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Here (In Frankie's Arms)

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FRERARD based off of the song Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye. =]

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Frankie would do something similar every week. He would always get a new favorite song, and sing it non-stop for hours. It always annoyed everyone but Gerard. In fact, he really enjoyed the show. But it wasnt just lust he saw when Frank swayed his hips in tune with the beat, he felt love for the younger man. It drove him crazy not knowing if Frankie felt the same way.

Gerard got up from his bunk as soon as he smelled coffee. With a quick glance to the mirror, he frowned and continued to the kitchen. He saw Mikey pouring a cup of coffee, which he then gave to Gerard. He gave a small smile, and went to sit at the small tour bus kitchen table. Mikey shortly joined him, giving them a comfrtable silence. They were normally the first awake, aside from Ray who was in the shower.

After sitting for a while, staring at the cars passing by them outside the window, they heard Frankie start singing quietly, so not to wake Bob, which everyone knew would be a mistake if they did so. "I like. Where we are. When we drive. In your car. I like. Where we are. Here." Frankie sang, smiling and spinning with iPod in hand and headphones planted into his ear. The more Gerard watched, the bigger his blush got. Mikey didn't let this go, and decided he would ask once he got a chance. Frank sat next to Gerard, causing Gee to squirm a little. Mikey almost laughed at the sight. He had never seen Gerard act like this and it actually enterained him. Frankie leaned his head on Gerard's shoulder, something he normally did, but Gerard saw Mikey eyeing him, once again making Gerard blush.

After sitting there listening to Frank hum along for a while, the bus driver stopped he bus telling everyone they were going to have to stop for gas. Frank took the oppotunity to go smoke, asking Gerard if he wanted to. Gerard just shook his head. Why the hell was he so nervous of Frank all of a sudden? Probably because he caught Mikey staring at him. Ray headed towards the back of the bus, probably to go play video games while Bob was still sleeping, leaving Mikey and Gerard alone. Mikey smiled, and Gerard shifted in his seat. Gerard started to get up. "I'm just gonna, head, to, the, back." he said awkwardly. "No no Gee. Come back." Mikey smiled. Gerard sighed, taking his seat once more. "So what's with you and Frankie?"

"Huh? Oh, erm, nothing."

"You sure?"


"I don't believe you." Mikey smiled.

Gerard blushed. "There isnt anything going on between us." Even thought I wish there was.

"I knew it!" Mikey screamed. "Shit, did I really say that out loud?" Gerard asked. Mikey was laughing. All he could do was nod. Once he calmed down, he noticed the pout on Gerard's face. "Awww I'm sorry bro. But I think its just funny. You stare at him all the time and blush anytime he is near you. It's like, 7th grade cliche. You're 28. Go tell him." Mikey was still laughing a little. Gerard smiled. This was just one of the many reasons he loved his brother. He got up, prepared to go talk to Frankie.

As he started to walk towards the door, he turned around. "Are you sure that I should-"

Mikey pointed to the door, interrupting his brother. "Go Gerard. Now." Gerard smiled and walked of the bus.

He saw Frank standing against the backside of the bus. He could hear Frank singing along, "Hello I miss you quite terribly. I fell in love, in love with you suddenly, now there's no place to be but-"

"Here in your arms." Gerard sang along as he stole an earpiece from Frank. Frank just smiled. "Ya know, that song actually fits what I was thinking about right now." Said Gerard as the song ended.

"Oooooohh. Gee has a crush!" giggled Frankie. Gerard just nodded and blushed, laying his head against Frank's shoulder. "You know you have to tell me now, right?"

Gerard shrugged. "Nah, I don' think I do." He smiled as Frank pouted. Frank looked at Gerard while he had stolen the iPod and restarted the song. Gerard had started singing along, looking at Frankie hoping he would catch on so he wouldn't have to blurt it out.

They stood there staring at each other while the song continued to play. Frank could feel himself leaning closer to Gerard as he leaned closer too. "Cause our lips. Can touch. And our cheeks. Can brush. Our lips. Can touch. Here." And with Gerard saying those lyrics, the song became true. Frankie softly kissed Gerard, unsure of what had caused him to do it. All Gerard knew was that he was enjoying this so much more than he had expected. The song continued to play as they kissed, softly working their lips against each others. They stood in the gas parking lot behind the bus, at this point neither caring who saw. Frankie had started thinking that he really liked Gerard. But he didn't want to pull away to hear Gerard say that it wasn't right. But this was the exact same thing that Gerard was thinking. As the song ended though, they pulled away, both a little breathless.

"What just happened?" whispered Frank.

Gerard shook his head. "'m sorry Frankie." He started to turn away, to head back to the bus as Frank grabbed him and turned him back around. Frank had pulled Gerard into his arms, reasting his head on the taller man's shoulder. As corny as he knew it sounded, Frank said, "You belong here. In my arms."

Gerard just smiled. He was right. He did belong in Frankie's arms.

ok, i know that probably wasn't the best ending, but oh well. one-shot. kinda corny sounding the more i thinks about it. lol. oh well. R&R is greatly appreciated =]

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