." He smiles and there's a chorused "Aw!" Then I hug him again.
"I think I better stop stealing you now." I pout and he laughs, "Byebye." I say and hug him once more, then go and wait for Cassadee. While I'm waiting I talk to Danni, we're standing between Jersey and Cassadee, which is surreal.
"I forgot to bring that big box to steal Jersey in!" I say rather loud, and randomly, I look over and see Jersey heard me and he gives me a small, probably scared, smile and I laugh nervously. Danni laughs at me. I look over at Cassadee. "Oh my God. How does she keep her hair, and makeup so fucking perfect?" I say,
"Because she IS perfect!" Danni points out and I laugh and agree. I'm not sure if she notices. She is wearing the hat a fan gave her, and some rings different fans gave her. You can see both in her pic with my fan art.
We get our turn and I first give her the fan art and her reaction is similar to Jersey's. Only this time someone waiting behind me goes "Woah!" too. I blush like mad and Danni nudges me before I say it's not that good. I get Cassadee to get a pic with the fan art and she does, then says,
"I did the face!" And grins.
"I know! It was awesome!" I say then me and Danni laugh, we get our pictures with her, get her to sign the poster and then we get hugs then say bye and move on. I see Mike get off the bus and I smile then move over, getting the poster signed, then getting a picture. And the hug. He seems in a rush, or in a bad mood for some reason. But he smiles a lot.
I see Alex near Jersey and go over, getting the poster signed and a picture, then a hug. Alex seems so sweet and friendly. We go to Jersey again and I get him to sign my arm, managing to get another hug.
We see Elliot and Jake from Out Of Sight helping the drew load the bus-trailer so we go over and get pictures, getting Elliot to sign the Cassadee poster, too. Then get our hugs. We move on again, my dad spotted me and is starting to look impatient but I ignore him.
I go back to Jersey and say,
"I don't mean to sound creepy, but you give the best hugs in the world ever!" And smile.
"That's not creepy!" He says and gives me and Danni a cute smile. "You two give great hugs too!" He says, then hugs me again, then Danni. Someone else is waiting to talk to him so I give them their chance and move on.
I go over to the guy from Winch House, which leads to me randomly taking off my shoe and getting him to sign it. Thinking this idea was genius I go back over to the Hey Monday bus, but I can't find Cassadee, Mike or Elliot. Alex is there, smoking,
"Don't tell anyone." He says, motioning the cigarette. I laugh and promise I won't and he hugs me. I hand him the shoe and he signs it. I move towards Jersey again, he ends up signing it with Danni's blue sharpie. And I get another hug. We stand with him for a bit, talking about anything and everything, most of the fans have left now so we aren't holding anyone up. Alex goes onto the bus and Jersey's the only one left out. But he doesn't ask us if he can go on the bus or anything, he just talks. He gives us his facebook and promises me a Tweet.
I remember about the fan art and ask him if he can take it from his pocket and have a picture and he straight away agrees. He has one and I thank him and hug him again. He keeps the picture in the pocket INSIDE his jacket, by his heart.
Danni tells me the bright star we can see is mine and her star and Jersey goes "Aww!"
My dad comes over with Danni's dad and tells us it's time to leave. I pout and hug onto Danni.
"JERSEY KIDNAP US!" I beg and he laughs,
"I'm not allowed to do that." He says sadly, well, he sounds sad, which is really cute.
"Then come to Somerset?" Danni asks him, that's where she lives.
"Sorry. My driver has it programmed into his brain that we gotta be at London tomorrow." He says, shrugging Jersey style.
"Oh no!" I say then hug him again. My dad rolls his eyes. "Go tell my dad to let us stay longer!" I whine and Jersey smiles nervously and walks over to my dad. He shakes his hand,
"Thanks for bringing her." He says, then shakes Danni's dad's hand and says the same. Me and Danni both awee then hug him when he walks back over to us.
Eventually we leave with our parents, after "one last hug" from Jersey. Then me and Danni hug eachother tight before we head off on our own ways. I smell really bad. I blast My Chem and Eminem on the way home and try and rap and sing along, loudly. I loose my voice.
I get home and I eat some toast and have some hot chocolate, then my mum says I need a shower. I tie a bag over my arm so Jersey's autograph doesn't wash off and bath, I don't shut up about the night for ages and my mum sends me to bed to shut me up. I drop asleep, and the next day in school I can barely talk.
In the end the Jersey arm did wash off, but I still have the shoe. And I got a trace of the autograph on my arm with tracing paper and I want it tattooed one day.
I hope I didn't miss much. :D
Thankyou! ^_^
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