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So Here's to Another Better Year

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Warped at it's finest. (All Time Low)

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"Well Jess, welcome to Warped Tour," Jeff, the Forever the Sickest Kids tour manager said as they both entered the large parking lot, bustling with crew members and merch guys. It was already over one hundred degrees and it wasn't even 9 o'clock yet.
"Our set up is on the left, you'll see the banner, and Ziggy will meet you back there," Jeff said, beginning to walk away. Jessica stood in that very spot for about two minutes until the buzz on her walkie-talkie went off.
"You gonna get going or what?"
The deep voice of Jeff filled the air from her device, and she looked around, seeing him a few hundred feet away, swishing his hand at her the walk, and she quickly disappeared behind the hundreds of tattooed crew members carrying wires.
As she approached the small tent that read "Forever the Sickest Kids" she was greeted by a tall, redheaded man.
"Jessica, right?"
She nodded, responding with "Ziggy?"
He just nodded, motioning for her to come towards the tent. Bending over, he picked up 5 different shirts.
"So selling merch is pretty much self explanatory, but I guess Jeff thinks you're retarded or something," Ziggy said, chucking at his own comment. Seeing that Jessica was uninterested in his humor, he proceed.
"These are each of the shirts we have, they're all 20 bucks and the sixes are extra small, small, medium, large and extra large, obviously. And I've already set out all of the sunglasses and bracelets, which are 5 bucks."
Jessica, nodded that she understood.
"No questions?"
"Nope, like you said, pretty much self explanatory," She cracked a smile, joining him behind the merch table.
"Oh, and one more thing to add, the girls can get pretty...bitchy," Ziggy said, choosing his words very carefully.
"I think I can handle it," Jessica responded, indicating to Ziggy that she'd like to be left at peace.
He quickly left after that, only reminding her that the show started at 11 and she should be ready by then.

After about an hour of sitting alone amongst about 1,000 t-shirts, a few guys walked by her tent.
"Hey, you're that new FTSK merch girl right?" One of them said, tousling his jet black hair almost too perfectly.
Jessica nodded, studying each and every one of them carefully. The one with the dark brown hair was a little too short, the one with the tattoos was a little bit too freakishly buff, and the one who had spoke had an extremely large nose.
"Well, good luck with that," One of them chuckled, nodded and kept walking.
"Hey, well I'm Jack," The one with the large nose spoke again, "And that’s Alex," He said, pointing to the shorter one. He nodded, speaking.
"We're from All Time Low," He said, as if expecting her to know of that band and freak out.
"Sorry, I've never heard of you guys," Jessica chuckled uncomfortably.
Seeming started, the shorter of the two nodded, said his goodbyes and left.
"Alex sort of has a God complex, he thinks everyone knows and loves him," Jack said, rolling his very large, bug eyes.
Leaning against the merch table after a few minutes, he spoke again, hoping to spark some conversation with this beautiful merch girl he'd just met.
"Is this your first Warped stop?"
She simply nodded, her dark hair falling in her face.
"Oh shit, well I'm gonna have to show you around the after-party," He responded, grinning.
"Yeah, I mean that'd be great," Jessica said, finally placing together her first full sentence she'd spoken to him.
Just then, a short man with a shaved head passed by them, speaking to Jack as he saw him.
"Dude, we gotta rehearse, Matt's getting pissed," He looked Jessica over, nodded and walked by. Jack asked for her name quickly as he was leaving, and promised he'd come back to find her for the after-party.

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