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“I thought you loved me.”

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A/N: Oh what a tangled web...


The sound of her muffled reply rang in Gerard’s ears. For a moment it felt as though his world and came to a mind-boggling halt. Shutting his eyes, he took a deep breath as he fisted the ring so that it rested snug against his palm. Exhaling, he raised his dark brown eyes to meet her emerald orbs.

“What?” Gerard’s voice was soft. The look in his eyes, hurt.

“I can’t marry you.”

In the background, Donna silently shooed Mikey away as she herself left the scene before it could unfold, a mixture of emotions flooding in side her.

“I thought you loved me.”

“I do.”

Gerard’s expression became even more pained.

“But you won’t marry me?”

Paisley turned her head, trying to erase the memory of the pained look on his face.

“It’s too soon. I can’t think about it at 18 years old.”

Gerard’s demeanor quickly changed, his old temper flaring up. “It’s about you is it? What about me? Ever since you came into my life, my world has been turned every which way. I was resistant at first, but I finally let you in. So you say it’s too soon? How the hell do you measure ‘soon’? I’ve been ready to propose since the beginning of December. I’ve never let anyone get to me that way you do. I’ve never gave my heart to anyone, except you. And then you crush it. Thanks an effing lot, kid.”

Gerard stood up, ring in hand and started walking outside. Paisley hurried as best she could after him. Hurrying ahead of him, Paisley stood on the top step blocking his way.

“Move the hell out of my way bitch,” he said pushing her aside.

Gerard’s heart quit beating for several seconds as he watched in horror as Paisley slipped on the icy step. She quickly tumbled down the rest of the way only to land with a sickening thud as her head hit the frosty ground. Gerard quickly jumped the stairs and hit the ground running. Quickly he knelt down beside Paisley’s unmoving figure. The last thing he noticed before yelling for help was her arms wrapped protectively around her belly, protecting the baby inside. Their baby.
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