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“I don’t know. I don’t want Paisley to think I did it only because of the baby.”

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The rest of January passed by and Valentines Day had arrived. Paisley wandered around the Way’s home as her laptop booted up. It was nine in the morning and she was alone. Gerard had served his suspension and was now sitting in his Econ class. Paisley had opted to take the rest of her classes online which was why she was laying on the couch with her laptop on her stomach.

After working for awhile she logged off and opening the curtains, she gazed out the window, still marveling over how beautiful the ever-present blanket of snow made everything look.


“So…”, Frank began.

“So what?” Gerard glanced over at his friend as they made their way downstairs for lunch.

“It’s Valentines Day.”

“Thanks for the reminder, Frank.”

“No need to get snarky. I was getting around to asking you if you know,” Frank tapped his ring finger.

“I don’t know. I don’t want Paisley to think I did it only because of the baby.”

“Why do you continue to doubt her?”


“I know I haven’t had a girlfriend since sophomore year and even then it wasn’t serious. But I’m not stupid. Everyone around you can see that she really loves you, except you.”

“I didn’t--”

“You implied it. Maybe it’s you. Are you completely sure you love her? Or do you just think you do? Either way, I’d figure it out. Today’s the day of love. All girls are waiting to receive something. So whether she’s receiving a ring or a box of chocolate, it’s up to you.”

“Wow Frank, that was deep.”

“WTF did you come from,” Frank jumped as Ray appeared at the shorter boy’s shoulder.

“I’ve been behind you for awhile.”

“I didn’t notice you…”

“Ninja skills.”

“It’s not deep, it’s what my mom said.”

“Your mom,” Gerard turned on Frank.

“Yeah. I told her.”

“You dumb ass. You know our mom’s gossip all the time. What if your mom lets it slip I have an engagement ring?”

“Unless you’re going to back out of it, what should it matter?”

“He’s right, dude,” Ray nodded as they neared closer to the window seat Mikey was occupying.

Gerard sat down and began to eat his sandwich in silence as he tried to block out his friend’s advice and think for himself.
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