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"There's no such thing as magic..."

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Frank's life has changed dramatically over the last two months. Finally starting to sound like Harry Potter haha :)

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Two months later, August

"Wake up!!!" I heard pounding on the ceiling above me. Looked up to see dust falling down on my bed and ducked down before any got in my eyes. "COME ON FRANK, WAKE UP!!!" I heard the footsteps come from above me to the door next to me and small hands pounding on it. I sighed and got out of bed and walked out of the closet.
A lot has happened over the last two months. One day, after my dad dropped me off at school, I got a call from one of my relatives saying that my parents died in a car crash. In their will, they left me to my Uncle Frank and Aunt Sandra, sadly they had a child. Andrew. He was probably one of the most evil children I have ever meet. And I still hadn't gone to this "Hogwarts", if it existed.
I walked into the kitchen to find loads of presents and a giant cake on the table. For me... of coarse not, it's for that idiot, Andrew. "Happy Birthday, Andrew, Happy Birthday." I heard everyone say as Andrew shoved me out of the way to get to the kitchen. "Frank, go prepare some food. We have guests coming over." Oh, joy, I thought. More people to mock me, how lovely. As you can see, my sarcasm has increased quite a lot.
I walked into the kitchen and grabbed chips from under the sink and placed them into a bowl, then grabbed the cookie jar and placed those onto a small plate. It's not like that kid would eat any of the vegetables, probably just throw them at me, not that I wasn't grateful to be feed.
I placed the two plates on the table and sat down on one of the tables. "Aww." I heard from behind me, deep voice, it was Uncle Frank. "Looks like Aunt Sherry won't be able to make it." He looked over at Aunt Sandra and then to Andrew, to make sure he wasn't listening.
"How about we open presents!" Andrew screamed and grabbed the nearest one to him. He looked around speciously. "How many are there?!" He demanded, placing the present down. "Thirty-six, counted them myself." Uncle Frank smiled proudly. "THIRTY-SIX! LAST YEAR I GOT THRITY-SEVEN, HOW COME THIS YEAR I ONLY GOT--"
"Honey, how 'bout this? We'll go out today and get you two more presents, how's that pumpkin." Aunt Sandra stuttered, trying to get Andrew to calm down. I didn't know why this kid needed so many presents. He already got a second TV for his bedroom and a racing bike. Why he needed a racing bike was a mystery, he was very fat and hated exercise, if you didn't count beating people up. He treated everyone as a punching bag, and his favorite just so happened to be me. He didn't hit me much though, I was pretty fast, well faster than him. I may not have looked it, but I could out run most of the people in I knew, not that I knew much.
I felt Uncle Frank shove me out of the chair and push me into the back of the car. "We're going to the zoo, and I don't want any funny business. You got that?" He pulled my hair back hard and I nodded, trying to pull away. As I got in the car I noticed dozens of owls around the house setting peaceful as if talking among each other. Also a black cat on the side of the road. I thought animals were banned in this neighborhood, and I didn't even know that owls lived in London. I shrugged it off and looked ahead, looking around to see where we were headed.

"MOVE!!" Andrew pounded on the glass, making an attempt to make the snake inside move. "Make it move." Uncle Frank then pounded on the glass, and yelled move as well. Nothing happened. "This is boring." Andrew walked away from the snake. I laughed as I looked back at the snake. "I bet you glad he's gone, huh?" The snake lifted it's head and slithered it's body toward me. I lifted an eyebrow and turned to see Andrew running out of the building to get ice cream.
"Can you hear me?" I whispered. The snake nodded, only moving closer. "It must be torture in there, having people come around everyday and watch your every move. Was it nice where you lived? Where did you live?" I stopped and watched the snake. It waved it's head to the left, showing a bright yellow sign. "Born in captivity. I see, I lost my parents only awhile ago. I know what it's like to not have them--" I felt my body slide down on to the floor, hitting the concrete floor harder than anything I've felt. "Mum, dad, look what Frank made the snake do."
I started at him as he pressed his face to the glass, close enough so that his nose was only centimeters from the glass. The only thing I wanted now was for it to disappear, for Andrew to fall into the exhibit and get soaked in the small pond in front. What I didn't expect was for it all to come true.
Just as I had imagined in my mind, Andrew fell into the exhibit, letting the snake escape. I laughed as I saw Andrew get covered in the dirty water, only to be stuck inside. The glass had reappeared, leaving him pounding on the glass, begging to get out. I couldn't stop laughing at the point, I didn't care if there was a snake right next to me, I wasn't scared unlike everyone else. I just enjoyed the moment of Andrew's torture scene. "Thanks." I heard a whisper come from my side and looked over to see the snake staring right at me. "No problem." I stuttered as it nodded and slithered away.
I looked over to see Uncle Frank give "the look", as he called it. I gulped, only imagining the punishment that was yet to come.

"I swear I didn't do anything!" I screamed as Uncle Frank dragged me in the house by my hair. "Do you expect me to believe that the glass just disappeared and reappeared on it's own?" I nodded, felling tears fall down onto my cheek. "I swear I didn't know, it was like magic." I got shoved into the closet and felt the door close right in my face. "There's no such thing as magic!" He shouted, finally shutting the small vent on the door, leaving me in complete darkness.
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