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Mikey is in complete LOVE with Gerard, To bad for Mikes Gerards marring Frank. Mikey absolutely HATES Frank and refuses to call him by his name. After the wedding Frankies wasted and hits on Mi...

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As I stood in the mirror, running my hair straightner over and over one strand of hair... Taking my sweet sweet time so nobody could see my eyes.
Nobody could tell I'd been crying..

I was at a complete loss of what to do.., I stood there thinking about ways i could win over the man i love.
The man who I was in complete love with.. The guy I want more than anything.

He loves me I love him... You think we could have a relationship right?
Well let me tell you something... No! we cant.

The only other man to stand in my way is the fiance..
Dont get me wrong I love him too.. But I think I deserve to be happy with the one I love.
The only reasons that will never happen is
One, Hes getting married
and two... Hes my big brother.

"Mikes.. please hurry up. I dont wanna be late for rehersal"

and there he was.. My big brother..

He'd chosen me for his best man because we're tighter than Paris and Nicole.

"hold up Gee, I'm just finishing my hair" I called towards the door.
"Gosh Mikes... What would you do if Mom was to take the mirror a-"
"die!" I shouted before doing a once over..

Well Mikey.. lets go.

I breathed in deeply at hearing my brothers giggle.
If only he knew! how much I truley love him.. Frankies got nothing on me.. Not one single little thing.

I opened the door to see Gerard leaning on the door frame looking at his arm... pretending to have a watch on.

"Gees Mikey, Take long enough.. You took so long my damn watch ran off"

After having a giggle fit myself I stood up straight.

"hair looks cool" Gee said pointing at my hair.

"And you were trying to hurry me up... Gosh big brother" I smiled walking down the hall to find Bob sitting on the sofa.

"Hey Bob"
"hi Mikes"
"wheres Ray?"
"With Frank"

gosh that names gonna be the death of me!

"Oh.. Cool" I put my best fake smile on and prosseded to the fridge.

"Mikes! I need to talk to you" Gerard called jogging over to me.

Yuss.. I bet hes gonna tell me that hes calling the wedding off and hes all mine!

"Mikey.." he said looking around him.

Here it comes.
My smile took over my face.

"Yeah Gee?" I said getting very excited.. Finialy I get to have have my brother.
"Mikey, it really means alot to have your support along all this way.. I mean tomorrow I get to marry the boy i've loved since I was 11
and you know it really means alot to have my baby brother standing next to me as I make the best choice of my life"

thats not what Mikey wanted to hear..

"oh.. I see" I said with my eyes clouding up..
"Excuse me Gee, I have to go to the bathroom" I said pushing past him.

I walked as fast as I could to get to the bathroom.

"is he okay Gee?" I heard Bob wisper before shutting the door.
my back slidding down the door.. I'd never felt so hurt before in my life...
The one person I have EVER fallen in love with telling me how much he loves Frank... Frank fucking Iero!.

Well wouldnt it be terriable if Frank couldnt make it tomorrow.
If he was found in the West Hudson River
If he couldnt love my brother.
Well then i'd be there for him.
I'd mend his broken heart.. I'd fix him...
I would make every thing okay... If only I was capable of murder.

"Mikes? Mikes are you okay? please open the door"
"No Gee.. I'm busy"
"Mikey, Your crying.. please open the door"

How could he tell I was crying?

I shifted fowards a bit to allow the door to open.
The door squeeking made my heart rate increase.

"Mikey, Whats wrong. Are you not happy for me?"

no Gerard... I am not happy for you. I'd prefer you to be saying I do to me.. Not Iero.

"Yeah Gee, i am very happy for you"
"So thats why your crying? your overly happy for me?" he said in his dis belief voice.

I watched him walk casualy over to the toilet where he put the seat down and sat on it.

"start talking"

"Its just that... when we we're- Before Frank came along.. We.. our relationship was so different.. Its like when you starting going out with him not just
you changed. But we changed... I really miss the days we'd sit up untill Dad was leaving for work watching horrors. Or talking about how rad touring with
Green Day would be.. You know Gee? I really miss that shit"

"Your worried about losing me completely?"

Tears welled up in my eyes causing my vision to fuck out.
My noes began to get really runny.

I sniffed in deaply.

"Mikey?" he answered in his upset voice.
"Yes Gee. Im fucking terrorfied of losing you completely...I-I dont want to lose you Gee. Your my best friend in this whole fucking horriable world and I
dont ever want to be here alone.. please Gerard.. Please dont do this" I cried sobbing into my hands...
Resting my head in my hands with my back against the door yet again.

I felt Gerards arm around my shoulders..

"Mikey.... i will never...EVER leave you... Dude your my little brother.. Its allways been Mikey and Gerard.. dont you remember.. Even when we were in school
we were nerds together... Mikey and Gerard Way.. We're as good as it gets"

We both shared a little chuckle together.

Gee was right... He allways was... Allways had an answer for everything. Knew excatly what to say... My brother knows everything.. Thats one reason i love
him.. More than brother love.

"Yeah.. sorry i'm being stupid.. Come on Gee, Lets go do this thing yeah?"
"Yeah. Then maybe we could hang out tonight"
"We are.. You, Me and Bob"
"No.. Mikes i mean. Just me and you.. Watching movies untill sun rise. Or we could talk Green Day?"
"No way Gee.. your last night being free.. I dont wanna take it up" who am i kidding. Of course i do... i want to spend all my life with my big brother.

"Guys? its time to go" Bob called through the door.
"Well Gee, i guess we should get going now"
"Yeah.. gosh i havnt seen Frank for like.... since yesterday"

yes its a sad story... Maybe he'll never see him again?
maybe i will make Frank vanish for good.. Tie him to a train.. maybe a boat? Send it to Hawai.
Have Gee all to myself.

That would be amazing... Very amazing.

"Come on Bro" Gee said putting his hand out for mine. I gladly took it.

We walked out the door to find Bob standing there..

"Good... You Ways are ready... i've had a very stressed Ray on the phone.. Were kinda late" Bob said walking a head of us.

Gee pulled his phone from his pocket.

"Mikes..we gotta go" he said pulling me by the wrist.

Gosh i'm lucky we're all ready.

As i sat in the front of the car i looked through Gees c.d's
I wasnt sure on what one i wanted to listen to..

21st Century Breakdown for sure.

I put it in and skipped right to 21 Guns.

"Yuss. Its me and Frankies song" Gee called cheerfully from the drivers side.

I wanted to change it right away.. But no.. I better put my poker face on.

"Really Gee? why?"
"I'm not to sure.. Just reminds us of eachother"
"Aw. how cute Gerard"

Bob! shut up. dont cheer Gee on with this mistake!.

"Yeah Gerard..thats cute" I said looking out the window.
"You know Mikes.. Berts Frankies best man"
"I dont care!"

"Whats with the attitude little brother?"
"Nothing! nothings with 'the attitude'"
"Okay.. what ever you say" He blabbed before turning into the Church.

Gerard and that weirdo decided on a Christian wedding..
I dunno how they got away with being gay.
Oh well.. hopefully they wont let them do it.. Maybe they'll decide against it at very last minute. Maybe i'm just kidding myself.

I breathed in deeply and entered the foyer to see Bert and Ray pacing.

"Hey guys, Wheres Frankie?"

Allways the first question with him..
'Wheres Frankie? I miss him. Blah blah fucking blah!'

"Hi Bert"
"So you excited?"
"About what excatlly?"
"The wedding.. Tomorrow"
"Oh.. yeah of course I am"
"Dont seem it"
"Just had a hard day.. I cant wait for them to get married" LIAR!!!!
"Yeah. Its been a long time comming"

I wish it would be longer. That way I could get rid of Frank.

"So Mikey, You happy for Frankie and Gee"
"Yeah Ray... Im really happy"

I turned around to see Gee looking at he who deserves no name and smiling like he was truley as happy as he could possiably be.
I mean like.. why cant he smile at me like that? why couldnt he love me like that? WHY!!!!

"Okay, If you guys are ready we'll let rehersal begin" The chaplan woman called excitedly.

Gees hand took HIS! as they walked down the 'aisle' as its been called.

"Mikes! comming dude?" Bob called waving a hand incross of my face.
"Yeah.. Sorry" I smiled following Bobs lead.

I lifted my head from walking in shame to see my brother smiling at me, as if this idea was actually worth me getting out of bed for.

"Good, So..." Blah blah blah.
the stupid bitch who is alowing my brother to marry this... this... this.. SLUT is going on about a 'celebration' i couldnt care less about.
If it was me and Gee it WOULD be a whole new fucking story!


As i sat in the kitchen sipping at my beer i watched my happy brother laughing like he diddnt have a care.. or problem in the world.
When really he had the BIGGEST problem in the world... He was marrying another boy.. another not ME boy..

I sighed skulling at least a quater of the can at the thought of my brother with someone other than me... Did Gerard not like me? did he really hate me?

"Mikes.. Come play sing star with me" Gee called towards the kitchen.
"Yeah Mikey, Come on" Bob pleaded with me

"We all know Gees the voice in the family"
"Lies Mikey.. I've heard you sing in the shower, and when your cleaning your room. I thought it was Gee" Bob smiled.
"You told me Mr Bryar you diddnt hear me"
"Little lies Mikes"

I mumbled a fuck you to him before snatching the mic from his firm hand... It took abit of mussle to get it.

"What do you wanna sing Mikes?" Gee said to the tv while he skipped at all the songs.

how about.... Girlfriend.. and i'll change the words to Boyfriend then start screaming it at you while im tryna get your pants un-done getting ready to suck
you off?

No i dont think so eather

"Uhh Girls and Boys?"
"As in Girls and Boys Good Charlotte?"

I hesitated a second before answering him.

"Not unless theres another song called that Gee"
"Okay.. gosh keep your dick down"

abit hard when your around me Gee..
I wish i could tell him this stuff.

I guess i'd better get use to how much Gee loves me now.. Its never gonna get any bigger.
My love for him will.. I love him more and more everyday.

It hurts so much.. Thats how much I really love my big brother..

"okay.. fine we'll sing your song Mikey" Gee mocked comming to stand with me.

Me and Gerard were singing together.. It felt so normal.. like... like... Like I'd just won over the love of my life.

Once the song ended I put the Blue microphone on the sofa and headed back to the counter bench.

"Thats it?"
"What do you mean Bryar?"
"You beat Gerard and thats it? your just gonna let him lose once and never see it happen again?"

I sat at the counter for a few seconds about putting that all together. I took a sip of my beer and looked at them both in the eyes.

"Yes.. That. Is. It" I smiled before sipping on beer once more.
"Gosh. WAY! To ruin the fun!" Bob called before stomping back to the lounge.

"Mikes, whats wrong with you man? your acting so different"
"no Im fine"
"is it Frank?"
"No. Its not Frank"
"You sure? your not jealous? I would be if you had him and I didnt"
"Yes. I'm sure. I'm pretty sleepy i think i'm going to bed now Gee"
"But Mikey?!" He called after me as i went to the lounge

"Night Bob" I waved as i left
"Your going to bed Mikes? its only 8!"
"Big day tomorrow Bob. I need beauty sleep"
"okay. night Mikes" He said in his given up voice.

I did all my bathroom stuff and crawled into my bed.

"Gosh Grandma, I cant believe Gees getting married tomorrow! I want him so so so bad Grandma. I know its wrong but i love him way more than Frank.
Well I'd better go to sleep" I kissed Grandma's picture before putting her on my bed side table

"Love you Grandma" I smiled at her photo once more before turning off my lamp.


"Awwww, Mikey! you look so adoriable!!! Oh!! Honey..." Mom cried wrapping her arms around my neck.
"Mom, Gees getting married not me... Please dont cry"
"I know Gee is, but you look so beautiful"
"Thanks Mom" I smiled.

Gee walked around the corner.
My smile lifted up.
He looked so- so- so fucking gorgeous!

"wow Gee" I smiled at my big brother who was clueless about my love for him.
"You dont look that bad yourself Mikester"

Mikester! Mikester!!! he called me that when we were kids.

Now im 29 in love with my brother and so fucked up in the head

"You called me Mikester?"
"Yeah, you said you missed the old days.. I'm trying to bring them back as much as I can"
"Thanks Gee, Means alot 'ya know" I smiled hugging my brother.

"PHOTOS!!!" Mom cried running over wrapping her arms round us.
Dad and Bob following.

I looked up to my brother who had the biggest smile streched across his face.
Seeing his smile made me smile

I knew what I had to do.
I had to win Gerard over. He has to be mine.

"Gee?" I Wispered by his ear.
"Yeah Mikes?" He wispered back.
"I love you Gee" my heart began to race... did I really just say that? I cant believe it.
"I love you too Mikes"

....Holy fuck!

My smile was really gonna make Gerards photos.
The love of my life just said he loves me too.
if only I could have him.. If only Gerard was mine.


As I stood with my back against the wall looking at people congradulate my Gerard and that dork it made me upset.
Gerard was ment for me.

I sipped on my wine. Stupid Christians!
as the night grew old it was just full of people dancing, People eating, Laughing, and for me. Crying.

"Hey Baby"


I turned around to see Frank hanging off my hips.

"Wrong Way fool!" I said turning around again.
"no, I know its you Mikey"

What the fuck was he going on about?

"Frank your fucked-"
"not yet Im not" he smiled discustingly dancing his fingers over my chest.
"Frank! you've just married my brother!"
"I know. But I've allways wanted you Mikes"
"You what?!" I hissed pulling him into the darkness causing him to giggle.

I must admit his giggle was pretty fucking beautiful.
No Mikey no!

"Mikey.. I love you so much" He slured kissing my chest.
it did feel good.. It really did.

Oh no! whats happening to me!!!
Franks turning me on.

"uhh Frankie" I wispered at Franks touch.
"Come on Mikes... Please" He pleaded kissing the corners of my lips.

I looked into his beautiful chocolate eyes.

I alowed my tounge to lick Franks lips causing him to smile.

"There ya go Mikes"
"Fra...Frank" I panted.
"Yeah hun?"
"We've gotta go home" I said at his drunken, gorgeous face.
"But Gee's gonna be there"
"No, No he's not. He's staying at Bobs"

I managed to pull myself away from Frank in order to find Gerard.
Maybe this is what I needed after all.
Maybe I need Frank... The boy I've wanted to kill.
Is now the boy Im going home to fuck.

"Hey Mikes, How it going?" Gee called.
"not bad. Im gonna take Frank home.. He's smashed" I giggled
"Yeah that boy of mine. Mikes, Before you go I got to tell you how happy I truely am to have you here with me today.
I seen you crying and it nearly made me cry. But Mikey I wouldnt have had anyone else but you stand next to me.
Thank you so much" He said pulling me into a hug.

"Your welcome Gee, I should get Frank home before he pukes everywhere"
"yeah, Thanks for taking him home"
"It okay Gee"

I turned around to find Frankie sitting on the floor leaning on a plant.

"Come on Babe, Lets get you home" I smiled putting my hand out for Franks.
"Thats a p...plan" he smiled taking my hand.

As me and Frankie attempted to walk out the door.
Well me walking. Frankie stumbiling around.

"Mikey baby, Wheres your car?"
"Just over there" I said pulling him along side me.

Once I strapped Frank in with the belt I started the car and began to drive.

"Yeah Frankie?"
"Wh- Please dont hate me"
"I wont. I promise I wont"
"thank you"

I keept focus on driving and watching Frank. I didnt want him throwing up in my car.
Frank was talking complete crap.
I couldnt understand him but he was cute.
Talking something then yelling something then bursting out with laughter.

Fuck. Why didnt I see all this beautifulness in him before?

Franks fingers danced over my croutch

"Uhnn. Frank! dont!"
"Come on Mikes. I know you like it"
"Yeah. But Im driving, Im gonna get hard"

"I'll sort that, You get us home" He smiled licking his lips and unbuckling my belt.
I reajusted my self so my hips sat higher.

I heard the unzip of my pants

Waves of excitement and shock rushed through me.
The wetness surrounding my dick was just so. So... Amazing.

I felt my eyes rolling back in my head causing my eyes to leave the road for a spit second
My mouth hung wide, Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling that was about to happen thanks to Frank
He licked around my base then alowed his tounge to slither up to the tip.
Frank poked his tounge in the slit taking every drop of my pre-cum.

"Frankie...uhh. God your so good...Uhh dont stop!" I wispered softly.
"I wont" He promised deep throating me.

We pulled in the driveway, us getting home safetly Frank was still going and I was so so so close

"Uhh Frankie Im gonna fucking cum" I cried causing him to go faster and harder.
I yellped in excitement as I realized I was at the last stage.
Frank sucked deep at me causing me to cum down his throat. Frankie taking every drop.
Not leaving anything behind.

"Now you" He said pointing his finger on my chest
"Have to help me" He said repeating his action except to his own chest.
"How do I do that?" I asked zipping my fly up.
"How bout we go to your room and I show you?"
"Sounds like a plan Frankie" I smiled getting out of the car.

Once I reached my bedroom I walked into Frankie standing in just his boxes smiling evily at me.
A smile tugged at my lips.

Why diddnt I see how beautiful Frank Iero really was?
Why has it taken me THIS[] Long to see it? Why lord.. WHY?!?! I mentaly cried.

"Mikey are you comming over here? Or are you gonna stand there smiling?"
"I'll go with the first option" I smiled walking over to Frankie.
Analizing his chest.. His very skinny white chest.

My hands reached out and touched Franks hips. Pulling him closer to me.
Frankie keept eye contact with me the whole time smiling like the best thing in the world was about to happen to him.

His little frail arms slithered around my neck locking his hands together behind me.
Just standing infront of him my breathing was getting uneasy.

His eyes got closer to mine. Closer and closer and closer.
He smiled wickedly before shutting his eyes and locking his lips onto mine.
I knew he wanted to take it slower now we were back at home.

My lips moved with Franks. My hands running up and down his sides.
"Mikey?" He Frank wispered
"Yeah Frankie?" I wispered back against his lips.
"I want you so much"
"I know, I want you too"

Frank pushed my jacket off and began un buttoning my shirt.
I took my belt off and pushed my jeans down followed by taking my boots off.
It was just me and Frankie. We both stood in boxes.

He took my hand and lead me to bed where I sat.
Frankie however straddled my hips causing me to get hard all over again.
His sucking of my neck and drawing haggard little pictures on my chest with his fingers was enough to turn me on completely.

I turned him and put him on his back
I hovered over him pulling both of our boxes of and throughing them on the floor.
I took some lube covering my full growen member so it was easier for us both.
Once I was done I took hold of Franks bony little hips and thrusted into him whilst I looked to his beautiful chocolate eyes. Eyes you could lose yourself in. Eyes I've lost myself in.
Frank gasped as I was into him fully.

"I've wanted this for so long Mikes... Since the f-first time we met"
I found it kind of cute but I wouldnt let that stop me.

"Uhh Mikey...Mikey" He was saying my name as it were a God damn preyer.

With every thrust I made it harder and deeper.
At this very second Franks screaming as I smash my bed into the wall screaming at me to go harder and faster. God what is Gerard a machine? how can he give him what he wants?

I found his prostate slamming in there with everything I have.

"Mikey..Mikey" Frankie was wispering.
"Louder baby, Louder" I smiled slowing down. Taunting him.

"MIKEY!!!" He screamed as we both came at the same time.

"Oh God" I wispered shaking.

"Mikey, Your far better than Gerard.. Wow... Thanks you Mikey" He managed to get out in a wisper

I layed next to him to tired to reply. Frank lit me a smoke and lit one for himself.
Frank was sober now. Completely sober.

I lifted my arm so Frankie could lye his neck over my arm. I rolled on my side to put my left arm over Frankies hips.

"Yeah baby?"
"Mikey.. I-I.."
I giggled softly.

"Come on get it out"
"Mikey I love you" He said quietly.

Did I actually hear him right? Did my Gerards husband just confess his love for me?

"y-you what?" I said quieter than Frank had.
"I love you Mikey.. I always have and always will" He wispered.
"But y-you cant, you married Gee, Your in love with Gee. Hes in love with you! you cant do this Frank" I said still not moving from our position.

"I know Mikey, But.."
"Frank please just forget it" I snapped
"Sorry ba- Mikey" I heard the disappointment in Franks voice.
I really did feel bad. I do love this kid. I love him loads I just couldnt find it in my heart to tell him that right now, Not on the night he married my brother..My idol.. I've just fucked his husband. Ive just fucked the guy I fell for.

"Hey, babe. Its okay I diddnt mean to snap. Im sorry" I said kissing his lips softly.
"Please forgive me for saying it?"
"Why not?" Frank asked with confusion over his face.

I leaned in over is sweaty body causing our chest's to stick together.
I kissed the corner of his lips then leaned in by his ear.

"Because.. I love you too" I wispered in his ear.
Before leaning to his lips. Diving my tounge directly into his mouth savouring the taste.
The taste of the man I've fallen for. The man Im in love with.

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