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The Joys Of Being Gay

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The rain hammered down on the tin roof.
It was 11:30am but it felt like 11:30pm thanks to the rain.
It was so beautiful sitting and watching the rain, One of my favorite things to do.

"Gee?" Mikey called through the door.
"Come in Mikes"

He held the phone towards me.

"Who is it?" I asked curiously.
"Its Frank" My brother said then turning to walk out the door.

"Hey Frankie"
"Hi Gee, What 'ya doin'?"
"Just watching the rain.." I sighed "You?"
"Watching the rain too... And talking to you" He giggled.

"Frankie?" I asked curiously again

I giggled before asking him.

"what are you wearing?" I asked hearing a giggle from the other end.
"Well for my parents im wearing My jeans and a band Tee. But for you Im wearing just my boxes"

Hearing him say that was enough to turn me on.

"How about. you get your hott little ass over here"
"Meet you in the middle?"
"Its a deal. And Frankie?"
"Yeah Gerard?"
"Promise me something"
"Whats that?"
"Take an umbrella and make sure your wearing some jackets"
"Okay Gerard" He sighed.
"Bye Frank"
"See ya Gee"

With that I hung up going to get my black umbrella.
I made Frank promise me that because he gets sick easily, Real easily.

"Where you going Gee?"
"To meet Frank"
"Oh okay then, Im gonna put dinner on"
"Okay Mikey, Thanks"
"Anytime big bro"

I walked out the door popping the umbrella up.
I looked to the grey more so black sky and began walking to the bridge where we meet.

There were lots of underdressed girls walking around squeeling about the rain, Trying to cover their perfectly straghtened hair.

Then past them all I saw Frank emerge. Walking with his head held high.
His black skinny jeans clung to his legs. His white top had gone see through.
His black Chuck Taylors splashed through the puddles and his fringe dropped rain.

"Hi Gee" He smiled brightly and waved.
"Hey Frankie" I smiled back embracing him with a hug.

He giggled at me. "I did it purposely so you could help me get dressed into something dry" He said as I linked our hands together.

Oh yeah! by the way Frankies my boyfriend of 5 years.

Me and Frankie walked down the main road, Or hands hapily linked together.
Me holding the umbrella over us. More so Frankie though.

An old lady approached us giving us dirty looks. I turned Frank around quickly diving my tounge into his mouth.

"Y-you filthy filthy homos!" The old lady called in our direction.
I drew in a breath.
"YOU Filthy filthy homophobe!" I yelled kissing Frankie once more before continuing to walk.

"Gee!" Frank giggled.
"Well, Shouldnt be nosey"
He giggled again pulling me along side him.

"You just wait till we get home Mr Way!" Frank said looking at me as if he was serious.
"Oh yeah? whats gonna happen?"
"Just you wait and see" Frankie smiled.

"Should I text Mikey telling him to get the fuck out and save himself?" I Laughed getting a shove from Frankie.

"Maybe you should" He smiled as we walked through the door.

"Oh! good, Your home!" Mikey called as he mixed a giant pot of something.
"Yeah, We're just heading upstairs"
"Okay Gee" He smiled. He had no idea what we were gonna do.

Frankie pushed the door shut while I leaned up against his body.

"uhh, Gee I-I want you.. So much!"
"I want you too" I growled in his ear

Franks hands wandered up the inside of my shirt.
Sending waves of excitement all over my body.

Frankie pulled my top over my head looked to my chest and smiled.
I copied Frank pulling his top over his head, His pants pushed down his legs.

"Baby.." Frank wispered
"fuck me?"
"you dont need to ask" I said

I wandered over to my drawer taking the lube and rubbing it over my fully erect.
as soon as I touched it I gave a cry.

"No, No Baby. You have to hold on.. Hold on for me" he smiled wickedly helping me rub the lube on.
"I cant 'hold on'" I said doing the quotey things with my fingers.
"Then. Try" He said kissing my neck.

Frankie walked infront of me.
He went on his tippy toes placing a kiss at the end of my noes.
Making sure to grind himself into me.

"Uhh Frank.. I cant wait!"
"Well dont" he said dragging me onto my bed.

He lay down naked waiting for me to join him.

"said you cant wait. I wont make you, love" He smiled that irristable smile.

my insides heated up. As girlie as that sounds.. they did.. Like they were on fire.

I layed myself ontop of Frankie.
him wrapping his beautiful little legs around my waist.

I pushed my head to his entrance knowing damn well I wouldnt be able to hold off anymore.

As I pushed into Frank I felt him shake.

"Fuck Gee!" He wipsered just loud enough for me to hear.

I slowly rid in and out of him.
Each time I went out I went nearly all the way out so I could give Frank what he wanted.

"F-faster Gee"

I did just as my baby wanted. I slamed into him harder every time... Each time I went deeper.
I slamed into his prostate.

"FUCK GEE!!!" He screamed.
I made sure I stayed how I was.
Three more thrust and Frank expolded. Seconds before me.
We both rid out out orgasims.

Finialy I collapsed into Frankies arms.
Sweat causing both our hair to stick to our faces.

"Fuck Gee" Frankie smiled at me.
I kissed his lips softly.

"Love you Gee"
"Love you too Frankie" I said kissing his cheek
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