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Way to the Dawn (title will change)

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When 2 new characters are unexpectedly dropped into the storyline; the whole WORLD of KH-2 is flipped UPSIDE DOWN (literally). Their idenities & intentions are unknown, but there's only one thing f...

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"There's so much going on between these two."
Namine sighed, but gave a small smile when she looked up at the second character in front of her. "That may be, but your only focus should be on piecing together the information from their memories, Namine."
-An older man snapped, hanging observantly over her shoulder.
"I'm trying the best I can-
-but I don't think it's really going to make that much of a difference."
The man walked forward, and situated himself in between the two seed like contraptions. He shook his head. "The King should have known better than to place the both of them in the same world-look at what destruction their causing already!"
The man's gaze flared as the whole room began to surround itself with momentary currents of electricity. Namine remained silent, and clutched her sketch pad closer to her chest. However, her fingers had started a rough sketch the second she situated back in her chair.
"The King is on his way."
Namine tried to force a weak smile as the doors to the room suddenly burst open.
To no one's surprise, a small mouse wearing a black zipped up traveling coat walked swiftly into the room.
"This is only the town's reaction to the link between them..."
He looked back at her. "Then if that's the case, why wasn't this whole world destroyed before we found them?" The King already had an answer before he was halfway to them.
"The energy probably expanded when Namine started looking through their memories."
It was then that the king directed his attention at her.
"Show me some of the things that you've dug up, Namine..."
The King commanded gently before the rough sketch of a large screen was drawn in midair in front of them.
The sketch eventually became solid, and began to catch a signal.

It was mostly static... -Until a collection of faded memories began to play after a few seconds.

"A scattered dream is like a far off memory..." -CoM

"Would you stop already?!"
A girl yelled in aggravation as a small boy began to toss a small stuffed animal up into the air. "I'm going to freakin' KILL you if you don't give her back!"
The boy smirked.
"Oh really? Like Jack said in Titanic-if you really were going to do it, you would have done it a long time ago."
Then he added teasingly-"And speaking of Titanic-did I ever tell you that I accidentally broke your collector's edition DVD?" She made a snatch for the animal, but missed.
"That's it!-I'm burning your Nintendo!"
"Kam-no!" She only returned him with a devilish grin as she made a leap down the hallway into his room. The door slammed shut behind her, but not enough time before the boy collided with it face first.


The girl groaned sarcastically, opening the door a few inches.
The boy had tackled the girl to the ground, pinning her.
She writhed in disgust.
"Ewwww! You're a kid-get ooooooooff meeeee!"

The man in red couldn't help but chuckle, but was quickly shushed by an intrigued Mickey as the memories intertwined with each other on the screen.

"A far off memory is like a scattered dream..." -CoM

The pixels eventually grow into a formulated image.
The boy and the girl were back.
However, this time there arms were hanging limply over the side of a ship; their eyes staring deeply into the blue endless abyss of an ocean.

"I always want us to be like this..."

The boy responded with a slight chirp in his voice.
"You mean not fighting?"
She smiled, shaking her head.
"Oh you know what I mean you dummy..."
"-and if I don't?"
He answered slyly, punching her playfully in the shoulder.
"Then I just might have to give you the worlds biggest-
(She suddenly pounces on top of him)
"Kaaaaam! C'mon!!!!!"
He struggled from under her, trying to kick any piece of body he could find.
"Oh! So NOW you know what it feels like!!!"
He didn't respond but focused his eyes on the glorious display of waves in front of him.
She followed his gaze, eventually getting up off of him.
"You know, I never really figured out something..."
She turned around, and stared at him; his warm crimson eyes still glinting with the smallest hints of curiosity.
"It's kinda about what you said before..."
She bent back down, and poked his head.
"Well go on..."
"I never really got why something always has to happen when we spend time together like this."
The girl just smiled and rolled over next to him.
"Wow, you're getting deep bro..."
"-But you know what we should do?"
He looked at her.
"Let's make a promise, okay?"

Waves after waves of static started to overload the system at that moment; the memory had been disconnected.
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