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Chapter 8

by azn___x

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It's been forever since I've updated. SORRY! Hopefully this will cheer yall up.

After two smirnoffs and a whole can of Panther Joose, I was feeling good. I stumbled out of the bathroom and ran into Hayley. She was pretty shitfaced and I believe she might have been a little high.
"Kae! I love you!" She slurred as she wraped me into a hug.
"Love you too. You okay?" I ask her.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just have to peeee." Andthen she was off and in the bathroom.
Stumbling slightly down the stairs, I retreated back to the kitchen to get a Mikes Harder. The smell of sweat, weed, and alcohol filled my nose as I was reaching in to get a Mikes Harder. Unfortunately I didn't find one, so I settled for another Pather Joose and walked over to a pretty drunk Hunter.
"Hey Hunter, how are you?"
He looked me up and down as he took another gulp of his smirnoff, "I'm good. Did I tell you that you look pretty damn sexy tonight?"
I just rolled my eyes as I felt a slight heat rise to my face. Next thing I know, I felt his pouty lips against mine. It might have been because of the alcohol, or it might have been real feeling but I felt myself give into the kiss. Our lips moved together, our bodies moved closer, the passion was growing. My tounge lighty teased his, makng him want more, until he strongly pulled me to him and deepened the kiss. He nibbled slightly on my bottom lip, which is my weak spot. Moaning slightly, I asked if he wanted to go upstairs. Hunter grabbed my hand and we went upstairs quickly to find an empty bedroom. Luckily the first one was empty so he pulled me in, and as soon as the door was closed and locked, he roughly pushed me up against it and started to kiss me again. I ran my hands up and down his body, finally tugging at his shirt.
One shirt down.
Lips trailed down from mine to my neck, and to my collar bone, and he huskily told me that he wanted me. He quickly peeled my shirt off and worked on my bra.
Two shirts and a bra down.
His tounge started to circle around my nipple and then he took it between his lips and suck gently. I threw my head back and entangled my fingers in his hair. He picked me up and carried me to the bed before laying me down and crawling ontop of me to continue to makeout. I reached down and started to undo his belt.
Two shirts, one bra, and one pair of jeans down.
It was very apparent that he was ready by the large errection in his boxerbriefs, so I moved down to the floor and fell to my knees. Looking up at him, I slowly pulled his boxerbriefs down to his ankles, to release his member. Teasingly, I kissed the head before taking him into my mouth. I worked my tounge with my mouth until he was ready, then he pulled me up and threw me onto the bed, unbuttoned my jeans, and with one tug, had both my jeans and my thong off. He kissed down my chest, past my bellybutton, and then up my legs to my mid-thigh. He was teasing me. Slightly moving my legs appart, he placed one finger at my entrance. I could feel him enter me. Then he licked my clit as he pumped his finger in and out of me. It wasn't long until I felt myself climbing that mountain, almost reaching the peak. My breathing was becoming raspier, and then he pulled back, reached into his jean pocket.
Opened the package, throw the package, roll on the condom, climb ontop.
With one hard thrust, he pushed in and took my cherry. He didn't miss a beat, just kept on thrusting hard. Only thought of one thing, and that was emptying his seed. No more kisses, no more passion, no more caring. Not even twenty minutes later, he was done, stood up, got dressed, and left me on the bed crying. What have I just done?
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