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You wonder where you are;
You're on my mind.

You have just been born;
But you were always there.

You open your eyes;
You see nothing but ignorance.

You smile;
It's fraud.

You move your arms;
They're shaking.

You listen;
All you hear are sobbing echoes.

You walk among mortals;
But you aren't really there.

No one can see you;
Because I hide your perfection.

You, you, you...
You who were born from my hate.

For this ignorant world, I made you;
To show mortals, demons, and angels alike...

That there is someone crying for help.

You fall asleep in my personal abyss;
Fearing the worst.

At night, you walk the shadows;
Exploring their greedy thoughts.

You try and save me;
Because you see my horrid fate.

You are my mind;
But also my heart.

You see the sadness;
Because you have the mind's eye.

You, you, you...

From this world you come, from this world you go...
Who would keep you safe?

My world is you, my life is you...

My being is nothing but you.

I think, I dream, I breathe you;
Your scent is sweet.

I want you to hold me in a warm embrace;
Telling me, it'll be forever.

You, you, you...

From my hate you were born;
From my hate you will stay...
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