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Chapter 7

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After finally I took a shower and got ready, we were off to the mall to get new clothes and room furnishings for my room. Grandpa Ralph said that he needs to stop at the bank so then he'll give me a few hundred bucks to get what I needed. We hopped out of Grandpa Ralph's Explorer and told him that we'll call him in a few hours to come pick us up. Walking into this mall, I instantly smirked. You see, this mall was three stories and had all of the good stores in it. Spotting UrbanOutfitters, I grabbed Taylor's hand and drug him in there with me. It only took Hayley and I a few minutes before having our arms full of clothes to try on. I ended up buying a bright yellow vneck with a tiger face on it and a few pairs of skinnies, leaving me with only $239 left.
"I don't understand how you can spend that much money on just clothes."
"Hunter, you see, we're girls, we like clothes, clothes are expensive." Hayley simply stated like it was nothing. He gave a look but just decided to give up. We ended splitting up, the boys going to GameStop, and Hayley and I going to look for paint for my room.
After going through many paint swatches, we finally came out with two big cans of white paint and smaller cans of yellow, hot pink, bright blue, black, lime green, and purple. I got a text from Josh asking where we were. I replied saying that we're on our way to the foodcourt to get smoothies.
"So Kae, how do you like it down here?" Hayley questioned while we were walking to the other side of the mall to get to the foodcourt.
"It's not bad. It's not home, but it's better than what I thought it was gunna be."
She nodded and then quickly turned her head. I looked over to who she turned her head from and noticed a group of kids about our age sitting down at a fountain.
"Don't look over there. They're the steriotypical cheerleaders and meatheads of our school. They caused my freshman year to be hell." She says while trying to walk a little faster.
Next thing we know, one of the guys runs over to us and puts his arms around our shoulders. He has short blonde hair and brown eyes and an athletic build.
"So Hayley, who's your cute friend here?" He asked while looking down my shirt.
"Nick, get lost." Hayley shrugged his arm off of her shoulder. Then he turned to me and actually looked me in the face.
"So baby, what's your name?" He asked while he let his eyes freely look down my shirt again.
"Kae, and I am not your baby." I simply stated while pushing his arm off of me and walking with Hayley again.

"So are all of the guys down here pretty much like that Nick kid?" I asked while sipping my strawberry, banana, pineapple smoothie.
She shook her head as she was sipping the last of her strawberry-kiwi smoothie. "Well I mean, there's duchebags everywhere, but there's always a daimond mixed into the coal." I gave her a puzzled look. "You know what I mean. Oh, there's this party that our friend Ami is having. There'll be a bunch of cute guys that you'll probabaly like and plenty of alcohol." She smirked and gave me a wink. I thought for a second then decided that I needed to have some real fun.

When we got home, I ran up to my room and started packing what I was going to wear that night. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, letting Grandma Sherry know that I was stying over at Hayley's tonight.
She nodded, "Be carefull at that party tonight."
"What party?" I questioned, hoping that she won't think that I'm going.
"Kae, I might be old, but I know everything that happens around here. You're a teenager, you're going to go to parties and drink. Trust me, I had to go through that with your father." She just sat there with her cup of coffee. I walked over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Thanks Grandma Sherry, and tomorrow we're gunna have to talk about my father." I smiled at her.
"Welcome, and just don't get totally shitfaced tonight!" She called after me.

It was about 1:30, Hayley's parents already went to bed and we were finishing up our makeup when we got a text from Josh telling us that they were outside. We had to quietly walk downstair, climb through the window, and down the porch before we got into their friend's, Danyul's, car. There was some talk, but considering it was only five miles away, it was a short drive. The brick two-story house infront of us had cars parked infront of it and down the street. You could hear the bass of the music clearly from outside. Turning to Hayley, I shot her a nervous look.
"It'll be okay, you'll meet alot of people tonight. I'll be right next to you." She said before we entered the house. It looked like anyother cliche, high school, house parties. Beers and vodka everywhere. Couples making out. Not even a minute after taking in my sourroundings did I lose everyone so I decided to head to the kitchen to grab a smirnoff.
"Hey, I like your shirt." I turn to see this girl who was about my height with brown hair looking at my shirt.
"Thanks." I said, taking a sip of my smirnoff.
"I'm Kaite. Are you new here?" She asked while digging through the cooler in search for a Bud Lite.
"Yeah I am, I'm Kae. Uh, do you know who the Farro brothers are?" I asked.
She instantly perked up at their name, "Yeah. I just saw them in the other room. Do you wanna go help me find them?"
We searched the whole house and finally found them talking up some blondes. I tapped Zac on the shoulder and I could tell that he was already tipsy. Great I was gunna have to babysit tonight.
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