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The Darkness Is The Safest Place To Hide

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I felt safe enough to hurt. I felt safe enough to hide. (Bob's P.O.V.)

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The basement was dreary and dark. The only source of light was the single, flickering light bulb that hung down from the ceiling on a rusted chain. You were seated directly under the chain. This seating arrangement allowed me the perfect view of you. But the more time I spent staring, the more I regretted not placing you where it was much too dim to see. With your hands tied behind your back and the rest of your body heavily roped to the chair, I realized that you were not the person whom I had known for so long. If you were truly my friend, as you had been before, never would I have had to hold you hostage. If you were truly my friend, never would I have had to duct tape your mouth to muffle the sound of your screams. My real friend was long gone; you were only my substitute.

When I made the first cut, I lost myself.

You began to squirm in the chair. I watched in delight at first, but soon this twisted game that I was playing with you began to make me sick. Tears formed in your eyes. I glanced down quickly. I could not bear to see you cry.

When I made the second cut, I knew I was delusional.

Tired of the amount of torture that I was inflicting upon you, I carefully ripped the duct tape off of your mouth. I expected you to scream, but you did not. You pleaded with me to untie you in complete silence. Although I did not desire to, I fulfilled your request. I first undid the ropes around your wrists before undoing the other knots that chained you to the chair. I untied the final rope the slowest, for I knew that when you were freed of this chair you were also freed of me.

When I made the third cut, I decided not to count anymore.

You did not turn around when you stood, nor did you turn around when you walked up with stairs. When you reached the top, you paused for a moment before you walked right out of my life forever.

I pulled the chain that was connected to the bulb so the light above was swallowed by the darkness. It was in the darkness that I made that first cut and all of the cuts that followed. It was in the darkness that I felt safe. I felt safe enough to hurt. I felt safe enough to regret. I felt safe enough to hide.

Soon that darkness swallowed the light that was inside of me. And I could do nothing but hide from the rest of the world in that safe place.
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