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This is my song. I composed it at the end of year seven, and have always wanted to sell it to the government to disencourage Drink Driving during the Christmas Holidays. Unfortunately it is a littl...

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Santa Clause is drunk in your Town
(To the music of 'Santa Clause is coming to town')

Santa Clause is drunk in your town!
You better watch out, for the police,
They're gonna lock you up,
So if you wanna be released,
Please don't drive drunk in your town,
Cause do you want to end up,
Like pathetic old St. Nick?

Santa: That's Not True!
Mrs Clause: Shut Up You!

Have a designated driver,
And that will do the trick!
So you better watch out,
For here come the cops!
If they find that you're drunk,
Its 20 years tops,
Santa clause is drunk in your town!
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