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I Can't Prove This Makes Any Sense But I Sure Hope That It Does

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Alice in Wonderland spinoff with members of Cobra, Fall Out Boy, Panic and much more. Collab account of ixamxnotxaxnugget and carobeckett. The first story.

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"Im in love with myyyy owwwn siiiiiinnn" Carolyn and I sang along like the giddy fangirls we had sworn we were, the condensation of the chilly weather curling off our lips like personal puffs of smoke. We sang poorly, might I add, but we didn't give a fuck. We practically skipped our way through the empty New York asphalt, on our way to see Fall Out Boy at Madison Square Garden. The two rather indifferent boys who lagged behind us could without a doubt give us a run for our money I they were to sing along, but instead they kept quiet, smiles never leaving their lips. It was nights like these, falling in love with the city noises, blinded by the bright lights, and being almost literally absorbed in the moment, that I didn't regret moving from the quiet comfort of the suburbs. Forgetting where I came from and diving face forward into a completely different world; a perfect blend of excitement and slight fear. We had finally quit our insistent, and rather obnoxious singing, her eyes drifting across the tall buildings, mine fixated on the starless black abyss.
"Carolyn! Watch out," Dave's yell broke me from my trance, but it was too late. My eyes shot to Carolyn, just in time to see her small body disappear into a rather large, uncovered manhole. Her loud, high pitched shriek slowly faded, but we heard no landing. I ran to the hole's edge, where Dave was now crouched by.
"Caro" I called, leaning over, almost hysterical. Silence greeted me. Dave's wide brown eyes pooled, then met mine. He stood up, his full lips curving into a frown.
"Fuck it, I'll go get her" Dave spoke, not quite thinking this through. He looked up at me, flashing me the tiniest smirk, and jumped in, not bother to yell. I sucked up a breath, knowing this was about to get fucked up.
"What the fuck" Max, whom I'd almost forgotten about, wheezed out from beside me. My clear thinking disappeared. I felt myself stand and Max's broad hands on my shoulders, but I disregarded him. I walked forward, the world disappearing behind me, there was no hard asphalt beneath my feet. No bright lights. The only noise was a high yell that I slowly realized was my own. I shut my mouth, for my own sanity. The fall seemed to go on forever. In this pitch black place that was quieter than the suburbs would ever be. It began getting warmer, and for a second I thought I was falling into the center of the universe and a fresh, summery kind of smell flooded my lungs. My thoughts started piecing together somewhat clearly again. A small light formed at the bottom of what I had perceived as never ending. The light started getting bigger and brighter, and for a second I gave into the idea that this was all some fucked up dream that I'd wake up from, in a tangle of sheets. The light wrapped itself around me, and I let out a shriek. I landed on something soft, yet firm. A giggle and yell escaped. I had landed on Dave, who was laughing, and a very pissy Carolyn, who was pinned underneath him. I began laughing, at the strangeness of the situation, harmonizing with Dave.
"Would you both get the fuck off of me," Caro yelled at the top of her
lungs. Dave simply smirked.
"If it were only me, you know you wouldn't mind" he winked. A strangled laugh left her mouth, and Dave received a light smack on the arm.
"Oh shit, Max," I yelled, remembering the boy I had left, and quickly scrambled off of Dave and Caro. They both took my shriek as a warning and moved from underneath the giant black space from where we had fallen. I realized the sky was a neon pink color, swirls of cotton candy blue clouds decorating the pink skies. We had all been on one large pink felt pillow. Neon green tiles laid on blue grass. Trees of an assortment of colors surrounded us, and the bright tiles led in different paths. Max came down and landed on the pillow like the rest of us, causing an array feathers to fly onto the strange grass. He took a breath, his bright teal colored eyes wider then I'd ever seen, fell on the three of us, then onto our haunting surroundings.
"Where the fuck are we?"
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