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Calling it Home

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This is actually a fanfic for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann but there wasn't a place for it, sorry! ViralxSimon - Yaoi warning.

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this is a fanfiction, please don't mark ooc with these things unless you are going to comment why, I have simply made this for fun not profit

Simon sighed, watching the fading sun as he collected the small bag he'd set aside ready to move on. Nia was gone, it seemed like two or three lifetimes from someone else had passed them by. He missed her terribly but they had talked knowing she would die, they had married as her wish before it was too late and now, he knew he would never love that way again. He picked up the bits he wanted and gave a whimsical smile before turning to the main doors of the complex.

"Leaving without saying goodbye?" Viral said coming into view from the side of the corridor. "I thought I had a friend in you."

"You do," Simon looked at him with saddened eyes, "but all this is not meant for me. I'm just a humble digger; I want to go back to that. I met Aniki there, grew up knowing my role. The world you see now is for people like Gimmy and you."

"I have no world." Viral looked at him. "I'm destined to know failures of my people all my existence and to live in your human world. I had rather hoped I would at least know you as you got old."

"You know me best as I am now." Simon sighed; he had grown fond of the strange beastman, despite their violent past.

"I see..." Viral looked at him, he gave a faint smile and nodded. "At least have a drink with me before you disappear off into the sunset."

"Sure." Simon nodded, he headed out to the bar, and they talked for a long time, mostly about Kamina and the fight with Anti-Spirals. The talk was not argumentative, a resignation had passed them all by and a sense of resolution had come once the battles were done.

It grew late and Simon admitted that leaving in the semi-drunk state he was in seemed a bad idea; they headed back to Viral's home. Simon noted that although they had known each other for some years he had yet to visit the place. Viral had never seemed interested in the idea of inviting him back, perhaps this was a little too personal for the warrior. Simon watched him as he headed to the kitchen, the long messy blond hair and his confident walk. Sometimes he thought that Kamina and Viral would have been a brilliant team, instead of being at war with one another.

"Coffee..." Viral set it down; he sat on the floor near Simon, putting the TV on for the news. "I don't really have much room I'm sorry."

"It's a nice little place." Simon shrugged, compared to the government buildings the small humble apartment worked well.

Simon sat talking with him, the hours were passing, he confided that he was worried the lonely feeling he had after Nia going would continue long after memories of her were lost around the city. Viral watched him with soft eyes, humans were such complex things, and he envied them now that he understood it all more. They were determined, they were not incomplete clones like himself... they were not... sterile.

“You worry a lot about what you are Viral.” Simon saw the look on his face. “You are a proud man, live like it and enjoy it. Things are good for you right now.”

“Well that’s easier for you to say.” Viral looked at him. “You’re able to breed and do lots of things I’d like.” It wasn’t said with malice, more of a distant jealousy about something he could never have.

Simon looked at him and smiled softly, such a curious thing Viral was, rebelling, joining the fight and finally living amongst the race he’d so vehemently been part of eradicating at one stage. Viral looked at him with curiosity, the amber eyes of the beastman washed over him, they were both pretty lonely, Simon seemed to sense it, a quiet passed over them and finally the human leaned forward and nervously kissed him.

Viral was a little shocked, nothing unwelcome but it hadn’t passed through his mind they would end where they were. Viral kissed him back, a little nervously at first, this was a human that wanted to touch him and in a good way, sure he imagined women, but they had never come even close to touching, even in prison.

“Relax.” Simon smiled as he pulled back. “We’re both lonely might as well make the most of it, eh?”

“Yeah.” Viral moved closer, kissing him softly back, his tongue probing into the wet inviting mouth of Simon.

The kisses started out quite chaste and light but soon enough turned more urgent. Viral’s tongue wrapped around his partners, both of them exploring a new sensation as the shark-like teeth brushed over his lips. Simon found himself wondering about them rasping his skin, over his length that was already getting hard from the simple touch. His hands went into the rough blond hair, pulling Viral closer, finding himself bold and excited more than he had first imagined.

Viral’s body reacted to his touches, his hands were soon wrestling into the soft linen top and Simon pushed to him. Their bodies connected. He could feel the hard organ and let out a soft moan of appreciation. Simon couldn’t help but make noises in response, as Viral’s body fell to the floor beneath him, the warrior giving himself over to pleasure from his advances.

Viral had always been a hardy and forthright fighter but when it came to the bedroom, for some unknown reason, he just liked to be the guy thrown around. Perhaps it was from Adiana’s treatment of knocking him around if he failed in a fight, or generally, she liked to treat him like a piece of shit and the warrior just liked it more that way. Simon sensed the beastman’s release to him, it spurred him on, no longer did he follow in his brother’s footsteps, and he was a leader now when he chose to be.

Viral looked up at Simon, the hazy amber eyes took in his darker haired companion, his arousal evident under his trousers as Simon pulled his own top over his head. Simon looked down at him, the blond locks strewn over the navy blue carpet contrasted nicely; he took a moment to run his fingers through it, yanking on it to remind him of his place beneath him. Viral groaned gently, the gesture not lost on him, he looked up at him again, moving his neck to one side to give the human access to him. Simon leaned over, pushing Viral’s shirt open in haste, he bit into the skin on his collarbone area. Viral let out a noise that almost sounded like a purr from his advances and arched up at him begging for more attention.

“You really are quite a dirty little thing when you get horny.” Simon muttered, the talk only encouraged him more and Simon chuckled a little. Years ago being this bold would have sent him running away but Nia had changed all that. “Mm… well no one else will know what we get up to…”

“No,” Viral gasped, his tongue licked over his teeth, “let loose… please.”

Simon smiled, an infectious grin forming as he ripped open Viral’s trousers seeking to get him naked. Viral responded by almost tearing his clothes off, trying to do the same, to get his eyes on his body and see his naked form. Viral’s cock was hard, the veins already pumping blood into the organ and begging for attention. Simon touched the tip, brushing a finger over the already dampening slit and watched as he shuddered and the organ jumped in response.

Simon could feel the familiar heat in the pit of his stomach, Viral ran his semi-clawed hand along the trousers, moving them down over his hips and peeling back the clothes from him watching as his pale skin emerged. He ran his hand over Simon’s ass lightly and the human smirked, grabbing both of Viral’s hands and placing them above his head. Viral’s body pressed up, his amber eyes hazy with excitement over the forward behaviour.

“If you can’t keep your wandering hands free I will tie them up.” Simon told him bluntly, he yanked Viral’s trousers down, finally getting him fully naked. “Last warning.”

Viral nodded meekly, his heart thundering in his chest, the musky scent of his heat catching Simon’s nose as he panted. Simon smiled, he carried a very attractive smell about him, he leant over and kissed him again, pushing his body against Viral’s, his belly rubbing over the hardened cock and causing Viral to let out another guttural moan of lust. Simon’s kisses worked their way down, gently he nipped at his nipple eliciting a further noise. Viral loved being touched, it was so rare too that he got a chance compared to the lonely hours in bed where he would imagine pleasures and administrate his own needs.

Simon’s wet, hot tongue worked over his pert nipple, the other hand releasing Viral’s arms as he ran over the well-toned body beneath him. He ran his tongue over scars, all of them proving his worth and the troubles he had survived. Simon lavished his attention over his torso, Viral was getting impatient again, and he wanted the human’s hardness on display, in his hand, mouth or his ass.

“Touch me please.” Viral moaned, Simon chuckled and looked up.

“You can’t be patient can you?” He stood up and used the belt from his trousers to secure Viral’s hands behind him, Viral lay on the floor, his legs spread, and cock erect with his arms pinned. “Now you will have to be.”

Simon moved back to him, kneeling between the spread legs and ran his finger from the base of his cock to the tip; Simon’s own erection was hard and brushed against the other man’s thigh. He pulled at the nipple lightly, his fingers continuing to softly tease along the underside of the rigid organ, the rising and fall of his chest as he panted for him causing another wave of delight to run through him. Viral was pleading for him and it felt great.

Simon slowly took Viral’s erection to his hand, stroking up and down the heated flesh with a murmur about how wonderfully hard he was. Viral watched him, watching the head of his cock disappear into his clasped hand, only to reappear again. His slit was damp, and his balls were already aching. Viral let another moan out and Simon smiled at him contently. He continued to work up and down the rigid flesh, brushing against the pronounced veins, watching as his skin slacked and tightened under his administrations.

“Ah Simon…” Viral growled out. “More…”

“In time, I feel like enjoying this.” Simon smirked, the warm buzz of the alcohol keeping him bold. “I can see you need it.”

“Oh fuck, need more.” Viral begged louder.

Simon laughed a little, to see the proud warrior letting him use him like it was so damned tempting and good. He moved his hand from his nipple and stroked gently down his own stomach, taking his own impressive length to his hand and nudging Viral to watch him. Viral wanted his hands on him, mouth or anything that would let him get to the hardened organ. The restraint was driving him wild however, he was already sweating lightly, the scent of the other man came to him; he licked at his lips again and swallowed.

Simon’s hand moved from his length and he shuffled forwards, taking both their erections into his grip he stroked along them, feeling the contrast of his hand on his own flesh and another organ. Shuddering in pleasure Viral groaned, his legs widening, Simon pushed closer, balls touching one another as he pulled their shafts up and down, pre-cum was forming and slid down between both their hard muscles, making a slick film and heightening the pleasure.

“Ah gods…” Viral growled out loudly, he wanted more, so much more and Simon was teasing him too much already.

Simon’s expression turned into a sly smile, the sweet torture was so perfect for them both, the tension of his recent loneliness dissipated as he rocked back and forth masturbating them both and keeping them erect. When Viral’s head went back and eyes closed he leant over and whispered into his ear, he wanted lube.

“It’s,” Viral blushed, “it’s in the bedside drawer near um… some personal toys.”

“Oh now that sounds like more fun than just my hands.” Simon bounced up to his feet and wandered to the bedroom, the small apartment was just right for one person, the bed was also quite a lavish double and he looked over. “Get up and come in here then.”

Viral struggled to his feet, it was hard work with his hands behind his back but he managed to get to the door after a while. Simon looked at him, Viral wanted to be pushed around and used, and if he was honest, he wanted to do it. The warrior was cocky outside of the bedroom and the switch was just too good to ignore. He pushed him face down on the bed and used his bound arms to position him in the centre. Viral landed, ass up and face down on the sheets with a grunt. Simon seemed to know exactly how to rile him up and turn him on.

Simon ran his hand over the plump skin, watching Viral’s hair cover the bed, his own length hardening again in response to the beastman offered out as he was. Viral groaned again, he was exposed and willingly so, Simon ran his hand along his ass, over the tight hole, he smirked. Did Viral like a little dirty talk? Did he secretly call phone-lines or put on adult films to watch when he was lonely?

“Do you like being used?”

“I’m about to find out.” Viral groaned, he was blushing at his exposed position but had made no move to get out of it, he could easily and they both knew it.

“I’m going to see how long I can play with you now.” Simon leant over, the draws carried a few personal toys as he had stated.

The one that took his attention was a cock ring, it looked just right to keep him on the edge, and he slid it over his hard length slowly. He listened to the soft moan as Viral realized what he’d captured him with. His cock swelled around it, the tight ring designed to stop him being able to reach a climax too easily and the pressure around his balls as the thing stretched around caused another involuntary jerk of his hips. Simon liked it, liked the dirty way in which his partner responded to him, the little moans, the hips going, his cock twitching…

He kept Viral on his knees, moved his hands around to his front and re-tied them; Viral was left on all fours and Simon ran his hand over his ass. Viral shuddered, the soft fingers teased around his hole and he groaned again, the foreplay and teasing were enough to send him over the edge but the ring around his cock was stopping him from a climax. Simon smiled and looked in the little set of drawers; a rather nice looking dildo with a cup for the floor had been hidden away. He had an idea and wanted to play out a little fantasy of his, with Viral so submissive he was sure he would get what he wanted easily.

Simon pulled the toy out and watched as the feline’s cheeks flushed bright red at the discovery. The wooden floor on the bedroom was perfect to get the toy secure on the floor, Simon could imagine him using it but now he wanted to see it first hand. He put it on the floor, soaking it in the cool lubrication and then shoved his fingers quite roughly into Viral's seldom worked ass. Viral let out a soft yelp, it sent a shiver through him, his cock already restrained twitched as Simon softly stretched and worked on the tight ring of muscles.

“Sit on it.” Simon said nudging him to the floor, guiding him towards the toy and removing the belt from his wrists. “Sit on it and stroke. I want to see how wild you get beastman.”

Viral hesitated a moment before getting over it on his knees, Simon knelt in front of him, gently encouraging him by stroking his length. He watched Simon’s hand working his length, the familiar soft sound of his flesh slapping against flesh, slowly easing himself down on to the toy and gasping as his hole was stretched and worked around it, Viral’s head went back a little, his jaw-line exposed and Simon leant forward and kissed along it, over his neck again and finally with a little chuckle he moved his hand and put both on to the well toned shoulders.

“Sit.” Simon told him bluntly and Viral did.

A wet suction noise filled both men’s ears, Viral’s cheeks were flushed bright red, he was so exposed to him but Simon loved it. He sat back on the floor, stroking along his own rigid manhood, watching as Viral adjusted into a position that felt good. The cock ring was glistening with the excess of lube and pre-cum that had been spilt from them both. Viral bit his lip and then raised one hand to his length and began to stroke, closing his eyes he imagined it was Simon’s hardness inside him. He wanted to spend his seed but there was no way he was going to find release as he was.

Simon watched as the beastman’s hand ran up and down his thick rigid member, the sound of his hand working flesh and his hips swaying as he teased along the toy. Simon’s own length demanded release but the torture of prolonging it for them both was a fantastic feeling. Eventually Viral seemed to forget his voyeur, he worked up and down the dildo faster, sweating lightly, panting with his eyes half open, a hazy look of pleasure washing through them when they caught in the light above. He looked so dirty and raw that Simon shuddered, his hand working himself with a tighter grip. Gods… yes… that was perfect.

Viral’s eyes met his begging for release, please dear gods let me come, and eventually he was told to get off it. The wet delicious sound of him coming away from the sodden toy sent a shudder through the men, Simon could imagine sinking into his wet and ready hole and Viral wanted him too. Viral managed to crawl over to him, his lips meeting Simon’s and hungrily kissing him, his teeth brushing over the human’s lips.

Simon was getting closer and knew it, but he didn’t want to, not yet… he really wanted this to last. Viral hips were swaying as his restrained cock was getting painfully in need of release, his entire body was a heated mass of desire and lust. In the end Simon stopped him a moment, ran his hands along his hard aching shaft and flipped the cock ring from around his organ. Viral let out an almost guttural growl of delight, his hand grabbing his own length, he pumped at it several times before releasing a hot spurt of thick white fluid over Simon’s thigh and the floor.

“Well that makes a mess of me.” Simon ran his hair through the blond hair and kissed his nose. “Lick that up for me…”

Viral nodded, he got on all fours in front of him and lapped slowly along the white stream of his climax. Simon’s cock twitched close to his cheek as he worked up and down along his skin; finally he moved to his cock and licked the glistening tip of the mushroomed head. Simon moaned softly, hands going behind him as he sat back and let Viral take charge of his pleasure. Viral’s tongue worked over the head, lapping at pre-cum and the salty tasting flesh, after what seemed an age his lips closed over the sensitive underside, taking the head into his mouth with a luxurious moan of appreciation.

Simon’s audible noises of appreciation soon had Viral sucking up and down him, tongue working along the rigid underside as his teeth gently rasped over the skin. He was careful not to mark him with the sharp shark teeth as his head bobbed up and down over his groin. Viral’s own erection was slowly forming again, still wet from his spend and the already well applied gel around his ass that had smeared around his balls and the base of his cock.

“Fuck that’s good.” Simon mumbled, his own climax getting closer.

Viral slid up and down his shaft, saliva soaking the organ and listening to his heavy panting. Simon’s hips moved in response, pushing up to him more, getting his cock to the back of his partners throat, with another gasp as Viral’s teeth closed gently on him the hot organ pulsed inside the wet cavern. He needed release!

Simon spent hard, splashing the back of the blonde’s throat with thick hot sperm, Viral swallowed it eagerly but there was a lot, some of it dribbled out of the side of his mouth. Simon’s hand moved, his thumb catching the overflow of the hot climax and as the blond pulled free he roughly shoved his finger into his mouth to make him take the rest. Viral growled in pleasure, his cock hard again for him, his ass already missing something hard and filling.

When he pulled free from Simon’s thumb he looked at him, he licked his lips gently and groaned. It felt so good to be touched, toyed with and to be found attractive, still on all fours he leant up and met him for another kiss. Simon stroked along his hardened cock, enjoying Viral’s insistent nature to be pleased, he shuffled forwards again, his other hand taking Viral’s to his flaccid organ to get him to work him back to full erection. With the oral pleasure he’d just had he knew it wouldn’t take long either.

Viral shifted closer to him, kissing him and sharing the aftertaste of the juices he’d lapped up. Simon kicked the toy under the bed and pushed Viral back on the floor, he smirked as he covered over him, claiming him. Viral groaned again, his cock pushed against the soft flesh of Simon’s flat belly, the two men would not be forgetting the feelings they shared for some time and they both knew it. Rocking back and forth on Viral’s hot body the young man leant over and found more of the lube, determined to enjoy soaking him and pounding him his newly wet fingers between them both and slammed into his ass.

“Ah yeah!” Viral cried out for him in response. He wanted rough, hard sex and he didn’t care if anyone else nearby heard it either.

Simon’s drenched digits slid into him, stretching his already worked ass again, Viral rocked over them panting deeply and moving his hands to his partners’ shoulders. Simon knew Viral was pretty much handing himself over, sliding a third finger into him he had to appreciate the dirty look on the other man’s face, his tongue nearly lolling out of the side of his mouth as he rocked and fucked himself on Simon’s fingers, lube smeared around his ass, and down his thighs as he did. All the time panting and making murmurs that sent Simon wild too, his cock was hard for him but he couldn’t stop pounding him with his fingers just because the look on his face was so precious.

Viral looked up at him, legs shifting against his flushed skin, his eyes pleaded for him to sink deep into him. Simon’s fingers pulled free from him slowly, the lube on his fingers ran around the already slick offering of his tunnels before he shifted and got into a better position. His cock was guided to his tightness by Viral’s hand; he lifted his ass up for him as Simon sank his head into the tight resisting muscles. Even with the play it was a snug and good feeling to get into him, Viral was relaxed and wetted enough to enjoy the heat around him without needing to adjust too much.

“Please…” Viral begged once more.

Simon slipped in and out of him, rigid flesh into his tunnels that pounded deep and demanded a vocal response, which Viral gladly gave him. Viral’s cock bobbed on his stomach as Simon lifted his leg, fucking him deep and steady. The soft sound of their bodies crashing together filled the room, Viral’s hands went into the wooden bedroom floor, scratching at it to get a steady plant and be able to lift up and meet him.

Simon kept up his relentless pounding into his ass, sweating as he felt a rise in the pit of his stomach indicating a second climax. He was so turned on, he could have fucked like it forever but he knew that his body would give him away soon. Viral’s head was back as he panted and writhed beneath him, his clawed hands digging into the wood and his hips rocking to meet him, the wet thick cock buried deep into him struck his prostate and Viral loudly gave up the fact it was the right place entirely.

“Fuck me harder!” Viral was nearly screaming at him for more, the submissive beastman had lost all sense of care and control, content to let him do absolutely anything for more pleasure. “Fuck…”

“I am.” Simon chuckled breathlessly. His cock was so deep and tight it felt fantastic, walls closed in around the sensitive head and top of his shaft but thankfully it wasn’t uncomfortable as he got closer to a climax.

“Ah fuck fill me!” Viral yelled loudly, his hands scoring the wooden floor, feet planted on it so that he could rise up to meet him, getting his prostate rubbed, sending delicious shivers through him.

“Tight…” Simon groaned in response, his cock nearly crushed as Viral let out another coarse yell and spent hard over them both. He hadn’t even needed to touch his own length or ask Simon too, the simple raw pleasure of being filled had done it perfectly.
Viral’s heavy spend dripped back onto him, over the scar on his chest. Simon let his leg drop down and leaned over him, his cock throbbed inside the beastman as his sweating body pressed closer, he groaned and spent into him. Viral groaned again, his internal walls getting soaked by hot sticky cum, he loved it! Viral’s hips worked, trying to milk the last of the offering from him, his ass so drenched that as Simon’s hips slowly finished pumping some of the wet juices were already starting to leak back out.
“Ah… Viral.” Simon panted, sweating he half-collapsed over the blond and wrapped his arms around his neck.

They kissed for several minutes before finally pulling apart, Simon softly pulled free and smirked as Viral grimaced a little, cold fluids and more warmer slipping from his used backside. Viral blushed, grabbed the sheet and covered himself. The submissive moment had passed and now he wanted to shower and clean up before bed.

“We should shower…” He muttered turning the hot water on and stepping in, letting steam rise and cleanse his body.

Simon joined him, they kissed softly but passionately again, hands roamed and finally spent and satisfied the two men got into bed and slept soundly. When Viral woke the next morning Simon had already left, he opened his eyes to the empty space on the bed, his eyes softened, they had not really said goodbye. Viral realized then he should have told him, he would want him to come home again… he always had a home if he wanted it. Viral sat up and smiled, months later he still looked at the spot on the floor, clawed marks that told tale of an evident night of passion.

The time came for Viral to consider moving, he was looking at the floor when he heard someone come in through his open front door. Viral sighed, one of the crew perhaps to tell him it was time to move on, perhaps to even move to another city for their work. He had only just landed from the spaceship… he wanted time out.

“Planning to go without saying goodbye?” Simon asked.

“Si…Simon?” Viral looked over, a rare smile crossing his face.

“I figured I would see how you are, getting rid of the place?” His arms went around him, pushing to his back and kissing his neck.

“Not if you want to tell me it’s a place you could call home.” He said softly.

“Mmm well with marks like that, I think we’re going to have to stay and create a few more. I will always find my way to you if you are here.”

“That’s true.” Viral smiled softly, for as long as the human returned Viral always kept his apartment.
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